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IVF#2: After 10 Days of Stims

Goodness! It’s been 10 days already, and we’re still not trigger-ready.

Today has been an exciting day however. At 6am, I awoke to my wife’s ecstatic giggles, as she exclaimed “It’s a SNOW day!!” Our school board cancelled all buses and closed all schools for the day, due to the terrible weather.


As teachers, this means we do not have to come into work. It’s a safety thing really. Last year, an Ontario school board kept schools open during one of the worst snow storms, and a teacher had a fatal accident while commuting to school due to the terrible road conditions. School boards rarely call a snow day unless it’s projected to be really necessary, as they have to pay back the government for the lost teaching day.

But we woke up to our front door being snowed in. I had to go out the side door, and shovel and brush it clear to walk through. The snow was also at least three times as tall as Clementine (the dog), so DW had to shovel a path for her from the side door to an appropriate “bathroom spot” in the yard. Juno (the big dog) just loves this weather. She sat on a mound of snow in our front yard, while DW and I brushed off the cars and shovelled our driveway. We wouldn’t have been able to get to my monitoring appointment without doing so. I love shovelling. I like the physicality of doing it. But today, I got some sharp pains in my left ovary after tossing numerous shovels of snow. I guess when your ovaries are the size of oranges, you shouldn’t be twisting like that. DW made me stop, and finished off the driveway on her own.


By the time we were done, it was time to leave for my monitoring appointment. I was hoping that my follicles would be ready to trigger today, as my beta (if we do a five-day transfer) would land on DW’s birthday, but alas, it seems we may have to wait one or two more days. I don’t know why my follicles take so long to grow. I have so many of them, but they just take their sweet ass time. I’m already half-way through my third 900IU Gonal-F pen, which costs about the same as one of my paychecks!

Anyways enough of my complaining. Here are today’s stats:




So, we’re getting there… One or two more days until trigger.

23 thoughts on “IVF#2: After 10 Days of Stims

  1. We didn’t get a snow day here in Toronto. I actually thought about that teacher who died when I learned that. Will they ever LEARN?!

    Sooooo close to trigger. No more shovelling for you! I like it, too. Love the workout.

    • Yes, so sad about that teacher. She was young and not yet permanent- so she was constantly busting her balls to get hired for hard to get jobs. So many teachers don’t live in the same city that they teach in, so most of us commute quite a bit. Both DW and I teach at schools in another city, so on days like this, it really is such a huge relief not to have to go into work.

      Thanks for the well wishes! I hope Miss Evelyn Jean enjoyed the beautiful mixture of sun and snow today!

  2. A Monday snow day sounds delightful. I’m glad DW made you stop shoveling and I’m thrilled you were able to get to your appointment. I love your numbers and I am so excited for you to trigger in a day or two. I’m crossing all my fingers and toes for you!

  3. Just reading abt Juno makes me so happy lol idk why! Your dogs have so much personality! Glad you get to stay home. Driving in those conditions has to be very scary! Sorry you’re not ready trigger. I’m sure you’re emotionally and mentally ready! Sending you tons of good vibes!

    • Thank you. They are such fantastic dogs and have so much personality indeed. Yes, I’m so mentally really to trigger. Oh well. More waiting… You’d think I’d be used to it by now 😉

  4. Be careful with those egg babies! No more shoveling. So jealous of your snow day, will Oprah give us a snow day in Los Angeles?! I’m glad you guys got a nice day at home! Get ready to trigger!

    • Thanks! I’m taking it easy now. At night, I’m getting so bloated that it’s hard to bend down and pick things up off the floor. It’s definitely a sign that I shouldn’t be pushing it. Yes, the snow day was wonderful. Less because of the snow, and more because I had my wife home for another day!

      • Awww snow day sounds amazing. And that feeling of not being able to bend over? Get used to it because my pregnant bump is now in the way so yours will be soon too!

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