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NIPT Results

I had a rough day today. I had to drag myself out of bed to use the toilet several times last night and this morning because we went for sushi yesterday, and I made some poor choices. Yes, I am still eating raw fish and seafood (ie. Sashimi, sushi, maki) but I trust the places that I’m eating at- they are busy, have a high turnover, and are clean. Plus, from what I have read, food poisoning from sushi is just as bad for you non-pregnant as pregnant, so it’s not like there’s a greater risk during pregnancy. That’s not why I am having the runs though. I usually try to stay away from things with any “sauce”- teriyaki sauce, soy sauce- because usually, they have gluten in them. Wheat flour is a common ingredient in soy and teriyaki sauces, so I have to buy special gluten-free varieties, which are expensive, and most sushi places won’t splurge on that kind of thing. So those yummy beef-wrapped enoki rolls and the bulgogi beef ribs that I ate are probably to blame for the mucousy gluten-sludge in my toilet. It’s so nasty. When gluten hits my digestive tract, an autoimmune reaction happens. My body tries to get rid of it by producing lots of mucous so that the gliadin proteins in the gluten aren’t in contact with my digestive lining because it’s so irritated. This means lots of nasty poops. Anyways, my belly bloated up within a few hours of eating, and it was so painful. I felt a lot of pressure a bit higher than I used to, thanks to my uterus growing out of my pelvis, and pushing everything like my bowels upwards. Luckily, the worst of it is over now, and I’ve re-learned my lesson again to stay away from gluten!
Sorry to have subjected you to the descriptive details of my poopy adventures. Kudos for surviving that.

Now, onto the good stuff…..

I went to the gym today, and dragged my feet through my entire workout, which was surprising, because today was leg day, and I LOVE leg day. I guess the waiting by the phone for weeks had caught up with me, and I was starting to really feel hopeless about it all. 

I finished my workout, came home, and made myself a turkey sandwich (gluten-free bread, microwaved the nitrate-free cold cuts). Halfway through eating my emotions, the phone rings! 

It’s my genetic counsellor! 
She has good news!

Yes, that’s right….. GOOD NEWS!

Dumplin’ is LOW RISK (<1/10,000) for all three trisomies!! 


I texted and called DW as soon as I heard the good news, but she was picketing and unable to answer her phone. When she finally called me back, we both cried tears of joy over the phone. We are so grateful for all of your positive thoughts, prayers, supportive messages, texts, and comments. I honestly don’t know how I would get through this without all of you. 

 (Beautiful flowers from the very thoughtful MyPerfectBreakdown) 
Tomorrow, we have our early anatomy scan, to check out Dumplin’s heart and other body parts, and two and a half weeks after that we have our fetal echocardiogram. Fingers crossed that all goes well with these tests too. 

For now, I’m so grateful for this good news. Best Mother’s Day gift ever!

68 thoughts on “NIPT Results

  1. OMG I am sooooooo happy & relieved for you (& the wife is swearing on your behalf when I explained the hold up with results lol). That’s wonderful news. X

  2. I am so incredibly deeply relieved and happy for you guys! Wow. That is such a sweet relief. I had to scan through your post anxiously awaiting the results. Yayayay. Beautiful flowers. You and the baby deserve them. And more power to to you eating sushi and working out – pregnancy isn’t a medical condition and unless there’s a reason, just keep up your healthy lifestyle. Celebrate!

    • Thank you. We are so so so incredibly relieved. I decided that so much of our efforts at conception are medicalized that I would try to live as normally as is safe. Plus- lots of omega 3’s in salmon! I am however, staying away from tuna sashimi because of the heavy metals, even though butterfish and ahi tuna are my favourite. Working out has been great! I’ve cut the load and the duration of my workouts by 50%, as I feel better about this being more for building endurance and reducing stress, and less about building muscle and leaning out. We are sooooo grateful. Thank you for your support.

      • That workout adjustment sounds good. As much as I used to exercise, moderate really does feel better when you’re pregnant! And babies are sometimes fragile, as I’ve learned, and we worked so hard to put them in there! I’m again just so so happy for you guys. Are you celebrating? Looking at baby clothes or anything?

  3. I am so happy to hear that!! What a month, eh. Glad that things are looking so positive, and I hope your scan tomorrow is a much better experience than last time!

    • Thank you! Yes, this past month has definitely been a test of patience for me. I have a feeling tomorrow will go well too. For starters, DW is allowed in the room during the entire ultrasound! Finally, treated like human beings!

      • Oh, that’s great that she’s allowed in with you! We ran into that problem as well, I wasn’t allowed in for any of the ultrasounds in Canada, which was pretty hard. Luckily our midwife had warned us ahead of time, or I probably would have had a total meltdown.

  4. I just knew this would be the result!!!! I’m sooooo happy for you guys and the peace of mind that this must provide! I will be crossing all of my appendages that you get some good techs for your next two scans that are both competent and good humans!

  5. I am so incredibly delighted for you, DW and Dumplin’ too of course! In fact, I’m beyond delighted – I honestly don’t even know what word to describe my happiness right now. In fact, I was so excited I phoned Mr. MPB to tell him the good news – I just had to share the good news with someone! πŸ™‚

  6. That’s so awesome! I had that same score on mine and DD had like 1.3cm or mm or whatever measurement it was for the nuchal translucency, so that goes to show exactly how inaccurate that measurement is on its own. They should never offer it on its own. Ever. Again, SO happy for you! Now you can fully let go, relax, and bond with your perfect little dumplin without any concern for those damn tests results!

  7. I’ve been reading since before you two got pregnant with lil dumplin’, and have cried and worried right along this crazy ride…. imagine the wonderful surprise to see such a great entry from you today. happy monther’s day to you both, and many well wishes for little dumplin’ to continue to grow strong & healthy! ❀️❀️❀️

    • Thank you for your support, and for following our journey. It’s certainly been a rocky one, and I’m happy to be able to post some good news. You take beautiful photos on your IG πŸ™‚

  8. OMG!!! I just saw this, yelled at Cade that you got your results and he demanded I read this outloud. We’re both so happy for you!

  9. Oh dear, you’re such a quirky writer, subjecting us to read through the whole poop story first, before telling those awesome news 😝 . I am so glad your little kicker is healthy after all and I am positive the next scans will show good news as well. It is about time for you to feel nothing but good things about this pregnancy. So happy.

    • Lol. Yeah, I couldn’t just give out all the good stuff all at the beginning! Thanks for your support and for your optimism. I hope all continues to be good too.

  10. Hurrah!!!!!!!!! That is amazing, amazing news after all this WAITING!!!! I am really, really pleased for you both – you can now move forward, properly forward. Omg, it’s just brilliant. Well done πŸ™‚
    I’m still eating sushi too (love it, have craved it even), but like you I can’t tolerate the soy, so I tend to leave the dips and the sauces and only go for plain stuff. It’s hard though, because it is SO yummy. Sorry to hear about the bloating and digestive issues – it really, really is horrible when it happens. But hey, it’s okay, because today is a great day for you – all three of you πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! Yes, the celiac is so tough with dining out. Sushi is so delicious though. I’ve thought about bringing my own GF soy sauce to restaurants, but wonder if it would look funny. Sometimes we just do take out of the good stuff, and then I’m not tempted to eat the bad stuff.

      Thanks for all of your support. We are so happy with this result.

  11. Yes, yes, yes! Now I can stop worrying about you. πŸ˜‰ You and Spiritbaby have had me at the edge of my seat for months now. Frankly, it’s exhausting. And exhilarating. πŸ™‚

  12. Goodness gracious. I was dying to find the NIPT results and had to skip the poop deets. Amen for that result. I’m so freakin’ happy and relieved for you three. Yay!!!

    FWIW I don’t believe in not eating sushi while pregnant and never have as long as I choose reputable places esp since everything I can get here is flash frozen so very very low risk.

    • Thanks Spiritbaby! Lol poop deets. Yes, we are so relieved. We had our anatomy scan today too- and the heart looks good, and the NT measured 3mm (which is on the small end of normal now! Wtf!). The ultrasound tech today (fetal specialist at Mt. Sinai) thinks the ultrasound tech at the fertility clinic had no idea what she was doing!! And a month of stress resulted because of it!! Obviously, I’m happy with the good results, but it’s still unbelievable.

      • Yes this is a lesson about the importance of having someone skilled do ultrasounds isn’t it? I am so incredibly sorry you had to suffer like this but even more relieved that the suffering is over. Time to celebrate!!

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