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Second Trimester Energy = Back at the Gym

In the haze of the NT disaster, I forgot to mention that at 14 weeks pregnant, I returned to the gym. I’ve been feeling more energetic lately, so I started doing prenatal yoga at home once or twice a week, lifting weights three days a week, and have continued to hike with the dogs four to five days a week, depending on the weather.

In case you’re curious, I’m doing a three day split: Monday’s I’m doing legs/back, Wednesday’s I’m training shoulders/triceps/chest, and Friday’s I’m working legs/biceps. Every three weeks I am switching up the specific exercises I’m doing.

My weight lifting sessions last about 30-40 minutes, and I’m wearing my heart rate monitor so that I can see how hard my body is working. I’ve noticed that my heart rate stays below 145bpm at maximal effort, so I’m happy with that intensity. Some old and disproven literature out there states that pregnant women should keep their heart rate below 140bpm so that they don’t overheat. While the new standards have shown that it’s safe to raise your heart rate above this if you’re well trained, I’d rather stay conservative. My goal isn’t to pack on more muscle or to lose weight, it’s mostly to keep up my strength and endurance for a more comfortable pregnancy and labour and delivery. It’s also for stress relief, as I’ve always enjoyed the routine of working out. 

I’m not doing any HIIT cardio like I used to. I’m just doing leisurely hikes with our dogs. As much as I would love to be one of those ladies who runs throughout their pregnancy, I already have lax ligaments and I suspect that the relaxin coursing through my body will make me susceptible to repetitive sprain/strain injuries. 

Last Wednesday, I did my first workout- shoulders/triceps/chest, which went well. Last Friday however, I did legs/biceps and then spent an hour in a deep squat position breaking up the soil and planting our leeks. Soon after, I started spotting, which freaked me out. I figured that I did too much, and so since then, I’ve decided to limit myself to one physical activity per day. And yes, gardening counts.

I’m otherwise feeling really good and haven’t had any spotting since Friday. I still haven’t been sleeping great, due to anxiety and stress, as well as difficulty getting comfortable in bed. I used to be a stomach/side sleeper, but my belly doesn’t feel good in that position. My current favourite position is sleeping on my back, but I know I’m not supposed to sleep on my back in a couple of weeks, which stresses me out. I have been trying to get used to sleeping on my left side but I don’t enjoy it. Overall, I’m not getting that nice deep sleep that I used to. I am taking little cat naps (under an hour) on the couch with the little dog, which is lovely. The naps provide the perfect boost of energy for the rest of the day. 

I’m still having moments of nausea in the morning if I don’t get food in my belly quick enough, but that’s totally under my control. 

The second trimester is off to a great start!

35 thoughts on “Second Trimester Energy = Back at the Gym

  1. I’m so glad you are doing well, and that you are able to get back into physical activity! I think it’s great for your physical well being, but it’s also so important for your mental health.

  2. I’m envious! I can’t wait to get moving again. Have you been keeping at your own workout design or did you get a personal trainer to adjust your workout for prego safety? As much as I’m dying to get back into it, I’m nervous to do anything that might be harmful. Way to go! πŸ™‚

  3. You’re awesome! Even just reading your words, I can feel your happiness in talking about this. I’m so glad you’ve been able to get back into your fitness routine. Must make a world of difference for your mental health, too. Well, that and the warm sunshine we are finally having!

    PS – I meant to say – we definitely should get together some time this summer. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Linds! You’re so right. I’m so much more in my element when I’m able to be physically active. Sometimes it reminds me of dogs actually- the ones that are allowed to get their energy out and be physically and mentally stimulated are happier and less likely to be bad. My bad just happens to manifest in mental illness and overall life dissatisfaction.

      Yes! We definitely should get together this summer. There’s so much to do in Toronto in the summer!

  4. So good to know about the heart rate. I had no idea, although you’d better believe that I would have googled for hours. Thanks for saving me some time. I do HIIT all the time now and I know that’ll stop when I get pregnant, although I still plan on working with a trainer when my weight loss challenge is over. I had a friend that ran through her entire pregnancy and now in order for the baby to fall asleep she has to CONSTANTLY bounce her. Kind of funny, right? That’s the only way the baby will sleep πŸ™‚ So happy your second trimester is off to a great start! So proud of you for taking such good care of yourself and baby πŸ™‚ You’re a wonderful momma.

    • Aww you’re sweet πŸ™‚ I think that you’ll love being fit and active when you’re pregnant. I know that for me, it felt like something was missing when I wasn’t allowing my muscles a good contraction on a regular basis. Funny about your runner friend and the baby! Maybe mine will love being squished (like when I tighten my core for deadlifts and squats)!

    • Thanks! I’m still learning every day now far is safe to push myself. I have a tendency to do too much, but I’m trying to listen to my body more. Enjoy going to the gym! It’s actually nice hitting the gym in the humid heat of GTA summers… They have air conditioning so it’s much more comfortable than sweating it out outside πŸ˜‰ In the meantime, enjoy the lovely weather this week!

      • I just struggle finding time. After work I want to rush home for the limited time I have with the kids and after bedtime I’m busy before crashing. I’m going to try to make a plan though.

      • We’ve been thinking about how we’re gonna stay active when the baby comes, and what we’ve been doing is slowly building up our home gym. I’m not sure if that’s feasible for you, but depending on what you like to do to stay active, it might be about equivalent in price to paying for a yearly gym membership.

  5. Awesome on getting back to working out a bit. Exercise can help with stress an anxiety, so I know that it’s a welcome distraction and a welcome outlet for some of that stuff. I bet the weather helps a ton too..this winter was WAY to long! I mean, seriously! We had snow flurries last week, in freaking APRIL! As far as sleep is concerned, Callie was having the same issue, she’s stomach with the leg bent out person, and it was tough for her to sleep on her side or her belly with a twin bump, so when she mentioned it to the dr (you know, not safe on the back, uncomfortable, etc.) the Dr. basically told her to get sleep however and whenever she can. That most of the time, you wake up so frequently to use the bathroom or just general uncomfortability (is that even a word?!?) that laying on your back for 2 hours if you can get sound sleep, really wont do anyone any harm…so I hope that helps a little…so happy that you are doing so well! Keep it positive lady! I like it!

    • Thanks for sharing about Callie and sleeping on her back. I think it’s so hard not to be paranoid when you’ve wanted something so badly for so long. I might have to bring out the Snoogle soon, which my wife won’t like because it takes up so much room in the bed and is a totally “c&$k block”. Lol.

      • Hahaha that’s hilarious!! I have full length long straight maternity pillow that I just use on the outside edge of the bed, then have a tiny little narrow pillow that I put under my belly to support it if I want to lie facing the wife. That way I can still snuggle against her with the belly supported. Maybe make a snoogle lives in outer side of bed only – although those things are huge! It’s like enormous wrap-around penis envy for partners huh? πŸ˜‰

      • Lol. Like a ginormous beluga whale penis. Yeah, I’ll have to figure something out. I’ve been having to take naps everyday again because my sleep is so poor. For some reason, my body only wants to sleep in 2-3 hour increments. Do you find this too? No long stretches of sleep?

      • I just need to pee A LOT at night so yes, only sleep in short bursts. I find lavender on my pillow & listening to my Hypnobirthing meditations helps it to at least be deep sleep.

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