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8w4d and the Blood Monster

Hola folks! This is just a little quickie to update you on how Dumplin’ is doing.

This past week has been a blur of gluten-free pancakes and naps. On the weekend, we drove out of town to meet up with friends that we hadn’t seen in a loooong time. Some we hadn’t seen in a couple of months, but others in about a decade! It was basically a big lesbian reunion of hockey players! 

We first hit a pub for food and drinks, and then hit up the local gay bar, which has changed names several times in the last ten years, but still looks the same as what DW remembers. The resident DJ, DJ Dallas, is still kickin’ and spinnin’, just like she did twenty years ago. The dance floor was never empty, and was very well populated by awesome 50 year olds wearing polo shirts and khakis. If you’ve ever been to a gay or lesbian club, you’ll know that the atmosphere is a lot more fun and much less pretentious, especially in smaller towns (which is where we were). We were open about our pregnancy, and found out that one of DW’s roommates from her twenties (who was there) had done several IUI’s and two IVF’s as a solomama, and had no success. Infertility is so much more common than we think, and it so sad that we still seem to struggle alone. We’ve been much more open about our miscarriages this year, partially because it started to affect our lives in an undeniable way, but also because infertility awareness is so important. 

Friday night I started having some spotting again, accompanied by cramps all night. I totally freaked out, and contacted the fertility clinic, hoping that I could get in for an ultrasound to check that everything was still okay. They booked me in for today, and I got my favourite ultrasound tech, who angles the screen so that I can watch as she scans me. None of the other techs do this, so up until today, I had actually never gotten to see Dumplin at all. I wasn’t allowed to take any photos, but I managed to sneak this super blurry one from the intraabdominal scan (which is much less detailed than the transvaginal).


My favourite part was when she was doing the transvaginal scan, and she zoomed in on little Dumplin’, and I could see her little heart flickering away. In that moment I was so in love, and wished DW could’ve been there to share in that moment. 

So all is well. Dumplin’ caught up in growth and is measuring 8w4d (a day ahead now, compared to a week ago when she was 4 days behind). Her heart rate is 184bpm.

There was also a teardrop shaped bleed beside her sac, which they think is a subchorionic hemorrhage. This is likely the source of the spotting. I’m hoping the Blood Monster goes away, or shrinks, because seeing red in my underwear is freaking me out! Luckily the spotting stopped, and now that I know the cause, I can freak out a bit less the next time I see it. 

Otherwise, not much else to report. I’m just trying to stay sane, and am willing time to pass quicker so that the second trimester arrives soon. Being paranoid of miscarrying is no way to live, but every day I am getting closer to feeling like Dumplin’ is gonna stay. 

36 thoughts on “8w4d and the Blood Monster

  1. I am so relieved to hear that your little one is doing well!! I love that baby’s heart rate is awesome and the fact that baby has caught up in growth is such a good sign. And I love that you took a sneaky photo to share with us!!
    And, I am glad that they know the cause of the blood monster, and hopefully that can bring you some sort of relief.

  2. I am so happy they were able to get you in for a scan and give you some peace of mind! It must feel so much better knowing that growth is good AND you have an explanation for the bleeding. I can totally relate to wishing time would pass more quickly. I STILL feel that way, although I will say that the weeks started moving faster once I started feeling better.

  3. Such a cute little picture. Thank God, the little one is doing well and has such a strong heartbeat. It just shows, how unreliable the size measurement is so early, your dumpling probably never even measured behind in the first place but was always perfect.
    And booooo to the blood monster, any and all spotting can go away and never come back.
    Also, your reunion sounds fun!

    • Thanks! Yes, what a relief! I’m so happy that her heart rate is really good and that she is measuring on track. I can be a little less paranoid about the spotting now that there’s a fairly benign reason for it.

      The reunion was super fun! DW is almost forty, and her old friends are a bit older than her. It’s amazing to think that they were all a little pack of young hotshots twenty years ago!

  4. I had a feeling you had a hematoma because you were experiencing exactly what I did. It’s terrifying before you know what it is, and even then if you have a bleed it’s hard to really believe that nothing’s wrong. That being said, I’m so glad you know what’s going on. A hematoma is a good scenario in this case. I can’t believe they don’t give you a scan picture or let you snap a picture with your phone; why?! That doesn’t make sense! When all is said and done, you’re pregnant with your little happa girl! Yay! I can’t wait for you to start feeling better! Try to enjoy those pancakes and know that it will eventually pass… Also, please tell DW I say congratulations!

  5. Aw, you’re doing great and so is your little dumpling! It’s great to hear everything is okay (I’m categorising SCH as okay because it’s an explanation for the spotting, which is good, and it’s small, which is also good 😉 ). Wishing the next few weeks pass quickly and safely for you all xxx

  6. So glad everything is ok! I can’t imagine how scary a sch must be.
    Very odd they won’t give you pictures, am glad you sneaked one! Look at that little bub!

    • Thanks! Yes, I’m not sure why they won’t give us pictures, but it seems to be pretty standard around here. But we should get a picture at our 12 week NT scan 🙂

  7. I always believed in faith and “meant to be”…. and i’m so thrilled your dumplin’ caught up and s/he’s heart is flickering away. I think it’s meant to be. I notice a lot of ladies get the SCH this early. And that’s weird that they don’t allow photos during the u/s. Hmm…. rooting for you ladies and loving your journey. Oh, I absolutely LOVE gay bars/clubs….they are the most FUN and they play the BEST music — also, the eye candy is incomparable!!!

  8. My partner spotted/bled every day from 5 weeks until 16 weeks, and is now 25 weeks pregnant with a healthy little one and no more spotting/bleeding 16 weeks! At first, they saw nothing on the ultrasound, which made it particularly difficult to feel hopeful/know what to feel. Some days there was relatively little blood, but other days she bled heavily. Around 12 weeks they finally saw a SCH on her ultrasound, and we actually felt some relief. Since the bleeding stopped at 16 weeks, the SCH has completely disappeared from the scans and everything has been smooth. All this to say that we didn’t realize how many people experience bleeding, many of them from SCH, and it was a relief to hear that the majority of these people end up with a healthy baby. Best of luck!

    • Thanks for sharing your hopeful story. You’re totally right- it can be so terrifying, but it feels better to know what it is, and to know that it’s relatively common. Congrats on your partner’s pregnancy!

  9. Great news, so glad to hear lil Dumplin is growing and everything is going well. A friend of ours also have a SCH and has a cute little almost 2 year old now. I hope the bleeding stops soon though, it’s scary every time for sure.

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