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11 Weeks


This past week has been very similar to last week in symptoms. Still nauseous, still (but less) tired, the occasional headache, and spotting here and there. I’ve been experiencing some insomnia again though. I’m falling asleep fine, but waking up many times in the night to pee, and sometimes unable to fall back asleep. I’m also a bit anxious again, but there’s some work stuff going on, and I’m stressed by the uncertainty of it all. I don’t want to post about it yet, but will probably have some news for you in two weeks. An opportunity has come up for me to potentially be a lot happier, and I’m in the midst of jumping through some hoops. Hence my lack of posts and comments on here. I’ve been busy!

The weather has been weird lately. We had a snowy Easter, then tons of rain the past few days, and today it’s 15 degrees Celsius! I took the dogs out today, and many sections of the conservation area are flooded. For example, this picnic table is not normally under water.


My dogs are a bit safety dumb, and decided to go swimming in the very fast flowing creek. Juno, the big dog, is a very strong swimmer, and got swept downstream despite her efforts. The little dog, whose body type is best described as a lead bowling ball, decided to try to rescue her big sister, and almost got pulled right under the water’s surface. I ran along the water’s edge, hoping they’d find some shallower area to climb back out, and was so scared that the little dog would drown, that I almost jumped in myself. Thank goodness, the both got close enough to an edge to climb out. No more heroic acts for a while okay, Clementine?

Yesterday, I had a midwife appointment. She explained the 12 week fetal ultrasound and bloodwork testing, and did a physical examination. She did a breast exam (boy was that sore), an abdominal exam, and listened to my heart and lungs with a stethoscope. Everything was fine, except, I have a heart murmur.


I’m pretty sure I didn’t have one before, so this is likely due to the pregnancy. Apparently 6% of women develop what are called “flow murmurs”  during pregnancy due to the 40% increase in blood volume. The heart valves can’t handle the extra blood, so it regurgitates a bit. It’s supposed to cause a bit of shortness of breath, but isn’t a big deal, and goes away after birth. I have noticed that I’m sort of breath, but I’m still planning on an active pregnancy once the second trimester rolls around. 

Oh, and I’ve gained 8lbs so far. Damn. I knew it was inevitable, with the prednisone, going from high intensity physical activity 5 days a week to leisurely walks 4 days a week, and my nausea-fighting strategy of never letting my stomach be empty. Also, this baby likes carbs, and a whole whack of nasty bad-for-your-health food. For example, today, I had a strong craving for corned beef hash. I almost puked opening the can and frying it up, but it was delicious. Yesterday, I inhaled nearly half a loaf of the most delicious GF rye from Nate’s Bagels. I’m also drinking decaf diet pop a few times a week, which I maybe would’ve had once or twice a year! Since I’m giving into my cravings, I’m getting sufficient calories. The +8lbs confirms this. I’m not beating myself up over this. Once this nausea is over, I will return to a more nutrient dense diet. Until then, I’ve still got 3/4 of a can of corned beef waiting for me in the fridge. Yes, I’m a bit ashamed that I didn’t throw the rest of the can out.


My body is changing.

Last week, DW marvelled at my changing pregnant body, and admitted (lovingly, and matter-of-fact) that “Baby, I have a feeling you’re gonna get huge”. I do too, hunny. I do too.

The midwife also found Dumplin’ with the Doppler, and I was able to record her heartbeat for DW, who hasn’t had a chance to see or hear her thus far. Little Dumplin’ heart was thumping away at 160-170bpm. It was such a reassurance to hear it. Funny thing though, is that Dumplin’ doesn’t seem to like the Doppler. She hid shortly after we recorded the clip, and we couldn’t find her again. The midwife said that some babies are drawn to the Doppler, and you can hear the heartbeat louder because they’re coming closer to it, but some babies don’t like it and hide. I guess I won’t be buying a Sonoline B. 

Next week, we’ll be going for our 12 week Nuchal Translucency scan. I’m super excited about this because it will be the first time that DW will see our little growing baby. I’m sure there will be tears!

40 thoughts on “11 Weeks

  1. I am so excited to hear that little babies heart beat is so strong! I’m also thrilled to hear that the two dogs are okay and no heroics on your behalf were required! I am also super excited for your NT scan next week and I think it’s so great that DW will be able to join you. I suspect you are right, there will be tears. But the good kind of tears – the happy, joyful kind. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! Yeah, that little dog is a modern day Indiana Jones. At the last ultrasound (9w3d), my eyes started to well up a bit seeing the little blob. I can’t even imagine what it’s gonna be like when it actually looks like a little person.

  2. Once your little is bigger and your uterus protrudes up into your abdomen more it will be much easier to find the heartbeat on the doppler. Our midwife couldn’t find it until our 14 week appointment and said that’s not unusual, especially with if you have an anterior placenta. I’m so glad to hear things are going so well!

  3. My baby girl hates the doppler too! On Wednesday she was actively moving away from it and kicked it several times. The doctor was amused. πŸ™‚ I’m so glad things are rolling right along! I can’t believe it’s almost time for your 12 week scan!

    • Aww so cute! I love how she kicked the Doppler. Doesn’t get more clear than that eh? Yes, time seems like it’s flying, though I just can’t wait to be safely in the second tri.

  4. I love reading your updates! And I’m so glad it sounds like you’ve settled into a pregnancy groove. You shouldn’t feel the least ashamed for giving your body what it’s asking for. Good luck on the job front. Hope you hear good news.

    • Thank you. I love posting updates! It’s nice to take inventory of things once in a while, before I forget all of it. Lol. Hopefully I’ll have a lot of good news to share next week.

  5. Hehe DW ‘s comment made me chuckle! Very cute. You’re going to be a beautiful, plump prego just like you’ve always imagined! I can’t wait to see your progression pics – what a great idea to do the same pose with the same outfit. Your dogs sound just like ours. Total idiots blinded by their excitement around water! Glad everyone is ok. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, I was shocked by it too (in a good way). I will be happy as long as there’s a happy healthy baby growing in there. Our dogs are a riot. They never cease to amaze or entertain me.

  6. Ansel didn’t like the doppler or other monitors either! He’d try to kick the monitor off or lurk in strange places during doppler checks! I’m glad you’re doing well and have a happy job prospect on the horizon!

  7. That’s funny about the Doppler. The MT was drawn to it and this kiddo totally hides from it. Your midwife is right! Don’t sweat the weight gain. It comes off readily after term baby #1 especially if you are able to breastfeed. Hope your work thing turns out as you want it to unfold.

    • Thank you! I’m so glad that I didn’t get a Doppler for home. Yeah I’m not too worried about the weight gain. I’m just surprised it came so soon. Yes, fingers crossed it all works out with work. I’ll let y’all know in a week and a half!

  8. I’m so glad I follow you elsewhere so I kinda know what up. I’m happy the dumplins heartbeat was so strong and wish you could share it with us! πŸ’“ scary puppies should not do that to you! I’d freak out if it were my dogs.

    • Yeah, I have totally been neglecting this blog! I wish I knew how to post audio recordings on IG. Yeah them pups like to keep me on my toes…. I bet kids will be the same!

  9. It’s reassuring to read your posts because I’m following in your footsteps – eating stuff I normally don’t, eating constantly, and gaining weight. So glad to know I’m not alone! I can’t wait to get more active and lose this nausea. I feel utterly dreadful and am definitely losing my sense of humour. Fantastic that you heard a strong heartbeat. The 12 week scan is a big milestone coming up!! I think it will be a truly wonderful moment for you both πŸ™‚

    • Thank you. Yes, I’m trying not to sweat the small stuff because at the end of the day, in the first trimester, it’s mostly about calories in. Nutrients like folic acid and DHA are covered by the vitamins and supplements we take, so I’m not worried. I have read that the yolk sac provides them with a lot of what they need until week 14. So my goal is to clean things up by then. You’re on the prednisolone right? I think it makes the weight gain worse too, but once you’re off it, it will all even out. I can’t wait for next week!

      • Yes – going to taper off the pred soon, which I can’t wait for. I didn’t realise the yolk sac was the primary source of nutrition in the early weeks. That makes me feel a bit better! Hope next week comes around quickly – it’s funny but when I read your posts I’m like whoa! It’s going fast! But on my end it feels like each day is 48 hours long πŸ™‚ Different perceptions of the same time passing!

      • Yup, that’s how it feels for me too- like some days are in slow motion. PS- Be prepared for your nausea to get worse when you’re off the prednisolone.

  10. Hooray for 11 weeks. I think it is really neat how spring coming coincides with your little dumpling growing big and strong. And positive news on the job situation sounds very reassuring, you definitely don’t need that kind of environment of the old place around right now.
    Funny about the doppler, but it just shows how they are their own little person already.
    And finally, as the person who gained 22 kg during pregnancy (and lost 13 within a week postpartum) I say, don’t sweat it. There is nothing like performin yoga poses at 40+ weeks with a belly almost as wide as you’re tall. Downward rhino instead downward dog πŸ˜„.
    Great that DW will be able to join you for the appointment next week, I am looking forward to reading about it.

    • I love the imagery of spring and things growing inside and outside of me! Thank you for that. Yes, I’m hoping things work out with the work situation, but sadly, the transfer won’t be until September, so I will have to ride out the rest of the school year at this dreadful place, unless my family doc extends my leave. I had no idea you gained 22kg! You certainly didn’t look like you did anyway. Lol Downward Rhino. Yes, I’m hoping to start yoga in a week. I’m still bleeding after physical activity (SCH) so I’m a bit weary right now of adding in stretches. DW is super excited about meeting Dumplin’. It will be so much more real for her once she sees her.

  11. Little Dumplin’ is really thriving! I gained 60 lbs in my first pregnancy – I used it as an excuse to eat anything and everything in sight. I lost it all right after, being 23 years old, but I was as big as a baby beluga at the end there. And with Evie, I gained nearly 50 pounds and am still working on losing it (this is entirely due to laziness and a bad habit of eating late at night). You’re fit and healthy, so I say don’t worry about it too much!

    I wonder how Dumplin’ will feel about the ultrasound waves at your upcoming ultrasound? Evelyn never liked it, always tried to hide – didn’t have many places to go! lol

    • Yeah, I’m kinda eating everything in sight too. And while I do gripe about it, the weight gain doesn’t bother me as much as I lead on. I’m just happy that I’m growing something inside of me. Somehow, I have to hide my baby bump next week at my interview though, and none of my clothes fit! Funny that EJ didn’t like the ultrasound waves. I have a feeling Dumplin’ won’t either. Maybe we will see her on the move!

    • Thank you. They are so entertaining. Yes, the 8lbs are welcome as I know there’s a baby growing in there πŸ™‚ I think I’m getting to the point where I’m starting to believe that this is real. I’m excited to finally enjoy it soon.

  12. Oh my gosh, you are sooo cute! Your little stomach is growing a baby! Give into your cravings, this is a really special pregnancy and you’re still surviving! That’s amazing. J got really excited when I started to gain weight, but I know it’s scary too. Also, your dogs are adorable. I’m glad they’re okay. Good luck with the work thing and keep us posted! Pun intended!

    • Lol I love the pun. Yes, there’s definitely a baby growing in there! I think it’s super cute that J got really excited when you started to show. I just need to keep it a secret for another two weeks so that it doesn’t affect me getting this position (I know it shouldn’t, but sometimes it does even if not on paper). Yeah the dogs are a hoot! The little dog and I cuddled for three naps today! Three! And the big dog snored right beside us! I hope you’re doing great!

      • Three naps sounds amazing! You need it I’m sure. I understand about the position. I’m sure you can keep it hidden, you only look pregnant to those who know you!

      • Yes, I find myself in food comas all the time right now because of the prednisone I think. A lady at the gluten free bakery I go to could tell I was pregnant, and says I “look like I’m having a girl”. We’ll see!

  13. Those puppies are CRAZY!! But Clem is a great big sister! Imagine how they are going to treat your little Dumplin’?! And so close to being out of that first trimester…I’m praying that once you are out of it and into the second, that as patterns predict, you will be over this terrible nausea! I can only imagine how much that sucks. Your body definitely is changing! It looks good on you! That little bump is starting to stick out a little !!! I’m so freaking excited for both and Yay that DW will finally get to go to the appt and see this tiny human.

    • Thank you! I am excited to see how the dogs are with little Dumplin’ too. They’re already really good with friends’ babies and our niece and nephews. Juno especially loves all the babies.

      I thought the nausea was going away, but it hit me hard again yesterday. We’re so excited to see Dumplin’ tomorrow! Fingers crossed that she is just perfect. I can’t believe I’m little over a week away from the second trimester! More updates tomorrow πŸ™‚

  14. I’m craving sugary drinks at the moment and can barely eat in the evenings, so I keep grazing on bad for you foods. I feel really guilty but when I eat something filling I’m ill so I’m sure I’ll get back on the straight and narrow like you said! What a scare about the dogs – I don’t know what I would have done!

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