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IVF#2: Day 1 Fertilization Report

So remember my post about fertilizing our eggs via conventional IVF vs. ICSI? Well last year, we had 19 mature eggs, and opted for 1/3 IVF and 2/3 ICSI. Last year we had 14 fertilize.

Today I got a call that out of our 21 eggs collected, 13 were mature, and all 13 fertilized via ICSI.

Now I’m a little upset that only 13 of the 21 were mature. I was hoping for more. However, I am so glad that I posted my dilemma about IVF vs. ICSI, and that with your support and sharing of experiences, DW and I decided to go all ICSI.

I am also glad that I spoke to the embryologist yesterday, and asked her how they select when eggs get IVF’d and which ones get ICSI’d. Apparently, they can only do ICSI on mature eggs, but immature eggs can be fertilized via IVF. So if you choose to do a “split” of ICSI and IVF, they choose the mature ones first for the numbers you’ve designated for ICSI, and the remaining (including immature eggs) are used for IVF. So if you choose to do a split, you may have a greater yield of fertilization because they can utilize those immature eggs, which are still capable of fertilizing. However, if you choose to do all ICSI, you can’t use those immature eggs at all.

OHSS update:

Weight: same as yesterday
Circumference at umbilicus: same as yesterday

I have been in progressively more pain as time passes since the retrieval. I have been popping extra strength Tylenol every four hours, which works, but wears off after about three hours. I woke up in the middle of the night with searing abdominal pain (meds wore off), and had to pee, which hurt like hell. I have been asked by the clinic to track my liquid intake and output, which has been very difficult for me. We have a measuring cup in the bathroom for that, and I always forget at the time I start to pee. Plus, the perfectionist part of me hates not having a very accurate system for measuring liquid from things like vegetables. I also dislike how I’m measuring my intake in millilitres, and my output in cups. I know it’s a simple conversion, but it still bugs me.

Things that hurt: walking (a bit), rolling over in bed, changing position, twisting, putting on pants, putting on socks.

Things that really hurt: coughing, sneezing, peeing, pooping.

So far, it just feels like my ovaries are inflamed from having holes poked in them. However, thankfully, my belly isn’t more distended than on retrieval day. From what I remember though, the OHSS didn’t really show until a couple of days after the retrieval.

Anyways, more salty snacks and soup for me!

37 thoughts on “IVF#2: Day 1 Fertilization Report

  1. I wish I were closer so I could bring you some homemade Puerto Rican Chicken Soup!! And just generally speaking, so I could come over and harass you until you feel better. Sorry you feel so Uncomfortable…13 is a pretty good number…I’ll be hyper vigilant of your blog to see what happens next…sending hugs and kisses to you both

  2. That’s a great number. I’m remembering all of the little things as you write about them. The pain with urination, how I still hate the taste of Gatorade and how I slept for days with a heating pad on low. You might try calling your OB office to see if they have a “hat” you can just stick in your toilet for easy measuring and dumping- then you don’t have to worry about forgetting or converting measurements!

    • Thanks for the suggestion! The conversion ended up being easy enough- just dividing the number of cups by 4 to get litres. I have a measuring cup beside the toilet, which will never be used for food! Haha.

  3. Ohhh 13 was our lucky number…not follies of course, but this was our 13th try, we got a positive test on 13dpiui & our first positive beta was on the 13th Oct. Hope 13 is as lucky for you!!

  4. Those are great numbers. I wonder if there is a way that they could have told you how many were mature and then let you decide if you wanted to try to fertilize the non mature eggs the ivf way.

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