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IVF#2: After 7 Days of Stims

So I’m at that point of bloatedness now where it hurts to pee and poop. My ovaries are each packing in 10 follicles that are on average, a centimetre in diameter each. In the morning, the bloat isn’t so bad, but by the night time, I feel like someone has pumped my belly full of air, creating a very high-pressure system. It hurts to twist or turn too quickly, and rolling over in bed has to be done very carefully. It takes me forever to empty my bladder, because bearing down feels like I’m squishing my ovaries. Pooping, well, you can imagine how difficult pooping is too.

I had monitoring again today, and have a lead follicle at 14mm, so I start coming in daily now for blood work and ultrasound. I hope things progress fast, because my cervix is getting very sensitive to the poking around, I’m running out of veins, and just had to buy another 900IU of Gonal-f and vial of Lupron. These drugs aren’t cheap!

Plus, stimming for 14 days last time nearly killed me- both the wait, but also the amount of monitoring and the OHSS. 36 follicles was just crazy!

So here are today’s stats:




Those follicles are growing, and more importantly, they are growing all within the same range of sizes. I hope all 20 make it to a good diameter so that they’re all mature. Last time, even though I had 36 follicles, only 19 were mature enough.

What I’m really enjoying right now is comparing my stats from this IVF to those from last year: after 13 days of stims, and after 14 days of stims.

Judging from how things progressed last year, I predict that I’ll be triggering on Tuesday, and retrieving on Thursday. That seems so far away, and a long time feeling so bloated, so of course I’d be thrilled if things progressed quicker this time around.

Another update tomorrow!

30 thoughts on “IVF#2: After 7 Days of Stims

  1. I know this is super uncomfortable, and you’ll need sweatpants all weekend, but you’re doing great! Just a few more days! Those eggs are soon to becomes embies making their home in your uterus 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Your numbers seem really great me! Although, I’m not sure how much my opinion matters as I am not an IVFer 🙂
    I hope you get through the next few days without too much more discomfort. Wishing you a relaxing weekend and continued good growth of those follicles.

  3. You need to pack in a ton of salty snacks, foods, and protein shakes (3 per day). Drink a boatload of Gatorade and get ahead of the bloat. It won’t hurt to start taking Dulcolax stool softeners or drink Ballerina Tea or smooth move tea. Do this all the way thru stims, after ER and ET. You should notice a difference in 2-3 days. Peanuts, chips n dip, tostinos, pork rinds, sunflower seeds, etc.

  4. I’m so envious of those numbers!! I liked back at my most recent ivf cycle and holy crap that doctor should have done some estrace priming because I had a ton of follicles but in alllll sizes! I would have killed for follicles clustered all around similar sizes like these! Wooooot! I can imagine how you’re feeling more and more uncomfortable. Sending you some really excited ttc sister good vibes! Xx

  5. Great stats. As for the bloat and associated discomfort, let’s put a positive spin on that. In a few months you will be feeling much worse as the slower digestion when you approach and enter the second trimester will make you long for a simpler discomfort like engorged ovaries. 😉

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