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Swimwear Success!

Thank you to each and every one of you for encouraging me to continue my quest for the right swimming suit.

A few day ago, I popped into a Thyme Maternity store on my way to the gym, hoping to find some shorts and a bathing suit, since none of mine fit anymore (25lb+ pregnancy weight gain so far). I must’ve tried on every single one-piece and tankini that they make, and two pairs of shorts. NOTHING FIT. I tried a size up. STILL DIDN’T FIT. I tried two sizes up. STILL DIDN’T FIT RIGHT

The sales girl said “Go with the size you normally wear, our clothes are meant to accommodate your growing belly…. Blah blah blah… Grow with you… Blah blah blah”, so I did. I’m normally a medium in most things, but grabbed a large too, just in case.

Holy hell.

Let’s first talk about the shorts. I COULDNT GET THEM PAST MY THIGHS. The large size, I could, but it gaped in the bum, and I felt like I was waddling in them. All of their shorts were like this for me.

Now the swim suits were a different kind of hell. Stepping into the leg holes of the medium one-pieces, I couldn’t get the suit past my hips. I seriously think that had I tried to force it, I would’ve ripped the stitching, so forget that. The large fit mostly, except that the leg holes felt like tourniquets around my thighs. Like if I had gone swimming in that suit, my legs would stop working due to restricted blood flow. Also, there’s an elastic gather just under the bust, and I have some wide lats thanks to my athletic back. Again, tourniquet right on my rib cage. The boobs of the tops were so empty and sagged like a deflated balloon. I definitely couldn’t go out like that. So I tried the XL, which did absolutely nothing good for my self-esteem and looked all sorts of wrong. 

So I gave up, and went to the gym, trying to forget the whole experience.

When I got home, I settled on a poorly fitting old bikini which has adjustable strings on the hips, and a top that barely covered my ample boobs. To be more modest, I planned to wear a spandex racer back tank top that I had from Lululemon about a million years ago. This is what I would wear to my swim date the next day.


Today, I had a swim date with a good friend of mine and her 1 year old twin boys. We had lots of fun towing them in floating fish-shaped foamies and splashing on the shallow stairs. We also got to go through the gazillion questions I had for her about: circumcision, baby products, episiotomies, baby weights, car seats and strollers, minivans, and mat leave. All was great until I caught a glimpse at my chest and gasped! I forgot to mention how my nipples have quadrupled in size (seriously), and are hard to hide in a regular padded bra, let alone a thinly padded swim suit bikini. Yup, I definitely need a bathing suit with more breast padding, or all the babies will be crawling to me looking for milk. I was so embarrassed.

So, after our swim (and lunch) date, I stopped by Motherhood Maternity, another store highly recommended by some of you. They had a much larger selection, and I grabbed a bunch of khaki shorts, sweat shorts, bathing suits (tankinis look funny on me because they’re so girlie, so I opted for the one-pieces), some sweat pants, and (what the hell, they looked interesting) a pair of jeggings. 

Everything fit. Perfectly

The shorts were awesome- they had the belly band and the large size was a bit big still, so I could grow into them through the summer. I grabbed them in a tan, dark green, and a super soft denim colour.

The swim suits fit awesome, though I immediately excluded the super feminine ones, or the ones that didn’t have enough breast padding. One in particular, fit great and had a nice design (though still a bit girlier than I’m used to), so I bought it.

The jogging pants, sweat shorts, and jeggings fit great too, but I didn’t plan on spending much, so I put them in my “no” pile. Plus, I’ve been able to fill those fashion voids with the massive amounts of spandexy or “Luon” Lululemon shorts and pants that I have accumulated throughout the years that still fit.

So, I got 3 pairs of super comfy maternity shorts, and a bathing suit for under $120 Canadian dollars (that’s like $100 USD for you American friends). Not bad, considering that I am in love with every item.

We have a wedding to attend in July, and I’m definitely considering buying a dress from Motherhood Maternity now. 

Woohoo! I found a swim suit!  

60 thoughts on “Swimwear Success!

  1. Have your nipples gotten darker yet? It lasts months after giving birth too… one of those things I wasn’t warned about in advance. And don’t worry, babies know when there isn’t any milk in there!! I only swam a couple times while pregnant. Finding something to wear to a birthday party with a constantly nursing one year old was hard though.

    • Yeah, my nipples have totally darkened! Do nipples go back to their prepreg size? Or am I forever gonna look like I’ve got breastfeeding mammaries? Doing anything with a nursing infant would be difficult! Small talk at a party would be impossible.

      • I could do anything with him on the boob πŸ˜‰ now we don’t nurse out of the house often. Go to the bathroom, grocery shop, eye exam, bake cookies, shower, crochet, take out the garbage… I dubbed it “boobing it!” I don’t know if my nipples got big or not while pregnant. The weight gain in the boob area and all the extra blood flow and hormones does change things though. Since I am still breastfeeding, I don’t know what they will be like when I stop. I don’t think are really that different than they were before I got pregnant but I have lost too much weight and they are all empty and saggy (have had that problem before pregnancy too).

      • Lol to “boobing it”. You are super mom! All the body changes are so interesting. I’m really enjoying noting these pregnancy changes. Saggy boobs happen to ladies who’ve never had babies too! It’s just a reality for women I guess.

      • As we get older we lose elasticity in our skin and also the fat layer right under the skin. I think mine is all from weight fluctuation. My poor deflated tatas (that’s what my son calls nursing).

      • Yup! One day he woke up from nap, looked up all sweet at me, and patted the side of my boob saying “tata.” It was before we moved so he was under 15 months. He calls all boobs tatas but also the act of nursing for him and other babies.

    • Thanks! Their shorts are buy one get one 50% off. Same with their clearance items. The swimsuit was clearance from 49.99 to 24.99, and then down to 12.49 because it paired with a set of clearance shorts! Woohoo!

      • Yes, exactly. And the amount of synthetic material is gross. They need to have better quality fabrics for the prices they charge. As for sizes, I was trying on some of the athletic 3/4 length tights, and they were always super tight in the calves, but way too roomy in the butt. And my calves and butt are pretty evenly proportioned!

      • Yup, definitely sounds like my experience. The sales girl was kinda pushy too. Motherhood Maternity was a much better experience for me. Way more on sale too.

  2. Nice! That looks great on you! Motherhood is where I got most of my maternity wear and I’m just wearing them over and over until the baby comes. Also your swim date sounds fun.

    • Thanks! I’m really happy with their selection (though the regular price stuff is expensive!). I’ll probably be tempted to wear the maternity shorts post partum too lol. What items are your favourite from their selection?

      The swim date was awesome. To be honest, it’s because my friend is such an amazing person. She’s so positive and easy going it just makes you want to be more of the same. The babies are also such happy easy babies, and they love splashing in the water and trying new things. DW used to teach mom and baby swimming classes, and I’ve volunteered her to give them some lessons this summer. I’m also super excited for her to do the same with our little(s) too.

      • My boss still wears maternity pants and her daughter is over a year old! I like dresses because I can’t stand having pants on anymore. Motherhood has maxi dresses I literally wear twice a week or more. My favorite item is navy blue blouse with a v-neck and string that ties around the middle. I love to for the office. I also got a pair of their cheap leggings, $10 I think, Capri style, that are so stretchy and comfy. I wear them around the house but you could probably wear them to the store or gym. Those kids sound adorable!

      • I like the blouses with the string that ties around the middle too! Adds some shape to your outfit so it doesn’t look frumpy. I wore long johns yesterday lol. Sorta like leggings. I managed to grab a pair of maternity capri leggings from Target before they closed in Canada. They’re great! Maternity clothes are so much more comfy! I think now that it’s summer, I might get some dresses too. I never really wore a lot of dresses before, but it seems the most comfortable now.

      • Dresses are the only thing I’m comfortable in now! I like pants better too but… Thank God for maternity dresses! Yes the shirts that have a thin tie do make you look less frumpy for sure. Did target close in Canada?

  3. Seriously, it’s never fun shopping when nothing fits properly so I’m glad you were able to find a few things eventually! And I live that you are enjoying some quality swim time with your friend, she sounds wonderful!

    • Lol. Thanks! I just might reconsider the jeggings. I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. I always had visions of ladies contorting into weird positions trying to squeeze them on… Not so at all!

  4. That’s awesome! I have not had such luck with their swimwear or anyone’s for that matter. My wife says my nipples got larger too but I haven’t noticed, I just noticed my areoles are a bit larger and darker. You can add the bathing suit swim top padding to most bathing suits for extra padding or even some cotton nursing pads. You look cute in that bathing suit!

    • Thanks! I never thought I’d ever post a photo of myself in a bathing suit on the Internet, but I was just so happy to have found a swim suit! Good call on the extra padding. I think I’d have to sew them in, but it’s definitely doable. What do you do for swimwear when you go to the beach?

  5. Great news! That’s how it goes – almost nothing from MM fits me because their sizes run larger and the cuts aren’t flattering on me but as I said they are a go-to stop for swim wear and nursing sports bras (I confess to shelling out a lot more than one would spend at thyme or MM for nursing bras – you live in those things while your ta tas hurt like hell and change your appearance in ways with which many of us don’t feel comfortable so I figure good bras that help me feel more myself are worth it damn it!). When you get closer to the end give the MM store a shot and see what you think if you plan on BFing. Meanwhile, yay for the great finds and chance to enjoy your swim date in style!

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I looked at their nursing bras and they do look comfortable. I will definitely wait before getting any though, as these girls might grow a whole lot more before it’s time to BF. I do intend on breastfeeding as much as possible if it’s in the cards for me and him.

  6. Yay!!! You look just gorgeous!
    So funny about the giant nipples – mine are the same. It looks so weird to see them like that. Like someone else’s boobs on my body. Pregnancy really changes everything – I remember being shocked at how much, and how quickly my body changed with my first. And with how massive I got! Clothing haul sounds like a great one. It’s a nice feeling to have clothes that you really like when you’re changing so much.

    • Yes! Someone who’s also experiencing the enlarging nipples! Did yours shrink between pregnancies? Or is this gonna be a permanent thing? I’m very happy to have found some shorts and a swimsuit. I was basically living in my athletic shorts every day, no matter the occasion, which was making me feel kinda gross. It’s nice to be able to switch it up now. Good thing is- the summers here are so hot that I’ll almost never need to wear pants (I hate wearing pants)! So hopefully those three pairs of shorts will take me through to almost the end!

      • Am so envious of your hot summers! Ours are so unpredictable. Yep – my nipples went 95% back to how they were afterwards (it took a while – a couple of years in total). It’s so funny to see them growing again. The human body is so clever!!

      • It really is clever! Our summers are too hot and humid though- I will likely be spending a great majority of July in air conditioning or in the lake!

  7. I bought clothes online from Motherhood Maternity & love them but wish I had enough been able to try them on as they are all a bit large for me. But since I was having them sent to NZ, I figured better to be w but large than too small and unable to wear them. Their leggings are great & the green top I am wearing in my preggy shoot is from there. I got some great bargains with tops that were 3 for the price of 2, and due to an anomaly in their online ordering I managed to get 2 for the price of one as well. So I ordered 6 different long sleeved tops and have been rocking them daily! I also got a cute Jessica Simpson striped fitted dress, but it’s too big, so I’ll sell that online here I think and hauls easily recoup my $30nzd. πŸ™‚

    • That’s great! DW and I were talking about that last night- how lucky we are to live in a major city, so that so many things are easily accessible to us- we were specifically talking about fruits and vegetables mostly, but the same goes for specialty items like maternity clothes. It’s great that you’re proficient at selling things online! My bet is that shipping is expensive to NZ!

  8. glad Motherhood Maternity worked out for you. Shopping for maternity clothes in the beginning can be so discouraging while you are getting used to the changes in your body and figuring out the sizing. I had good luck with fits from Old Navy and Target too.

    • Thank you! Sadly, Target has pulled out of the Canadian market, so they’re no longer an option for us (which sucks because I thought their maternity stuff was cute and affordable). I did check out Old Navy too, but the selection at the store that I was at was atrocious (and so messy that I didn’t really want to hunt around for things for very long). Maybe I’ll check out their online inventory when I need more stuff!

  9. my boobs and nipples returned to their normal tiny self within a week of weaning the kids but I hear this is not the case for everyone. Pregnancy is a crazy thing! For maternity clothes, H&M is my personal favourite (best jeans!!!) but gap also has come great options. So glad you found some good clothes!

  10. Glad you had some luck! I think it’s gonna be hard for me to admit that it’s time to move into maternity clothes! LOL! And the swimsuit is super cute and looks great on you! Does it allow you room to grow a little so you can use it through the summer?

    • Thanks! Yup, lots of room to grow into the swim suit. It is quite loose everywhere except for the bust and shoulders, which is what I wanted. Because I imagine being only halfway, I have lots more to grow!

    • I think you’ll find some maternity clothes that work for you too. I generally dress more tomboyish and so I plan on wearing my regular t-shirts and pairing them with maternity shorts and pants. You can make your own style come through, I’m sure.

  11. That suit looks awesome on you! Looks like there’s plenty of room to grow, too, when Dumplin’ stretches and makes your belly even rounder.

    I had difficulty finding maternity clothes that suited me. I ended up spending a lot if time in oversized t-shirts and looking like a bum. For my work pieces, I got them at Motherhood and a few from Old Navy (though I generally find their clothing schlumpy).

    • Thanks! Luckily I will be spending most of my summer in shorts and comfy clothes. I’ll deal with work clothes again in September, but plan on doing a lot of dresses and really, who can blame a preggo for wearing leggings when 8 months pregnant? No one!

  12. maternity clothes are so difficult. The small stuff fits me up top, but isn’t long enough to cover the ever growing bump, and the medium/large stuff doesn’t fit me up top but fits around the waist. Made to fit my butt! You look great though and I’m glad you found something that actually fits

  13. I looooved going to Motherhood Maternity when I was in the US, congrats on getting some good stuff! πŸ™‚ Do you have access to Old Navy there? My mom sent me some shorts from there which I love, they aren’t full panel…they have stretchy side parts. She sent me a size up from my normal size, and I grew into them.

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