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NIPT Funding 

24 hours after our application for funding for the NIPT (Harmony, Panorama, Verifi) was faxed to the Ministry of Health, it was approved! 

Our genetic counsellor emailed me the letters of approval, and then I hustled my ass down to the blood lab. The nurses were a bit frazzled about how to process me, as they rarely ever get requisitions like this that get sent to the States for processing (why in the world don’t we have a lab that does this in Canada?!?!!). I was a bit nervous about this (with all of the curve balls that have been thrown at us already), but the head nurse found a step-by-step flowchart that showed them how to process the paperwork and collect and pack up the sample. It took three nurses to do this lol.

So now the sample is off, and hopefully we hear the results sooner than later. They quote a processing time of 10 days, but Sarah at Three Hearts Beating got her results back in 6 business days, which would be approximately on Thursday of next week for us. Fingers and toes crossed that our sweet little baby has normal chromosomes. Please keep thinking and praying for us.

Thank you! I appreciate every single one of your comments and likes. Your support is so special to me.

45 thoughts on “NIPT Funding 

  1. I am keeping you & Dumplin’ & DW in all my best thoughts. You guys deserve a break from all of the stressful tests that life keeps throwing your way. Here’s to speedy good news!

    • Thank you for your support and thoughts. Yes, the obstacles have been plentiful for us, but hopefully Dumplin’ is fine and it will just make us value him/her even more.

  2. It’s frustrating that it could have been approved last week! The concept is still in clinical trials in Canada. I don’t get why we are so strenuous when clearly we let our folks send it to the States for processing right now. Will be counting down the days til you get the results. I have a good feeling everything will be ok.

    • Thanks Lindsey. You’re so right- I’m frustrated because it could’ve been approved last week, and we could have results by now. Thanks for your good thoughts. I hope we get good news at the end of this.

  3. I’ve tried to comment on this three times and WordPress craps out on me, so forgive me if this is a duplicate (and I can’t see other comments – must be my computer!)

    I came to say: I am SO GLAD you go the funding (kudos to you for your own diligence) and I am praying for you and your sweet baby. I am hoping with everything in me that the baby has normal chromosomes.

    • Thanks Lindsay. I’m sorry WordPress is glitching out so bad. It happens to me sometimes too. I appreciate your perseverance though, in showing your support for us 🙂 Fingers crossed for normal chromosomes too 🙂

  4. I’m very glad they approved it so quickly, well quickly after they got the form. Hopefully the results will come lightning fast and be good.

  5. I’m so glad you got funding, that’s excellent. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the results, and no I don’t think it’ll take a full ten days but you never know. Sending love to you, DW and the baby…

    • Thank you. I’m happy the funding came through so quickly too. I hope the results come back with some expediency as well 🙂 Thanks for the love. Hugs to you, J, and Glitter too.

      • Thanks. You must be feeling anxious about this. So much rides on every little step and I can’t imagine he wrench that the NT scan results have added. My fingers are crossed for Dumplin.

      • Yes, you’re totally right. Being moderately anxious normally, this has totally got me high strung. I haven’t slept well in over a week. I keep looking at my phone in case there’s any news, I can’t enjoy the simple quiet moments like I should be because I’m so scared. I’m trying to focus on the positive outcomes though- NIPT scan comes back no/low risk for everything, early anatomy scan shows normal healthy baby with a perfect heart, late anatomy scan shows normal healthy baby with a perfect heart, and fetal echocardiogram shows a perfectly functioning heart. Maybe if I keep visualizing this, it will come true.

      • I can’t imagine how nervous you must be feeling. I’m sorry you have to go through this. I’ll be visualizing all of those things too.

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