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IVF#2: After 9 Days of Stims

DW and I had a nice date night yesterday. We started off the evening at Whole Foods (always a delight), and then headed to my favourite Thai place. This restaurant is 100% authentic Thai. The women who own it are sisters, and actually purchase most of their spices from Thailand themselves because for some reason, a lot of Thai products aren’t approved for import into Canada. My favourite dishes are their made-from-scratch (and not from a powder) tom yum soup:


And their tilapia keang som, which is a non-coconut milk based curry. It has a base of tamarind paste:


DW tried a new dish, called Pad Ped Pla:


The dishes were served with jasmine rice, and were sooo delicious. We saved some for the next day’s lunch, but by 10pm the same night, we inhaled the leftovers.

After dinner, we hit the movie theatre to watch the new Johnny Depp movie, Mortdecai. We enjoy Depp’s silly humour, and kind of picked this movie without knowing much else about it. However, we were quite pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable it was. Several times I found myself literally laughing out loud. We got home in time for my nighttime Gonal-f injection, and a couple of episodes of the Walking Dead, which we are catching up on on our PVR.

Today, I had monitoring this morning.
Here are today’s stats:




The ultrasound tech was funny today, saying, “uh oh, Dr. ______ isn’t going to like this- so many follicles!”. Ahh such is my life.

She was right. This afternoon one of the nurses called, and I’m supposed to lower my dose of Gonal-f again tonight, down to 200 units.

Monitoring again tomorrow!

26 thoughts on “IVF#2: After 9 Days of Stims

  1. I LOVE Thai food – my favourite! I’m glad you had a good night. You totally sold me on that movie – wanna see if I can find it online/torrent (I know, I’m bad).

  2. I love going to whole foods, we don’t have it here in bc. It’s like j crew, but with food… Mmmmm I also love thai! 😍 sounds like you had a great date night, – it’s so easy to fall into the grind, esp when you’re thinking about stimming. Am inspired to set up a surprise date night with DH.

  3. Bliney that’s a lot of follicles! Good to hear about Mortdecai, i love Johnny Depp movies usually but that one looked a bit silly so I wasn’t sure about going to see it.

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