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Day 3: Attributes


Physically, my best attribute is my height. I’m 5 foot 7, which isn’t that tall, but seems to be the perfect height for most sports and clothes. I have always wanted to be taller though, as I come from a super tall family (I’m the shortest), and competed in “tall people” sports as a teen- basketball, high jump, long jump. It wasn’t until I started playing field hockey and ice hockey that I realized that being too tall was a strain on my back (field hockey sticks are so short!). DW is average height at 5 foot 3, and talks about how much she wishes she were taller. It has given me a lot of perspective hearing her gripe about it. At home, I do all the “tall girl jobs”, like reaching for things or putting away dishes on the top shelve. I am happy not to have to hem my pants, or have my view blocked by a taller people at a concert. I can also gain a lot of weight and have it spread along my length and barely noticed. I have gained almost 20lbs during this TTC journey and while most of my clothes don’t fit anymore, I generally still look the same.

My best non-physical attribute is my ability to empathize with people. It has led me to my careers in caring professions, and has helped me to feel really fulfilled in my interactions with others. I am very accepting, open-minded, and non-judgemental because I understand that people are generally doing their best.

I asked DW what she thought my best attributes were, and her answers were: my face and my intelligence.

Way to flatter a girl on Valentine’s Day!

What are your best attributes?

8 thoughts on “Day 3: Attributes

    • I’m so jealous of people with booty! My wife has a bubble butt, and lemme tell ya, no amount of squats will give my Asian ass any mass! I hope you get your butt back, and yes, I’ve seen you’re eyes, they are gorgeous! I think you little one inherited them too ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I love this one. I’m the shortest in my family and always wanted to be 5’9″ just like my sister but stopped growing at 5’5 1/2″ (and yes that 1/2 matters).
    And I’d have to agree about your compassion and empathy trait! I’m really not, and RPL has brought this out in me a lot more then ever before. It’s actually been a very interesting side of my personality to better understand.

    • How interesting- the height similarity we share. I always wanted to be 5’10” (my sister’s height too). I am intrigued that your experience with RPL has brought out your empathetic and compassionate side. I guess it shows us that we are adaptable, and our traits are plastic. I think that TTC/IF/RPL has taught me to put myself first for once. It’s been a hard lesson, but became necessary as I just couldn’t keep giving 100% to work, TTC, and me.

      • I completely agree with you about all of this teaching me to put myself first. I’m still really struggling to actually do it in my personal life, but I do see its importance and need to keep working on it.

    • Thanks. Yes, my wife also says that she is vertically challenged. It’s amazing what a different experience you have when you’re at different heights. Even wearing heels, I think women command a different presence than wearing flats.

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