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21 Weeks

I’m sitting in our yard, watching our plants grow, as I thumb type this post. Today is one of the few days this week which is not super humid. I was up early this morning, and took the dogs to the conservation area for a hike. It was breezy and cool, so I wasn’t as uncomfortable as I have been on our walks lately. The mosquitoes were bad though, as they usually are in the woods, so I still spray copious amounts of my own homemade bug spray (witch hazel and essential oils). 

I’m also sitting in the yard supervising the dogs, which I don’t normally have to do because they are so well-behaved. However, Juno was barking all morning in the yard (unusual), so I went to check on what she was barking about, and low and behold, I see this:

  It seems that a critter is living on the other side of the fence, and I speculate that Juno was trying to be all heroic and shit and wanted to kill the critter for us (her other mother has been very supportive of her natural killer instinct). She is a non-destructive dog, but a couple of years ago, she did something similar and chewed through a thick rain barrel to get at a ground hog hiding underneath it. The dog is stubborn as hell. I am not, so it’s very frustrating trying to train her when she’s got a bee under her bonnet. We don’t really know the neighbours on that side very well- they are renting the house from their uncle who owns it. I am not sure how it’s all gonna play out, but we will definitely have to pay to repair that part of the fence. With an imminent province-wide teacher strike (ie. No paychecks for either of us in September/October), and a baby on the way, we didn’t really need another bill to deal with. We have already cancelled our cable, DW hopes to teach some days in summer school, and I will be pausing my acupuncture treatments (paid out of pocket) to off-set some of the future financial instability. 

Otherwise things are good. I’ve got so much energy these days. I’m lifting weights (no cardio) every other day, and taking the dogs out every other to every day, and haven’t needed a single nap this week. This is all despite the shitty sleep that I’m getting too! Some evenings, I’m so energetic that I can’t sit down to enjoy an episode of Orange is the New Black (I’m also not impressed with the season so far either). 

I’m also a bit anxious again these days. I’m not sure where it’s coming from, but I know that this anxiety is common and tends to drive pregnant women’s nesting instincts, which is definitely true for me. I’ve sewn a ton of stuff for Dumplin’ already, and DW thinks I need to slow down or take a break from it. I’ve also been clearing out stuff from the room that is going to be his nursery, and hope for everything to be moved by the end of next week. DW’s dad and her will spend some time painting in a couple of weeks, and I’ll be sent to the cottage with the dogs to be clear of the paint toxins. I’m still working out what colours we would like for his room, but I know we want something gender neutral and likely some kind of grey or warm cream colour. I like this colour scheme, but we’ll have to see how everything comes together and then add accents. 

  The crib is oak but I might have DW paint it white to match with the dresser/change table and antique dresser that are both white. I hate the idea of painting an original oak crib, so maybe I won’t care if it doesn’t match. Nothing in our house really matches anyway. Today, I’m going to look (and possibly bring home) this pre-loved blue glider and ottoman from another mother. 

As for my bump, here’s a photo from today. It doesn’t look any different from last week or even from three weeks ago, but the scale says I’m steadily gaining about a pound a week. I’m not packing on the pounds like I was when I was on the prednisone though. 

  Speaking of meds, my thyroid has been doing really well. My TSH is 0.66 and T4 is 9.0 on only 12.5mcg per day. My endocrinologist wants me to drop my dose to 12.5mcg every other day and then retest in two weeks and then four weeks. If my TSH stays lower than 2, she wants me to go off of the Synthroid completely! 

Dumplin’s kicks have been felt more and more each day. I was washing dishes a couple of days ago and kept buckling over because I was startled by his strong kicks. Mostly his kicks are inward, but sometimes (rarely) they are towards the outside. DW felt him from the outside once this week. We plan to put him in muay thai when he’s old enough (not kidding).

Things are good. School is wrapping up next week, and Toronto Pride is just around the corner. We’re not sure if we will head down because it’s such a hot and sweaty mess even when not pregnant, but maybe. You know what would be great? Meeting up with some local bloggers for brunch/lunch on the Saturday of Pride. Any takers?

67 thoughts on “21 Weeks

  1. Ugh added expenses. We’ve had vehicle repairs for both vehicles and a broken front window to deal with this month. Not expected at all. Hope the fence is an easy fix. You are looking wonderful! The kicks keep getting stronger and stronger. I notice them all the time now.

    • Yeah my wife is pretty handy so I hope she can find some way to replace that section without having to replace the entire fence. Car repairs always suck. We just serviced the Subaru last month and it came to over 2 grand. Eek. We’re also putting in new shutters for our big bay window because Clementine has a barking problem- she barks at people and dogs ACROSS the street even! Clearly she takes her job as an alarm dog very seriously now that a baby is on the way. Do your chi’s bark a lot? The kicks are awesome! I don’t have a Doppler, so it’s the only way that I know he’s in there. Is your baby more active at certain times of the day- that you’ve noticed?

      • Our chi Max is a major barker. We have blinds on the front window too. He hates our one neighbour even though we have lived here for 5 years. We end up having to toss him inside if they are in their backyard. Yes, the baby is always active around noon and then again in the evening. I don’t have a Doppler either so the kicks are definitely reassuring. Let’s hope we both don’t have any more unexpected expenses!

      • Awww Max. It’s a chihuahua thing I guess. Mexican alarm dogs. Clem didn’t used to bark at all when we lived in a condo downtown, but then when we moved to the ‘burbs I guess she felt a sense of ownership and a need to protect our home. It’s funny, the psychology of all of it. Dumplin’ is most active around 5pm, and I notice him more when I’m standing for some reason. Maybe he doesn’t like getting squished by my abs.

  2. I’d be up for a meet up. Not sure if lunch is a realistic expectation with two littles in tow, one of whom naps at noon… but if you want to meet earlier for tea we could grab a cup and then head over to the Family Pride set up. Maybe some others would also join?

  3. I love your dogs so much! haha they make me happy. I’m sorry to hear abt all of the unexpected but it will all work out one way or another. your arms are super toned!!!! Loving the baby bump!

    • Thank you- for all the compliments! Yes, our dogs crack us up too. We’re so lucky that they’re so good 99.9% of the time. It’s funny about my arms- I work out every body part equally, and my legs are so much stronger and build muscle mass a lot easier than my upper body, no matter what I do lol. My arms are my weak area, so I truly appreciate the compliment. My bump doesn’t seem to have outwardly grown in the past three weeks, but I am happy that it looks like it’s a baby bump and not a beer belly!

  4. That energy burst is awesome, take it! I wish I had known that anxiety were somewhat normal with pregnancy. It hit me pretty hard early and for a year after though there was a bit to be anxious and worried about. I also had road rage and other anger issues that an acupuncturist friend prescribed herbs for. Wish I could take them now but they have mint! Are you able to get low VOC paints? I am really sensitive to smells and they are very worth it. Offgassing can take a long time.

    • Anxiety is the worst. I’d take depression over anxiety. It makes me feel like I’m stuck in a hamster wheel even though there’s nothing to worry about. I used to do hard sprints everyday to exhaust myself so that I didn’t have it in me to worry, but clearly that isn’t safe while pregnant lol. I’m sorry to hear you had anxiety for so long too.

      Yes, we are able to get low VOC paints, but I’m very sensitive and would rather just get lost at the lake for a week for all the vapours to disperse. Plus, they are so much more expensive! Do you think a week is long enough?

  5. I think it takes months or more to disperse fully, especially for the sensitive system of a baby. That is one of the causes of SIDS, VOCs from paint, furniture, mattresses, plastics, etc. I would buy the low VOC paint for peace of mind.

  6. You look beautiful! I am suffering the same thing with sorting and anxiety. I have had a bad couple of days stressing about getting rid of things and making more space and none of is happening fast enough. The fence is a pain, but all unexpected bills are. I hope the two month strike isn’t too hard on you both. I wish I had your energy! Just need to shake the last of this cold/sinus thing and I’ll be well away, hopefully.

    • Thank you for the compliment. The energy has been wonderful, and is perfectly timed with the end of the school year, so DW and I will have the summer off to get nursery preparations done and enjoy some time at our cottage. I also need to prepare material for the physics courses that I’ll be teaching in Sept. So there’s lots to be done! I hope you get well soon so that you can start feeling like yourself again.

  7. I’m so glad to hear you’re got that awesome boost of energy. You’ve been so productive!

    You are carrying so beautiful, D! (Do you use your name on here? I never type your full name, just in case). I knew you’d rock pregnancy, and you absolutely are.

    I’m not going to Pride but if there’s a small blogger get together, Evie and I might be up for it!

    • Thanks Linds! I don’t really use my full name here, but D is okay 🙂 It’s interesting how content I am with my preggo body actually. I was terrified of what it would be like, but so far, it’s been okay. Yeah, we’ll see what we can plan for a get together. Any ideas? Would you two be into family pride stuff or no pride stuff at all?

  8. You are looking fantastic!! I hear you about the extra costs right now, man it’s so freaking unfair that we have to face these types of bills to create our families, and then be stuck with unexpected other things that we have to find the money to pay for! For us, that was our basement flood – it’s almost all back together and looks great, but I am beyond bitter at how much it has cost us in the end – it wasn’t in the budget, just like your fence repair.
    I totally wish I could join in the Toronto meeting up, I am sure you will have so much fun!! 🙂

    • I agree. I am trying to save money by buying things second hand though (which jives better with me from a consumerism standpoint too). I’m so happy that I scored that glider and ottoman (plus a nursing pillow that the seller threw in for free) for $75 (instead of the $300 originally paid 4 years ago). People have also been generous with lending or passing down things (e.g. Blogger StartedIntheBelly). Hopefully, people will be as gracious with you guys and your baby too!

      It would be awesome if you could join us. Maybe one day we will have to organize something just for your visit! There are a lot of us in the Toronto area.

  9. You impress & inspire me! I got my go ahead from my doctor to start with my personal trainer, but not without a caveat. No running or bouncy cardio and no heavy weights, and if my cervical length ends up being somewhat short already, I have to stop much of it. :s I wish we could make it to Toronto pride and meet up with you guys! We’ll be missing both Vancouver & Montreal again this year because of our trip timing. Happy for you about the kicks! Exciting!

    • Yay for getting back to being active again! I don’t do any cardio or anything bouncy either. I do lift heavy, but nothing as heavy as I was before. I’m not lifting hard enough to be sore at all the next day either, so I am sure my weights are appropriate. I just like to feel a pump in my muscles. You will feel so good once you’re back at it.

      We will have to find a way to do a meet up that you can come to too one day! It would be so amazing to meet in person.

      • I’m afraid my allergies are turning into a child, but it’s too late to cancel my appointment with the trainer now. :s I’ll suck it up & go anyway, as my sniffles haven’t been as bad in the mornings. I’m so looking forward to feeling some strength again!

  10. Nice bump – you look great! Glad to hear things are going well, minus the anxiety.
    We could use a Juno – groundhogs keep digging under our fence and eating our kale and mesclun mix, and our cat (who watches from the porch) is an ineffective deterrent!
    I’m also a bit disappointed by OITNB this season.

    • Yes, Juno is quite the groundhog hunter. In fact, one summer, she killed 9 of them! They also tunnel into our yard and demolish our kale, brusselsprouts, cauliflower, and carrot tops. They seem to love brassicas. They don’t ever touch our onions, tomatoes or exotic veggies though. I guess young brassicas are super sweet.

      Have you watched Wentworth? It’s another women’s prison show, and I actually enjoyed it more than OITNB.

      • Yeah, groundhogs do seem to be all about the brassicas! Though they haven’t touched my pak choi for some reason…

        Yes, we’ve been watching Wentworth, too! Funny how different the two shows are, despite the prison commonality. All of the Australian TV I’ve seen (television broadcast In NZ is largely Aussie or British) is really good – but Wentworth and Offspring (a show about a socially awkward obstetrician and her large dysfunctional family) are two of my favs.

      • Is Offspring on Netflix too? The beetles always get our bok choy and Napa cabbage 😦 and since we don’t use pesticides, we just stopped planting them because there wasn’t anything left after they’d eat holes through it!

      • Offspring’s not on Netflix,we were streaming it from tubeplus after seeing it in NZ.

        Last year our napa and pak choi were devoured by earwigs, so I wasn’t going to plant them again, but I let a pak choi go to seed and now this year we have tons of them in a clump – and weirdly, no earwigs or cabbage moths are attacking them! Fingers crossed. I’m tempted to try growing napa again, because I’m a big kimchi fan…

      • Yeah, we use napa a lot too (and love home fermenting). If you like brassicas, you can try gai lan or kai lan too- you harvest it like you would kale (not clear cut, but branch by branch), and it tastes like broccoli with a much shorter number of days to harvest.

      • Cool, I will look into those! I’m growing rapini for its speediness, but it is a bit bitter, which I like but Di doesn’t (at least not lately). I’ve never met a brassica I didn’t like 🙂

  11. You look so amazing! I’m glad you have lots of energy. I soooo want to go to Pride and meet you guys! It’s a little far away I guess. It was weird to miss west hollywood pride, but at the same time, natural in the state I’m in and we are in. We’ll go next year with the baby, but this year it’s hard for me to even get dressed and leave the house! Do whatever feels right for you!

    My little girl sends a few kicks to your little boy 🙂

    • Thanks friend! I agree. It would be awesome to meet you guys at Pride. It’ll be a different experience for you next year, taking Glitter too! It’ll be so awesome still though. Does West Hollywood have big family pride events? I believe that Toronto has something, but not sure of how big it is. Thanks for the kicks Glitter! Dumplin’ loves it!

      • Awww to the baby kicks! I’m not sure about Pride and family events, probably. Just going to the parade would be fun although very different from the usual drunken mimosa-soaked fun of previous years!

      • It’s pretty crowded at our pride parades, so unless there’s a designated kid area, it would be so hard to see! You can still have Mimosas when she’s here 😉 J definitely can lol

      • Yeah dark beer = good breastfeeding! By the way I’ve had more colostrum and haven’t even shared that with Jen because we’re still having sex, so I’m telling you! Thankfully on the days we have sex it hasn’t happened, but the next day it does. Maybe nipple stimulation causes it. Sorry if that’s tmi!

      • We’ve talked to our midwife about this a lot. She feels that if your body is READY to go into labor, then sure, nipple stimulation can help move things along, but from what I’ve read, it would have to be a lot, like an hour, and most women use an actual breast pump, so a little stimulation from your partner probably wouldn’t do much. If your body isn’t ready to go into labor, then our midwife feels that sex and nipple play is safe and can be great for the pregnancy to relax your body and feel connected to your partner. So play away! Of course, some women experience a lot of contractions afterwards. I don’t think I’ve felt anything out of the ordinary, just happy and relaxed afterwards 🙂

      • That’s a great perspective. I haven’t noticed contractions, but I do find that my uterus clenches or tightens up for a few minutes after an orgasm. Do you find the same?

      • Yes a little, and I think what you’re describing actually are practice contractions, Braxton hicks are just your uterus expanding and contracting.

      • No I think it’s normal to have them anytime in pregnancy. I’m no expert and I can’t even tell if what I’m having is them, but I think so. I watched a YouTube video describing them and that helped!

      • I don’t know if I ever replied to this because I wrote a reply but have a new iPhone that keeps messing up and not sending things. Anyway, I love the baby kick exchange! Yes, Pride and everything else in our lives will be different! And amazing! Xoxo

  12. Ah, dogs. I’m sorry about the unnecessary expense compliments of Juno. 😦

    You look great! It’s so awesome to hear how well you’re feeling and that you have such amazing energy levels. Way to rock pregnancy!

    • Thanks! Yes, the dog was just being a dog, so it’s hard to be mad at her. It also turns out that that part of the fence was actually non-continuous there, and she had just undone a seam, so DW is planning to just take some pliers over and re-close it. Phew! Not as bad as I thought it was gonna be!

      I’m so grateful to be feeling so good. I hope it lasts a while. The only issue is sleep, but I’ve given into daily night time Benedryl, which when properly timed, is helping a bit.

  13. Glad you are escaping the paint fumes. We didn’t paint the boys room for that reason and also why I left his cot unpainted and varnished etc. we just sanded it. The only things that got painted were an old wardrobe and a bookshelf and my dad did it with enamel and we left them out of the house for about 4 weeks. They still smelt a bit when we bought them in. I was a little disappointed about not painting everything to match as I would have liked his nursery to look a bit more cohesive, and painting would have been through Bly option since we were using mismatched recycled stuff, but avoiding toxins was them pat important thing for us – and we couldn’t afford new furniture etc.

    • I figure, all interior design and tidiness will go out the window when baby comes, so there’s no point in painting the oak crib lol. The walls however, are a dark wine colour, which I hate, so that’ll for are get painted. I agree though. Toxins are not a myth!

    • Maybe we’ll have to do a meet up on another weekend. Lindsay and Evie also are not so into Pride. I’ll send out a FB message sometime this week and see if there’s a date that works for everyone 🙂

  14. I’d meet up with you if I lived nearby! One of the things I miss about living in CT was going to the NYC Pride parade. I’m sorry about the Teacher’s Strikes. There’s been a war against Teacher’s going on here in WI since our Governor took office and it’s awful. If it wasn’t for my family and me not wanting to leave them again, J and I would move somewhere a little more teacher friendly. WI used to be one of the best in the nation as far as education and now we’re at the bottom of the list. 😦 Love that you have so much energy. You have way more energy pregnant than I do, not pregnant, lol.

  15. Those crazy puppies! Did they actually do that to the fence? And what the hell kinda “critter” was back there???? I hope they got it though, because honestly, anything that’s “critterish” i really don’t like, especially if it gets into your garden, or worse, your house!!! Give them each an extra scratch for me. I wish I were closer so that we could go hang out for pride. It would be so fun! But getting permission for Mary, and a passport for 3 kids would not be feasible…although I’m pretty sure a Birth Certificate and SS Card would be ok, but getting permission is the hard part. Wish we were closer! And look at the bump! Glad Dumplin’ is making his presence a lot more known now…so cute! I know I’m a good 12 weeks away from that, but I can’t wait! Glad all your levels are staying well below the range…all good stuff friend, all good stuff!

    • Thanks friend! Yes, Juno did that to the fence. In her defense though, it turns out that there was a seam there anyways, so she just loosened the wires connecting it, she didn’t actually rip the wires (thank goodness- her poor gums if she had!).

      I bet you guys would be a riot to hang out with at Pride. When’s NYC pride? Maybe we will head down next year with Dumplin’.

      I can’t wait for your pregnancy posts!!

      • NYC Pride is usually the last weekend in June (this coming weekend) will all the Marches on saturday and the Parade and PrideFest ( a street fair) downtown in the Village. It’s always a good time! We were gonna take the kids this year, but unfortunately, we will be away next weekend. My parents rented a house in the Poconos for all of us (like we do every year) so we wont be able to make it. If you guys come down, we’ll make room for ya in our apartment, somewhere. The more the merrier!

      • That’s awesome! It’s the same weekend as Toronto’s Pride. We will keep that in the back of our minds for next June. Have fun in the Poconos!

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