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19 Weeks and Homemade Gluten-Free Wontons/Dumplings

I must say, the second trimester has been just wonderful. My nausea is not preventing me from eating more healthily, I’ve got enough energy to workout and run errands, and my baby bump is finally showing. I’ve been in a great mood ever since we found out that Dumplin’ is doing great, and am now riding that “omg I’m pregnant,” awesomeness every day. I’m not kidding, I wake up every morning, in a fantastic mood because I feel so grateful to be pregnant. After three years of infertility and multiple pregnancy losses, I feel like finally, maybe things are gonna go well for us. I’ll still be guarded though, until we’ve got our take home baby. Then I’ll probably be a super worry-wart for the rest of Dumplin’s life. That’s just how it goes though, isn’t it? 

So yeah, I’m good. Things are busy over here, which makes the weeks seem to fly by. I don’t even know how to focus my weekly updates, but I am fine with keeping my focus kind of random. 

New things this week:

– I have officially started leaking colostrum. A couple of days ago, on a hike with DW and the dogs, I felt this lightning shock kind of feeling through my right breast, and checked my bra. I had leaked a clear, colourless fluid with almost an oily consistency. It soaked through my sports bra + cup pads, and I could feel the moistness through the outside of my shirt. Craziness! Week 19!

– This morning, after a very nice orgasm, I noticed that I could see the outline of my uterus! I put my hands on my belly and I could feel the hard outline of my uterus under my skin. I guess the orgasm caused my uterus to contract a bit, which was really neat! Normally, my belly just feels soft, and I can’t really tell where my uterus is. 

– I think I’m starting to get some pubic symphysis (the joint at the bottom of your pelvis) instability. At the gym yesterday, I was doing walking lunges, and I could feel a pulling in my groin region, but deeper, like at the level of the bone. I could also feel my deep gluteal muscles struggling to help me keep good form, as my lunges got a bit shakey towards the end of each set. Lunges can be challenging in general, but waaaaay more when your centre of balance is changing (baby bump), and your ligaments are under the influence of relaxin. 

– Strangers are noticing my baby bump and feeling confident enough about it to talk to me about it. Today, I had lots of errands to run, including buying the dogs some food from PetSmart (which is having a 15% off friends and family event this weekend so we stocked up). I piled up three 26lbs bags of dog food and a couple bags of treats into my shopping cart, and checked out. At the register, the cashier asked me THREE times if I would like a carry out (basically, an employee pushes my cart and loads the dog food into my car), despite me declining the first time. She looked at my belly and asked if I “was sure?”. I appreciated her offer and concern, but I’m used to carrying the 26lbs of dog food on my shoulder normally, without the use of a cart. Then, I went to Costco, where I usually just bring cloth bags with me and forgo the cart because the Costco near us is always jam-packed and I can maneuver through the pylons of people and their poorly placed unattended carts a lot easier if I just carry my groceries in the cloth bags. I did the same today, and I had one bag filled, and then carried two cases of 6 packs of chicken broth tetra packs in each hand. Then I walked and lined up at a register. Each register has a cashier and a “bagging person”. When it was my turn to pay, the bagging guy kept insisting that he get me a cart. I said I didn’t need a cart. He asked how I was gonna carry my stuff to my car. I said, “in the same way that I carried it through the store… With my arms.” He said, “but you’re pregnant”. I said, “yeah, I’ll be fine. Thanks though.”. Then he said how I needed to conserve my energy for the baby, or something like that, as I speeded away…. Wow, it’s so interesting how people treat you differently when you’re pregnant. I don’t feel like these people were being rude at all. They just wanted to offer me some assistance. They were just being nice. I just would rather continue doing the things that I can do while I can still do them. I actually enjoy lifting bags of dog food into the car, and carrying heavy boxes through a parking lot. It’s kind of like a light workout to remind me of awesome muscles are.

– Cravings. Last week, all I wanted was beef and cabbage- everyday, and for every meal. This week, I’ve been craving all sorts of random things. Sadly, most  all of them contain gluten: fish ‘n chips, cinnamon sugar donuts, pizza buns, and Chinese wontons/dumplings. Yesterday, I was downtown, and was able to stop in at one of my favourite gluten-free restaurants for some really lovely fish ‘n chips. I posted a photo of it on my Instagram if you’re interested @mamaetmaman . It is drool worthy. Now, my mission is to make the remaining food items myself from scratch. The challenge is, that they all have to be gluten-free. Luckily, the state of the Internet is such that there are tons of people who have experimented with making these things already. First up was the homemade chinese chicken wonton soup, which I am happy to report, I successfully made today, and they tasted amazing!

I’m not going to go into great detail into how I made them because other people have done this for me. What I am gonna do is copy and paste links to the recipes that I used , and add photos from my cooking today.

I basically made this meal in four parts: 

Part 1: the wonton wrappers: http://glutenfreeonashoestring.com/best-gluten-free-wonton-wrappers/

Part 2: the ground chicken stuffing: http://ironchefshellie.com/2012/01/17/chicken-shiitake-dumplings/

Part 3: assembling the wontons (see instructions from Part 1)

Part 4: making the soup: add 8 wontons (add 4 at a time, let come to a boil, then add four again) to a litre of chicken broth and let boil for 10 minutes. Add some noodles if you’d like about half way through boiling (I added glass noodles today). Add some dried shiitake mushrooms and a handful of scallions  at the end of your cooking, and let boil for another 2 minutes. 

(Any leftovers can be frozen and cooked on another day!)

DW came home in time for a hot bowl of wonton soup! These wontons tasted like the real thing. I honestly couldn’t detect a difference in taste or texture. This recipe is definitely a keeper!


41 thoughts on “19 Weeks and Homemade Gluten-Free Wontons/Dumplings

  1. I am so happy to read that you are doing so well!! And that you survived a visit to costco on a Friday! Thanks for sharing the wonton soup, I’ll be trying that one of these days very soon! πŸ™‚

    • You’re welcome! Yeah, Costco wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. Surprisingly, Michaels was THE WORST. Two cashiers and 20 people in line! All I had was a mini donut pan (for those cinnamon sugar or apple cider donuts I’m gonna make- haven’t decided which yet).

      Yes, things are great right now. I almost feel like my regular (non-general-anxiety-disorder) self. I’m starting to have trouble rolling over in bed though lol.

      I hope you enjoy the wonton soup recipe. Since you don’t need it to be gluten-free, you could skip the tedious wrapper making step and buy the wrappers. But the mix for the stuffing is soooo good. I’d definitely recommend it!

    • Really? That’s great! I have noticed that mine are dulled a bit for some reason. Usually I feel major uterine contractions afterwards, but they seem much milder now, I guess because Dumplin’ is taking up residence there.

  2. I’m so stoked to hear you feeling so damn happy! It’s about time you get to enjoy every last second of being pregnant and feeling good! As for the not needing help…I totally get you, but nice people like to feel helpful and sweet! Maybe you could give in once in a while and accept, maybe you’ll actually make their days in feeling that they helped you in some way. πŸ™‚

  3. Yum! I remember when people started treating me differently. It was nice but weird. Enjoy it while it lasts!

  4. I just started leaking too which has been strange but kind of cool too. I hate all the assistance from others, it’s more insistence with the family, seriously not allowed to do anything. I know people mean well but when you feel useless it’s not fun. Your food pics always stir up new cravings for me. So glad you and dumplin are doing so well.

    • Thank you. Yeah, I feel the same about leaking- weird but kind of neat. It sucks that your family is so insistent that you rest, even if you don’t want to. I like doing things for myself right now because when I can’t, I hope that people still step up to offer their help. I figure if I’m this big now, how big am I gonna be in third tri?

      • That’s how I’ve felt too. I’m getting used to asking for help when I need it so I just wish people would leave me be if I don’t ask. Then again I know I’m about to turn a corner and need that help pretty often very soon. I am surprised that my growth has slowed a lot and my belly is now just take a new shape. I was big very fast too but so far I’m not as big as other twin mommas my size.

  5. Your blog always makes me hungry :). Isn’t that a wonderful feeling to wake up and be like “omg I’m pregnant!” The relaxin really is a powerful hormone. I think finally at 11 months postpartum it’s all out of my body. But when I first started working out again (I wasn’t cleared to do so during pregnancy) I felt so weird, like my pelvis was popping. I thought it was going to be permanent, but I think it was still the relaxin in my body. Lots more crazy body changes for you to discover!

    • How interesting that it was still in your body until 11 months PP! That’s amazing. Did you breastfeed? I wonder if that had something to do with it too? What other body changes should I look forward to? Lol.

  6. Oh my goodness! That soup is killing me I want some RIGHT NOW! I could tell stories about people NOT offering me help when I look like I’m carrying a small horse in my belly. Recently people look afraid of my belly. Some have said please don’t deliver right here. Once you turn into all-belly people get even weirder! Suck up the stranger love while you can! I am so envious of your ease with this pregnancy now (energy, optimism, time to do stuff, no feeling sick) and so so so happy you’ve hit that stride. The positive energy just oozes from your post too. Nice!

    • Thanks Spiritbaby! Yeah things have been pretty good lately. I’m taking the time to appreciate it because I know it won’t last long. I decided to stay off work which has impacted us financially, but totally worth the peace of mind. I totally get strangers being scared of super preggo bellies! I’m a bit in awe of them myself!

  7. My reaction to the title: what! What?!
    I want wonton soup. This might have to get made someday but it seems labor intensive. Anything that needs my attention for more than 5 minute intervals is hard with a two year old.

    I had SPD and it was hell. It lasted a year post partum. My midwife called it nerve pain and had no help for me. Lunges = bad for SPD. Highly recommend not doing them. If you are already feeling it now, it will just get worse. Wrapping your belly and hips can help. So can adjustmemts.

    I think staying in shape while pregnant is really important and I sucked at it. Life got hard and I didn’t have time or energy for any of my usual activities. I also was parnoid about gaining enough weight because my weight was barely stable at 105 when I got pregnant.

    I didn’t mind people offering assistance but I get what you mean about people treating pregnant women like they are weak and incapable. I think it continues right into labor and birth and the over medicalization of it all. We are taught our bodies aren’t strong enough, aren’t built right, and we are emotionally unstable to handle birth. AND THEN, it goes all ass backwards and there is no post partum support for mothers. We are expected to just know what to do and be able to do it all.

    First time I felt Wallace kick was after an orgasm at 15 weeks. The tight uterus thing was so cool!

    • Wow! You must be tiny. Yeah, lunges are so good for building stability through the hips, but that’s a kind of challenge I don’t really need right now lol. I have an inherited ligament laxity disorder too, so my ligaments are especially loose. I’m sure the relaxin will make me a bag of loose bones by the end of this. The uterine hardness is so neat eh? I “made” DW compare the before and after last night just because it’s so interesting!

      • I am just under 5′, so yeh… lol. I am hypermobile so my joints can be all wonky too. I agree with one person above who said the relaxin was in my body for a long time after. I remember walking around target with a friend with Wallace in the ergo and feeling like the weight of him (not very much) was pushing my hips apart. I wish I had known about wrapping my hips and belly. There are a ton of ways to do it pregnant and post partum.

      • Like an SI belt? I will definitely need some support towards the end of this pregnancy. I’m already huge and only half way through at this point.

      • Better than an SI belt. Go to youtube and search wrap for pregnancy. I know there are some by Wrap You In Love. You can do it with a Moby type wrap, woven, wring sling… Then there are post partum wraps.

  8. Leaking already!?! That’s crazy! Neat, but crazy! I’m always glad to hear that everything is going well with you and Dumplin’. And i always manage to read your posts an hour or so before lunch time and always end up extra hungry waiting for another hour! LOL! Looks delish! And i had terrible orgasms during the 2nd trimester! LOL!!! And by awful, i mean, i never had any! I was the giver because poor Callie could barely move! I hope that they are great for me when It’s my turn!

    • Lol I love your comment about the orgasms. Hahaa. I hope you have fantastic orgasms throughout life, my friend. Yup, it feels nice when things are good. Sleep has sucked though.. But you know I have sleeping problems to begin with.

  9. Those wontons look amazing! Awesome recipe.

    I loved it when people finally realized that I was pregnant and not just chubby πŸ˜‰ That treatment will totally continue when you have baby in tow πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! The wontons were delish. I froze half of the batch but ended up cooking them this weekend anyway! I hope the kindness from strangers continues. It makes me feel good about humanity.

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