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9 Weeks- Dumplin’ and the Earthquake

Not a whole lot has changed since week 8. Taking the Diclectin 2x a day has been great for managing my all-day sickness. Yesterday, I forgot my afternoon dose, and was dry heaving all evening. That was some reassurance that Dumplin’ is still doing well and making me sick.

I was supposed to have a midwife appointment yesterday, but she called and rescheduled because she was at a birth and wouldn’t likely make it back in time for our appointment. I haven’t met this midwife yet, but she seemed nice over the phone.

After our ultrasound on Monday, I’ve been feeling a lot better about this pregnancy sticking around. My feelings of security are still wavering though. I joined a due date group on Facebook, and every single day, a woman posts about a miscarriage or no longer seeing a heartbeat. It’s sad, and also terrifying. On the other hand, at this point, we have a 98% chance of a successful pregnancy. I know that our case is unique, with the autoimmune stuff going on, but I’m hanging on to the fact that 98% is pretty damn close to 100%.

All day yesterday, and all day today (so far), I’ve had really loose stools. It’s not quite diarrhea, but more like the cat poops I tend to have when I just start my period. They are airy, and I pooped about 8 times yesterday. This morning, I have already pooped 4 times. No blood, no mucus. At first, I worried that it might be food poisoning, but I haven’t really had cramps or felt sick. Now I’m wondering if I have just been eating too much fibre? I have been living off pancakes for two weeks now, and then felt really guilty about my poor food choices that I replaced the pancakes with oatmeal and hemp seeds, and have been force-feeding myself salad and veggies at least once a day. Could this be the culprit?

My TSH is on the low side (0.3) despite lowering my dose of levothryoxine to my pre-conception dose. My endocrinologist called today, and wants me to lower it even further to only taking 25mcg 6 days a week (instead of 7). Does anyone know if working out increases thyroid demands, as I’m wondering if my levels are so good because I’m NOT working out. I’m considering exercising a bit again soon, but wonder if it would mess with my thyroid levels.

I’m considering returning to exercising soon. Nothing intense like I used to do, but mostly a yoga class and maybe some elliptical cardio. Then if that feels good, I’ll reintroduce some light weightlifting. The gym that I go to has regular yoga classes, but I’m not sure of what “restrictions” there are on postures during first trimester. I know a lot of you bloggers do prenatal yoga. Can you advise on what to avoid this early in my pregnancy? Merci beaucoup!

And finally… after 6 weeks of waiting… I had my first orgasm!Pregnancy has increased my libido somehow, and out of fear, I have been abstaining from any orgasm-causing action. I generally have a fairly high drive, and several times in the past 6 weeks, I have woken up to having orgasms in my sleep. And I mean, full-on, body quivering, uterus-contracting EARTHQUAKES! DW and I joke around that poor little Dumplin’ is grasping the walls of her amniotic sac, screaming “Earthquaaaaaaakkke!”. I spoke to the midwife yesterday about whether it was safe for me to be having orgasms now, and she said that when we have orgasms, oxytocin is released, which normally causes contractions like in labour, but that it isn’t until the 3rd trimester that we start to develop oxytocin receptors. That is why they often encourage orgasms as a way to encourage labour at term. For now, it means we’re all good to orgasm away.

Other than that, I’ve got nothing else to report. I’m still exhausted, I have headaches from the afternoon on, but otherwise, all is well. I’m looking forward to feeling better and better about this pregnancy as each day passes.  

41 thoughts on “9 Weeks- Dumplin’ and the Earthquake

  1. I also thought I could skip a dose cuz I was feeling better. BIG mistake. I’ve been dry heaving ever since. Need this Diclectin to set back in! Congrats on the first big O πŸ™‚ I joked that baby did a somersault when I had mine.

  2. I would imagine that the change in diet is very likely the culprit for the bowel changes. Mine is very sensitive to what I’m eating. All it takes is one breakfast of pancakes to totally throw things off for me.

    I have the same problem with the due date boards online. It’s so hard to watch other women going through miscarriages (or at this point for me, going into premature labor & losing babies). I try to avoid reading all of those posts because as much as I want to be supportive, I just can’t let those thoughts in. You are doing great. Try to avoid the triggers that are going to make you worry even more than you already are.

    Finally, enjoy those orgasms! I had no sex drive AT ALL for the first trimester, and now that it’s returned all I can say is that a wiggly baby can be incredibly distracting! It’s totally bizarre once your invisible passenger starts making his/her presence known!

    • Yeah, I think you’re right, the boards are kind of a trigger for me, and I really am not getting much out of them. I get a lot more out of blogging and reading everyone else’s blogs.

      I had no idea that my digestive system would be so sensitive to dietary changes, but I guess pregnancy is a totally different ball game!

      I think feeling my invisible passenger would totally distract me while getting it on too.

  3. My doctor just told my return to working out would not likely be the reason behind my thyroid levels changing. But, I’m not pregnant, so I’m not sure about being pregnant and working out.
    My RE told me no working out beyond walking the dogs when we were trying/pregnant, but Dr. Braverman was adamant that I could do whatever I wanted except train for a marathon – he suggested 45 minutes of cardio a day was perfectly okay. That said, at the time we were not pregnant, so maybe his advise would have changed if we were?
    I agree with Molly, I think your diet changes are likely the culprit of the digestive issues. Maybe try slowly introducing the more fibrous food.
    And I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying orgasms again! I bet this also makes DW rather happy. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I wonder about the thyroid and exercise still. No big deal it if increases my body’s demand on T4, as we’re doing BLOODWORK every two weeks, so we’ll catch any increase in TSH.

      Yeah, I don’t plan on working out longer than an hour at most. I’d love to be able to do spin classes again by mid-second tri, but we’ll see. I’ll start off slowly, and focus on the exercise being for increasing energy and not to burn calories.

  4. Callie used to wake me up in the middle of the night with thunderous moans, and then uncontrollable shaking. She would be having sex dreams and then would spontaneously orgasm. We looked it up, and it’s actually quite common and normal during pregnancy. Callie got some of her sex drive back in the 2nd, but in the 3rd, she was RAVENOUS!

    I never signed up for one of those groups. It would cause too much anxiety. Twin pregnancy is no joke,and I think i was more concerned that I wouldn’t be able to keep that information in, and would completely freak Callie out. It was terrifying enough to see her face and her sadness when I shared some of the bloggers stories. Try not to stress yourself out about that stuff. And i’ll be hoping that the terrible morning sickness goes away sooner than later. Hopefully, you’ll find some relief in the 2nd trimester…

    • Lol. Callie’s orgasms waking you up. DWs calls them my “wet dreams” lol. They’re wonderful, and I’ve never had them before pregnancy. So weird. Yeah the birth groups are kinda stressing me out and I think I may have to unfollow them for a while. There’s also all sorts of effed up drama on there- pregnant and hormonal drama!

  5. Lol I’m envious of those powerful dreams! What a great way to wake up in the morning! 98% is pretty damn close and I agree with those spirit dampening posts… It’s hard to stay optimistic when there are sad things happening to others in such similar situations to ours. I would almost feel guilty about not experiencing any scary stuff when I was pregnant. It’s easier said than done, but along the same lines as “dance like nobody’s watching….” – enjoy your pregnancy as though there zero risk of miscarriage. We spend a lot of energy worrying about the what ifs that may never happen. Xx

  6. Omg I totally had sleep orgasms allll the time while pregnant and it me feel sort of weird that my child was part of it! I also thought how the heck could contractions be a good thing? But it’s all good apparently! Probably won’t share this story with him….like… ever! Haha!

  7. Yes, very low chance of miscarriage, I think this little one is sticking around. She knows a good family when she sees one. As for working out, I wasn’t allowed to because of the hematoma and I was also put on pelvic rest (no sex), but I think these are just precautions so that if something does happen, you know you did not contribute to it. I say take walks, do yoga, lift 3-pound weights! You’re lucky not to be constipated, which happened immediately for me. Salad and fiber help! Whatever you feel comfortable with. And those orgasms sound amazing! Kisses and hugs to dumplin!

      • It started with just a few weeks, then when I had a major bleed again it went through my whole first tri. Sounds like your hematoma isn’t as big though.

      • No, thankfully, no bleeding since early week 8. I think I might start some yoga soon! Woohoo! I hope you’re doing well. Kisses for Glitter πŸ™‚

      • I’m so glad there’s no more bleeding. How many weeks are you now, nine? Towards the end of the first tri the chance of MC is very low, like 2%. Starting yoga was so exciting! I was there on week 12 πŸ™‚ I’m great and Glitter sends a little waive, in fact she’s been wriggling around all last night and this morning!

      • Last night she was wriggling around and I could SEE my belly move! It’s so cool and weird, you’re going to love it! You’ll feel your baby more I think because very thin women feel them sooner! Tomorrow is my first day off in our new home so I will definitely be posting πŸ™‚

      • Oh that’s so exciting! I already feel some “fluttering” sometimes, which I imagine is her moving or my uterus expanding. Who knows! I’ve put on a good amount of insulation thanks to my carb-only diet lately (thanks to morning sickness), and I can’t wait for this bloat to be a bump!

        Good luck with moving in! I am so excited for you to full it with love and make that place home.

      • Thanks! You’ll love our sun porch, where I put an outdoor chaise lounge and plan to nurse the baby. We still have a few boxes to unpack and furniture to buy but it feels great. I’ll post a pic tomorrow. Yes you’re going to feel her so soon! I’m sooo happy for you. Wish you could come to my baby shower!!

      • That sun porch sounds heavenly! I wish I could attend your baby shower too. We’ll just have to plan to meet up sometime on vacation with our wives and babies! When’s your baby shower? I hope you designate someone to take lots of photos!

      • Who’s throwing your shower? I’m not sure who will be throwing ours. Probably my MIL, lol. Most of our friends don’t have kids, and aren’t really into kids heh.

      • Yeah we don’t have a lot of friends who have kids (actually any) but now we have several friends TTC. My sisters and my mom are throwing it. I was shocked that they offered to come all the way to LA but they were excited about it.

        My friend who is on her fifth IUI is also helping to throw it. I can’t wait for her to get pregnant. She and her wife have been trying much longer than we did, but IVF worked faster for us. She deserves a pregnancy!

      • That’s amazing that your mom and sisters are travelling to throw you a baby shower! Sadly, I don’t think my mom or sister will do that for us. How exciting to be the first in your group to be expecting. The first ones always get the most attention- once everyone else has babies and kids, the focus is less on socializing together, and more on survival lol. I hope your friend also conceives soon. I wish it were easy for everybody.

      • Well Ive done a lot of traveling and planning for my sisters’ weddings and babies so they probably figure it’s my turn. I haven’t even had a wedding yet.

      • Haha we don’t have one. We’ve put it off to focus on Glitter. We’re thinking spring 2016. I wanted to start planning it, but the idea of spending thousands of dollars or asking my parents for money to put down wedding deposits when we’re having a baby seems crazy. So now I’m trying not to think about it.

  8. I get those dreams too but I wake up as I’m orgasming in the dream and then it goes away 😞 I wish I had orgasms in my sleep lol. Take what you can get! Loos stools are not usually a bad sign unless it’s diarrhea and then your dehydrated. Sounds like all is well more or less, yay for uneventfulness!

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