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21.5 Weeks: I Spoke too Soon

Not 24 hours after proclaiming how much wonderful energy I had, did it all come tumbling down. I am so tired again every afternoon, and have been napping to get through each day. I have also noticed an increase in my appetite, and have added another meal to my day, which tells me that maybe Dumplin’ is going through a growth spurt. 

Also, I’ve totally finished my stash of Diclectin (Diclegis) and have been dry heaving once or twice a day again. Ugh. I’m almost 22 weeks! Why am I still so nauseous?! With that, has returned some food aversions, particularly of the chicken variety, which sucks because chicken had become a healthy staple in my diet, bringing my protein count up. Now, I wanna gag anytime I think about it. Yuck!

Today, I met with our union’s parental leave person, who went through the whole paperwork process with me and explained how everything works. I’m feeling pretty excited about all of it, but there is a lot of paperwork, which makes me a bit nervous. At my next midwife appointment (tomorrow), I will have to get a signed letter confirming Dumplin’s due date, which will be sent to my principal as well as the school board, as the first step in initiating this process. The rest of it kind of happens once I have started my leave, and then when Dumplin’ actually arrives. My plan is to teach in September and October, as long as I am physically comfortable doing so. Once things start becoming really uncomfortable, I might be able to take some time off before his due date, if medically necessary. 

Questions for y’all: 

1. By how many weeks were you becoming physically uncomfortable at work?

2. How close to your due date did you (or do you plan to) work until?

3. How much time do you feel would’ve been ideal to have off before baby’s due date?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

Now I will leave you with photos of some cute things that I’ve sewn recently for Dumplin’: Waterproof PUL wet diaper bags (one is for him and one is for my swim stuff).   3-Layer flannel fox print bandana drool bibs, white organic bamboo microfleece soakers (size large and small), and flannel PJ’s.

 Linen newborn kimono.

Lastly, I think our registry is pretty well done. We hammered out details, read reviews, and debated between our wants vs. needs, and also left out things we can probably get second hand. Woohoo!

Have a great Monday!

65 thoughts on “21.5 Weeks: I Spoke too Soon

  1. I found I always got more tired and hungrier when my babies were growing in utero. That must be it!

    I took my leave starting at 36 weeks, and I am SO GLAD I did. At that point not only was I uncomfortable, but I was TIRED and hormonal and not at all “there” mentally – my head was solely on my baby and the year ahead. I think 3 weeks off leading up to due date is best, unless you’re the sort who gets bored easily and/or needs a lot of mental stimulation.

    I love that little kimono! OMG…my heart just melted!

    • Thanks for sharing. I think that I will definitely need the downtime before he comes too. With our shower being Sept 13th, I will be in full school mode (it’s a very busy state) and won’t be able to put things away or organize until I’m off. I don’t get bored at home, but do get overwhelmed easily lol.

      I love the kimono too. We had some old linen pants that we recycled to make it πŸ™‚

      • I’m the same – I never get bored at home. I love my own company, books, the Internet, knitting, etc! It’ll be a busy time for you come Fall, but that’ll hopefully help the time pass quickly!

      • Yup, and I will be at a school that I love, teaching a subject that I love πŸ™‚ So hopefully it won’t be too bad. Stairs though… There are a lot of stairs lol.

  2. Your sewing is positively fantastic! I love all of the little things you’re making.

    As for maternity leave, at 36 weeks, I am physically and mentally done with work. Sleep just gets progressively worse, and getting through the work day uses pretty much every ounce of energy I have. I am uncomfortable sitting, standing and walking, all of which are pretty much required for the work day. In a perfect world, I think I’d start my leave at 37 weeks, but I’m planning on going to 38. For me, it’s mostly about having a chance to rest my body before baby comes so that delivery and recovery go as smoothly as possible.

    • Thanks for sharing. I’m sorry you’re so uncomfortable. My midwife said that most people become uncomfortable by about 34 weeks. You are a trooper working until 38 weeks! I hope the next couple of weeks goes smoothly. PS- did you guys do any birth preparation classes? I’m curious to hear what people’s experiences with them have been.

      • So far all I’ve managed to squeeze in is a breastfeeding class (worth it). We’re taking a baby care class on Wednesday night, and then a birth class this coming weekend. I will let you know how it goes! We’re a bit late to the birth education game, but better late than never, I suppose.

      • Catch hates them too! She’s especially pissy about having to spend the whole weekend in class when there are so many things at home that we need to be doing.

  3. I wanted to work right up until the end, only because I wanted to max out the time I would have with my baby before going back to work. This time I would like to finish sooner, but my probation at work ends only 3 weeks before my EDD so I need to push it as long as this baby can stay comfy in me so I don’t miss out on the amazing mat leave top up they offer to permanent employees who are no longer on probation. I’ll take those 3 weeks if baby isn’t already here,but I don’t foresee making it that far. Rambling! I was comfortable until the end, though again I only made it to 35w3d in the office, and I had client meetings scheduled for a few hours after my water broke the next morning. If I were thinking I’d actually make it to the end, I’d take 2 weeks off. I don’t think that was very helpful!

    • Lol. No, it’s good to hear different stories. I wish there was a way to predict more accurately when babies are coming. Were you or your siblings early? I think I wanted out on time, but I better ask my mom again lol. For us, you get your full 52 weeks of mat leave from the date of the baby’s birth or the baby’s EDD, whichever is earlier. So if you have to go on sick leave because you’re so uncomfortable, it shouldn’t affect your 52 weeks. I know Quebec is a bit different for just about everything, but if it’s safe to see your HR person about mat leave soon, I’d find out how it works for your company and your province.

      • Oh yeah if I were to go on preventative leave that’s different from if I just choose to start it early. I think you have 52 weeks from as early as 26 weeks pregnant, for voluntarily starting mat leave early. If I had to stop because of health reasons then it would be covered under disability until baby’s birth when mat leave would start.

  4. Argh, I am sorry to hear you’re feeling so crappy. The clothes look fantastic though. I am a bit confused on your work situation, so are you still on medical leave at the moment but plan to return in September?

    About the questions: 1. never really, after I got a big inflatable birthing ball instead of a chair to bounce/sit on at my desk. I prefered my cool office for July/August over my AC-less home and while teaching I sometimes put my feet on an extra chair and let willing students carry my books/laptop/projector/stuff. Everybody was very accomodating to the huge preggo lady. 2. 34 weeks, which is when everybodys maternity leave starts here (salary fully paid by health insurance, so of course I took advantage of the time off to organize stuff, increase my Yoga routine and fill the freezer with meals) I have lots of good memories of this time. If it had meant a loss of incime I would have continued longer. 3. About 2-3 weeks, just to make sure I was well rested.
    However I think this really depends on how each mom is feeling, some of my friends in our birthing class were really done and some even begged for inductions whereas I was a week late and fairly contend, just wanting to meet the boy finally.

    • The school year is pretty well over, so I’m finishing off my leave from work. My plan is to go back in September to teach for two more months (or until Dumplin’ arrives). I was successful in transferring to a different school, which is a much better fit for me- I’ll be 7 mins from home (as opposed to 40), and I’ll be teaching physics, which is more my specialty than is teaching a special education program. Thanks for the advice! I wish we had as good of a maternity leave plan as you do! Ours is pretty good, but we only get a small amount of money, which ends up being about 29% of my annual salary, and only for a year. I don’t think it will be a problem to go off a couple of weeks early. But in order to have it not affect my mat leave length, I will need medical justification for going off early, which from how uncomfortable I hear the end is, shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Haha thanks! Me too. I hope he’s growing lots. I am loving the sewing so much right now! It’s a creative outlet for me, much like cooking and baking. But with food aversions returning, cooking has been less appealing to me!

  5. Wow, you are really talented! The baby clothes you made look like better quality than store-bought! Wish I had that skill…

  6. I’ve also starving lately! Definitely think he is having a growth spurt. Do you want more Diclectin? I can send you my left overs? As for mat leave, I’ve said I’m taking 2 weeks vacation prior to my due date. But since work is stressful right now, I’d complate going off sooner if it starts to affect my pregnancy.

    • Do you notice less kicking with a growth spurt (like he’s sleeping more)? I am noticing less kicking. Thanks for the Diclectin offer. I can easily get some more though, so it’s okay. So thoughtful of you! Yeah, two weeks sounds good, especially if you’re still able to work from home.

  7. That kimono is soooo freaking cute! I want one! You’re so crafty. I don’t have a ton of knowledge yet, but here’s what I can offer: I had morning sickness until 19 weeks, then it came back around 28 weeks. I’m so sorry you’re still struggling with it 😦 it’s such a horrible feeling. I don’t remember when I became uncomfortable at work. The worst part is getting up early and having to put nice clothes on. Once at work I’m okay, but have to take it easy due to leg cramps, nausea, and my stomach feeling huge. I’m leaving my job two weeks before my due date because my job is very stressful, which I know everyone’s is! I’d like to leave one week before, but my partner feels more comfortable having me home for awhile first to prepare my body. AND you are soooooo lucky to have a year off for your baby! I would do anything. I read these posts about how sad it is for our new mom friends to go back to work and it breaks my heart, I’m glad you live in canada!

    • Yes, we are really lucky in Canada. Though, it also varies depending on our employer. Our jobs are protected for 52 weeks after the birth, but we are not necessarily paid during our time off. Some people qualify for unemployment insurance for the duration of their leave, but it’s not much money. Definitely not enough to live off of. Some employers top up your unemployment insurance to a certain amount, but not all do. Ours does only for 8 weeks, whereas the police force tops up for the entire year. But in the end, everyone still gets the year protected, and time is invaluable.

      • Yes, bonding time with the baby is definitely invaluable! It’s good that in your profession you get paid some, but I thought it was for the whole year; 8 weeks isn’t enough! California pays 55% of your usual income for disability and I’m hoping to see that money!

      • Interesting. I always thought Canada had PAID full year of maternity leave, and wondered how on earth the country could afford that, so it makes sense that it’s not all as perfect as I thought, but it’s good that you can keep your job for a full year.

      • Well, the 1500 is paid for the full year if you qualify (have been paying into unemployment insurance), like we do. A lot of people don’t get it paid though- those who haven’t worked enough, the self-employed, and those who haven’t been paying into it.

      • Yes, we are lucky. I am planning to take the year or even longer, depending on if we can afford it. Our employer has a good mat leave contract- we can extend our leave for a total of 3 years with full job protection. However, we just can’t claim unemployment insurance beyond the first year. So basically if we don’t need my income, I could stay off longer.

      • Ugh I’m so jealous I can’t even respond to this! Just kidding. It’s rally wonderful that you get to spend so much time with the baby! Even if I could take a year, I probably wouldn’t because I want to save money so we can take a long vacation in Italy next year. It sounds amazing though – we worked hard to have these babies and leaving them at “daycare” all day is pointless!

      • Yeah I know. I wish everyone had this option. A trip to Italy with Glitter sounds wonderful! How much does daycare cost over there? It’s pretty expensive here, ranging from 1200 to 1500 per month. That’s like half of my take-home!

      • Yeah. Canada seems to have an inflated reputation with respect to maternity leave, but many countries in Europe treat their mothers much better- 24 months paid leave with major subsidies for day care as well. It’s a shame that the U.S. Is so behind, but Canada is only a bit better because our leaves are a year instead of 6-8 weeks or whatever it is over there.

      • Sorry for the delayed response!mYes I read Bringing up Bebe and learned that France has these great daycares paid for by the government! My question is, where does the government get that money for it and for the long maternity leaves?

      • Well, my guess is that they prioritize programs like this in their budget. Canada and the US spend a lot of money on military presence internationally and in wars, and I think that a lot of those socially progressive countries in Europe don’t. That’s just a guess though.

      • Many daycares here won’t even take babies until they are 18 months! I can’t imagine what daycares over there are like if they’re all filled with itty bitty babies. 3-4 months sounds longer than average for the States. It’ll be the best 12 weeks of your life!

      • Haha yeah they are filled with itty bitty babies! Although a lot of people have family to help, which we don’t unless our mothers stay for awhile, but we don’t have anywhere for them to live !

      • Yeah, that’s the same as us- no family close by to help out. It’s frustrating, but also means DW and I (and you and J) will be an even better functioning team!

  8. I was wondering if it would make more sense for you financially to start your leave at the start of the school year in the event of a strike? Carter’s due date was right after a 2 week closure at the university so I worked until 38 weeks. For Dylan I decided I wanted to enjoy my summer so I went ahead and started my leave at 37 weeks so I had some time with Carter. I would’ve been fine working but I was pretty mentally checked out. I personally hated being off before Carter was born because I was pretty bored (it was the dead of winter) but I think a summer or fall baby I wouldn’t hesitate to take some time before and get out and do things.

    • I have a friend due at the beginning of October, and she is starting her leave at the beginning of Sept (so she’s not returning in the fall). It works for her because she’s pregnant with twins, so medically, I think it’s more justifiable. I would just need a medical reason to go off that early (I will be about 32 weeks when we return in Sept), so we’ll see what I feel like then. The issue is too, that my board was very punitive to new mothers during the strike and didn’t give them their top up which was part of the contract, which other boards did give new mothers during the strike. So if I start my mat leave in Sept and we go on strike, I will be “using up” my 8 week top up time yet not getting paid anything other than EI. It’s long and complex. I guess my plan is to see how I am feeling towards the end of the summer, and then go from there. Good idea though- we could really use the month to organize ourselves and prepare for the birth. Teaching everyday is exhausting, that that’s not even being pregnant!

  9. So sorry the second tri buzz has subsided for you. I started feeling physically uncomfortable at work around 23-25 weeks. I think I could still be doing it now for very short periods of time but it would be a lot of residual pain the days after. Make sure you giving yourself time to relax, I know you’ve very active but it’s important to realize your limitations with pregnancy. The best thing I’ve done this whole time is really listen to what my body wants/needs.

    • Yeah, I agree. I have been resting and napping whenever I feel crappy. My body is making is loud and clear what it wants/needs lol. At my midwife appointment today, my midwife said that a lot of women start getting uncomfortable at work at 25 weeks- I imagine it’s earlier for you because you’re having two.

  10. I thought of you the other day because I’ve hit 33 weeks and I’m getting the insomnia!! I am being induced at 38 weeks. I’m leaving work at 35 weeks so I’ll have 3 weeks bedore baby arrives.x

    • Oh no! Insomnia is the worst! Congrats on reaching 33 weeks though, and how exciting that you only have two more weeks of work! Do you mind me asking why they’re inducing you at 38 weeks?

  11. That Kimono is just the cutest, and babies in flannel 2 piece pj’s are just the best! Now that i’m newly pregnant, and also the sole breadwinner, I really have no choice but to work up until the last minute, otherwise my leave and pay won’t fully cover the 3 months. So i was thinking, if i’m lucky enough to carry this baby full term with no complications, 37-38 weeks would be when I start my leave, otherwise, financially, it would be a tough place for us to be in. I hope you don’t get too uncomfortable too soon. Thinking of you friend!

    • Thanks buddy! I’m leaning towards working as long as I can too. My midwife says that babies tend to come during non-working hours lol. Apparently, the stress of working postpones labour in many cases. Then I joked about how awesome it would be if this kid came on a Friday night, since DW only gets TWO DAYS off of work to take care of us (How many did you get when the boys came?). I hope you have an awesome pregnancy, and that you’re able to work right until the end. 12 weeks fully paid leave is pretty good! Is that standard in NY State or is it because you work for the transit system (and are awesomely unionized)? I’m thinking of you guys too! Which day is your ultrasound next week?

      • It’s because I work for a government agency. Not everyone is that fortunate. I was able to get parental leave when Callie had the boys, so I took 8 weeks, so that I still have some FMLA (family Medical Leave Act) days for their Dr’s visits and any emergency that may arise. And also, held on to my two weeks vacation, so that we could celebrate our 5 year anniversary and one year wedding anniversary in style, but also be able to take a family vacation for a week with the kiddies… And Tuesday ultrasound, so we’re excited! Can;t wait to see little Biscuit!

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