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Day 1: Caramel Apple Spice


One of my greatest daily cravings is a hot drink. I used to have an americano (espresso + hot water) every morning on the way to work, then another after lunch, and then one more in the evening after dinner. Writing this out makes me realize that my caffeine habit seems much like a smoker’s smoke breaks.

For some reason, caffeine didn’t affect me as much 5 years ago, but I started noticing a couple of years ago, that I was a jittery mess if I had caffeine after noon. So while I kept up my 3x a day coffee habit, I switched to decaf in the PM hours. (Note: espresso usually only contains about 75mg of caffeine).

Of course, I didn’t purchase all of my drinks at Starbucks. In fact, I rarely do. DW and I have a professional espresso machine that gets a lot of action in our house. We also purchase the syrups used in Starbucks drinks and make our own espresso-based lattes, tea-based lattes, and caramel apple ciders.

During all of my IUI’s and IVF#1, I allowed myself my daily morning americano or latte, until the TWW when I didn’t consume any caffeine at all. This was rough, as you can imagine. After my miscarriage, I didn’t allow myself to get back to having an espresso habit, so I started replacing my coffees with teas or tea lattes, which only partially satisfied me. The rare time I would have coffee, I would limit myself to the decaf freeze dried stuff, hoping that I’d forget how marvellous espresso was. It didn’t work, so now I just torture myself by taking big whiffs of DW’s glass jar of freshly ground espresso beans. Ahhhhhhhhh……

A couple of years ago, DW and I discovered Starbuck’s Caramel Apple Spice drink, and tried to “figure out” a similar recipe to make at home. The drink tastes like a caramel apple crumble in your mouth! It’s dessert in a drink. DW and I used to have Caramel Apple Spice dessert dates at Starbucks before we figured out our own recipe.

Mama et Maman’s Hot Caramel Apple Spice:

You’ll need:
20 oz unsweetened apple juice
Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Syrup
Whip Cream
Caramel Sauce (the topping kind, not the drink flavouring kind)

1. Steam 20 ounces of unsweetened apple juice.
2. Add 4 pumps of Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce syrup to the hot apple juice
3. Pour mixture into two pre-warmed mugs.
4. Generously add whipped cream to each mug, creating a thick top layer.
5. Generously drizzle thick caramel sauce in a crisscross or swirled pattern over the whipped cream
6. Enjoy a lovely sweet desserty drink with your valentine!

SBX-5366 Recipe Cards_85x11 Individual.indd
(Images from: the Starbucks website and http://www.cheeriosandlattes.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/caramel_apple_spice_full.jpg)


What is your favourite hot drink?

8 thoughts on “Day 1: Caramel Apple Spice

  1. In the fall/winter, we get a caramel apple spice from Starby’s and add a little rum! We take them to outdoor sporting events or concerts to sip in the cool air. Obviously that doesn’t work so well with TTC, but it’s something to look forward to doing with a baby in the stroller!!

  2. I’m not a fan of sweet beverages, so my drink was always a soy latte with an extra shot of espresso. I miss my lattes! I’ve been having a very occasional half caf soy latte without the extra shot, but it’s just not the same. I honestly think it’s more psychological than anything! I was a total coffee addict prior to TTC. Catch even proposed to me on a Starbucks cup!

    • I’m not a big fan of sweet beverages either, so these were more like a dessert than a regular drink. I love to know of other caffeine addicts haha. Starbucks cup proposal? That is so cute.

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