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Day 12 and 12DP5DT Second Beta Result – the Good News and the Bad News


My favourite weather involves sunshine and warm dry temperatures. I do not enjoy the ridiculously humid summers we have here in Toronto, as it usually necessitates the use of air conditioning on those really hot high 30’s “feels like 40-something” days (Celsius). My summers growing up in Vancouver were nearly perfect, though I would’ve liked it a touch warmer than it was, as you always needed to have a cardigan or sweater ready for the evenings. Perfect weather: easy breezy Maui.

So today is 12DP5DT, and I think I shall start counting by pregnancy weeks. I am now 4 weeks and 3 days. I did my second beta this morning, and my results phone call woke me from a great nap I was having this afternoon.

So @10DP5DT my beta was 229.
A good double is every 48 or so hours, so we would be hoping for something around 458…

Today’s beta is…..


I am really happy with this number!

My doubling time according to one of the online calculators is 31.55 hours.


Now, the plan is for me to have my intralipids IV infusion again tomorrow, and then my 6 week ultrasound in two weeks on my birthday! Fingers crossed so hard that we see a strong heart beat, as in all of our previous pregnancies, we had not yet reached this milestone.

Now, the bad news is that I just went to the washroom and have red bleeding. I had one day of brown tinged toilet paper last week, but that stopped. Today it’s red, not a lot of blood, but enough to see the colour on toilet paper. I’m not freaking out yet, because it’s just a little, but I might start freaking out if it continues….

Anyways, I’ll end with a couple of pictures of our hotpot dinner for DW’s birthday a couple of days ago.



45 thoughts on “Day 12 and 12DP5DT Second Beta Result – the Good News and the Bad News

  1. I have been refreshing my screen all morning waiting for this update!
    I’m excited about the doubling time – that’s fantastic! I am glad you are not panicking over the spotting, and I hope you can continue to keep the fear at arms length as you wait for the ultrasound in two weeks.

    • Thank you! You are so awesome. I am excited too about the doubling time. I couldn’t ask for better. Yes, I’m trying to keep things in perspective re: spotting, as I know it can be normal, but man is it a bummer when you’ve experienced loss!

  2. That’s an amazing beta number. I understand the paranoia that comes with pregnancy after loss. Hoping that it goes away quickly and that you hear a super strong heartbeat in a few weeks.

  3. Scariest part of my pregnancy was spotting at 12 weeks. My wife never understood why I was so scared. I hope it clears up fast and you get to hear that (or those!!? holy cow beta rise!) beautiful heartbeat(s) for your birthday. ❀

    • Yeah, I can imagine it would be super scary, especially being so close to being in the second tri. My wife keeps saying “it’s normal”. Lol. Thank you- it/they would be the best birthday present(s)!

  4. This is an awesome beta!!! Could the spotting be implantation bleeding? Fingers crossed that it stops and you can relax (if only for a moment)! Also this food porn is ridiculous-it’s freezing here and all I want to do is dive in to that bowl…

  5. What a rise! I have such good feelings about this and am so pumped for you guys! I’m sure your wife is right that it’s normal – but it’s also normal to be scared! I’m willing the spotting to cut it out. Many positive vibes headed your way.

  6. Awesome numbers! I had some spotting when I was pregnant too. I was very concerned, but supposedly it’s fairly common. Still, I hope yours lets up soon.

    Also, what do we have to do to get an invitation to dinner at your place?! πŸ˜‰ It looks delicious!

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ The spotting has turned a little more into bleeding now, but I’m hoping it’s just an angry cervix and the fact that I’m on blood thinners….

      Yes, we love food around here πŸ™‚ Since we’re all local, it would be awesome to have a big meet-up one day!

    • Thank you. I know you know all about the bleeding. When did yours from the hematoma start? It’s totally got me freaked out, and I just want it to stop. What did they have you do? I’m a little weary of telling the clinic right now because I worry they’ll send me for an early ultrasound and I’m not that interested in disturbing the little embryo(s) while they’re trying to establish themselves.

      • That makes sense, it’s really early for an US. What I learned is that you can have full on red bleeding and even cramping, with clotting, and it’s not necessarily a MC. There’s nothing you can do except not exercise or have sex; those things exacerbate it. I’m not sure if you can have a hematoma so early but I don’t see why not – it’s the placenta separating from the uterus and making a pocket of blood. How is the bleeding now?

        I also learned that no matter what it is, you can’t change it. I hope and pray you just have implantation bleeding. And if it’s twins, you’re sensitive and it could be from that!

  7. Excellent, excellent hcg results – and that is a very strong indicator of a healthy pregnancy!! Re. the red blood. A sample size of one (me) is not scientifically useful, but in my experience, of all my pregnancies that have gone longer than 6 weeks (that’s 7 at last count), I have bled in every single one. And I had two healthy children out of those. For every person who bleeds and loses a pregnancy, there is someone who bleeds and doesn’t. I know you’ll know all about the possible reasons and what it could be, but I wanted to say that bleeding is (in my opinion), not a sign of anything one way or another. I think it just happens (more to some women than it does to others), as the womb expands, the placenta grows and our hormones continue to run in the background (notably I had a very light ‘period’ with my son at 4 and 8 weeks). I know it’s practically impossible, but try to ignore it. What will be, will be. Most importantly, your numbers are looking fantastic xxx

    • Thank you both for the support and the reassurance. It does seem to be a common thing, the bleeding. I didn’t sleep last night because I was so scared, but I’m trying to hold on to the fact that my HCG is so high so it’s hopefully just normal.

  8. Hi I’m a new reader, but I wanted to chime in and say congratulations! I had spotting (sometimes bleeding) throughout my pregnancy and it was scary/emotional every time. I hope this is just some implantation spotting as that seems very common based on my experience and a lot of blogs I follow. Your beta numbers look great!

  9. That’s an awesome beta…i wouldn’t worry too much about the spotting right now, especially if it’s just a little. The brown is old blookd, which could be cause by any trauma to the cerivx like an u/s, or even from the transfer itself. The red could be from implantation or even your cervix moving and growing and starting to accomodate the baby/s. I’m thinking about you both and sending you lots and lots of love and hugs!

  10. Fantastic second beta. Amazing hot pot. As for the spotting it is so common with IVF and especially if using any amount of vaginal progesterone supplementation, I truly hope it turns out to be nothing but a side effect in your case (though I get the anxiety it provokes). Fingers crossed, my friend.

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