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Dumplin’s Sex Revealed!

Geeze, it took me two days to figure out how to upload a video onto YouTube, but here it is! 

10 out of 18 predicted that Dumplin’ is a GIRL.

8 out of 18 predicted that Dumplin’ is a BOY.

Dumplin’s sex is revealed through our cupcake surprise with my in-laws….

(Just copy and paste the link into your browser, and be sure to comment on this post afterwards!)


91 thoughts on “Dumplin’s Sex Revealed!

  1. im at work and can’t put the audio on. i watched it hoping to figure it out! lol now i need to wait until i get home.. can’t wait to find out πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my goodness congrats! Ps your Inlaws are adorable with matching shirts lol.
    I’m so happy to hear the scan came back favourable and now look, you already know what you’re having! So happy for you guys!!

    • Thank you. Our cottage’s annual general meeting was the same weekend, and they bought us all the same shirts lol. We also have matching bright orange family shirts for when we go to Disneyworld. It’s awesome.

  3. First of all, those In-laws are AMAZING!! She is so damn cute! And, second, I KNEW IT!!! My gut kept screaming BOY…this is awesome!!! And boys are the best!!!! I’m so happy and excited for you and DW and your families.

    • Thank you! Yeah, their reaction was pretty priceless. We actually managed to SURPRISE them… (I usually blow surprises). Honestly, I though Dumplin’ was a girl. You can imagine how surprised I was that every single old wive’s tale was WRONG!

  4. omg yay congrats!!!! I knew a comment would mention it at some point.. I’ll still watch it when i get home. BOYs are so great!!! welcome to the BOY club ;p

  5. Great video πŸ™‚ I was totally thinking girl! Will you name him before birth, or wait until you meet him? I thought we would wait, but as soon as we knew the sex, we started thinking more seriously about names.

    • We’re trying to brainstorm names right now, but it’s so hard! We had a girl name decided on a long time ago…. Boys names however… So difficult for us somehow!

      • I was dead set on Arlo for a boy, so much so that I kind of wanted to call her that even after she was a girl! We were less sure of a girl name. But after talking about names for so many years, and coming up with a shortlist of faves, we stumbled across what is now her name on a baby-name website and both felt like it was the perfect name. Good luck with your name hunt, it is so much fun!!

      • Yeah it’s so tough. I’ve been scouring the baby name websites to no avail. We want something uncommon but still traditional, which makes it difficult. Arlo is cute. Will you save that name for a second child maybe?

      • I like nameberry – you can enter names you like to search for similar names. I think that’s how we found Juniper.

        Alas, I don’t think we’ll be getting an Arlo – I think we’re going to be a one-child family πŸ™‚ Especially with travelling to NZ so frequently, I think financially, sticking with one is probably right for us.

  6. I knew it!!! You’re carrying low! Ps good luck with boy names it’s next to impossible! I’m sure you’ll find something amaizng thouh

    • Yup, I’m working hard on it so far. We’ve got two names we have liked for a while, but still looking in case there’s something else we like more! Thank you πŸ™‚

  7. That’s what I thought!!! A precious, precious boy! I can totally see you two raising an awesome boy! Your MIL reminds me of mine. They seem like a lot of fun! What a sweet video to cherish. Still SO excited for you both!

  8. Oh my gosh yay! Congrats! An adorable, healthy hapa boy!!! I didn’t get to see the link but I read the comments and figured it out. I’m just so freaking happy for you, your wife, your dogs, your in-laws!! Sending that little boy and his moms a ton of love…

    • Thank you! Yes, we are very excited. Like you, I totally thought Dumplin’ was a GIRL! In fact, I would’ve put money on it! But I’m excited for what this little boy will bring! He’s already been such a wonderful addition to my womb. Sending you three lots of love too!

  9. Hey, I guessed right. Congrats on your little boy.
    And since an IVF baby with all your mayo treatments and crazy vitamin supplements is kinda a bit SciFi-Alien, a green cupcake totally makes sense!

    Are you guys slowly going to start prepping baby stuff now? I know you probably didn’t want to do anything while you were still shaken in your trust by bleeding and scary ultrasound results. But now it seems that you both are really enjoying doing all the fun stuff for when a little one is coming (photo announcements, cake etc.) So I have had some secret plans ever since you had that positive test, but I need to know what your plans and thoughts on babywearing are for that.

  10. I thought it was ironic that both the in-laws were wearing BLUE shirts! Your MIL is hilarious btw. When she was talking, my babe was moving around listening to her voice. She’s very vibrant. Anyway… I know I still have a week to go but I’m going jump the gun the say: YEAH for boys!!!

    • Thanks! My MIL is a friggin’ hoot! She is an extrovert surrounded by introverts lol. It’s always entertaining, especially when she is drunk. I’m very excited about being a mama to a wee little boy. We’re both more tomboyish in our hobbies anyways (though I hate to genderize). I can’t wait to find out your little one’s sex!!!

  11. I KNEW IT! Welcome to the boy club! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about being a mommy to boys! πŸ’™

  12. A little boy! This is a really beautiful video, you almost feel the excitement just watching it πŸ™‚

  13. This is truly the sweetest, most awesome reveal. I was smiling the whole way through! Also, I love that your in-laws are wearing matching shirts.

    I don’t know what made me switch my guess a few weeks back – must’ve been your boy’s energy making his presence known! Congratulations, D. You are going to be the BEST mama.

    • You are sweet. I love how things worked out too. What you didn’t see is that I also have the same shirt- though I wasn’t wearing it until later that day. Yeah, they’re awesome in-laws, and I’m so lucky to have them. We are overwhelmingly happy with our little boy! I honestly can’t contain my happiness. I did think he was gonna be a she though, which I was equally happy about. I think it’s just exciting that it ended up being a surprise to me too!

  14. I just saw your comment about the Chinese predictor chart being wrong! I wonder how often that happens?! (Mine said ‘girl’ and I ended up with twin girls) Congrats on the baby boy!!

  15. I loved this so much!!! “Is mine green!?” Love love love πŸ™‚ congratulations! How wonderful! Xxx

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