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14 Weeks… Welcome to the 2nd Trimester!

  I am so grateful to have made it to this milestone. After our 3 first trimester losses in the past year (2 DW’s, 1 mine), the second trimester seemed like a pipe dream. I am not sure if it’s the intralipids, prednisone, or fragmin, but I’m glad that I strong-armed our RE into implementing a more aggressive protocol after my NK cytokine findings in October.

Pregnancy has been nice lately. I’m still a bit pukey at certain times in the morning, usually when I have been slow to get food into my belly, or when I’m brushing my teeth. I’m still on the 4 Diclectin daily, as it’s allowing me less food aversions, so I’m eating healthier. I’m up about 12lbs from pre-pregnancy, and up 17lbs from pre-IVF. I’m starting to not care so much about the weight gain, as my bump begins to show more. 

Sleep has been terrible, as my anxiety has been high from this elevated NT crap. I’m a little less obsessed with it now that the NIPT has been sent off, and there’s just waiting to do now. It’s out of my hands. Work has also been stressing me out, as we are 99.99% going on strike, and that means “bye bye salary!”. As a two-teacher household, we are hit even harder. We have money saved (that was supposed to go towards a minivan), and there is a strike fund that we’ve been paying into for years and years which will start to pay us back and definitely soften the blow. It’s all just crazy town over here though. DW’s is leading her school in this strike, and has been stressed out worse than I’ve ever seen her be. 

I started weaning down from my 10mg of Prednisone last week. Last week I went down to 7.5mg daily, and today I go down to 5mg daily. Next week I will be down to 2.5mg daily, and then off of it completely. During December’s failed FET, they didn’t give me proper weaning/tapering instructions and told me to go off cold turkey. My body didn’t respond well, as I had full-body aches, was exhausted to the point of bed-ridden, and I was super hypotensive (my normal BP is around 100/70, and it went down to 90/70). I’m hoping to avoid all of that this time. I have developed a wider “moon face”, and have probably gained more weight than I would’ve without the prednisone, so I’m looking forward to going off of it soon. I’m still on the Fragmin though, and will probably ask to stay on blood thinners until 6 weeks postpartum because while I don’t have a thrombophilia, my sister had a DVT and my grandpa died of a pulmonary embolism. I’m supposed to stay on the aspirin until the end as well.

My hair remains a mess. The front half has been combed out, but the back is still in dreads. DW likes to say that I’m “all business in the front and party in the back”, which makes me laugh my ass off. A couple of days ago, I had a meltdown because I regretted taking out those hard-earned mature dreads. I hate my hair not in dreads. It’s this super fine, wavy sometimes curly always frizzy mess. I have to put way more work into my “normal hair” than I do with my dreads. DW came home to me bawling my eyes out over this one day, and agrees that I should just redread what I took out. I always wanted my dreads a bit thinner, so I might take this as an opportunity to get what I want. It’ll take a while, but I’m glad I didn’t continue to take more out.

I’m definitely showing now, and DW has been coming home and greeting both me and my bump. My belly kinda asserts itself in our hugs now too, which is kinda fun, thinking that Dumplin’ is part of our hug. Clementine has been guarding my belly more closely now, insisting on lying such that her front legs rest on my belly, in Sphinx pose.

I’m getting more and more excited about Dumplin’, and have been itching to pull out the boxes of baby clothes that were handed down from my BIL and SIL almost five years ago. We’ve got lots of shuffling to do of stuff in different rooms. We’re moving the entertainment stuff from the rec room to the living room, the office stuff into the rec room, and turning the office into Dumplin’s room. We chose to keep the spare room as the guest bedroom, because all of our family is from out of town and do often stay over. 

I’ve been visualizing good things for us, partly because it helps me get through this tough time, but also because I’m trying to believe in the law of attraction. In my mind, Dumplin’ is perfect. Early next week, the NIPT results will show no/low risk for all trisomies, and we can breathe a sigh of relief. We start moving furniture in preparation for Dumplin’s room, making space for him/her in our home. The next week, at our early anatomy ultrasound, Dumplin’ measures normal on everything, especially his/her heart. We start setting up Dumplin’s room. Two weeks after that, he/she measures normal for everything at the anatomy ultrasound and fetal echocardiogram. We celebrate by washing, sorting, and putting away the baby clothes we’ve been waiting so long to finally be able to use. The rest of the pregnancy is full of happiness, laughter, and love shared between myself, DW, Dumplin’, and those we care about. We have a wonderful summer spent at the cottage or travelling. We celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary with a baby moon. I return to work in September and love being back at my old school. I am able to work until close to Dumplin’s due date. Dumplin’ is welcomed into the world through a meaningful, intense, birth without fear. He/she continues to be wonderful. These are my hopes and prayers. 

29 thoughts on “14 Weeks… Welcome to the 2nd Trimester!

  1. Congratulations on making it to the 2nd trimester! This is a huge, special milestone. This is the best trimester of pregnancy, and I hope you continue to enjoy and and your expanding belly being a part of your hugs & love. You are gonna be one of those women who just looks SO amazing during pregnancy. I was not one of those – I totally looked like Jabba the Hut’s twin sister.

    The power of positive thinking cannot be underestimated – I fully believe it helps. And if nothing else, it does make us feel better when we tell ourselves GOOD things. Because ultimately, the bad thoughts don’t do us any favours at all.

    • Thanks Linds. I’m enjoying watching my belly grow. It’s fascinating, really. I had always just imagined that the belly just grows out from the torso to make a bump, and what’s really happening is that everything is shifting up, and as my uterus and baby get bigger, it then starts protruding. It’s so neat!

      Yes, I’m trying to keep a more positive attitude, both because worrying away doesn’t really help much, but also because I can focus on creating a positive environment for Dumplin’ right now. I’m also hoping that by “putting my positive intentions out there”, the universe hears and returns my wishes.

    • Lol. Maybe because I used to write about Dumplin’ as a she/her, but today’s post was the first one where I wrote about Dumplin’ as a him/her? I noticed the shift in my perception too, which is why this post was sex neutral. On my NIPT requisition, I had the opportunity to consent to sex chromosome testing, so it’s likely that we will find out Dumplin’s sex next week too. I think that because of this, I’m happy with Dumplin’ being either.

      • That MUST be why I shifted – because your language did! Will you share the sex with people or just keep it to yourselves?

      • We don’t plan on sharing with people in real life, mostly because we don’t want super genderized gifts/baby shower stuff. But I have permission from DW to do a sex reveal with my blogger friends woohoo!!!

  2. Sounds beautiful and I hope that’s exactly the way it goes. The imminent strike must be stressful, as is waiting for your results, but I think you both deserve a well-earned period of peace and happiness now. It’s so exciting to be thinking of moving things around and getting baby clothes out – the time to really enjoy what’s happening instead of the trepidation of trimester 1. I know nothing about dreads, but I hope you manage to recreate them successfully!

    • Thank you. I’m hoping it goes as I’ve been visualizing too. The dreads will take a long time to get to where I want them again (2 years). But they’ll be worth it.

      • 2 years! I actually went off and googled dreads after I read your post to see how they are made and I had no idea they took so long to mature. BUT as you say, once you get there, so much easier than dealing with styling your hair, esp. if it’s tricky.

      • Yes, it looks like a frizzy mess until they mature. But the maintaining until they get there is still less work than putting mousse in my hair, blow drying it with a diffuser, dealing with the frizz on a bad hair day, dealing with static on another bad hair day… Lol.

  3. Baby belly! You look adorable! I looked like I had swallowed a doughnut at that point. You beyond deserve this all to work out so it just has to. After next week I think you will have the smoothest pregnancy ever. Have you ever seen What to Expect When You’re Expecting? There’s this girl who goes into labour and sneezes out twins, its so easy for her. That’ll be you!

  4. I’m so happy you’ve crossed over this milestone!! Your bump is definitely bumpin’! I like your plans for next little (big) milestone celebrations. It’s nice to have small rewards to look forward to, for dealing with this stress. Dumplin will be just fine! Xx

    • Thank you! I can’t believe I finally have a bump! In the morning It still looks like bloat, but once I get some food in me, the space fills right in. I felt a lot better laying all of it out…. Rewards and all.

  5. Congrats on the second trimester…the struggle has been so real (sometime TOO real) for you and DW and I couldn’t be happier and more excited for you both (and psyched that you’ll share the gender with us!) Glad you’re eating better too…i know that was tough on you for a bit. And hair…ugh! Our emotional attachment to something as fickle as hair is REAL! So i totally hear you on that end…And putting positive thoughts and positive mantras out into the world and into your space, and air and universe, changes things…You should check out this documentary on Netflix when you get a chance called “I AM”. It talks a lot about the laws of positive thinking in conjunction with the laws for attraction… an example they gave: The times during the great depression and WWII saw the most crazy weather ever documented. Some of the coldest winters and hottest summer, mainly because the people of the world were sad, and desolate, oppressed, hurting…our “magnets” were negative (for the most part) and everything on the planet took on that negativity including the weather. They go more in depth, but it’s real. And powerful! So keep putting that awesome energy out there so little Dumplin’ can feel it, and the universe will make it so!

    • Yes!! Everything you said! Thank you. You know, you are a role model of positive thinking for me. Your happiness and enthusiasm brings more awesome into the world, and is totally contagious! I know that like me, you’ve been to some dark places, which in many ways makes your positivity feel even more deep and real to me. Thank you for your spirit, my friend.

  6. I’m putting my energy into supporting your hopes and prayers and keeping you and Dumplin’ in my thoughts and good wishes. You sound much more grounded this post which is great to see. Hope you’re feeling that way too notwithstanding the stresses of work etc.

    • Thank you. I am so blessed to have you always rooting for us. Yeah, I am feeling more grounded. I am strangely relieved that we are going on strike too. My desk at work has been cleaned out and its contents brought home. My keys have been returned to school. Today kind of feels like the last day of school and the first day of summer… Mostly though, I’m happy my wife doesn’t have to deal with the bullshit amount of crap they’ve been laying on her in extra (non-contract) volunteer duties, which have made her so anxious and overextended that she comes home crying most days. Sadly, teaching isn’t what it once was. The stress is overwhelming.

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