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Holiday Craft Exchange – Part I – Giving

(Feature picture from: http://www.ipscene.co.uk/art-crafts/)

Allison at Two Moms organized a craft exchange this holiday season. The idea was to make something crafty for another blogger (and their family) who has been assigned to you. You also receive a surprise holiday crafty gift from your secret blogger person, who is assigned in the same way as a Secret Santa is done. We’re all encouraged to familiarize ourselves with the blogger’s blog that we’ve been assigned, and send off our crafts so that they arrive before Christmas.

My assigned recipient was Allison herself, who I have been following since before we even started TTC-ing. Her and her partner Jen have two littles, who they have sweetly nicknamed the “Bean” and “Sprout”, and they are such beautiful kids. I knew that I wanted to make something for each member of the family, and brainstormed for weeks before I finally came up with a plan.

Unfortunately, I lacked the foresight to take photos of my finished products, so I had to borrow photos from her blog: http://2momstobe.blogspot.ca/2014/12/crafty-goodness.html?m=1

These two ornaments I made from yarn and hockey tape! The hockey tape (which I have tons of at home because I couldn’t play this year) was used to create the overall shape of Allison and Jen’s first initial, which was then wrapped in the yarn and fixed into its final cursive letter shape. I was inspired by the cursive “d” necklace that I have from Tiffany and Co.

This third gift is actually a pocket, which is meant to keep “little treasures”. I know they have a cat, so the little artisan cat button that I have been keeping for the past ten years was perfect. The button was a treasure that I bought at Granville Island in Vancouver, and while I had no plans for it, thought it was so cute and have kept it in my button bag for this long.

This last craft is a stuffed animal owl that Allison’s kids have already named “Eggnog”, which I think is just the perfect name for him. His green body was knit from a beautiful Japanese wool that I bought back in the Christmas of 2006, while I had a short layover in Taiwan. That was the Christmas that my dog died due to an accident at the kennel he was staying at while I was away. I was so devastated by his death that I couldn’t bring myself to knit anything with that yarn.

I had a lot of fun making things for our craft exchange, and highly recommend joining next year if you’re interested.

The past week has been really tough for me, coming to terms with the fact that our last embryo didn’t stick, and that the whole IVF was therefore a bust. But 2015 is just around the corner, and I’m just waiting to hear back from our clinic what our next steps are. DW and I have already decided to proceed with another round of IVF, and it’s just a matter of when the meds start, and when we can move forward.

12 thoughts on “Holiday Craft Exchange – Part I – Giving

  1. Those are awesome! 2015 is going to be your year! It is hard to pick yourself up after a failed IVF cycle ( I know this all to well) but it is worth it to keep going ( my son is proof). Xoxo

  2. Wow, those are so unbelievably cute! One day I am determined to learn to knit – you are inspiring me to try sooner rather then later. 🙂
    I love your plan to move forward and try again, and I adore your optimism for 2015.

  3. We love your crafts! Thank you so much for them! Hearing the back stories about the button and the wool makes them that much more special. We actually lost our cat at the end of July, and the first thing I thought when I saw the kitty pocket was that it was meant to be sort of a tribute to her.

    Your exchange partner actually wrote me today, quite concerned that you may not receive your craft before Christmas. (Expected delivery between the 24th and 2nd, I believe.) Anyway, I was going to email, but I guess I’ll just let you know here to keep your eye on the mailbox, and even if it doesn’t arrive before Christmas, it is on its way.

    I was sorry to hear about your last IVF attempt not working out but have my fingers crossed that 2015 will be *your* year.

    • Thank you Allison. The Craft Exchange is such a wonderful idea, and I appreciate the work that you put into organizing it. I’ll keep my eye out for the package. It’ll be special whenever it arrives. Yes, I’m super duper hoping that 2015 is our year!

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