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5 Weeks and Still Bleeding

I apologize if you’re getting tired of this, but after one blood-free day yesterday, I’m bleeding again. Full-on bright red.

I’m also super tired, and have really achy low back pain. I am averaging one nap a day, and took two naps yesterday. 

I called the clinic, because the bleeding started up again, and my low back pain is kind of unusual, and they had me come in for another beta HCG. 

To recap on my HCG levels:

4w1d (10dp5dt): 229

4w3d: 643

4w4d: 897

5w (today): 3363

So my HCG levels are steadily climbing, which is very reassuring. But what do you make of all of this bleeding?!?

Well they’re a little concerned now, with the addition of low back pain to the mix, and want me to come in on Monday for an ultrasound (5w3d) to rule out an ectopic. I know a couple of ladies following my blog have had ectopic pregnancies, and I would love if you weighed in on this.

I am comforted by my high HCG levels, as I know ectopic pregnancies usually have lower levels. I also haven’t had any cramps or abdominal pain. I don’t have a fever. Mostly it’s just the bleeding and my achy back. My back pain feels the same as when I’m waiting for my period- sore, dull, and achy. 

Today I also found out that one of the receptionists at my fertility clinic is 16 weeks pregnant, and that my endocrinologist is 17 weeks pregnant. It was kind of a hard blow to see how easy it is for other people to get pregnant, and also awkward to take all of that information in, especially as they both seemed so apologetic in their announcements to me. I don’t blame them, I’m genuinely happy for them, with a touch of jealousy. 

Other than that, I’m doing okay. Next week I have a clear and open schedule, so I will definitely need some distractions. Any ideas? 

79 thoughts on “5 Weeks and Still Bleeding

  1. I hope they find out what’s going on soon. I would be freaking out if I were you, so kudos for keeping your cool (or at least, seeming to).

    • Thank you. Yes, I hope they figure out soon too. I really hope it’s not ectopic. I waver between not thinking about it to freaking out inside. It’s tough, and I think that sometimes, there may just not be an answer to any of this. Thanks though!

  2. No one’s tired of it! But my heart does go out to you. I’m sure YOU are sick of it, though.

    Your beta looks like a beautiful number. I haven’t got any ectopic experience but I’m glad they’re getting you in on Monday to make sure everything is right where it needs to be.

    • Thanks Linds. Yes, I am so sick of the bleeding. I thought it was over for good when I didn’t see any yesterday, but then felt a quick gush today, and it took by breath away. The nice thing is that the clinic has actually been really sensitive to my feelings around all of this. I guess after 4IUIs, 2IVFs, and 5 transfers you tend to build a relationship with them eh? Lol.

  3. Here are my thoughts:

    1. an ectopic USUALLY has low HCG’s, and yours are still quite high.

    2. While you did have that one that didn’t double, your next one MORE than doubled (granted, over three days instead of two, but still), so this is quite possibly just that annoying “normal” pregnancy bleeding that people always throw at you.

    I don’t have any personal experience with this, this is just what I’ve learned anecdotally. I’m hoping for a positive outcome for you.

    • Thank you so much for your thoughts. I agree with all of your points. I think (and hope) that you’re right, and this is just that annoying “normal” pregnancy bleeding.

    • Thanks Decaf. That’s super thoughtful of you. I’ve been stressed about all of this, because I feel like I’m so close to feeling happy about it, but then the bleeding and the back pain (plus the no symptoms) kinda mess with my mind.

  4. Seems like with the climbing betas and red blood, SCH is probably the culprit (? not knowing much about them, though) – and while that’s no picnic, it’s probably the best of the worst. I think? I’m so frustrated that you continue to have to deal with this! You are due some easy street livin’ in this pregnancy!

    • Ah – I just read this and I would have to agree. It’s more likely a Sub-chronic Hematoma from the sounds of it than ectopic. I know another gal dealing with one now. She + baby girl are doing fine at 14+ weeks.

      • Yes, are you thinking of Santosha? I am wondering if it’s too early to have a subchorionic hemorrhage though. I thought they didn’t start to form until 6 weeks. I don’t really know though. What did it feel like when you had your ectopic?

  5. With my ectopic, my HCG rarely doubled and took forever to rise. I ruptured before I even hit 1100 and that was at 7 weeks, 1 day. I was tired from progesterone, but the side effects weren’t as intense as this pregnancy. I also could sort of feel that the pregnancy was on my far left. I’m intuitive like that though. I know where this little bean is located too. Looking back, it was clearly in my left tube as my uterus is lower and more centred. Anyway, I am relieved they are getting you in on Monday. With HCG levels as high as yours, they should be able to easily rule out ectopic and find out what those babies are doing in there! They say you can see a sac with anything over 1500. I’d also ask them to check your progesterone levels.

  6. Also, I KNOW you know this, but just for my own annoyingness I’m going to make sure you know that the odds of you seeing a heartbeat at that early of an ultrasound are next to none, because they usually don’t start until the end of that week/beginning of week 6. Again, I’m sure you know that, I just wanted to cut off any worries you might have after your ultrasound next week before they even get a chance to start.

  7. Wow – that’s so nerve wracking but yay for the significantly increasing beta. Don’t worry about the constant updates – I’m coming on to WordPress specifically to check up on how things are going with you! Kia kaha.

  8. I so wish this were easier for you!! I cannot believe you are still bleeding and still waiting for an ultrasound. I’m so happy that you have received such great comments from those who know more then me (i.e. Awaiting Autumn). I am thinking of you and sending you so much love and hope!

  9. I’m so sorry that things aren’t resolving…but your betas still look good! If you only measured your betas on 4w1d and today, I think your doubling time would be like 37 hours which is great. Before we switched to rIVF, my wife had an ecotpic from an IUI and her numbers were nothing close to yours – she never got above 600 I think and doubling times were way over 72 hours. I don’t remember exactly when we did the ultrasound after they started worrying, but we never saw anything in the uterus either. The big sign that it was an ectopic was that she started having terrible scapula pain around the middle of the 4th week. Fingers crossed you see a beautiful little sac (or two) on Monday.

  10. My goodness! Well, you know we hear about women who appear to get their periods until suddenly they’re 7 or 8 months pregnant. Hopefully the ultrasound will clear it up! If it helps, I had light cramping from about 4 to 8 weeks off and on. I kept convincing myself it was a sign if something wrong but everything was fine in the end.

  11. First off, I’m so sorry that you are going through this. It is so painful and at some point you just want to KNOW something regardless of the outcome. I will tell you about my ectopic and I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that everyone is different sooo take it for what it’s worth! I implanted late and my HCG started low but doubled appropriately and the doctors were reassured. I had a little red blood before my positive beta (thought it was period and that I was out). I had a little spotting (brown/red) at 4w3d. Every now and then if I twisted at the waist or knelt down, I had some really specific pain on my left side near the tube. It was fleeting and only happened a couple times. At exactly 5w I started to spot again at night and had some mild cramping. The next day, 5w1d, the bleeding got progressively heavier and the cramps were excruciating. I also developed a fever that afternoon. By evening the bleeding and cramps had subsided. They did another beta and I had increased but not as much as would have been “normal.” At either 5w2d or 5w3d I had an ultrasound and there was nothing in my uterus. My HCG contd, to increase but not steadily. I had no heavy bleeding just spotting if I recall correctly. At 5w5d there was still nothin visible on ultrasound so Inwas administered the methotrexate shot to terminate the pregnancy, which they could not locate via transvag ultrasound. For the next few days I felt sick, bled steadily but not super heavily, and cramped (at times dull and at times very painful). On the 5th day after my shot I doubled over in pain and was rushed to ER. My HCG was through the roof and I had emergency salpingectomy that’s afternoon to remove pregnancy and tube.
    I sincerely hope with all of my heart that your outcome will be favorable, and I hope you get some answers soon. Know that there is a wonderful community here who will be there for you no matter what. Please keep us posted and feel better soon!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me. It sounds like it was really painful- both physically and emotionally. I do get twinges and a pulling feeling whenever I twist, but I haven’t had any cramps or anything. I guess the HCG level is promising, though the real telling moment will be the ultrasound. Could they see anything in your tube, or what is purely by process of elimination because they couldn’t find anything in your uterus?

      • never saw it on ultrasound… process of elimination. But I had said to my mother days before we knew, “it is an ectopic and it’s in my right tube.” She thought I was nuts… Until it was confirmed.

  12. Geez Im so sorry this blood is so persistent. I have no idea what it is but I kind of hope it’s a hematoma because that’s the least of all evils. I’m so happy about the HCG levels. I hope you have a nice weekend and stay distracted. My only suggestion is to watch The Bachelor which I’m sure you’re way too sophisticated for! Thank you for keeping us posted. My heart goes out to you and your embies.

      • I had no idea you watched the bachelor! I’ve been watching it for years. This season has been so interesting, what with the virgins and Chris’ farm! I thought Whitney would win but now I think it could be Becca. What do you think?

      • Oh this season has been so exciting! Every week there is some major drama. I was shocked that things went bad so quickly with Britt and couldn’t believe that he eliminated Kaitlyn. DW thinks Becca is a closeted homo, lol. I think Whit will win. I just don’t see the chemistry between Chris and Becca!

      • Ha J said last week she thought Becca was gay too! Virginity is just a cover up. I don’t see it either, esp since Chris said a few weeks ago that he’s looking for a woman who is physically affectionate with him. I don’t know how Whitney is going to leave her job though. I loved it in the hometown dates when she showed him IVF!

      • Yeah, funny that J agrees! I hate that Chris expects his woman to move to his 400 person town. In real life, it would be a compromise. Maybe they move a little closer to the city, and both him and her commute a little. Uhhh… I’m gonna be so shocked if he chooses Becca. But I guess that’s what the network wants me to be?

      • Yes, every season the network manages to stump me! This is literally the only show we watch so I don’t feel guilty about it. I think it’s interesting that Chris set out to find a farm wife who would be Into that lifestyle, and the ladies still aren’t that excited about it. I honestly would embrace it – be excited to quit my job, help him farm, start a vegetable garden, start canning, bake and be a mom (you too probably)! I wish one of the women was really excited about a country lifestyle!

      • That’s so true! None of them seem interested in the farm life. I wonder if it’s because the whole show is full of glamorous occasions and cocktail parties, so farm girls wouldn’t be super enthused to apply? I would love being DW’s little farm wife, but I would hate having to get all gussied up every time we went out on a date, or have to compete against other girls for her.

      • So true, actual country women wouldn’t really be on the bachelor! It’s funny to think of you getting dressed up and going to Rose ceremonies – good thing you already got DW’s heart!

      • Lol. Too funny! Yeah the weekend has been relaxing. We just got back from a nice hike in the snow, and then I started bleeding again. It seems that if I do anything more than laze around the house, I’m bleeding. So yeah, bleeding everyday except Thursday this week. Not continuously, and mostly from early afternoon to bed time.

  13. When I was going through it and saw someone was pregnant I would remind myself that I don’t know what it took for them to get here AND maybe there is something that comes easy to me that they wish they had (like my relationship). Still sending lots of good energy your way!

  14. With my ectopic my numbers doubled like they should and were looking like a fairly normal pregnancy. Until the end. But I had already been bleeding for 10 days. Spotting or light. I had pressure all over but mainly my left side. I had one big cramp early on before knowing I was pregnant that made me sure AF was arriving. My first ultrasound was too early because my hcg was less than 1500 so they don’t expect to see anything anyways. But my next was 3600 I think and they saw something in uterus which could’ve been bleeding or some abnormality. They also saw what looked like the baby in my left tube close to my ovary. When my tube ruptured I almost fainted. Lots of pain and pressure, cold sweats, nausea, I could barely stand. You don’t scream ectopic but only a scan will tell I think. I think you’ll be fine. Sending positive thoughts! I know this limbo of worry sucks! But all you can control is your outlook. Easier said than done, I know.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s crazy that your HCG got so high even with the ectopic, since with most people it doesn’t seem to double as quickly or reach such high levels. It sounds like it was super painful in the end. Did you see it coming at all? Or did it just happen all of a sudden and nobody suspected until then?

      • I knew something was wrong with the cramping and bleeding. The docs first said it was normal but they were concerned. Then said I was miscarrying because they saw nothing on the scan. Then finally saw it on the scan and gave me methotrexate. A week and a half later it ruptured randomly even though my hcg was very slowly decreasing from the methotrexate.

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