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Days 10 and 11


Day 10: You Win a Trip- Where Do You Go?

If I won a free trip, I would either go to China and South East Asia, or Hawaii. I’ve never been to China, despite being Chinese by heritage, and would love to visit the rural village that my grandparents are all from. Sadly, I don’t even know where these villages are, or what their names are, because I’m second generation Canadian, and anyone who would’ve known has already passed away.

If I were already in Asia, I would also tack on a trip to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. These places are the cultural beginnings of my favourite foods, and I would have so much fun just checking out street eats. There’s a travel food vlogger on YouTube (Mark Weins) that I follow, and he mostly travels through Thailand and its surrounding countries, trying out different street vendors.

I would also love to go back to Hawaii, which is my super happy place. The sun, the surf, the warm clear blue ocean, and the easy breezy way of life all call to me. My mother is an island girl, and I think living close to the ocean is in my blood as well.

Day 11: The Last Time I Danced
I am guilty of dancing by myself in the kitchen or living room almost everyday. I also break out some choice dance moves in the car. I’ve danced every single day since our embryo transfer. I just needed to keep this IVF light, happy, and carefree. I love music, so I try to have a Songza playlist going while I am doing household chores, or cooking. I love fun and upbeat playlists, especially when doing any cleaning. At night, I tend to go for something more mellow.

14 thoughts on “Days 10 and 11

  1. We absolutely loved our time in Thailand and Cambodia. The food was delectable! We will definitely go back one day to visit Vietnam and Laos. I also want to go to China one day.
    And I love that you dance every day! What a wonderful stress reliever and a great strategy to keep things light and happy! 🙂

    • Yup! My dance moves are particularly terrible, but it just feels good to move to the music. I am so jealous of your travels! Did you try any street food? And if did you get sick at all from the food?

      • My dance moves are terrible too. But it’s always fun. 🙂
        We absolutely tried the street food – no idea what it actually was, but it was yummy. The food was almost always delicious, and the culture amazing. We both want to go back.
        Neither of us got sick in Southeast Asia, but in Peru I was horribly ill and when we got back to Canada we found out it was a particularly bad bacteria that doesn’t occur in Canada and actually required government officials to contact me and restrict my travel within Canada for a few months (no farms) and ironically enough I wasn’t allowed to get pregnant as the bacteria would cause miscarriages.

      • Good to know. Wow, that sounds like quite the Peruvian bug! I was travelling in Kenya/Tanzania/Uganda in 2006 and caught something that didn’t hit me until I got back to Canada. It left me chronically fatigued and lethargic for about 3 months, and to this day, I don’t know what it was. I suspect I might have gotten a mild case of malaria. Fun times 🙂

      • You bug sounds drastically worse then mine! 😦 My Peruvian bug was definitely unpleasant, but the worst of it only lasted a few days. Most often people don’t actually get treated for it, and it just leaves your system in 6 months of being symptomatic, but given the miscarriage risk and us not needing extra help in that department, my doctor treated me and it was gone within 14 days. 🙂

  2. The trip sounds awesome. We watched The Joy Luck Club this weekend, an old movie but so good. You’ve probably seen it. I’m also picturing you dancing with your baby in your arms, hopefully not too many months from today. Hugs.

    • I love the Joy Luck Club! So sad… It’s an incredible set of stories though. Thank you for the vision. I can’t wait to dance with a baby in my arms. Right now, I often force Clementine to dance with me lol.

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