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Day 4 – Animals


I thought long and hard on this one, trying to think of exotic animals, non-terrestrial animals, but my answer is that I am most like the domesticated pet dog. In fact, I think that both me and my wife are most like dogs.

But let me get a little more specific….

I would say that I am probably most like our chihuahua pug, Clementine.
– I am super picky about some things
– I have lots of acquaintances, but only a few really close friends, to whom I’m fiercely loyal
– I really like to sleep
– I do like to play, but I don’t enjoy physical labour
– I don’t need your approval
– I am slower to trust people’s intentions
– I am happy with doing things independently

My wife, however, is most like some kind of working dog, maybe a farm dog.
– She is constantly working- at school, at home. She is currently setting up all of our seeds and pods in preparation for gardening season. She does 70% of the work in our house, and it pleases her to get jobs done.
– She likes to do physical labour. A lot.
– Her work and the pride she takes in it forms a good portion of her identity.
– She is very trusting of people overall

What animal are you most like, and why?

8 thoughts on “Day 4 – Animals

  1. I once had to do a group exercise in which we listened to a story intently at and of which were confronted by an animal. We had to share what the animals was and then learned that was our alter-ego animal, the animal we become when cornered and feeling most vulnerable and defensive. I saw a wolverine. Other people saw cats, dogs, rabbits. I felt like a freak and knew nothing about wolverines. The first thing that popped up when I looked online (this was 11 years ago so who knows what would pop up now) was “wolverine makes the Tasmanian Devil look like a sissy.” It was true – back me into a corner and I would rip your eyes out and pour salt in their places, at least verbally. Yikes. It was and remains a lesson to be more peaceful and befriend my wolverine self. I would not have wanted to be stuck in a confined space with me back then! Recently in an energy healing session I was told the image of a fox came up strongly for me. I’m a dog in the Chinese zodiac and have always identified with that animal though no particular breed. So fox feels okay. I need to learn more about foxes I think. I got a lot of fox stuff for the MT when he was first born. Foxes and owls. So maybe there is something to the fox? A little less scary than the wolverine!

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