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6 Weeks

So in education, we are big fans of “icebreaker” activities. A common one that is used is the “two truths and a lie” game where each individual presents the group with three facts about themselves- two which are true, and one which is untrue. The group guesses as to which fact is untrue, and then the answer is revealed and on to the next person. I always hate this game because I have a bit of social anxiety over people staring at me and focusing on aspects of me. But since it’s Friday, you all aren’t physically staring at me, I thought I’d play it with you.

Two Truths and a Lie:

– I may have a kidney infection

– I am still bleeding/spotting

– I have morning sickness

Now, take a guess, make a mental note of it, and post about it in the comments πŸ™‚

The answers will be revealed as you read below.

Now for some food porn:


My favourite cheap quick eat in Leslieville, Toronto- at Hanoi 3 Seasons. 

ο»ΏWell it’s been a while since I’ve touched base on here. Not a lot has been happening really. The big dog has been all sorts of bad and stealing food off the counters. I am partially to blame, leaving things like sticks of butter, freshly baked GF banana chocolate chip muffins, and focaccia sticks not far enough back on the counter. The little dog says its entrapment. 

The other day, a good teacher friend of mine brought her 8 month old identical twin boys over, and we had a great afternoon. This teacher friend (who is an amazing teacher) was being bullied really badly by the other teachers at the school we worked at last year. Out of a group of 17 teachers, I was the only one that called these people out on their bullying. It was so bad that she applied out to work at a different school when she returns from maternity leave. It’s sad because I loved working with her. 

Anyways, her boys are the cutest with our dogs. Juno and Clem are super gentle with them, allow them to pull tufts of their fur out, lick drool and snot off their faces, and allow the babies to use them to brace themselves when they try to stand up. It melts my heart, and with Juno being almost 9 years old, I hope she will still be as patient and loving with our kids, whenever they come. Feeding time was a frenzy though, as the babies were entertained by dangling their food over the edge of their food trays. Both dogs were in heaven when the babies were tossing their little food bits all over the floor. I think this contributed to Juno’s food stealing craze. It’s like giving booze to an alcoholic in AA during a moment of weakness- it sets off an uncontrollable sequence of events.

Wednesday, at 5w5d, nausea kicked in. It isn’t so bad once I get food in my tummy, but the thought of eating chicken makes me want to puke. I’m pretty much surviving on Vans GF Waffles, scrambled eggs, and juice.

For a couple of days, I was obsessed with everything tomato-based: tomato soup, tomato sauce, salsa, chilli. But I think I overdid it, and the thought of any of it makes me a bit queasy.

Overall, I’m just tired and not interested in eating. I’m especially uninterested in preparing food. 

Symptom wise, my boobs are so sore that I can’t sleep comfortably on my stomach anymore. My back is sore. I am exhausted, take naps almost daily, yet have some insomnia that causes me to wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to fall back asleep. I have mild headaches in the afternoon that kind of feel like a hangover.

Cause for celebration: I HAVE NOT BLED OR SPOTTED IN 3 FULL DAYS!

Last night I couldn’t sleep because I had an aching pain through my flank and abdomen on the right side. It didn’t feel muscular at all, so today I went in to see my family doctor and she sent my urine away for urinalysis. We find out on Monday if I have a UTI or a kidney infection. I don’t have a fever but if I develop one before I hear back from her, I have some Keflex antibiotic just in case. I do feel quite rotten, and almost like I had a flu yesterday. 

Otherwise, not much else to report. Still a week and 3 days until my ultrasound…. It’s feels like forever.

54 thoughts on “6 Weeks

  1. Oh I am soooo happy that you’re SO PREGNANT!! Morning sickness I think is the number one indicator, and yes like a hangover for months! Yay! I’m sorry about the infection. Sounds dangerous and painful. But pregnant!

  2. now i know what i want for dinner! Luckily hanoi is around the corner from me!
    I had a major meat aversion with Carter and my issues with chicken persist 3 years later.
    So glad to hear the bleeding has stopped.

    As far as your kidneys go, i really hope it’s something simple that you can get rid of fast. I had kidney stones when pregnant with carter and it was god awful.

    I can’t believe i’m so happy to hear that someone is nauseous!

    • That’s awesome that you’re in Leslieville. I used to practice and live there too. It’s my favourite area in Toronto. I love the new families, the young professionals, the queers… Hanoi has two locations, and the one on Gerrard actually makes better versions of the same dish, but the one on Queen has much nicer decor (DW and I actually had our pre-wedding reception there). Thanks for the well wishes too!

    • Crazy that your meat aversion persists to this day. I hope that doesn’t happen to me because my wife doesn’t eat pork or beef, so protein would be difficult in our house.

      • Yup. It kind of grosses me out too. Beans are great though, and can be very inexpensive if you prep them from the dried forms. I spend days prepping beans because I’m so sensitive to their gassy ways!

  3. Yay! Not glad to hear about the possible kidney infection, but I was really hoping “I am still bleeding” was the lie! So happy to hear the tiny one is settling into your uterus for the long haul.

  4. I am so excited that you have not bled in 3 days and you have morning sickness!! Not so excited about the possible kidney infection, that’s just miserable!
    Also, just a heads up, if I ever make my way to the other side of the country I am stopping by for dinner! I’m sad that you have no interest in prepping food right now because I a always love your food pictures! Selfishly, I’m hoping you get over that asap. πŸ™‚
    I hope you have a restful and enjoyable weekend with DW and the dogs.

    • Thank you! Same. You guys plate up some nice dishes too. Yeah it’s weird to not want to have anything to do with food. Even the idea of chocolate makes me kind of sick. I made some weird purchases at the grocery store the other day too- Popsicles!?

      • The worst I ever had was absolutely desperate for blue cheese omelets. They were absolutely delicious in my pregnant mind so Mr. MPB made them for me even though he refused to eat them himself. Now, not pregnant, I realize that they are absolutely disgusting and I intend to go the rest of my life without eating another one. πŸ™‚
        Enjoy your popsicles!!

      • Lol. Blue cheese omelets! Yeah not craving those right now… Haha. I did however have scrambled eggs with dill pickles for dinner last night. That was interesting.

      • Yeah. I’ve never been into blue cheese. I have been eating weird things lately though, so I’m sure she won’t be surprised if I asked her to bring some home haha. Poor wife has been eating from our frozen meals stash lately because I just can’t look at meat. She’s really easy going though, so it’s all good πŸ™‚

      • Thank you. I totally lucked out with her. Words can’t describe how incredible she really is. I can be kind of difficult sometimes, but she is so accommodating and patient. I think she gets it from her dad, who we joke is a saint for dealing with her mom lol.

  5. YAY!! Glad that was the lie! Only moms, mom’s to be, and someday mom to be have this much excitement for morning sickness. as for the infection.. well it’s identifiable and treatable so good news too, in its own way.

  6. I’m so relieved to hear that the bleeding has stopped, and that baby is getting all nice and snug! I was hoping it was a lie. And woo hoo to morning sickness! I hope that’s starting to make it more real for you guys. The food looks fantastic! Food aversions are a big deal during pregnancy too! Yay!

    I love the image of the dogs being so kind and gentle to the babies. Your puppies will make great older siblings. I know our kitty gracie is. When the babies are in the swing, and it stops moving, she will go over to it and give it a little nudge and sit there and wait for them to stop crying. If they don’t she will find us and won’t quite meowing until we go check on them! Hope that you don’t have an infection! Sending good vibes and healing energy to you…

    • Thank you! I am so relieved that the bleeding has stopped. My doctor thinks that the bleeding was from a vanishing twin, which is kinda sad, but explains why it was so much blood and suddenly stopped. So cute and smart that Gracie does that! Wow! Yes, J and C will be amazing big doggy sisters. We just have to train them to not steal Sophie the Giraffe (for some reason Juno’s favourite), and somehow manage Juno’s insatiable appetite for human food (which she is not allowed). Lol

  7. Remember me? I am so so so so so happy for you!!!! Yessss! Woohoo.

    That Christmas angel Maybe helped πŸ˜‰

    Also, when I was newly pregnant my
    Boobs hurt like a mother effer. It gets better. πŸ™‚

  8. YAY! I was hoping your “lie” was that you were still bleeding. Bummer on the nausea and possible kidney infection! Yuck! 😦 Hope you can get some relief and feel better soon.

    • Thank you. 6 does kinda seem significant doesn’t it? I guess lots of people see their heartbeats around now. Even though I have to wait, I’m hoping it’ll be super strong and healthy to make up for it!

  9. I am so happy to hear you sounding so pregnant! I really hope it’s not a kidney infection, but if it is, at least it’s an easy fix. Yay for no bleeding! I can totally relate to the food prep issue. It’s been that way for me since day 1. I thought I’d get over it when I started feeling interested in food again, but it just hasn’t happened. Most of the time, I really have to force myself to be in the kitchen. I can generally muster meal prep enthusiasm about once a week.

    • Thanks. It’s pretty exciting. I am feeling pretty rotten right now because of these UTI symptoms though. I don’t know if I can wait until Monday before taking the antibiotics. Yikes about the cooking aversion- DW is a good cook but I’m so picky. I guess that’s why you do a big crockpot of stuff for the week’s lunches? I think we might start going out to eat a little more in the near future.

      • I’ve been trying to force myself to do some big stuff on Sundays. I make a big batch of soup or something so we have lunches for the week, and then I’ll do a pork roast or something like that in the crock pot and we can use it for a couple of different dinners. We’ve been eating out more than usual, but I’ve also been “letting” Catch cook more than I ever have. We’re really just making it up as we go along. It’s awful, but I LOVE it when we have things going on in the evening because it means I don’t have to cook and I don’t have to feel guilty about it!

      • Cooking after a long day at work is exhausting. I’m glad you’ve got a system that seems to work. Lol about having plans in the evening.

  10. Oh this made me smile. Morning sickness is the worst and UT IS are no fun. But Yay for no spotting. And Yay for all the other presto signs!!

  11. I’m soooo happy my guess was wrong! Everytime I read about how pregnant you are and the symptoms you are getting, it just makes me swell with happiness for you!

  12. After all those posts about bleeding I assumed it was MS & bleeding – because I was just hoping that even if the bleeding was continuing you were getting some strong pregnancy symptoms. So yay for no bleeding!! As someone else mentioned – the breast pain does get better, but it took me till about 18-20 weeks I think. Luckily I was well pregnant by then so didn’t freak out that they weren’t sore anymore! My food issues went from needing protein every 2 hrs to try and avoid ferocious retching, to now having problems with awful indigestion so I can’t eat many of the main ingredients I would use like tomatoes, bell peppers, hot sauce, chilli, spices etc. I don’t know how I will go with Toku away for 5weeks as my motivation to cook is completely absent and we live in an area with no eating out options at all 😦 Oh and the closest supermarket is a 20min drive…

    • Oh yes, I hear you with the ferocious retching. It’s getting to that point for me now, and it’s hard to gather the will power to just get through it and eat something. I hope the indigestion goes away too- is it heartburn?

      • I don’t know exactly what it is as I’ve never had any of those things before. Acid reflux maybe? Burny feeling in throat mainly. It’s yuck and you don’t want to eat or regret it when you have. But if you done eat it’s way worse! Can’t lie down and I get it at bedtime gah.

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