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IVF#2: Egg Retrieval Part I

Last night before bed, I re-read my egg retrieval post from our first IVF. I remember most of it, especially the pain. It’s crazy to me that some women report it to be painless, as my experience was that it was the worst pain that I’ve ever experienced in my life. Now, let me explain. I metabolize anaesthetics very quickly. When I go for dental work, they always need to give me two to three times the dose of anaesthetic. During last egg retrieval, they didn’t believe me, and after seeing me writhe in pain during the procedure, the RE told them to give me “more of the cocktail”. I clenched my jaw, squeezed DW’s hand, but still, I felt every single stab into each ovary. After the second dose of anaesthetic, things just went hazy and I woke up after it was all over.

Currently, I am sitting in a medical gown, ass exposed, waiting for an IV. DW has lovingly packed me snacks and coconut water, as well as a puke bag just in case. I’ve been fasting since last night, and was up at 7am, so I’m starving right now.

Anyways, here goes round two! Wish us luck!

35 thoughts on “IVF#2: Egg Retrieval Part I

  1. By the time you read this, I hope to find you comfortable in your own bed, having a most successful egg retrieval, with tons of great eggs! I hope the procedure went well, and that you felt nothing (painwise). I hope this is THE one…and a pregnancy and healthy baby is the result. Thank you for writing your blog..it has truly helped me in my own journey. As of today, I can confirm that I am triggering tomorrow night, and will be going into my own egg retrieval on Monday morning!

    • Thanks so much for the wonderful comment! This round went so much better than last year’s. I’ll post more details soon. I’m so excited for you to trigger and retrieve! Your follicles must have really taken off in growth eh? How are you feeling?

      • Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you have had it done already!!! Glad it went much better for you mate, I shuddered when I read your experience last year! Can’t wait for your blog update..(well, actually I CAN wait, because you need rest and probably some sleep!). I’m all good…excited for Monday!

  2. I’ve been through 5 retrievals. A few were pretty moderate but 2 were AWFUL! So much pain. My wife who knows I don’t show pain was begging them to give me more drugs. I think it has to do with the positioning of your ovaries. No matter what I would never call it painless.

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