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18 Week Bump and Other Stuff

I’m pedalling away on a stationary bike as I finger-type this post. I’ll try to make this post flow as best as I can, but it’s gonna be random bits of info that I want to fill you in on.

First, here’s the bump picture that promised. If you’re following me on Instagram @mamaetmaman you already got a sneak peak yesterday!  My bump seems much more obvious when I’m wearing clothes, for some reason.  

Other snippets:

– my allergies have hit hard this week. I’m allergic to trees and true grasses, and on our dog walk yesterday, I had the worst reaction I’ve ever had- non-stop sneezing, mucus coating my throat making it hard to breathe, and my lips swelling up. I took a Benedryl when we got home, and felt way better very quickly and then slept for what felt like the entire afternoon.

– I thought my days of morning sickness were over, so I went off the Diclectin on Saturday. BAD IDEA because I was super nauseous (and feeling shitty from the allergic reaction from our walk) and then started back on it. When will the nausea end?? 

– DW took her TH1/TH2 test for natural killer cytokines a few weeks ago, to see if perhaps it could explain her multiple miscarriages. Her results came back within the normal range, and we’re frustrated. She’s been tested for all thrombophilias and autoimmune disorders, as well as had a hysteroscopy to look at her uterus, and everything has been normal. Nothing has come up to explain why her body rejected 4 of our best day-five blastocysts last year. She really wants to carry, but is scared of miscarrying again (we have 5 blastocysts on ice from IVF#2). Anyone with unexplained RPL find success with a particular protocol? We might try again with her one last time, but we want to do something different than the regular transfers because they haven’t worked at all. I would love some feedback.

– I received a wonderful gift in the mail today from Shawns and Cade:  

 Some diaper covers and homemade fitted diapers for Dumplin’.

– I have been feeling under the weather this weekend, and now have 19 fitted newborn diapers made for Dumplin’, as well as 10 burp cloths, many many cloth wipes, and my next project is nursing pads because I suspect that my boobs will start leaking soon. Any other homemade baby items you think are must haves? I’m anticipating lots of receiving blankets being gifted to us from my MIL’s friends, so I’m not making any of those.   


  – I have plans to integrate swimming into my weekly workouts, but don’t know what to do about a swimming suit. My pre-pregnancy ones definitely don’t fit, and neither do the bottoms of my bikinis. I don’t want to buy an expensive suit and then have to buy another one in a month or two… Any tips on where to find cheaper comfortable swim suits in Canada? Or what secure alternatives have you tried?

– cramps- I’ve had mild cramps all week, which I’m guessing is because my uterus is growing? It’s not super painful, but it makes me not want to work out or do anything strenuous.

– my IPS (prenatal screening) came back and my hormone levels look normal, confirming no aneuploidies and no spina bifida. Thank goodness!

Okay, time to go do some sumo squats! I’ll post again later this week!

75 thoughts on “18 Week Bump and Other Stuff

  1. I love seeing how great you and baby are doing!
    I wish I had great advice for DW but honestly I think you have a pretty good idea of what to ask for and what to look for. It took us a long time to figure out what our problem was, I hope you can figure it out sooner rather then later as I hope she is able to achieve her dream of carrying your second child to term. 🙂

    • Thanks. Yeah it’s so tough. We have an appointment with the RE this July to discuss options because we honestly were thinking that something would come up (abnormal results) and explain why she’s miscarried so many times. But now that everything’s come up normal, it’s a more challenging situation. I don’t think she’s ready to give up yet, which is a difficult place to be, as I’m sure you well know.

      • You are right, I do understand and empathize with DW’s situation (and yours by extension). I truly hope she is able to carry your next child, I know it would be so special for you both!

  2. You look beautiful, pregnancy is so breathtakingly beautiful (regardless of how terrible you may be feeling).
    I really hope you both get the answers you’re looking for soon. Must be the most frustrating thing not knowing what’s the cause.

    • Awe thanks! I am actually really enjoying this trimester so far.

      Yes, it’s so hard when you just want answers to help you make a decision, and they are no where to be found.

  3. I hate that target is gone because thats the only place I could find one that was affordable. It was a tankini and I loved it for $15

  4. You bump is perfect! I’ve always wanted a little basketball bump. 🙂 you could consider buying just the bottoms from a maternity store and a bikini top that has room to grow from a regular store? I’m also stuck in the bathing suit department. I thought my tankini would last me longer. I think I can get away with the bottoms but I might consider upgrading just the top.

    • Thanks! My bump changes shape through the day. The picture was taken first thing in the morning, and after a full day of eating and drinking, I think my bump looks more oval.

      I tried on some bathing suits (the tankini style ones) from Thyme Maternity, and they don’t fit me right. I also tried on some shorts and they also don’t fit me right, even with multiple sizes. I just about cried in that change room. I think I might just have to try a different maternity store or a swim store. I was thinking the same as you- separate pieces that I can mix and match and grow into differently. Right now the bottoms are the biggest problem. They don’t fit around my thighs but are really loose around my bum (I have no bum).

  5. If I were you I would make drool bibs! The little bandana style is so cute. And if you are using an ergo you might want to make teething straps. This is a bit ahead as our bit is older but I really wish we had strep covers for his high chair. Think avocados and sweet potatoes smushed everywhere!

    I had cramps a lot too. 😉

    You look great!

  6. Lovely bump pic – you look fabulous! Glad to hear your results were all good. I’m sorry I don’t have any advice for DW. It was similar for me – nothing was abnormal, yet I couldn’t maintain a pregnancy. We still don’t really know what it was. Coeliac? Borderline low B12? No idea. I wish I had answers or suggestions, but as far as our experience goes the only solution was to take as good care of our bodies as we could and to keep on trying over and over. It’s far from ideal, I know. Love your stockpiling of baby items – you are way ahead of me in the organisation stakes, lol!

    • What did you do differently this round medically- prednisone and were you on blood thinners too?

      I’m mostly stockpiling things that I can make because I want to keep our purchases minimal. There is a big chance that we will be on strike again in September and October, which means zero household income for two months before the baby comes!

      • The differences this time around were: 1) we both did a 5 day juice fast (from Joe Cross’ book) 6 weeks before conception 2) I took prednisolone from 4-11 weeks 3) I’d been gluten free almost a year 4) I self-corrected a slight B12 deficiency that the docs overlooked (B12 has high link with mc), and 5) we controlled all our scans and appointments by going private. It was a big expense, but I think the lack of stress over not dealing with our NHS system helped us a lot. I took aspirin and progesterone in previous pregnancies and still miscarried. Maybe we just finally got lucky this time…
        Strikes and no income is not fun – but you are doing the very best thing by preparing for it in advance!

      • Yup, I remember the juice cleanse you did. DW is pretty rigid with her nutrition- not really willing to try cleanses of any sort. She isn’t willing to do acupuncture either. It’s kind of frustrating, because I’m the opposite- willing to try anything. I’m hoping that maybe the RE will rx some prednisone for her as a last resort.

      • As horrible as the presnisolone is, I do think it is worth taking (and I never recommend any drugs of any kind!). Immune issues can be so difficult to understand, diagnose and treat – turning off the system in early pregnancy was probably a Good Thing for us. It might just do the trick.

  7. No good ideas or advice about your wife’s situation, I am sorry, but I am sending her lots of love and good thoughts. It is such a tough decision to make.

    The sweing projects are adorable. I would recommend also making the bigger size diapers now, since you probably won’t find much time to do so, once he’s here.
    And I second the teething protectors for a Ergo type carrier if you’re using one. Also good to have is an Onbag for babywearing.
    Of course hats and pants (I like to make those out of old t-shirts). Covers for the diaper changing station.
    One project I made last year for our boy and some friends, where I don’t know what it is called in English, is a little bag thingy for the baby’s legs, that has elastic at the waist, where you put him in with naked legs to let him kick, which in my experience they like a lot ( http://www.foster-natur.de/image/cache/data/Produktbilder/Baby/schlafsäcke/20555000_N2-1200×1375.jpg )
    With an opening it also works well in a stroller and carseat instead of a blanket.
    If you are in for a bigger project that saves money on an item that is usually quite costly – how about a baby hammock? I know you and your wife are good with wood projects as well, so that’s a combination of those too.
    (I’ve got a small collection of websites for projects, tell me if you want me to post them here)

  8. I bought Di a maternity swimsuit top from Motherhood.ca. It was on clearance, and ended up being about $15, which seemed pretty good – and it is racer back so it looks mostly like a normal swimsuit. It has a stretchy belly pocket so we’re hoping it’ll fit all the way through.

      • Yeah, the online one… When we went into the brick and mortar one, they didn’t have nearly as much stuff and it was more expensive… But it might just be that the one we went to was crappy.

      • Yes! It was a wee bit big at first, but the gathered sides mean that it is accommodating her increasingly pregnant belly 😉 Hopefully it’ll make it through the summer, she’s planning to spend a lot of time in the water. Being 9 months pregnant in August seems pretty daunting!

      • Yes it does! I’m hoping to spend lots of time in the lake at our cottage this summer. We like to hit golf balls off of the dock and then swim/snorkel retrieve them! That will be my cottage exercise! I hope you girls find a way to stay cool too!

      • Wow, that sounds like so much fun 🙂

        We have a pool nearby (as in, about 500m away), so I envision Di basically living in there throughout August!

  9. I think bikini village, vie en rose aqua, Walmart, maybe the Bay, Sears, etc all sell bikinis and tankinis that you can mix & match top& bottoms. For sure Walmart would be the least expensive and they’re not necessarily cheap materials either. You look so great! I’m sorry about your allergies & the lingering nausea. That sounds awful! I wish DW luck in the docs finding some answers. Xx

    • Thanks for the tip! I just tried on my old bikinis, and one has adjustable strings on each hip…. I might be able to get away with that for a little while. Definitely not suitable for swimming for exercise though lol.

      Yeah the RPL-but-no-explanation thing is really frustrating. On one hand, DW will always regret not having the chance to carry to term, but on the other hand, I kinda wish she would just be happy with me carrying both.

  10. You look so dang cute in thos epics, and your boobs are out of control! What size are you in now compared to before?! I worry that my breasts will get bigger (i don’t know how much bigger as i’m already a 36DD and literally keep them down with an Ace Bandage almost all the time!). Swimsuits! The struggle!!! Callie ended up at Walmart mixing and matching pieces. She was able to get way with some of the bottoms for most of the summer, but by the end of the smmer (almost 20 w with twins) she was pretty much in a sports bra, wifebeater, and swimming trunks! Hope you find something!

    • Thanks Sammy! Hard to say what size by boobs are now, since I’m always wearing sports bras that are sized S/M/L/XL. I used to be a B-cup prepregnancy though, and I hated being that big even lol. I used to bind my boobs too, as I kinda had issues with my femininity in my 20’s. Yeah I think I will have to check out lots of places for swim suits. My body is weirdly shaped too, which makes it hard to size. For example, my shoulders and lats (back) are really wide from working out, so I often need something large just because of width. My boobs too, are hard to fit because my chest is so wide (pecs) and my boobs are big but spread evenly across my chest so I don’t get any cleavage. They’re like big circles haha. Bottoms are even worse to fit, as my thighs are huge (from hockey and working out, plus the weight I’ve gained from pregnancy all seemed to go to my thighs, but I have a flat non-existent Asian ass, so anything that fits my thighs doesn’t fit in the ass!! It is so frustrating! Shorts and tank top sound great to me right now haha.

      • I went up a little but nothing significant. I also wear sports bras so the 36DD was from when I DID wear regular bras, which i haven’t done since senior year of high school. And i only know that because I didn’t get my first period until i was 2 months shy of 16, and that following summer i went from a 34B to a 36DD at a Nordstrom fitting with my ex’s mom. …Yup! That totally happened! And talk about awkward! And i hear you about the “weird” body. I have the top half of a line baker, the thighs of a soccer player, and basically an ass like a pancake, that has been run over by a car. As my family member joke, it’s an extension of my back..i’ve come to terms with being assless, which is why I stick with a racer-back Speedo, swimming trunks and a tank!

      • Lol. You’re awesome. That whole Nordstrom experience with your ex’s mom… That should definitely make it into a memoir lol. Yeah I think my bum is like yours… An extension of my back, and flat like a pancake run over by a car (I’m gonna share that description with DW who will love it and laugh her ass off!). Why in the world do they make women’s swimwear all modelled after Barbie dolls? Must’ve been designed by a man. Must’ve. Because it sounds like the great majority of us dont find them to fit well.

        DW on the other hand, has awesome ghetto booty from her years as a power lifter. If her back wasn’t so stiff, I’d be having her twerking for me alllllll daaaay.

        Good sign that the Dom didn’t cause major growth, since that’s supposed to stimulate the massive increase in breast size for lactation.

      • LMAO @ twerkin all day! Callie has THE. BEST. ASS! The first time i met her, i said, “Oh you have a beautiful eyes” because I got tongue tied and totally screwed it up, it sounded like i said, “You have a beautiful ass”. Like who says “A” beautiful eyes! What a loser!

      • Lol. LMFAO! You were trying to say, “you have a beautiful ass”? Haha I love it. What’s with these white girls and their amazing asses? Sooo not fitting stereotypes!

      • No kidding!!! When Callie was pregnant, she was SOOOOOOO upset that her ass went away (super weird, i know!) but like 2 months after the boys were born, i hear, “YAASSSS!” out of the hallway where the full length is in the linen closet. I’m like, “what happened babeski, why so excited?!?!” “MY ASS. Is back! Yes Mama!” LOL!!! We joke about it all the time!

  11. I have a size small (smallest size they made) maternity tankini I’ve never worn. It’s pink, purple and brown, not my fave but all they had in a small size when I bought it. Want it? I also have a black and white mat tankini top which I wore once with a black yoga skort at the beach. Loire welcome to that too. I’m allergic to chlorine so never made swimming part of my ex routine and given that c-date is less than a week away I won’t be needing either so don’t be shy if you’d like either or both.

    • Aww thanks Spiritbaby! I’d totally take them except that I don’t think they’d fit. When I tried on the tankinis at Thyme, I was definitely a large on top (I have a really wide back and shoulders). Thanks though!

      Chlorine allergy? Oh dear. I’m guessing you don’t drink tap water either. How did you find out that you’ve got that allergy?

      • I can’t breathe in enclosed swimming pools and I used to get a rash during swimming lessons. Drinking tap water is okay except if they ramp up the quantity of chlorine during run off season or the like.

        You look so freakin tiny, I can’t imagine you wearing large anything!

      • Yeah I know. That’s what I hear all the time. Scale up though, as I’m 5’7″, and have a swimmers back. I’m pretty lean, but have really solid bone structure. You be blown away by how much I weigh too- at about 18-19% body fat, my prepregnancy weight was 140-145lbs. I’m definitely sinking to the bottom of the pool. Lol.

      • Ha ha! You’re only a little taller than me but I have a small build. And lots of the maternity stuff is sized weirdly. Did you try Motherhood? I hate that place except for swimwear and sports nursing bras (hint hint).

      • I haven’t yet, but I will try it. It’s on my To Do list for Friday 🙂

        Yeah build is so interesting. DW, who is 5’3″ and super lean (like fitness competitor/body builder lean), fits the same size as me in clothes (except for the length). In her case, her lats and ginormous pecs get in the way lol. What I’m finding with maternity clothes is that while they have belly bands and ruching to accommodate the growing belly, they don’t seem to accommodate associated increased in thighs and boobs. I guess that there’s the rare person who doesn’t gain anywhere else, but most pregnant people I know did get bigger everywhere.

      • So true. Many women grow in boob size lots by 8 weeks (the fancy lingerie store owner who fitted me from 32b to 32d by 8 weeks in the MT’s pg’y told me this). So why the mat clothes don’t reflect that reality I will never know. You’d think men designed them. Or European women with non existent shoulders.

  12. As for protocol, you know my view that more comprehensive immune testing is ideal if you want a properly tailored protocol where no physiological (eg uterine septum) or Cdn-tested immune issues are identified. But if you’re winging it prophylactically the standard is prednisone, baby aspirin, lovenox (fragmin where you are) and possibly the Antihistamine Protocol if inflammation is believed to be an issue.

    • Yeah, I’m hoping that I can bully him into rx-ing her into the pred/aspirin/fragmin because he isn’t willing to do any more testing. I’m just shocked that everything came back normal. You would think that with such quick miscarriages (always a BFP on urine tests on 7dp5dt but then a really low first beta on 10dp5dt) that something would come up. Clearly she has implantation dysfunction.

      • Yeah probably not. He was so conservative with even my prednisone. I wanted 20mg, but he’d only rx 10mg. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does that with DW too.

      • Yes. By the way I have left over pred (5 mg and 10 mg tabs) if you need that in future let me know. I finally got off of it at 34.5 weeks. I’ve had symptoms of immune activation but manageable and I really didn’t want to be BFing while on it if all goes as hoped in the coming weeks. I have a little neupogen too but not enough to make a difference if she’d need it through the majority of the first tri. Other things that help implantation are letrozole with very low dose hCG shots during the early part of a FET cycle or Lupron if tolerated (I get unbearable headaches that don’t judge with drugs so said no to it in this FET). I can tell you Bravermans cycle days for my FET for the letrozole (Femara) and hCG shots if you two need it at some point. You know how to reach me privately. 😉

      • I will definitely take the leftover pred. I don’t know how I’d get the other drugs rx’d so we’ll leave those protocols for now. I’ll message you now.

      • Lol. At first no, because we thought that I’d carry both (we ideally want two kids). But recently, DW revealed some really deep rooted sadness over not ever carrying (it had been her lifelong dream). So we decided that we’d get the RPL tests redone, and that we’d see the RE to see if he’d changed his tune about just switching over to me.

        We really wanted two as close together in age as possible (twins would’ve been ideal, but just wasn’t in the cards obviously), so that they would have a sibling to play with at around the same developmental stage. Plus, DW turns 40 in Feb, so there’s that clock too (not that it matters now that we’re using embryos from me, but more just psychologically for her).

        So we’re giving her body one last chance at it, and we’re throwing whatever we can at it (drug-wise). Hopefully, we’ll have our second 6 months after the first. I know it’s crazy, but we just want to be done with this fertility crap and this clinic.

  13. That belly!!!!! Oh it makes me so happy!!! I’ve been reading your updates I just haven’t had a chance to comment but I’m so happy for you! Glad you found new clothes too. The baby weight looks fabulous on you so please don’t worry or stress abt it. Embrace it! So glad you’re doing well.

    • Thank you! I’m glad I found some clothes too! I will be much more presentable now 🙂 I’m not too worried about the weight. Mostly, I’m just impressed by how pregnancy is changing my body!

    • I don’t, actually, but I have an anterior placenta, so I don’t feel him kick most of the time. I only ever notice his movements sometimes after I eat, and that’s only maybe 2-3 times a day max so far. We watched him kick his legs and stretch out on ultrasound and I didn’t feel a thing.

      I wouldn’t worry too much about the Benadryl. A lot of pregnant women take it regularly for sleep, and it’s relatively safe as a Cat B drug. If it’s for allergies, you’re probably taking it as often as I do, which isn’t that often. I was told you can take a dose every 6 hours, but I find that one dose lasts me the whole day almost. I’m allergic to trees and grasses, which are pollinating a lot right now in Ontario until the end of July. Then ragweed starts up in August and Sept, so I’m worried that I’ll be all hopped up on Benedryl until Dumplin is here. Do you know what specifically is causing your allergies? I hope it’s season is short for you.

      • I haven’t taken any yet but I’m getting to the point of being miserable. I think mine is pollen but who knows. I’m just nervous about taking anything.

      • Yeah I understand. I put up with so much sneezing and itchy eyes, but it wasn’t until I had trouble breathing that I started taking the Benedryl. I don’t take it everyday, but on days (like today), where I’m wheezing and can’t breathe, I do.

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