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5w3d: Early Ultrasound & Still Bleeding

Happy Monday everyone.

Yessum, I am still bleedin’. I’ve noticed a bit of a pattern with it though- it starts around 2pm daily, as a red bleed, then through the rest of the day it starts to taper into brown spotting. Sometimes, I get the red bleed again in the evening, which then tapers to brown. This is happening daily, and I’m so sick of it.

A lot is on my mind lately, as my anxiety has ramped up a bit. I’ve had a couple of nightmares in the past week- 3 that have felt so real and terrifying. Twice, DW has woken me up because I was sobbing in my sleep or yelling. I like that she wakes me up and makes the nightmares stop. She holds me for a while afterwards too, which is super soothing. I’m not ready to talk about the things making me anxious right now, as it is crippling me just thinking about it, but rest assured it’s not baby-related. 

So far this pregnancy, I have felt generally normal, with only a little bit of breast tenderness. The bleeding persists, and I occasionally get twinges or a dull pressure in my belly. I am absolutely exhausted every day after lunch, and have been napping. The napping doesn’t seem to ruin my night time sleep though, and I’m going to bed earlier and earlier. Right now my appetite is enormous, and I’ve been eating 4 large balanced meals a day. 

I had my early ultrasound today, just looking at placement of the embryo(s), not viability. It was a struggle getting my bladder full enough, and then subsequently empty enough, for the two types of ultrasound. The technician was nice, and was good with answering my questions. This is what she found:

– ONE single gestational sac with yolk sac in my uterus (too early to see fetal pole or heartbeat)

– Fallopian tubes are clear

– No evidence of a subchorionic hematoma

They have no idea what is causing the bleeding. My latest blood progesterone was 50, and they want it over 18, so we’re good in that respect too. 

They cancelled my ultrasound for next week, and rescheduled it for 7w3d (two weeks from now) to check viability.

It is going to be a long two weeks! In the meantime, I am trying to decide on whether I’d rather have a midwife or a OBGYN take over my care after I’m discharged from the RE clinic. Any tips?

81 thoughts on “5w3d: Early Ultrasound & Still Bleeding

  1. Two things:

    1. Yay for no ectopic! That’s such good news. Also awesome progesterone. Stupid “normal” pregnancy bleeding.

    2. I personally vote OBGYN for your situation BECAUSE you’re having this sort of stressful medical stuff at the beginning, but you can always bring a midwife or doula in later on to help with labor and delivery-I think if you could find an OB who is willing to also work alongside a midwife in delivery that could be helpful.

    • Thank you. I am SO HAPPY there isn’t an ectopic, and that everything is measuring as expected. Yes, I would love to have a midwive and an OB, but where I live (Ontario), you can only have one, so they make you choose. Of course, if I started out with the midwives but then was deemed to be high risk, they can transfer care to an OB. I dunno. I might have to dedicate an entire post to this issue πŸ™‚

      • I see what you’re saying. Since midwifery isn’t really covered by most american health insurance plans we basically KNOW that if we use one we’ll be paying out of pocket. Going with an OB was an easy decision for me because I love love love my OB and have had a relationship with him that predates my infertility, but if I didn’t have him I might have considered a midwife. I don’t know. I’m such a nervous nelly.

      • I am a Nervous Nelly as well. In Ontario, from what I have heard from people that have experienced care from both, they had a more positive experience with the midwives. The care was better, and more patient centred, and the labour itself was a lot more pleasant. That being said, if this pregnancy ends up high risk at all, I’d rather be with an OB, which is who they’d transfer me to anyway. I dunno. So many decisions…

      • Yeah, in that case I would probably wait as long as I could and also research the hell out of midwives and OB’s/ask for recommendations from locals. People will always tell you about their bad experiences!

  2. I’m thrilled that the gestational sac is where it should be and they have ruled out ectopic. And it’s such great news that your progeesterone is so good! But, I wish they could have given you some answers as to where the bleeding is coming from, that piece of information would just be nice to know.
    I’m sorry you are having nightmares, but it sounds like DW is doing a great job of taking care of you!
    Oh, and I vote for an OB all the way – I like the idea of a medical professional with 5 years of residency and specialized training.
    Sending you love as you start yet another two week wait!

    • Thank you. Yes, I’m happy that the real sinister stuff has been ruled out, but would love some answers as to why I’m continuing to bleed. I guess this is just my “normal”, and the clinic doesn’t seem too concerned. DW is the best. She is littler than me, but does a good job of spooning me when I need it. The next two weeks are going to be tough!

  3. I’m so glad everything is where it should be, but I hate that you still don’t have an explanation for the bleeding. Do you feel like your RE is taking it seriously? If I had been bleeding like that, I know there’s no way my RE would have waited 2 weeks between scans. I was in there weekly from 5 1/2 to 10 1/2 weeks as it was.

    Al agree with the Librarian and MPB, on the doctor front, too. OB all the way. Given everything you’ve been through to get here and the bleeding you’re experiencing right now, I say keep the big guns on hand. Not that midwives aren’t wonderful–I saw one myself a few weeks ago and I loved her. It’s not even that my OB has been particularly hands-on with me. Not at this stage, anyway. I just feel better knowing that she’s there and god forbid anything should happen, I already have a relationship with her and she’s familiar with my case. Since I’m high risk, I’m already being seen every 2 weeks by either my OB or the perinatologist and as annoying as it can be, it also helps keep my anxiety in check.

    • True. I wish we had some answers as well. I just don’t know what else they can do at this point, except more ultrasounds I guess. I think they didn’t want me to have one next week just in case there wasn’t a heart beat yet (and me get more anxious about it). Good point about the OB. I will ask around about it. What do they do at your OB appointments anyways?

      • Pretty much the basics. They check the heartbeat, do a quick u/s (depending on the dr–one always does them and one only does them sometimes), measure the belly, weight, blood pressure, urine check. The regular visits are totally within the scope of a midwife, it’s just that element of surprise that keeps me with the OB. Just in case something happens. But also keep in mind that if they flag you as high-risk due to either your history, or any current issues (like bleeding), you probably won’t have much choice in the matter. Within my medical group, there are only 3 midwives (out of 12) who are allowed to see high-risk patients, and even then, it’s only if you alternate with the OB.

      • Yeah, I was worried about that too- that I might get excluded because of the drama that has been involved in getting pregnant and being pregnant, lol. Good point.

  4. Midwife, midwife, MIDWIFE!! They are absolutely THE BEST here, hands down. The best part is, they come to your house when your baby is wee to help you nurse, etc…The emotional support midwives can provide is unrivaled. Best decision I made my whole pregnancy was to go that route.

    I’m glad your pregnancy is right where it needs to be. Now…I hope the damn bleeding stops ASAP.

    • My doula is a lactation consultant and came to my house too. Even if you have to go with an OB or choose to do so you can hire a doula and get some of what you may have wanted from a MW. Just a thought. Hope this helps. My dream was a home birth with MW but it’s never been an option for me. My doula made all the difference in humanizing my son’s birth and giving me BFing confidence after the delivery. A very good compromise for me. My OB even agreed to let her bring me a birth pool in which to labour. That didn’t pan out as my induction was an emergency and super fast once I entered active labour but I appreciated the openness. Lots of options for you to explore even if they class you as high risk!

  5. That being said I read the above comments about OBs offering more medical care. If your pregnancy is high risk, your midwives will work in tandem with an OB throughout, or transfer your care if they’re not able to care for you.

    • Yeah, I have friends who used midwives and had amazing experiences. I am glad your experience was great too! The problem is that I need to decide NOW because they fill up super fast. I know that their approach to birth is more in line with my own, and would love to deliver at home if I have a healthy pregnancy.

      • It doesn’t hurt to call and get in now and then decide later to switch to an OB. It’s easier to do that than switch to a midwife, right?

        My home birth was the best experience of my life, and I encourage any woman who is comfortable doing so and able to try it!

      • They may just drop out because they decide to move to an OB. I’m guessing you can’t use both like we do here. Then drop the OB once things are all fine in a month or so. Obviously if you are on the wait list for a midwife then you’ll use an OB for now. I’m keen on a home birth too. Waiting to se closer to the time of the midwife and my Maori midwife are both happy with it as we live an hour minimum drive from the closest hospital…

      • Yes at the cottage. I have a friend who is the top Maori traditional healer and specializes in pregnancy and birthing. So she will be our main person, the registered (& government funded) midwife is my official ‘Lead Maternity Professional’ but understands our wishes and is happy to take a backseat role. If we home birth she may be required to have a back up assistant qualified midwife as well. So possibly 3 at the birth but I only see one of them formally. We will be doing hypnobirthing and hopefully a water birth. Well – if that’s what the boy child ends up wanting lol. I guess otherwise I could end up with a CSection in hospital. I’m hoping he decides the other option is cooler!!

  6. Happy to hear, that you found that little bean and no ectopic / no obvious problem on that us. Stay strong and grow little one, you’re so loved already.
    Can you do alternating care? I had only 3-4 midwife visits but mostly OBGYN, because I was so scared that things would go wrong, but in hindsight, I would really have benefitted from more midwife care. In my experience they pay much more attention to your emotional state, they give you time and room to talk and have a straight-forward, natural way of connecting to the baby like teaching you how to feel his position etc. This has helped my pregnancy anxieties more than yet another ultrasound. With doctors I always felt a certain pressure to get the appointment done quickly, especially since there was always a waiting room full of patients, whereas the midwife’s was at my home or the birthing center. However I wouldn’t recommend midwife-only care with an IVF and with the background of your immune issues.

  7. Such a relief that everything was good! I’m super excited for your next ultrasound. I always said I would go with a midwife… now, after my ectopic and such, I’m going with an OB because he offered to early monitor me since my clinic is remote. It kinda worked out as our midwife program isn’t very big here and we just lost 2 of them. Chances are we might not have gotten one anyway. If there is ever a subsequent pregnancy, I would very much like to have a midwife. I will have a doula + OB this round though.

    • Thank you. I hope the two weeks flies by. The doula is a great idea in lieu of a midwife! It’s crazy how fast things need to be booked though. Like who knew the midwives would be fully booked for my due date!? I’m only 5w3d today. I guess all of those normally procreating people know immediately after a missed period, and us IVFers sit on it a while too scared to jinx it.

  8. The bleeding has to be so nerve wracking and scary, but it sounds like just a (hopefully) temporary annoyance. Here’s hoping that it goes away soon!

      • We’re doing well. I’ll get to see them again in 1 week (next Tuesday), and can’t wait to see how they’ve grown and hopefully are still right on track. I’m going to assume they’re growing because my belly sure is! I tossed all of my cookies again this morning, but that’s only the second bout of vomiting I’ve had so far this pregnancy, despite a lot of nausea. Overall, I’ve been really lucky. Sending some your way! ❀

      • Good to hear. I’m glad that you have the reassurance of morning sickness, but that it isn’t too bad lol. I can’t wait for your next update! Thanks for the luck, I’ll happily receive it πŸ™‚

  9. Midwife!!!
    I trust that an OB has the same care for your uterus and what it holds but the midwife will also care for your heart which you will need in even the smoothest pregnancy.
    I feel so much love for my midwife every day.

    How cruel to put you through another 2 week wait. Time for a new game!

  10. Sorry to hear that you are still bleeding, but glad to hear that otherwise everything else is just as it should be. No ectopic = fantastic! But it sucks to have that constant fear of something bad looming because the bleeding wont stop. As far as an OB/Midwife, i would go with the OB. Mainly because it seems like you are a high risk pregnancy right now even though it hasn’t been categorized as such. With the IV treatments, and the bleeding, and the trouble that it has taken to get pregnant, my gut just tells me that it’s probably the best choice. But don’t think you have to settle for the first OB that you meet. Talk to a few on the phone and get a feel for them. We switched OB’s at 24 weeks. It’s what/who you feel comfortable with. Kinda like shopping for a therapist, or almost like speed dating! Or if you are more drawn to the idea of a midwife, make sure that they are one that is affiliated with a medical group, where there are also OB’s that you can work with. That is what we did at first before 1)we found out that she didn’t do deliveries anymore and 2) she didn’t do twins!, but that may also be an option for you. Do your research. You still have a few weeks before your first appointment.

    • Thanks for the advice. It’s so hard to even get an OB around here, let alone shop for one, but I will see what I can do. Midwives here are usually already associated with an OB and can transfer care quickly without a problem. I just tried to get in with the midwives, but was wait listed. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be!

      • I almost always forget that you live in Canada, except for when I dream about coming to the cabin…LOL..there are so many perks to your healthcare system, but I would lose my mind waiting for a dr! Or for an appt! The Universe has a way of things working out for us though doesn’t it?!

  11. I was gonna root for a midwife too, but I see you may not be able to in any case . . .Maybe you can find a more ‘midwife’ like OB practice? At least in the states, the approach to care is vastly different between OBs and midwives, and even when I’ve had higher risk ‘things’ my midwife has been a-maz-ing!
    In any case, I continue to will your bleeding to go the fuck away!!!

    • Thanks. Yes, I wish the bleeding would go the fuck away too. The approach to care is also very different between OBs and midwives here too. Ugh, I’m kinda pissed that I waited so long.

  12. After reading all of the above comments, I have nothing more helpful to say. I will say I am thinking of you and rooting for your little one! ❀ Love!

  13. ANOHTER two week wait? Oh goodness. I hope that it passes quickly and that you get more great news at the end of it. Glad the ultrasounds today went well.

    We loved our midwife experiences (even though I was very disappointed with my primary midwife during my labour). They were amazing with taking the time to answer all of our questions, very respectful, referred us to OBs when necessary, etc. If you decide to go this route but are having a hard time getting in to one be persistent. We were pretty much told that if you keep calling they’ll do what they can to get you in.

    • Good to know. I also called a couple of midwifery groups outside of my area just in case πŸ™‚ Did you or Jen have to be transferred care to an OB at some point? Was it a hassle?

  14. So far so good! Excellent that it’s not ectopic. Some women do just bleed a lot in pregnancy – maybe you are one of them – you just don’t know until you get there. Another two week wait is a long time. There is a good chance of seeing a heartbeat between 6-7 weeks (I’ve had scans at this point several times), so I guess they are just being ultra cautious, but I think for peace of mind, waiting less than another fortnight would have been more considerate of what you are going through. It will be a long two weeks – I hope you can find ways to keep busy. We’re all hoping for good news!! xxxx

    • Yeah, it’s really weird- how it comes on schedule every day too! Makes me think it’s a hormonal thing? Thanks for the support! I hope your pregnancy is going great!

  15. My impression of midwives is they lean slightly more towards what’s best for the mama, and obs lean slightly more towards what’s safest for the baby. This is a very hard won pregnancy for you, I feel you may want an overabundance of caution for this pregnancy.

  16. I’m glad the ultrasound went well, I’m sure the next 2 weeks will last forever for you. The bleeding must be so scary. Hopefully it will stop and you’ll have a very uneventful next 9 months or so. Cheering for you guys and your little embie.

  17. So glad things are in the right place and no pesky SCH to deal with but very sorry about the nightmares, anxiety and persistent bleeding. I have very vivid dreams when pregnant too and it really messes with me. Lately they haven’t been scary or anxiety provoking but I know what that can be like and I really empathize with you. I hope that settles down in time.

    I’ve only had high risk pregnancies so never a candidate for midwife but if I were I would have gone that route. Instead I hired two doulas – mine and one for my partner who I knew would be a disaster at a vaginal delivery (I was right). Best decision ever. I loved our doulas and God willing they will be at this baby’s birth too. Despite your youth you have significant risks – will midwives in ON take on your care? Rx the meds you need? At my hospital midwives can deliver so that might be a good compromise but they wouldn’t take on my care in this pregnancy given all the risks. I would talk to some MWs and see how you feel if they can take on your care. Care can be transferred at almost any stage so you aren’t wedded to your first choice in any event.

    • Good points, and thanks for sharing about the doulas. I laughed out loud over you hiring a doula for your partner haha. So smart. I’m responding to your comment at 2:51 am because I just woke up from another nightmare. What is with these nightmares?! They are happening every 2-3 days. Is it a pregnancy thing? As for midwives- in ON, most do have hospital privileges. They would take me (if they weren’t already full- the disadvantage of being cautious and not calling them as soon as I got a BFP) because my RE apparently wants to take me off of all the RPL meds by 12 weeks at the latest now. They want to start weaning me off the prednisone at like 8-9 weeks!?! Obviously, I’ve protested but apparently, that’s what his “protocol” is. I may have an extra refill for the prednisone so that I can stretch it out longer, but I am not sure how many extra weeks. So yeah. My endocrinologist (who I love) highly recommended an OB friend of hers, so I might go with her once the time comes.

      • Yikes. They can’t take you off Fragmin. I might be able to help you with Prednisone. 8-9 weeks is way too early. If that stupidity persists email me. What dose prednisone are you on?

      • Going off of LMWHs before term has been correlated with pregnancy and infant loss so I would not go off until close to delivery when some OBs worry about bleeding risk during delivery and especially surgery.

        At 10 mg I can probably help if need be. Keep me posted.

      • Yup will do. Thank you. I need to find a way around this Fragmin issue then. Hopefully my OB will be receptive if I can find some literature on LMWH’s.

      • Yes. I have not looked at that in ages but can try to ask some of the RISKIT gals or you can join the private group and ask if you wish. Say I invited you. Link on my about page.

      • By the way a good OB will know that risk with LMWHs and can Rx that for you. I don’t know in your area but here it can take 6 weeks or more to get a first appointment with an OB and you need a referral. I’d get on that my friend. Your RE annoys me to no end, sorry you have to navigate his stupid beliefs that fly in the face of science.

      • I have already called the OB, and apparently they won’t see me until 12 weeks, or whenever the RE discharges me. They said it would be fine to wait until discharge for the referral.

  18. I came back to read your earlier posts, and am comforted that you also felt the same at this point… Pretty much asymptomatic. Hoping that my nausea also kicks in sometime this week! Xx

    • I bet your nausea will kick in soon. It will help so much in terms of peace of mind, even if it’s gross lol. I prematurely lowered my dose of Diclectin (morning sickness medicine), and I puked twice yesterday. 12 weeks, and I’m still barfing! Do you remember when you started having morning sickness with DD?

      • Oh shit really?? That’s crazy! No I don’t recall at all. I got lucky with her, and I only puked twice – both times were probably related to spicy food or overeating. The first time was before we even knew I was pregnant. We had even done a test before going out that night and it was negative (not fmu though) – the next morning we tested and it was positive. (I believe)… Anyway, so that too day, I only had really bad nausea and food aversion with DD. I lived off fruit smoothies, ginger chews & preggypops for quite a while. I couldn’t even look at ginger chews after that.

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