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Baby Registry Feedback

So I’m totally procrastinating today, and it’s only Monday. Juno was bad yesterday, and consumed a loaf of my specially bought gluten-free vegan bread from Bunners, a bakery downtown. She also started in on a box of Kleenex, her favourite. Inevitably, this means that she will wake me up in the middle of the night to let her out into the yard for an impromptu poop. After her poop, I settled back into bed, and then the little dog decides that she wanted outside. Why she couldn’t have gone out at the same time as her sister is beyond me…. I guess this is a tiny glimpse into the sleeplessness of parenthood. 

Anyways, after returning to bed the second time, I couldn’t fall back asleep and spent from 3am to 5:30am building our baby registry. It’s not really a registry, in the sense that I expect people to buy us all of this stuff, but more of a collection of things that I think I would like to get for the baby. 

Here’s sorta a draft of what I have come up with so far. I’d love any feedback into what is missing but is a “must-have” for the newborn stage, and also what is useless and kind of a waste of money. 

Some things I plan to make still- like one-size cloth diapers, a wet bag (maybe), burp bibs, a knitted hat and mitts, car seat belt covers, and maybe a fake Moby (for baby wearing).

Some things, I’m anticipating people will buy/make for us, like baby clothes, receiving blankets, booties.

We also are really into buying some things second hand- like an infant bath tub, clothes from the Goodwill or Value Village.

I also need to start thinking about furnishing the nursery, but until we move our office stuff downstairs, there’s really no point in going there yet.

So here goes… Please give me feedback! Thanks in advance šŸ™‚


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  1. I love your list!! So many of these things we also got for our little guy. Specifically the Baby Journey Pillowtop Changing Pad – I love this one!! I also heard the wubbanubs are a MUST!! Yay!!

    • Good to know- about the changing pad. I had looked up a bunch of reviews of the three kinds that BRU carries, and this one had the best reviews! Yes, Wubbanubs are essential! That’s why I registered for two- I would hate for Dumplin to lose his and have a meltdown!

  2. So the wubanubs, if Dumplin is a pacifier baby is THE BEST! The boys love their Wubs…The Art of Cure necklaces are the ones that we have for the boys. They are still super drooly, but with Noah currently cutting a tooth, we wouldn’t have known if it werent for the drool. We SWEAR by the amber necklaces. We feel that they absolutely work. The Medela lanolin is good, but the Lansinoh is better. Both do their job, but to me, the Medela was a little thicker that I wanted it to be, which made the flanges in the pump really gross. (We totally have those sailboat sheets! Super cute!) The Tommy Tippy Explora bibs are DOPE! They roll up really well, and are great to travel with, especially now that they are eating solids all the time. And if you buy nothing else of the things listed above, do yourself the favor and get that Mommy Hook! We have 2 beacuse they are THAT amazing! We can bring home about $200 of groceries on one hook. We carry EVERYTHING on that hook. It has saved us countless trips to and from the car. That is a DEFINITE and has become our go-to gift at babyshowers (when we can find it becasue it’s usually sold out!)

  3. No, not the pump, just the Lanolin nipple cream stuff, we felt that the Lansinoh was better. The Medela pump is hands down the best! We tried the Dr Browns, which was decent for Callie, but not good for me. The suction was pretty terrible, but the flange was a soft silicone so it was comfy, just not enough suction. Then we used the Medela for a LONG time, but Callie broke one of the pieces to connect the little hoses, so my sister gave us her Evenflo, which Callie liked a lot, but it never got her the same amount as the Medela. In my opinion, Medela (and hospital grade actually) is the way to go.

      • I noticed that you didn’t have some type of wrap or woven. Even with two infants we use those MUCH MORE often than we use out stroller. At first, paying $100+ for a woven sounded crazy to me, but once you have one, and you realize how great they are and how much baby loves them, you know it was money well spent. We were using a sheet for a while as a makeshift ring sling, but getting a real one is much better…

      • Yeah, I was thinking of trying to make a Moby and then a ring sling later on when he’s heavier. What kind of wrap and woven do you have?

      • We actually found one at a Hispanic Heritage festival at a small little stand that had tons of stuff from Ecuador, and when we saw the price we HAD to get it. It’s not a name brand or anything, just homemade…but it’s beautiful and cost us less than $50

  4. I have the same diaper bag in turquoise! Can’t wait to use it! My cousin cloth diapers and she said that while she loves the thirsties covers for functionality, the white edges get stained and gross really easily and she has a hard time getting the white part clean. She said she prefers the rumparooz. She also said she prefers the fit of the Velcro covers better, and that her Velcro rumparooz have held up for 18 mos so far and are still in good condition. We registered for a bunch of the rumparooz aplix covers for that reason. I can’t speak to any of it yet personally though!

    • Good to know! Thanks for the feedback. My concern about the Rumparooz is that they’re sooo expensive! I was even gonna just try to make some diaper covers too. I guess you don’t need many though.

  5. Car seats: I’m telling you because I didn’t know with Carter and I wish I had. The seat protectors aren’t safe, they make it impossible to get a proper install unfortunately. It is safe to lay a thin towel or receiving blanket over your seat (we don’t bother).
    The cuddle bags aren’t safe. I used on with Carter and they look unbelievably cozy and comfortable BUT they alter the safety of the straps. If you were to get into an accident they would compress which would leave the straps not tight enough on dumplin. For A car seat to work properly you should have only thin layers on the babe. I have a “shower cap” style car seat cover that I used with Dylan. It keeps the seat warmer and blocks wind. After she was buckled in I would tuck a blanket around her and then put the cover on. Check out Car Seats for The Littles for the best info.

    I think people all use different things. I personally hate the hooded towels and found them to be a total waste but some people really love them. We didn’t use pacifiers at all but some people need them! We never used a bassinet or a crib but obviously some people see those items as important.

    Your sheets are adorable.

    Before you register for an Ergo 360 I would try on a bunch of carriers. I don’t like the Ergo 360 personally because forward facing a child KILLS my back but some people wouldn’t do it any other way. I think you could get better options for the price point though.

    • thanks for the awesome feedback! I had no idea about those safety issues. We have really nice leather seats in our car, so I need to find a way to protect them (or just come to terms with them being ruined, which might be the reality of the situation). I definitely need to find some kind of cover for Dumplin’ in a stroller, as you know, the Toronto winters are friggin’ COLD! Yeah I need a wrap or some kind of carrier. The prices of them astound me though! Do you think I would be fine with just a Moby instead of something with more structure for the early months? I know you’ve got lots of experience with baby wearing. I’m iffy on hooded towels too, only because we’re minimalists, and I would be fine just using regular towels for him- why do people love them so much? We want to cosleep but there just isn’t enough space in our bed for him to sleep safely with us- plus, our bed is super elevated (like, I have to literally climb into bed), hence the Halo bassinet. My mom says that I should just cosleep in the guest bed with him, but my wife would feel really left out if we slept without her every night. What are your sleeping arrangements with the two kids? Do you cloth diaper with Dylan and Eli (that’s your son’s name right?)? Any recommendations on diapers and/or covers? I’m making a bunch myself, but am registering for a couple too to have a comparison. So many questions!

      • Son’s name is Carter (he’ll forgive you). I did cloth for 2 years and then folded. I was too exhausted and dealing with PPD. I adore cloth and I really like Lil Helper as a brand (Toronto Company!). I used all sorts though ranging from inexpensive pocket diapers to gDiapers and prefolds with covers. There is a toronto area cloth diaper fb page and you could buy some used ones (strip/clean them) and figure out what you like without investing a fortune.
        Moby’s are great. i actually might have one available for you. Someone is using it now but people tend to stop using them around 3 months so she would be done in time for me to give it to you. I actually have a structured carrier that I will pass on to you as well if you are interested. It’s an older beco.
        Regular towels are perfect and more absorbent. Also…baths really aren’t required for babies…

      • Aww sorry Carter (what a cute name btw). Yeah I think I’ll try to find that cloth diaper group. Sounds like there’s a lot of mom groups out there! Awesome if I could borrow the Moby and the Beco! Dumplin’s not here until the end of October, so there’s time. Any reason you’re still holding onto them instead of selling them (just curious).

  6. What a great list! I love our thirsties covers, best we have found as far as durability goes! The white edges can stain, although I’ve found they bleach out in the sun well, and a little spot remover works at any point since you never dry them.
    I’m glad someone else brought up the carseat cushions, I was given the heads up by a friend as well. Basically anything that doesn’t come with the carseat can make it less safe. Having a blanket over the baby is also nice because they’re easy to take out and clean.

  7. I have tons of thoughts for you! Lol

    Babywearing: there is a great diy babywearing group I am in on facebook. Fantastic! Join it. It’s the one with like 30,000 members. Go to a baby wearing meeting and see and feel and try on all the carriers you can. I started with an Ergo and there are lots of different and better soft structured carriers. Everyones body shape and needs are so different. Infant insert is overrated. I rolled up a cheap cloth diaper and rubber banded it. Just as long as baby gets the rise needed and puts weight on butt and not feet then it is great. I have used diy moby, ergo, two mei tais, two ring slings, 4 different woven wraps, a diy pouch sling, pikkolo (look it up!), a diy podaegi, and I am about to make an onbuhimo.

    Diapers: if you don’t have lots of cloth diaper experience, get some of lots of different things to try and find what works for you and your family. You don’t need disposable liners at all. Disposable wipes were my nemesis even after 7 years of nannying. Cloth wipes (and coconut oil on the butt) got the meconium off much better. Any wipe I used broke my son out and made my fingers burn. Nasty things… Travel wetbags are a must. At home I just used an old pillow case in a plastic garbage can with a pop lid. Washed it all and rinsed the can. A drying rack has been important for me and diapers. Also good are cloth diaper flats.

    Bath time: baby towel suck. The thin ones suck even more. I was so nervous to use the little tub and bathing in a shallow bath with him worked so much better. He wasn’t slumping and he could float and relax in my hands and nurse if needed.

    I do love swaddles and tried a million kinds. Those ones you have with the Velcro were my second favorite. First is the miracle blanket. Amazing.

    • I love all your feedback! Can you add me to the diy baby wearing group or is it open? Email me at mamaetmaman@gmail.com and I’ll give you my real name. I think I’m gonna make a diy Moby and see how that goes…

      No disposable liners? What about when they’re on solids and the poop starts getting nasty? We only want disposable wipes for other family members who might change him. I’ve got a bunch of cloth wipes made already šŸ™‚ How do you keep coconut oil liquified when it’s cold? Do you have a favourite travel wet bag? What’s the purpose of the pillow case in the garbage bag? By cloth diaper flats, do you mean prefolds? What do you use them for other than as diapers?

      I’ll look up the Miracle Blanket. What do you love about it that the other swaddlers don’t have?

      • If you request to join it they should get around to adding you within a day. They can help you make sure you get the right material for your moby.

        Solids will roll off or smoosh off pretty easily. I also got my son pooping on the potty really. I have used disposable libers for a baby I worked with and they didn’t really help much. A sprayer or just doing a dunk and swish work well. Explain your cloth diapering to family and show them how much better cloth wipes are. There is nothing gross about them and afford much better coverage for wiping. And you wash your hands anyway. I don’t have a favorite wet bag. I have gotten some cheap ones and they worked fine. Pillow case wasn’t really necessary but I felt better about it. I could also use it to carry the dry stuff upstairs. Flats are defferent than prefolds. They are on layer and I got mine from the kitchen section at walmart. You can fold them up in a rectangle like a prefold, stuff them into pocket diapers, or do simple or fancy folds and use a snappi or pins (or nothing) with covers.

        I love how it really snugly fit his arms and kept him contained. If he flinched he woke up. Light sleeper and high needs baby made for horrible sleep.

      • Yeh if you rent that can be scary. I really didn’t need it. Enough falls off into the toilet that it is all good. The liners the family I worked for sucked. The pooped often squished outside of the little rectangle and I had to swish anyway. Get them if you think you will like them! But get one roll.

  8. Car seats: I agree about the seat savers, don’t bother. Any kind of fabric that goes between baby and seat or baby and straps is considered an after market product and isn’t safe. I found a seat that had the seat belt pads already in it and also wish I had gone straight to a convertible and skipped the bucket seat.

    Strollers: test drive them! Small wheels suck on cracked city side walks and bumped curbs. A bar at the back between the back wheels is crucial to poppy the stroller up to go over curbs. I love my city mini and I have pushed a lot of strollers in my day.

      • Bucket seat has the base that you leave in and then you can (but don’t have to) take the car seat itself out. Convertible seats go from rear facing 5lbs to 40lbs and then forward face. A towel underneath will help you get a better install and protect your seats. L’s car has leather seats and I have to roll a towel up to get the right angle.

        I do not know if my stroller can connect and be a double. I have a lot of double stroller experience and if I needed one then I would get a side by side that I liked. Unless you are expecting twins, then I wouldn’t worry about that.

  9. You may not need that many Nb diapers, plus keep in mind that brands (ie huggies vs pampers) for differently, so you may find yourself with a bunch of unusable or really messy diapers. DD fit the Nb huggies but pampers for every other size. Huggies were awful on her for other sizes. I liked the medela cream better than lansinoh, because lansinoh was awfully thick if the tube was cold and it was really hard to spread. Medela was much lighter. For swaddles we found the presized ones to be less useful because they restricted us. We love the aiden & anais muslin cloth swaddles that you wrap on your own. (I found a fool proof way to swaddle so they don’t break free too, if you ever need help with that.) we have the same whale spout cover! Very cute. Gerber brand onesies I found were super short in the torso, so if you end up with a long baby try carter’s. Pampers & huggies wipes are much different textured too, and we far prefer the huggies natural ones (you can get large boxes at Costco for future reference). Burt’s bees have quite a bit of fragrance in them, and they have little sample kits you could try if you want to avoid buying all big bottles right away. DD had a rash from the burts bees shampoo/wash (I also have allergic reactions to their skincare stuff so it could be genetic). I think the castille soap is *not* tear free, just an FYI. The lionhart seat saver works well – we have that same one. That’s all I have for you!

    • Thanks for the advice! What kind of disposable diaper should we get for when he’s brand new? What count is appropriate? I had such a hard time deciding because I really don’t have any experience. Dumplin’ will likely be a big boy (I’m estimating 9lbs- because I was 9lbs, and my sister was 11lbs, and the donor is tall-ish at 6′). Where can I find Carter’s onesies? I think he’ll have a long torso- I have a very long torso.
      What do you wash DD with?

      • I’d go with a small pack of one to try, because at Nb they barely move and shouldn’t made much of a mess until later on when they’re nursing heavily. The poops are more like cute little splatters for the first few days at least. Then you can try a different brand if need be. I might have Nb size of a couple different brands left that I could send just in case. My guess is with a baby that size you could already go with size 1,and just fold the front over if it’s a bit too big. We often did that with DD. Carter’s we found at the Bay or sears or carter’s Oshkosh stores. they were a good price too for just a standard onesie with decent quality cotton. We tried a few different natural washes on DD, and in the end the one she has used for the last two years is live clean, even though it has fragrance it doesn’t bother her. I think it’s the lavender chamomile or something. We also only use soap once per week and just water & a cloth on other days, so her skin doesn’t dry out.

      • Good call. I’ll maybe get a small pack of size 1 pampers and go from there. I have tons of Dr. Bronners lavender scented, so I might try that on him for the first bit and see if he’s ok with it. I’ll just avoid his face, and probably use only water most days anyway.

  10. We love our thirsty covers, great choice. Romparooz are great too, and Swaddlebees/Blueberry. Do you have two garbage pail liners for the diapers?
    I second Lansinoh cream, it is my favorite as well. I would also get those plastic baggies to freeze breastmilk if you’re planning on pumping and bottle nursing. Will you have to pump for work? I never was very sucessful with and it my baby never took bottles or pacifiers, so I was lucky my pump was only borrowed (I had the pump-in-style which was ok, I think Medela in general is always good), it would have been a waste of money to buy one. All my friends who use bottles and pacis regularly use one of those electric sterilizers.
    I also never used a special swaddle blanket, he hated swaddling after 2-3 weeks because he wanted body contact.
    May I suggest that you look into another baby carrier? The Ergo isn’t the best product for babywearing, especially with a newborn. The infant insert doesn’t give a good hip position at a time when the little ones hips are most vulnerable and later, without the insert at 3-6 months approx. the seat is too big, it overstreches the legs. Ergos (and Boba and the like) only really fit well for a limited period of time (about 75-90cm size). I suggest looking for a carrier (fullbuckle or halfbuckle or wrap conversion) that is made from wrap material and has a fully adjustable seat. So baby is well supported, with a rounded spine, and where the seat is from knee to knee, so his legs are in an M-position. E.g. Kokadi TaiTai, Emeibaby carrier, Storchenwiege carrier, Baby-Roo Huckepack, Didymos Didytai, Girasol Mysol. I know these aren’t available in most stores, but I promise they are cuter in design, more comfortable for the wearer and better for the kiddo.

    • I don’t have garbage pail liners for the diapers yet. Can I just make them out of PUL? I might have to pump for work, but mostly I’ll be pumping so that DW can share in the intimacy of feeding him. Yeah, I think the Ergo is out lol- lots of people are not fond of it. I think I’m gonna try to make a wrap. Thanks for the tips!

      • We love our ergo and have gotten a ton of use out of it *but* we only used it with DD as soon as she was tall enough to not need the infant insert – we bundled a hand towel under her bum when she was just a bit too short still.

      • (I disagree about the limited use, obviously… We have used it from about 4 months old to 2.5 yrs old and DD has always been at the 95+ percentiles for height & weight. I only haven’t used it recently because I’m pregnant and at 2yr 8mo she can walk long distances now.

      • I don’t think wraps are something that you can really sew yourself, sorry. The material of a babywearing wrap is special, in that is stretches diagonally but not in any other direction, thus it doesn’t sag, but has a certain give to support the baby. This kind of weave usually isn’t available in fabric strores. (An exception is african style kanga carries, which even work with bath towels, but most people don’t use those).
        A classic asian style MeiTai works with normal fabric and is fairly easy to make. You just need to look for an infant size instruction or make the panel so that it cinches smaller. Or a podaegi is also an option.
        In my opinion a good wrap and carrier is something to splurge on if you intent to wear him lots. Are there babywearing instructors near you, where you can test different options once your boy is here?

      • Yup, another blogger has a Moby and a Beco she is willing to lend out for when he’s fresh and new. Then we can attend a baby wearing meet-up in Toronto and try other ones when he’s here. I’m just such a planner than I want to have everything in place before he’s here, but maybe this will have to be something we buy after he arrives.

  11. You asked so my opinions:

    Swaddle blankets were awesome but she only used them for two weeks so you shouldn’t need more than two r three. Cloth wipes are a must have for us. What we thought was a yeast rash for weeks was a burn from even the sensitive disposable wipes. I’m going to harp on about assuntastore.com again ecause I think they’re the shit. The covers are cheaper than the ones you listed and the have super cheap wet bags and change pad covers. For diaper pail liners for cloth the cheapest I found were $14 through amazon.ca the kanga brand. We have three but I wish we had four because we use two at a time. The ergo, I honestly hate mine. I recently bought a lillebaby and I loe it! It’s cheaper ad doesn’t need an infant insert. It goes from 5 lbs – 45 and lasts into toddler hood. It’s a far better design in my opinion. We had woven wraps too but sold them because neither of us liked them. The bath tub, best thing we ever got was $15 from amazon. It’s a seat that just goes in your bath tub for them to lie in because we prefer to bath with her. Pacifiers, I wish you luck. My pain in the butt baby still won’t use them but one thing I recommend is to have a few different brands. All the ones you have including the wubbas are soothies and some babies prefer different ones. Gumdrop is sold at walmart as is mam and both are good for breastfed babies. I never liked nipple cream but I did prefer earth angel mama baby nipple butter because it’s safe for babies to ingest so you don’t need to wipe it off

    • Also the diaper liners from assunta are less scratchy and better quality than the Kushies and thy are way cheaper. $4 a roll

      • Good to know! I will check them out too! I’m planning On getting some diaper covers from Assunta too, but won’t register for them because their site doesn’t work well with Babylist.

      • I know someone else mentioned you don’t need them but I love them. If she gets a rash I can use non cloth safe creams I I put one of those in

  12. Oh and also we don’t use a change pad or cover because she pees in it constantly. We have a blankey on her change table with a multitude of change pads to switch between when she pees on one

  13. Amber necklace was a must in our first two years. My Punky wore is day and night all day from 5 months old until she turned two. I had no idea her molars came in! And for Punky, it stopped the drooling altogether. I never used any of the carriers you have listed, but I did LOVE my Moby Wrap. The other stuff I wished I had when I had my kiddo is listed here:

  14. I don’t have much to add here, because well I have no experience yet. šŸ™‚ But I did enjoy reading everyone’s comments! And, I will add we narrowed down our stroller decision to the City Jogger and the BOB Revolution. Ultimately we decided to go with the BOB Revolution – picked it up second hand yesterday in fact. It seemed to have amazing reviews as a running stroller and an every day stroller because of the 1 front wheel revolution ability. Also, it’s wheels are also better for snow/ice – oddly enough we bought it from someone who is from Toronto and said it was wonderful in the winter.
    So far, sans baby (which means essentially we have folded it up a few times and walked from the car to our house), we like it. But, we also figure it we end up not liking it once we are actually using it we will just sell it again and get another one.

    • Funny enough DW’s coworker is planning to give us her BOB Revolution! I just found out today. Her son might not be done with it by the time Dumplin’s here, but we plan on getting a ‘snap and go’ as well, for convenience and to just leave in the car.

      • I’m looking for used snap and go too!!
        Honestly, I think a free BOB Revolution will make you very happy – I should add, the lady we bought it form said they loved it because it’s great for rough terrain – something you might like for your walks with the dogs.

    • If we end up having a second within two years, we will probably go with the Baby Jogger City Select or Double Mini. My friend has the City Select, and I got to play with taking it apart and it was so easy!

      • So, the lady we bought from had twins a week ago she said they went with the the City brand for 2, but already don’t like it as much as the BOB. But of course, there isn’t as much selection for double strollers, so you just have to go with whatever you can get. She also suggested http://www.snugglebugz.ca (a store in TO, I think) for being awesome to return things to.

      • Well, I have absolutely no idea if it’s good, but she said she still orders from it because she likes the store more then anything she’s found here! So, I thought I’d pass it on to you. šŸ™‚

  15. You’ll love “wearing the baby”! I had a preemie so I when we first got home all I could wear was a sling…we are now using the Ergo Carrier with insert and it’s awesome once you get it fitted to you.

    I am cloth diapering and find I like the “all in ones” the best for me and then I wash the diapers every other day. It works out well. Because my little man was so small, the Ramparooz were too big even at the smallest setting, so I got the Imagine newborns and they are fabulous and he’s still wearing them. He’ll grow into the ramparooz.

    Since you’re in to repurposing…I got my high chair on craigslist…it’s retro, but it’s great and doesn’t take up nearly as much space as these new ones do. $50
    I got a beautiful bassinet (also on craigslist) that we use all the time. $50
    I also found a rocking chair (craigslist) that is an absolute must for a nursing mother! $45
    I suppose I will have to post pictures of all of this stuff at some point, but I DO feel we saved tons doing it that way.

    3 other things I use A LOT…my snugapuppy bouncy seat and the snugabunny rock and play, and the leachco lounger. Oh my, it’s so nice to have portable things to put the baby in, in every room and if he/she falls asleep the option of moving them easily. I’d never get a shower in without my rock and play!

  16. I don’t have feedback, but I just have to say, I love that you are writing this post. I’m so happy for you and your wife. šŸ’œ

  17. Holy comments – okay, did not read them all so sorry if I am repeating. I saw you were expecting a big baby – Gus was 9 lbs 1 ounce so here are my big baby tips (and others mixed in): 1) In cloth diapers if you have things with adjustable rise don’t worry about anything marked newborn. 2) He is now 8 months and 25 pounds and has been in rumparooz since birth and we love them. 3) Buy 3 newborn outfits, one of them being a gown – dumpling will fit in 0-3. Buy limited 0-3 – Gus was in 3-6 but 6 weeks ish. 4) I agree diaper liners are a waste. We use fleece ones are night to keep him more dry but if the poop factor is what you are worried about it will get on the diaper, too. Gus has been 100% cloth diapered so I am happy to talk to you about all sorts of solutions. 5) Moby is a must. 6) You do not need an infant insert with a buckle carrier. With a big baby when you go from moby to carrier you just need a receiving blanket rolled up under baby’s bum. 7) Get a tula! 8) If you can find easy swaddles used get them that way. Get two small, two large. Don’t spend a lot of them – Gus outgrew them by 2 months. 9) Gus can undo velcro diaper covers… 10) If you plan to primarily baby wear I’d skip an infant car seat and get one that can be used for many sizes. I know so many people might disagree but we never took the seat in anywhere because we baby wore and he was in the next size up by 3 months because he had reflux and did better being more upright. I’d just save the money and not buy two. 11) Earth mama angel baby makes a cloth friendly bum cream that smells like a dream.

  18. WOW. The comments on this were amazing! You need a snot sucker thing! I added one to our registry and I actually used it on my nephew when I visited my sister. Do you know what I mean? I also second joining a baby wearing group. We have a local one that I’ve been following on Facebook. They do meet ups where you can get together with other baby-wearing Mamas and try out the different carriers. I’m not going to buy one until I figure out what works best. They say a good fit can also vary depending on your body shape/size and baby’s likes/dislikes. Let me know what you end up doing for the leather seats. I’ve got leather in my car too but our truck is cloth.

  19. About wipes: Huggies makes far superior ones from a functionality perspective. They’re thicker and textured so clean way better than any pampers ones I’ve tried including the thicker ones. The mommy hook is a lifesaver if you plan to take a stroller shopping with Dumplin or other adventures where you need to carry stuff.

  20. Pampers sensitive wipes are kind of dry and thin, I’m not a fan, Costco has a sensitive brand on that’s way better. Look into the Lillebaby carrier, Shawn at shawsandcade suggested it to me and it seems much more practical and comfortable. The city select jogger is amazing and so beyond functional for long term use. The Britax B-Safe 35 Elite has better reviews than the Chico Key Fit 30, and I’ve personally used both and find the Chico to be cheaply made,heavier and Harding to take in and out of the car than the Britax B-Safe Elite. The sunshade for the B-safe also is much larger to cover almost all of the child in the car seat whereas the Chico doesn’t cover much. I’ve heard good things about the Halo Bassinet as well, try looking into the Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround too. One last thing, I’m a review hound and found the Brica Seat Guardian to be the best reviewed for the cost. You’ve got a nice registry going for sure, I bet it’s very exciting!!

  21. Another thought, if you are going to install the carseat in the back row, I suggest getting one of those mirrors that let you see the baby. And I am also in favor of skipping an infant seat, we borrowed one for four months that we barely used because he was miserable in it and once he was in his bigger seat, voila, happy baby, because he could finally see out the window.

    • I was looking at convertibles yesterday since you and a couple of people also said that you’d have rather skipped the bucket seat all together. Question though- so if you want to take out to do shopping or whatever, then you have to either baby wEar or transfer him to a stroller right? How much of a hassle was it to do that? I’ve heard some people talk about how great it was to have the bucket seat and be able to just pop the kid into a stroller attachment without waking him up. Also- if you don’t have a car seat for your stroller, how do you fit brand new infants in a stroller? Do you have to buy a special seat?

      • We have a stroller that comes with a baby bassinett. We switched to a stroller at 4 months in the reclined position. But mostly I used a ring-sling or pre-tied wrap to put baby into.
        Our son usually wakes up anyways as soon as the car stops and if he keeps sleeping after I turn off the engine, he will sleep through a transfer into my carrier. No big hassle for us. I actually prefered having him under my jacket in the winter, because we didn’t let him wear bulky clothes in the carseat for safety reasons. So I tied the wrap at home, baby in in his normal clothes, my jacket on top, climbed into the backseat with him, baby out into carseat and reverse).

  22. Love the Burts Bees shampoo/body wash- gets very sudsy. Those plain white onesies are a smart one- my mom didn’t understand why I registered for those- but worth it. Also plain long-sleeved ones are good for layering in the winter. Wasn’t a huge fan of the doorway jumper- afraid he’d hit his head (and he did once). Love the Chicco car seats (we have the NextFit now that he’s bigger- so brand loyal now). Just got a bath spout cover and it doesn’t fit well on our spout and is pretty useless- maybe see if you can find one second hand to try out. The Ergo is the best, but we didn’t like the infant insert because it’s quilted and he was a summer baby (and he’s the sweatiest child ever). I can’t remember when you are due- if it’s fall or winter, it might not matter.

  23. You have soooo many comments already and I don’t know much but it’s exciting that you’re making your list! My sister loves her city jogger stroller and I’m glad you chose the key for car seat. We have the same taste in cloth diapers. Yay!!!

  24. You got some really great feedback on this post! We actually just finished getting the stuff we need for our little guy. Here’s my two cents:

    Kushies liners – I’ve heard mixed reviews, some say you need them others say not. We are going to use them once we transition to solids since breast milk poop is water soluble. The other option would be to get a diaper sprayer to rinse the poo away.

    Wipes – I’ve tried a lot of wipes over the years and personally prefer the pampers sensitive. They don’t smell and have a nice thickness to them.

    Diapers – I don’t remember the exact number of diapers that you had, I think it was the 88 count. From what I’ve experienced and what I heard in my classes, newborns go through roughly 10-12 diapers a day. The 88 count box should last you about a week give or take. If the baby is larger you may need less newborn and more size 1, of the baby is smaller you will probably need more of the newborn size.

    Hooded towels – I didn’t want the hooded towels because you can’t do as much with them as you can regular towels, but we got some as a gift so I’ll use them. I’ll let you know how that goes.

    Seat saver – I looked into these and while there are saftey concerns with using them, there are alternatives. The one we use in my parents car for my nephews is a thin relieving blanket. It’s thin enough that it won’t compromise the safety straps and thick enough to protect the seats from dents.

    Ergo baby carrier/Moby wrap – I tried to make a Moby wrap using a tutorial I found online. I don’t think I have the body to wear a baby lol, but a diy Moby wrap isn’t hard to make. I did find at target the infantino carrier was comparable in size and style to the ergo baby carrier but was only a fraction of the price.

    Medela pump – after talking to a lot of people and doing tons of research, I came across a few suggestions. The first was to go for the standard pump in style advance and buy the accessories separately such as the insulated bottle bag. The pump is small enough that it can go in the diaper bag or another small bag so that you don’t have to carry multiple bags with you. The ameba purely yours also has great reviews and is significantly less money,

    Head hugger – I have heard that these seriously compromise the safety of the seat. My suggestion would be to cover the baby with a thick blanket and drape another blanket over the top.

    Lanolin – the Lansinoh brand lanolin is way better than the Medela one, but I prefer the mama angel nipple butter to the lanolin. It’s 100% natural, safe to use while breast feeding and lasts better/feels better IMO.

    Swaddle blankets – these were a great idea, but after testing them out on various newborns throughout my recent life, personally feel that using a receiving blanket as a swaddled allows for a more custom fit.

    A few added items we got that aren’t on your list: I recommend getting the tub new. You never know what has gone on in the tub as far as bodily fluids and what not.

    • Thanks for your tips! Yeah, we’ve ex-nayed a bunch of things on the list after the feedback we got. I’m gonna try out a couple of wraps/carriers before buying any, no car seat saver, no liners, no hooded towels, no tub…. We decided after much discussion, that we’d go without the super baby specific, but unnecessary stuff. For example, we will try bathing Dumplin’ in some shallow water in the tub or sink, and see how that goes. Normal towels will probably be fine too. We just don’t want excessive “stuff” laying around that may or may not be that necessary.

      • Could I also suggest getting a pack n play that had a bassinet? That way it is multifunctional. The one we got has a portable napper that flips over to be a changing table, a removable bassinet and the pack n play.

      • No- the bassinet is so that the baby can sleep beside us in the bedroom- for ease of nursing (our bed isn’t big enough nor safe for baby to sleep in).

  25. Wow so much feedback, I didn’t read it all so I hope someone didn’t already say this, but we hate our one and only bumkins cover. It seriously has like a million snaps. We also have some liners and have never used them. We may next time we go on a short trip, but I’ve heard they are more work than they are worth for daily use. Some people love them though.

      • Yeah, it just takes a long time to put on because there are so many snaps. It isn’t a huge deal (just annoying) when he is in a liking diaper changes phase, but most of his life he’s strongly expressed his disdain for diaper changes. We love rumparooz, best bottoms, and grovia so far

  26. Wow. So many comments. Without having read any of them, my feedback:

    1. I don’t know anyone who has had success with the Ergo infant insert. Ergo, yes, (though others swear by the Boba instead), insert, no. We used/are using the Moby wrap (others swear by K’tan because it’s less effort) for our newborns, but also just got the Moby Aria which seems to be spectacular.

    2. Extra sheets and pads for the crib so you can double layer. Awesome for pulling off wet/messy stuff without having to change things in the middle of the night.

    3. Consider the Woombie in addition to the swaddles.

    4. Cloth diapers are risky as an upfront purchase until you know what works for your kid’s particular body shape and your own preference on diapering technique. My local diaper store had a trial-to-own program which was awesome. Plus we switched types after a few months (prefolds to pockets).

    5. After #1 we realized that a lower weight limit on the bucket seat was fine because we switched to the convertible so early. For #2 we went with the absolute lightest model for the sake of our arms (actual seat weight not baby weight–but it correlates).

    Maybe more later–I skimmed on my phone so probably missed something (lots of somethings I suspect).

    • Thanks for the tips! Yeah, I am making a bunch of fitted cloth diapers and am gonna buy one of a couple different brands of covers. A friend is also gifting us her “Tuck and Go” covers, so I’ll make inserts for those if they work for Dumplin’. I can also sell what doesn’t fit him well. My idea with the sheets is to put on two sets so that we can just strip and not have to deal with making the bed again. I’ve also taken all carriers off our list until I’ve tried a couple and found one I like. Two friends are lending us a Moby, Beco, and Kangaroo to try.

  27. Haha. I was going to comment on this, but it seems you’ve received a LOT of advice already. People sure are passionate about baby stuff! I’ll highlight the things that I think may still be worth mentioning…

    We loved our Ergo, but love our Tula more. It might be worth going into a store like Ava’s Appletree in the Beaches to try on a few styles and see what suits you guys the best before investing.

    Depending how much you think you will pump you may want to look into renting from the hospital. My wife used our Medela pump a fair bit and liked it. I barely used it at all (but also thought it worked well). Again, may be better to wait on investing so much money on something you may rarely use.

    Cuddle bags, as others have said, are unsafe.

    You might want to consider a stroller like a MountainBuggy since you seem to be out on trails a good bit. Big wheels are awesome.

    We loved Thirsties covers (though the white will stain) but go with the snaps rather than hook and loop. šŸ™‚

    That’s all!

    • Thanks for the advice! Any idea how much hospitals rent out Medelas for? I was also thinking of buying second hand and replacing all of the non-sterilizable parts like tubing. We found out we might be gifted a third hand Bob stroller, and after some time with the babe, we might be able to get something also suited for our recreational hobbies. Until then, I will probably baby wear him on our walks if that works.

  28. I haven’t read any of the other comments, so I’m sure it’s been said: but definitely get the wet bags. I had a small, medium and large and they really come in handy for the cloth diapers, especially when you’re on the go.

    This list looks great! Re: the pump – sometimes insurance pays for a new one. Check to see if that’s something your insurance does, if you haven’t laready!

  29. We also swore by the Miracle Blanket. Seriously. It was the only way we got any sleep at all for about 4 months. I also have a pdf of the swaddling technique that changed my life – I can send it if you want it. Learning to do a proper swaddle was a game changer with our super fussy girl, along with the Happiest Baby on the Block album we got off itunes (we often joked that we may build an altar to Harvey Karp in our home).

    I also bought a secondhand Medela and it was fine, but not as good as the hospital grade pump we rented for the first two months.

    I borrowed a Moby for the first few months and it was great. I also vastly preferred the Beco Soleil over other carriers because I have narrow shoulders and the ability to cross the straps made a big difference with my comfort. Second Ava’s Appletree, trying things on is important!

    • Thanks for the tips! I added the Miracle Blanket to our registry just now šŸ™‚ How much was it to rent the Medela from the hospital? Cute about the music. I will have to look for that album!

      • I’ll send the pdf right now. The pump was about $100 a month, I think. We didn’t plan on renting but I had a lot of difficulty establishing my milk supply and the pump (and herbs) made a big difference.

        The Happiest Baby album is this amazing collection of white noise tracks, some for calming a screaming baby and some for sleeping. We played the “hair dryer” track every time Moose cried for quite a few months – I had it on my phone and we listened to it in the car. We still use the sleep track on repeat overnight. Best $9.99 I ever spent, hands-down!

  30. you have some great selections here and a lot of feedback. it can all get overwhelming. My two cents.. we initially got the Ergo 360.. because it’s the latest and new features.. but it uses velcro to secure it and when you undo the velcro it’s loud.. waking up a sleeping baby loud. Also it doesn’t have a pouch in front for phones, keys or wallet when you’re hiking or just not wanting to carry a purse. we now have the Ergo original. no velcro and small pouch in front. we love it. I’ve heard great things about the 360.. but that’s my personal experience. i think the seat cover is a must to not damage the seats. it’s a little tough to secure the car seat, but once secure just don’t remove it.. we haven’t in two months in fear of not re-securing it properly. Buying and receiving and organizing and eventually using all the baby stuff is sooo fun!

      • now that’s the way to go! every baby is so different and you’ll like something different than others. so hard to get it right before hand! šŸ™‚

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