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Some Random Tidbits

Well I’m 7w6d (based on LMP), or 7w2d (based on my last ultrasound), and I’ve got a couple of things to update you on. I’m considering doing those weekly Bumpdate posts, but I’m kind of nervous, and am not sure which dating to use at this point. Suggestions?

Midwife Appointment:

I was so happy that DW was able to meet the midwife with me. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had applied to 6 midwifery clinics in my region, and all were either full or wouldn’t accept me because I’m out of their catchment area. I was really bummed about this, but then, I received a call from the midwifery clinic that is the furthest away from me, offering me a spot. They were going out on a limb accepting me because I don’t live near their catchment area at all (compared to 3 other clinics where I’m on the border). Something feels serendipitous about this, and I feel like I will have a really good experience with them. 

Things that I wasn’t thrilled with:

– all of the pregnant women in their waiting room looked grumpy and unfriendly. Not a single one smiled the entire 20 minutes we sat waiting to be seen.

– my midwife was 20 minutes late for our appointment. Granted, she was with another patient, but my family doctor and endocrinologist are ON TIME or have a maximum wait of 10 minutes. I timed this because most appointments will be during the work day, and if I have to drive across 3 cities to get there, I need to factor in how this will work with work. 

Things that I really like so far:

– our midwife used to be an OB-GYN in India. She practiced for 20 years before moving to Canada and trained to be a midwife. She has been a midwife for 10 years. This means she has a lot is experience, even beyond the scope of midwifery care. 

– our midwife is a good listener. I felt comfortable interrupting her to ask questions. She paused many times to offer me opportunities to digest information and to ask more questions. She explained things well, using a slow but comfortable pace. 

– Our midwife was very clear about informed choice, and that her job is to lay all of the options out on the table, but that the choice is ours. There would be no bullying me into choosing one way over another. With both DW and I being highly intelligent, with backgrounds in science and medicine, this appealed to us. I’m also incredibly picky, and am a stick in the mud when I don’t get my way.

– I have two midwives: at any given time, there is always one that is on call, and the other is in the office available for appointments. I will meet the other one next week. 

– at our birth, the midwife from my pairing that is on call, plus another midwife from another pairing will be attending. There will always be TWO midwives present: one for me, and one to take care of Dumplin’ (I LOVE THIS). 

– despite being outside of their catchment area, both of my midwives in my pairing live close to us, and are willing to still do home visits after Dumplin’ is born.

Last Intralipids:

Well I had my last intralipid infusion today. Being all paranoid that this infusion wouldn’t have enough lasting power to get me into the “safe zone”, I asked one of the nurses if she could ask the head nurse if they’d let me do one more infusion in a couple of weeks. The nurse said that once the placenta is established (8-12 weeks), I shouldn’t need it anymore, but everything I’ve read about NK cells is that they are active (ie. A threat) until 16 weeks. We’ll see what they say. Those of you who have been pregnant on intralipids- at how many weeks did they do your last infusion?


Diclectin successfully turned me into a bed-ridden zombie with a hangover. The drowsiness was so bad, that I dialled back my dose from 2 at night + 2 during the day, to just 1 + 1. It’s still managing to prevent me from puking, but I feel less like a waste of space, and can actually interact with my wife.

Pregnancy Acne:

I have honestly maybe had 1 pimple in 12 months. But this past week, 6 nasty pimples erupted on my face. They are the small red ones with deep white pus coming to the surface. I am gross and have been expressing them, but the pockets are so deep that a few have gotten worse or won’t drain completely. My face is an absolute mess, and I am embarrassed to go out in public. I’ve been dabbing them with tea tree oil, hoping that they will just go away. You know that alleged “pregnancy glow”? Well apparently my version is just extra oily pizza face. Ladies- those of you who experienced this, does it go away? Or do I need to go into hiding like a celebrity who’s recovering from several major plastic surgery jobs?

Baby or Carb Bump:

Is 8 weeks too early to be sporting a mini baby bump with a singleton? Or am I carrying an anterior-facing carb monster from the 8 meals of pancakes with maple syrup that I’ve eaten this week? PS- DW has been bringing me pancakes in bed these days, which has helped tremendously with my morning sickness. She is amazing. So is pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Hmmm… I think that’s all I’ve got for now. 

46 thoughts on “Some Random Tidbits

  1. I wouldn’t ditch the MW for an OB based on wait times or crabby patients. No one smiles in the waiting room of my OB’s office. Maybe because they didn’t struggle to get or stay pregnant so are more honest about how shitty pregnancy really feels? I have waited over 2 hours once to seem my OB and *never* less than 20 minutes. You would have long waits with an experienced OB too in all likelihood though without the long drive I assume. Seems like the good far outweighs the bad. Great that she has so much and diverse experience.

    • Yes, we are pretty set on the midwives. 20 minutes isn’t long to wait, and I’m sure OB appts have a much longer wait. You know what else is nice? Being treated like a person, which sadly, my RE’s clinic (he’s an OB) and the myriad of other medical specialists (other than my GP and endocrinologist) didn’t really do.

      • True. Being treated as a person is gold. I’m lucky my OB does that but several in his office often get that very complaint. A MW is not an option for me as you know but I’m so glad you were accepted and are staying with her.

      • I’m so glad your OB treats you like a person. Given the challenges that you have faced, it only seems fair that you be cared for thoughtfully and compassionately.

    • Yeah, I was thinking P4 bloat too- my guess is that Dumplin’ is starting to make her own progesterone, and that PLUS the supplemental endometrin and Prometrium that I’m taking is causing the bloat and skin issues.

  2. I’m thrilled you met with your midwife and you seem to like her and the clinics approach. That’s awesome!
    I tend to agree that you want to do another Interlipid transfusion – it seems to early to me to stop. That said, I have no scientific basis for this, just that I remember hearing that you wan to be on it through the entire first trimester and early second. So, this seems to match what you are saying about 16 weeks. I guess my question is, can it hurt to have another one? If it wont hurt, then I’d absolutely do another treatment.

  3. I too dilly dallied with the bump posts. I figure may as well – mainly for myself to look back on!! I think it is great you found a midwife and you are liking it all so far!! And yes… I too had a carb baby through about 16 weeks. I feel like my bump finally bumped out when I hit 20. Excited to hear more!! Fun stuff!!

    • I might modify the bump posts because so many of the questions aren’t applicable to me yet. Oh goodness! My carb baby must have gestational diabetes then! She be a biggun’! Lol.

      • My worst times are first thing in the morning and then the evening. So my afternoon dose is needed. I also found that taking 1 at night helped enough with the morning with less grogginess.

      • Whatever works for you. I was really lucky that my morning sickness wasn’t so severe. I only needed one diclegis at night and I was pretty much good for the whole next day with just some minor indigestion/heartburn here and there.

  4. Your midwife may have been late going over time with a patient – I’d give her another try (if you’re not already planning on it). I really can’t say enough good about the support they offer – they made all the difference in my pregnancy & labour & delivery. I know not all midwives are created equal, of course, but most of my friends have used them and speak their praises, too. And yes – having one for the baby right after birth is the best! Will you also have a student midwife along for the journey? I had one, and she ended up being my favourite one!

    Since you’re fit, I don’t think it’s too soon for a bump to start showing up! When will you start taking belly pics?

    • Yeah, I don’t blame her for going over time with another patient. I totally understand. It was just an observation. We’re really happy with her so far, and I’m so incredibly grateful to the universe for giving me the chance at having a midwife. Mine doesn’t have a student right now, so we probably won’t have one involved in our care.

      I’m not sure when I will start taking bump pictures. Maybe soon, but I will be embarrassed if it’s all just bloat! When did you start noticing a bump with Evie?

  5. I had a carb/bloat bump early on. I put sweatpants on as soon as I got home. That’s funny you are craving pancakes, so did I. I was obsessed with McDonald’s pancakes- no idea why. Also, ramen noodles. Everything else made me nauseous.

  6. The clinic sounds like they have a good set up. That’s great that she’s got all of that experience! I had my last IL infusion around 5 weeks. And as far as the bump. I was SO bloated and then the bloat turned to firm baby. While it’s not “technically” baby, it is from carrying a baby so… I vote that you can just say it’s a baby bump!

  7. 8 week is not too early for a small bump – especially if you are slim. It’s not so much the baby, but where the space the fluid-filled sac occupies starts to push your intestines upwards. Unless you have iron-strong abs, they start to pop out the front. I had to use a hairband to close my jeans from about this time onwards. You also retain more fluid, are still building a lining, a placenta and generating a higher blood volume, so all these things have to go somewhere. It’s very exciting 🙂 Glad to hear you like your MW. It makes a big difference to have someone you feel comfortable with.

    • Thanks! At times, if I squeeze my abs just right, I can feel a ball-like mass just left of the midline, which is where I think she is. I am slim, but have weak abs lol. I also have a little chubb on my belly too now, thanks to the IVF meds and poor eating habits of late.

  8. I’m making my hubby do pancakes tomorrow for me! Brilliant idea! I find Frankincense will pull the guck out of zits faster than tea tree oil. I just had this nasty one on my chest… Once again, not a normal occurrence for me either. P. S. I’ve asked for Diclectin. Yesterday I puked up everything I ate. This Momma is caving in 🙂

    • Honestly, the pancakes save me in the morning. They go down easy, fill my tummy, and I don’t feel like yakking at all afterwards. Do I just dab it with a drop of Frankincense EO and leave it be? Be prepared for major grogginess with the Diclectin, and then play with the dosing. I find one at night keeps me from being too drowsy in the morning (two was too much), and then one in the afternoon is adequate (as compared with one in the morning and one in the afternoon- which made me need two naps a day). I think the Diclectin has made a big difference though- I haven’t puked in a long time now, and can eat a bit more variety.

      • Yup just dab and it on leave it. I find if it’s gonna pop it will come to a head by the morning (if you did it at bedtime). Ughhhh I’m patiently waiting for my prescription. 🙂

      • Thanks! I need to get me some Frankincense! I hope the Diclectin works for you! The first few days on it weren’t great, but then the haze cleared.

  9. I think her bringing you pancakes is the sweetest thing. First tri is awful! Likud pregnancy glow will come, at around 14 weeks! Or I you’re like me, 19 weeks. I’m just glad you’re okay and getting lipids and good care. Midwife sounds great, desire the angry women in the waiting room. Don’t they realize how Fing hard it is to get pregnant and how lucky hey are?! I hope you start feeling good soon. You’re going to love being pregnant more and more!

    • Yup, my wife is so amazing. I can’t wait for my skin to clear up and to be able to eat healthy again. Seriously though- my face is covered in cystic acne, and I usually have very clear skin. It is so bizarre. I guess it’s the hormones! Yes, I am so grateful for midwives. Lol grumpy pregnant ladies, while I’m all excited to be pregnant and among them. I can’t wait to get through this first trimester…. But it’s gonna be a while!

  10. Lucky lady having pancakes from breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I hope when i get preggers that Callie does that for me, although I’m more of an eggs and bacon person. Callie had pretty bad acne when she first got pregnant, but it cleared up right after the first trimester, so hopefully that’ll be the case for you too.

    • Yeah I was surprised by the pancake obsession, because I’m normally a bacon and eggs kind of girl too. I really do hope this acne clears up. It makes me feel terrible in public. So excited to hear about your TTC plans! What happened with your inducing lactation?

      • Well, ::sigh::, it didn;t go well at all with IL. I did the best I could and tried the best I could, but nothing ever came of it. It’s crazy because the dr had prescribed me BCP to stop my period, but it was actually heavier and longer (39 days to be exact) than normal, and almost all 39 days were like a day 2 flow. It was horrible! So finally, i was still taking the domperidone and nursing and then pumping and NOTHING! Aside from the 2 drops, nothing. So i gave up on trying to get milk, and weaned myself off of the Dom, and just comfort nurse them when Callie can’t. It broke my heart, but hopefully, with the next one, i’ll be able to nurse (since I’m gonna be the one getting pregnant) AND be bale to pump enough milk for the boys too since they’ll probably only be around 16 months or so.

      • Yeah, it sounds like you did everything that you could to IL, and should be proud of that! I love that you can still comfort nurse them, and I’m sure you’re building such a connection with them doing that. How amazing it will be to be able to nurse them later on too! You will get your chance again!

      • Yeah, i love nursing them! And now that they stay awake more often and actually look at you and don’t just fall asleep is the best! I love Levi’s little hand on my chest, or how Noah smiles and his little dimples show….it makes me happy!

  11. I’ve been following your blog for a while, but stopped my own blogging for the last several months so I haven’t been kept up to date. First off, congrats on the pregnancy. I’ve read the recent posts too 🙂 My wife and I used a midwife for my pregnancy with our twins and LOVED it. I’m such a huge advocate of midwifery, so I always love reading posts like this 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment 🙂 Yes, it’s been a long journey to get here. Congrats on your twins! I’m so pleased with our decision to go with the midwives. I’m receiving some disapproving comments from friends and family about our decision, but as a hormonal pregnant woman, I have no problems telling them where to stick it!

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