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4w5d: Still Bleeding

I think I’ve exhausted all of the forums online that come up when you google “red bleeding but high HCG”. 

Thank you everyone for your support during all of this. I am grateful for each and every one of your comments. 

I’m still bleeding, but it has slowed down a bit. Instead of changing pads every hour, I’m changing pads 4 times a day. The colour changes- it goes from red, to red/orange, to brown, and then back to red and cycles through again.

From everything I’ve read, the bleeding could either be from:

– a subchorionic bleed (too early for that though- the gestational sac hasn’t really even formed yet)

– cervical irritation (probably not, as I’ve been on Endometrin twice before, with no symptoms like this. Plus, I’m only putting the tablet in half way to avoid injury to my cervix.)

– a polyp or some cervical abnormality (I’ve had enough people in my vagina [for fertility reasons, ahem] to know that I do not have any polyps)

– implantation bleeding (too late for that to be red right now)

And the most likely scenario:

– miscarriage of one embryo (as my HCG continued to increase yesterday from 643 on Monday to 897 on Tuesday, but the doubling rate has decreased by exactly half)

It’s interesting to read the gamut of information on bleeding during pregnancy- most official pregnancy websites claim that 20% of normal pregnancies experience bleeding, yet a lot of advice websites say if you have bleeding not spotting, to see your doctor ASAP or go to the emergency room. 

I’m also thinking that the bleeding might be worse because I’m on the blood thinners- 81mg ASA, 5000IU Fragmin, and about 1500mg omega 3’s. 

My approach to all of this is that I’ll just keep monitoring my bleeding, and if I get super freaked out, I’ll ask for another beta. Then the big reveal in 12 days at my 6w3d ultrasound, where we get to see what’s going on.

In terms of symptoms, I still have none besides being tired enough in the afternoons for a nap. Even the hot flashes have stopped. Those of you who got nausea- when did that start?

43 thoughts on “4w5d: Still Bleeding

  1. I got nausea around the 6w mark, but never had it bad.
    I would definitely ask for more betas if it will ease your mind! I’m thinking of you!!

      • a good appetite is a GREAT thing!! when I first got my BFP, I didn’t have any symptoms other than my stomach was never ending abyss!! I could eat EVERYTHING. I hope the bleeding clears up. I also bled, but it was more spotting at 5w6d. I wish you could go in and see your dr earlier, but i’m sure it’s too early to see anything on the U/S. Hang in there!!

      • Thanks! Yes, I have been so hungry. I usually suffice on 3 large meals a day, but these days, I’m cranky if I don’t have a full sized meal every 3 hours.

  2. I’ve had nausea start at different point with each pregnancy – but usually around 5 or 6 weeks.
    I find obsessively getting beta’s only makes me worry more, so waiting until you really need one is a really good idea in my mind. I love your plan for staying handling the next 12 days!
    Sending you good thoughts and lots of sticky baby wishes!

  3. I wish we had a magic crystal ball and knew exactly what is going on in there. I really feel like this time is different for you, though. It just ‘feels’ different (in a positive way) somehow.

    My nausea was always minimal, but it started around 6w.

    • Thank you. I hope you’re right. A friend of mine’s mom is a bit clairvoyant and she also thinks this is the one. Her positivity and yours helps to keep me hopeful πŸ™‚ thank you.

  4. I’m sorry you seem to be unable to catch much of a break (so glad to hear your HCG is still on the rise!!). I am not a person who goes on gut feelings much, but I just want to say that I do feel like there is an October baby on the way. The last time I had this feeling was when I was taking a shower the day I was due and the thought that “This is the last shower I’m going to take before the baby comes” popped into my head with complete certainty. Being me I brushed it off, but it ended up being true. May there be truth in this feeling as well. ❀

  5. I didn’t get any nausea until about week 8-9 and that was brought on by smells and didn’t stop until about week 15-16. I never had issues with having an empty stomach, only ever when I smelt something I once liked and now apparently hated. Any smell could tip it off and I would feel so sick. Keeping you in my thoughts.

  6. Nausea kicked in around the end of the 6th week for me. It was BRUTAL. I hope you don’t feel anything like that throughout your pregnancy and that the bleeding stops soon and things go smoothly from here out.

  7. My RE told me you can have implantation bleeding even a week after actual implantation because the blood pools inside the uterus and only lets out a little at a time, as well as for twin both sacs are still trying to implant entirely and it takes longer than you’d think. I’m glad the heeling is changing color and lessening. My sister had a lot of bleeding with both her boys during the whole first trimester, no wonder some women don’t know their preggers. I hope it goes away totally for you and that your ultrasound shows lots of good news!

  8. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I noticed when I was bleeding a lot that the Internet says to see a doctor of the blood is red, too, because all three of my bleeds were bright red with thick clots, and cramps, just like a MC. I’m living proof that you can bleed like that and not be miscarrying, but you’re right, it’s probably too early. I can’t wait for your ultrasound! I have a great feeling. Just keep whatever embryos are inside you close. It helped me to talk to them a lot, tell them now much I welcomed them and wanted them to stay. It have me a sense of hope and connection.

  9. I am in awe at your strength. Crossing my fingers for the bleeding to stop.
    I didn’t have that many symptoms that early, some nausea at 6+, later came very bad boob pain and fatigue. But the worst was approx. weeks 8-14.

  10. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. I had nausea arrive at exactly 6 weeks with 4 pregnancies (two of which I lost). The fifth, I had no nausea at all and it turned out to be anembryonic – I kind of knew something wasn’t right with that one. If you’re on blood thinners they could really be exacerbating what might otherwise be just spotting. Keeping my fingers crossed for you xxx

  11. I had dramatic bleeding at 8 weeks with Moose, but that was a subchorionic bleed, and it was fine. Google was my enemy during that whole period, for sure.

    With both pregnancies I felt mild nausea from about 6 weeks but nothing really spectacular until closer to 8.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys.

  12. Nausea always starts really early for me. Except this time I’m assuming because prednisone suppresses it.

    Blood thinners are likely responsible for part of the bleeding not stopping and perhaps more voluminous than it might otherwise be. I’m really sorry you have to go through this. Keeping things crossed.

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