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IVF#2: 10DP5DT: Beta HCG

Just a quickie right now to fill y’all in. We drove to the clinic in a near snowstorm this morning, but we had the awesomeness of each other’s company, and good tunes. I fell asleep in the car on the way home, and have been on the edge of a nap ever since.

Finally, a few minutes ago, we got the call. I know that in this process there are many permutations of “the call”- “the call” to let you know you’ve been cleared to start a cycle, to tell you it’s time to trigger, to tell you when you will be egg collecting or embryo transferring, to tell you how many embryos survived to day ____. But today’s call is the one that has had me glued to my phone. Good thing we don’t live in the 80’s or at a time without call waiting.

So here we are, 10 days post embryo transfer, and my beta HCG level is….



Thank you for your continued support, especially those of you who are also waiting for “the call” that brings good news- at whatever stage you are at. I know how hard it can be. These are exciting yet scary times for us, as you can probably imagine. But right now, in this moment, I am PREGNANT.

69 thoughts on “IVF#2: 10DP5DT: Beta HCG

      • Thank you. Either way works 🙂 The weather has been atrocious up here, but we made the long trek to the conservation park to hike in the snow with the dogs. I’m waiting for my limbs to warm back up. But it’s gonna be a nice cozy remainder of the day for our little dumpling(s).

  1. So betabase tells me that you’re quite a bit above average for 15 days. That’s so awesome. You have every right to excited and optimistic. This is starting out much better than last time. I am crossing my fingers for a good doubling rate. Grow little emby, grow.

      • We’ll both my RE and my OB said that betas cannot be used to predict twins or more. I have to agree as mine were very low compared to what twin ranges I looked up and also read about on these blogs. At 10dpo mine was 32 I think. 12dpo it was 115 and 15dpo it was 223. I may be off a little bit but not by much.

  2. So exciting! I am still learning the lingo of IVF and all that but if you are excited I am!! Many happy thoughts and baby dust coming your way!!

    • We will see! We would be happy with one or two! My research shows that my HCG levels are solid for a singleton, but on the low end for twins. But the repeat beta may shed more light on how many are growing in there…

      • Betas are not good indicators. They truly can be all over the map. I’m just so excited that this looks solid and very reassuring at this stage. Keeping all kind of things crossed for you!

      • Yup, I agree. At this point, I’m looking forward to seeing doubling levels tomorrow, and then a solid heartbeat is our big hurdle. Thank you for all of the positivity!

  3. Great news, hun! So happy that the beta is a great solid number. Don’t know if you read my update yet, but we failed this attempt. We are obviously hurting, and I am leaving the fertility blog-world now. I won’t be following your blog for a bit, at least while we are still grieving, but we wish you all the success in the world and hope to read in a years time that you are sleepless, exhausted and bouncing a baby (or two) on your hip x

    • Thank you. I just left a comment on your post. While I’m sad that you won’t be following, I completely understand during this difficult time. I’ll leave the ball in your court for when you and your wife feel like going for dinner or whatever with us.

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