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The Worst When You’re Infertile

Is sharing a waiting room where everyone is pregnant and knows each other.

Remind me never to book a mid-morning appointment!

Monitoring stats to follow….


16 thoughts on “The Worst When You’re Infertile

  1. I can imagine how awful that would feel. A friend of mine was talking about her experience at the fertility clinic and how much it really hurt her to have to see pregnant women and small children in the waiting room. She would’ve preferred to have a certain time of day designated for those who are pregnant and/or have small children, and another slot for those who are TTC.

  2. It used to drive me nuts when women would bring their small children to our fertility clinic. I never really had to see visibly pregnant women, though. Just once, but it was a surrogate and the parents, and it was hard to be upset. I hope you have a great monitoring session to make up for it!

  3. We want to tAke the babies to our fertility clinic, but we dont want to be those insensitive assholes while everyone is there tryingg tonget pregnant. We were in those shoes once! And we didnt like it! Not one bit! And how the hell are theu all friends?! So annoying!

  4. Waiting rooms at fertility clinics are the strangest mix of excitement and depression. I always hated it when I was donating eggs. When we used a clinic for our own TTC journey we went somewhere where I never had to wait luckily.

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