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IVF#2: After 5 Days of Stims

Just a quickie today, but I wanted to update y’all after today’s monitoring appointment.

Yesterday, I went in for my intralipid infusion, which took about two hours, and involved me being hooked up via IV to a bag of what DW calls the “special mayonnaise”. At $750 a pop, out of pocket, it is also an expensive mayonnaise. I have very few superficial veins, and it took the nurses four tries to tap a live one. They eventually had to go for one in my hand, which hurt a lot, and with the Aspirin that I’m taking, bled a lot afterwards.


Yesterday, I also noticed globs of egg white cervical mucus, which tells me my estrogen levels are high. Each of the little follicles in my ovaries release estrogen as they mature, contributing to the clusterglobs in my underpants. I anticipate that it is bound to get messier by the day. Lucky for you, I did not take pictures of this, as I might have been tempted to post them.

Today, I ran from appointment to appointment. I had really bad insomnia last night (probably due to high estrogen levels, which messes up my sleep every cycle), and took 50mg of diphenhydramine hydrochloride (Benedryl) at 11pm. Benedryl makes me super groggy and I was laying in bed like a zombie this morning, almost missing my monitoring appointment at the fertility clinic. Over the course of 15 minutes, I managed to shower and dress, set up the crockpot for pulled pork, fry some eggs (sunny side up), butter some gluten-free toast, and make myself a protein shake. I also made it to my appointment only 4 minutes late. Phew!

At the clinic, I had blood work and ultrasound done, which revealed 10 follicles on each side (20 in total!), 4 of which are 10mm or larger. They still have a ways to grow, so I go back in on Friday for my next monitoring.


I’m happy with this number, and now just want them to grow into big fat juicy follicles. Last IVF, I ended up with 36 follicles, with only 19 being mature. This time, since we are doing a fresh transfer back into me, I hope I am not overstimulated, but still have a good number of mature eggs to make good quality embryos. *Fingers and toes crossed*

After monitoring, I rushed downtown to my acupuncture appointment. I’ve got a whole bunch of herbs that I need to take to increase my kidney yang, as my pulse was a bit slow and weak. I also had an acupuncture treatment, which was nice. My TCM doc is a bit of an odd duck, so it’s always an interesting treatment.

Next update on Friday!

29 thoughts on “IVF#2: After 5 Days of Stims

    • I’m so jealous your insurance pays for it. In Canada, ours doesn’t. They have me on the long Lupron protocol. They do intralipids CD6, then after a BFP, then at 6 weeks pregnant. How often do you do intralipids?

    • The only meds and RN fees my insurance won’t cover is IL as well. It is considered a nutritional supplement in Canada so the private and public insurers won’t cover it unless you are getting it as an in-patient in hospital. I buy my bags in the US for $40-$75 each and pay a private RN $200 CAD per IV treatment FYI. That’s a lot better than $750 but took some doing on my part. If you end up pregnant and need to continue mamaetmaman let’s chat and I can tell you what I did. It is easy to get across the border.

    • I was over suppressed last time, and then subsequently took 14 days of stims to overcome it. They started me on less suppression drugs this time, and a slightly higher Stim med dose. That, and the intralipids, prednisone, aspirin, heparin combo.

  1. Woah! I’ve never seen what intralipids look like – I always assumed they would be clear!! Great number of follicles. All looking good so far!!

    • Thank you. Yeah the intralipids looked like mayonnaise lol. It was a super thick substance that they had to inject into the saline bag just to get it to a consistency that would flow through the IV.

  2. You’re doing so well! Thank you for sparing us the EWCM photos. 😉

    Do you feel anything as a result of the intra-lipids? Do they have any side effects?

    • Haha EWCM! No side effects from the intralipids, thank goodness, but they did empty an entire saline bag into me, so I did have to pee a lot after the increase in blood volume!

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