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IVF#2: Embryo Transfer

The sun was shining this morning as I woke up to my beautiful wife. Lazy mornings with her are my favourite. She is an early riser, but stays in bed and reads the news until I wake up.

The pace of the morning was very relaxed. It was a nice contrast to the stress and anxiety that I felt all day yesterday. DW came home last night after a long day at school, as she volunteers to open the workout gym for the kids for a couple of hours. She hadn’t even changed out of her work clothes before I was sitting on the carpet, bawling my eyes out.

The stress of two plus years of actively TTC, four failed IUIs, four failed embryo transfers, three miscarriages, and one last IVF which was proving to be less fruitful than the first IVF finally broke me. DW shared how she feels lost in all of it too. Together, sitting in the middle of the floor, dogs licking the tears off of our faces, we both admitted that we’ve reached our limits. Infertility has sucked too much happiness and enjoyment out of our lives.

After that session with my wife, I felt tremendously better. We decided that whatever happens to our embryos on day 5, happens, and that we will be okay. We will roll with it. DW also said though, that she has a good feeling about our transfer tomorrow.

Fast forward to today.

I started the morning with awesome dog cuddles.




I wore a lavender dress with black tights and my Tretorn boots.



I was way more relaxed for embryo transfer today than any other transfer, which was ironic because today’s was a fresh transfer and all of my other ones have been frozen ones. What I mean is, I just had my vagina stabbed multiple times just five days ago, laying on the same table! Whether it was the awesome songs playing on our drive to the clinic (Uptown Funk, Riptide), the sun shining outside, or the fact that we’ve been through so many transfers now that it has become like a routine, I felt super chill. I was chatty and joking around all the nurses, I didn’t cry when the phlebotomy nurse spent several minutes rooting around in my arms trying to find a vein, and I wasn’t rushing around or impatient.

The transfer itself went great too- I practiced some deep breathing during the insertion of the catheter, and took a moment to welcome the embryos into my body before they were transferred. There was no pain or cramping, unlike all of my other transfers.

We transferred these two beauties:


Here they are in my uterus:


Our beta isn’t until Feb 21st. I hope we get some good news. Now to keep my mind occupied until then…..

Thank you all for your continued support. Each and every single one of your likes and comments means a lot to us. I feel so much gratitude right now.

48 thoughts on “IVF#2: Embryo Transfer

  1. Your relaxed state coupled with no pain plus your DW’s good feelings all sounds very promising!

    Your embie babies look gorgeous. Now…let us know how we can help you get through until the 21st!

    • Thank you so much. Yes, things feel so much more calm and peaceful this time. I’m not sure how to pass the time! I might start taking the dogs out again soon, and I’ve got a bunch of books and knitting waiting for me. Somehow, I feel like I need more. Any ideas?

  2. Such a relief to see hear that you and DW had a good chat/cry. I find somehow it always helps when Mr. MPB and I both face our emotions together.
    Sending you, DW and those 2 wonderfully beautiful embabies love! Wishing you peace during the wait – I know it’s going to be hard, but I am so hopeful it will lead to a positive result which will make it all worth it. 🙂

    • Thank you. Yes, working through all of it made me feel so much better. DW has a calming effect on me in general. She is so wonderful. I’m glad that you and Mr. MPB also have a similarly supportive relationship. Yes, it’s going to be a challenging next 10 days, but somehow, I feel more relaxed about it than during previous ones (I might be feeling otherwise in about a week though).

  3. Hoping both those babies are settling in for the long haul. So glad you were able to have a nice cry, clear out some of the emotional debris, and pave the way for a calm, peaceful transfer.

  4. Oh ladies…you have no idea how much of our energy and love we are sending your way. I love the “whatever happens happens” mentality and that you ladies might just be beginning to embrace it. I hope and pray that this fresh transfer will bring this beautiful little baby to your lives. I’ll be dying to hear some news during this TWW!

    • Thank you two so much. I can feel the love all the way up here in Canada! Yeah, I hope I maintain this more hands off attitude for the length of the TWW, but I won’t beat myself up over it if I falter a bit. Don’t worry about hearing from me during the TWW! Posting is one of the ways in which I cope! 🙂

  5. Sending you lots and lots of positive thoughts for those precious little embies. You have a beautiful home with your wife and dogs.

  6. Thinking of you and will put my hand on our wee son tonight as he wriggles around and send you some good baby vibes all the way across sea and land to your home. X

  7. Those embryos look gorgeous. I felt such a sense of relief and calm as I envisioned your transfer experience this time while reading this. I will be holding you and DW and your precious cargo in my thoughts and prayers in the coming days and weeks.

    • Thank you. I just read your post. I’m sorry things didn’t work out as you had hoped. It’s so hard, but once you’ve had a good cry about it, wash your face of the tears and look forward to the endless possibilities that await you…

      • It’s understandable. The hormones don’t help. I have been an emotional roller coaster myself. It’s so hard, but try to stay positive. I’m doing things like blasting happy music at home (makes me wanna dance), baking, catching up with non-pregnant and childless friends, and staying the hell off facebook!

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