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23 Weeks and Plans for Baby Number Two

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. We spent last week at the cottage, and have been busy with lots of little things since being back. It’s kinda interesting when you own a cottage- you feel like you should spend all of your free time there, to justify the cost of owning and maintaining it. Of course it’s beautiful and tranquil living lakeside, but it can also be really boring too if you’re there for a long period of time. I find that I miss my regular gym access (it’s really hard to keep up with any kind of fitness program because of it), and I miss the ease of grocery shopping and going out and doing stuff. I am a city girl. I grew up being busy seeing and exploring downtown Vancouver on weekends, checking out the day’s catch at Steveston’s fishing wharf, finding the freshest and plumpest cherries at the Granville Island Public Market, meeting up with friends over coffee or dinner at a new restaurant, and riding my bike on the sea wall… I know, I know. I was spoiled living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But you know what I miss the most about it? Living so close to the ocean. 

Living on a lake just isn’t the same. It smells different. The breeze is different. There is no rhythmic clapping reminding you of its vastness and power. 

Anyway, I’m grateful to have both experiences, even if right now I’m yearning for the ocean. Sometimes it makes me wonder when I will finally call Toronto my “home”, or if I ever will.


So we hit 23 weeks this past Friday. I did a little dance, and then forgot to take a bump photo (sorry! Maybe this Friday!). Things have been great this week. As I mentioned, we spent the week at the cottage, where we basically disconnected (from the world), and ate when our bodies told us to. In the sunroom, my wife does insanely hard puzzles while I read a physics textbook (prepping for September- I am the opposite of a procrastinator). We played a couple rounds of Monopoly Deal, suntanned on the dock, played lake fetch with the dogs, and canoed. I also did some prenatal yoga.  

When we’re at the cottage, I can’t go to the gym, but we left the city a little later in the day, so I had time to sneak in leg workouts on both ends of our trip. Lately I’ve lowered my reps and increased my sets of each exercise, and have seen some huge strength gains. I’m squatting with a plate per side (45lbs x 2 + 45lb bar = 135lbs), dumbell pressing 25lbs per hand, and bicep curling 40’s like it ain’t no thang. I don’t know what my one-rep maxes are for anything because I’m not even getting close to my max with these weights, but also because I just don’t feel safe finding out. I’m kinda feelin the itch to do some cardio again, but I don’t want it to eat away at my calories because that just means I’ll have to shove more food down my throat, and as it is, I’m already consuming about 2400 calories per day on average. Food is expensive, especially when you buy quality and gluten-free stuff like we do. 

Speaking of food, our garden is looking lush! DW has been diligently hand picking pests off of our plants every morning, and making sure everything is happy. We’ve got a ton of veggies that already harvestable: peas, green beans, kale, gailan, chard, zucchini, lettuces, beet greens, and all of our herbs. Our asparagus season has ended as all of the plants have gone to seed now. The tomatoes, potatoes, acorn squash, butternut squash, peppers, eggplants, beets, and carrots have a ways to go still. I’ll take some photos and post this Friday. 

I’m back on the Diclectin. *sigh* But I’m happy to be back on it because I was puking every morning again, and the food aversions were causing me to make poor food choices. A nice side effect is that I’m sleeping a lot better, and my allergies aren’t as severe. I’m only waking once or twice in the night to pee because I’m actually sleeping now. My hips are getting sore from sleeping on my sides all the time, and I sometimes catch myself asleep on my back, which is most comfortable for me right now. I know I’m not “supposed to” sleep on my back, because of the inferior vena cava blah blah blah but I don’t get dizzy or feel any numbness in my legs, so I think it’s fine.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, I got my chest sized, and I went from a small B prepregnancy to a double D! This makes DW jump for joy for some reason lol.

Speaking of my wife………

We had an RE appointment today (yes, on a Sunday), and we will be moving forward with our plan for bebe nΓΊmero dos. Yeah, I know, Dumplin’s not even here yet, but we have always wanted two kids close in age, and since we have a second womb…. We thought we’d give it a shot. Now, before you get all excited for us, I need to remind you that this is a very sensitive issue for us because my wife has miscarried twice. Last year, we transferred our four best embryos from IVF#1 into her, and while there was implantation and a positive urine pregnancy test, things took a quick decline shortly afterwards. She has some kind of implantation dysfunction, and we were weary of repeating the same FET protocol again with her without insisting on some testing (all immune and thrombophilia tests, and hysteroscopy came back normal) and perhaps a more aggressive protocol. Hence the meeting with the RE. So today, we hashed out a plan with him to have her start 4000IU vitamin D and 400IU vitamin E now (and continue after transfer), as well as prednisone, aspirin, and Fragmin right before transfer and throughout the first trimester. We are just waiting for her period to start (probably mid-late July) and then she’ll transfer that cycle. If all goes well, we’ll be looking at May baby, when Dumplin’ is 6 months old. Please keep your fingers crossed and keep us in your prayers and thoughts. This TTC journey has been particularly rough on my wife because of the multiple unexplained pregnancy losses, and because she’s always wanted to be the one to carry and this will likely be her last shot at it. 

With this plan for baby number two at the back of our minds, it’s been really difficult trying to buy stuff for Dumplin’. For example, we are holding off on buying a stroller because if number two IS happening, then we should get a stroller that’s convertible into a double. So right now, we’re thinking of just getting a cheap Snap and Go (which a friend highly recommended as a “stash in your car for quick convenience” stroller) and baby wearing Dumplin’ throughout Nov-May, and then getting a proper double stroller. This way, we don’t have to spend a ton on a single stroller only to have to resell it later on. Experienced mamas: do you think it’s possible to get away with almost exclusively baby wearing from Nov to May? It’s so cold here in the winter that I’m unlikely to take him on many stroller walks, and can baby wear him whenever I do. 

Anyway, thanks in advance for the input! New update to come on Friday πŸ™‚


46 thoughts on “23 Weeks and Plans for Baby Number Two

  1. Yes totally for the baby wearing. I barely used the stroller in the early months unless I had a lot to bring with me and I wasn’t using a car. You’re only boob feeding for most of that time so no worries about lugging around food. You can fit a few changes of diapers and burp cloths, changes of clothes, etc in a small back pack. I understand the lack of wanting to get ahead of yourselves with excitement just yet, but I’m sending you and DW lots of positive thoughts! Way to go with the weights! I added weights to my lunges & sumo squats yesterday and holy moly my legs are feeling it! Today was hard but I pushed through anyway and added an extra 2km on the treadmill since DD was out with DW and I didn’t feel constrained for time. I’ll take tomorrow off to rest & repair. Btw I modified my planks and did them again today without any problems. I did some research on planking while prego and as long as your form is good and you’re doing short intervals (and don’t have any pelvic floor issues) it’s all good. I do 5 sets of 5 breaths (rather than a # of seconds, I find this reminds me to breathe throughout!).

    • Thanks for the advice! We have such a small house too, that having multiple strollers would suck because we’d have no where to put them! Way to go on the training! I love that muscle soreness feeling. Maybe not two days later, but definitely when it feels good to squeeze them and not painful. Good to know about the planks. How did you modify? Just in time or in form? I’m gonna try reintroducing side planks in soon and see what happens.

  2. Whereabouts is your cottage? Since I grew up in Ontario, I’ve always dreamed of owning my own cottage – except cottage country on the Prairies is MUCH different. Can’t wait to hear how the next transfer goes for you gals. You are definitely brave to try for babies that close together, but it will be super cool to be off on mat leave at the same time. I’m sorry that you are feeling sick again though. 😦

    • It’s near Peterborough. It’s on a little land-locked lake and it’s really quiet and peaceful. We have about 2 acres, but only use about a third of the space. My dream is to one day have a cabin on one of the islands off the coast of BC…. A girl can dream!

      Thanks for the good wishes. I’ll be posting more about her transfer as things get moving. I know it’ll be crazy having 2 babies, but DW will be 40 when this baby arrives and we’re in a hurry before she decides she’s too old for being a new mom lol.

  3. You can TOTALLY get away with just baby wearing through those months. I wore Evelyn throughout the entire winter for both her first and second years of life. Strollers are a pain in the ass in the winter, anyway.

    It is very exciting to think that your DW may be pregnant soon, and the 6-month age gap would be hard at first but SO FREAKING COOL! The kids would be at the same age(ish) growing up and would be at the same stages, etc…Oh gosh it would be amazing. So while I know you have concerns and worries, I am praying for you and J and hoping this all works out and she is also able to carry.

    • Thank you my friend! Both for your support and the good advice. I’m so happy to hear that it’s possible to get through the winter without a stroller. I have a feeling that I will want to be super attached to this baby when he is here. And yes, I agree, having a sibling super close in age to Dumplin’ would be awesome. Just far apart enough that the baby stuff isn’t so outdated, but close enough that we have to go through the tough stages just once and at the same time. I am wishing so hard for this.

  4. I’m so excited for you and DW to start on number two!! I know your scared to try and I imagine DW is excited and yet petrified all at once. I’m rooting for you and am incredibly optimistic that with the new protocol it will work for her (and you too) this time!

    • Thank you. It’s so nice to have your support and feel your excitement. I am feeling optimistic about it too- especially since the RE is willing to throw the same protocol he used on me (plus more) to cover all bases. I really hope it works.

  5. How exciting! Hope all goes well with TTC#2!
    I definitely think you could get away with babywearing through spring/winter. It’s a little anxiety-causing when it’s icy, but I’m sure you’d be fine. I never feel while wearing either of our two winter-born babies… and when it’s that cold and icy, you might not want to be out much with the wee one anyway. If you’re thinking of strollers, I’ve heard nothing but great things about the CitySelect, which can easily be turned into a double by adding a second seat.
    Also SUPER jealous of the cottage. We used to spend a good chunk of time up north, but always rented. Jen and I haven’t found anything similar yet, but I love the quietness of it (for a week or two at at time) and hope that some day we do…

    • Thanks for the advice! I am so glad to hear that baby wearing is definitely possible throughout the winter. You’re right too- I probably won’t take him out a lot when it’s REaLLY cold. I definitely have to figure something out with walking our spoiled dogs though. They are very demanding.

      The City Select is my pick too, for the same reasons. It’s also easily maneuverable, and the seats click in and out really nicely.

    • Yes the cottage is really nice to have access to. We basically share it with my in-laws though, so it’s rare that we get alone time there unless we specifically ask for it. Whenever we’re up there, the first couple of days are spent doing chores because there is a lot of upkeep! Right now, I’m off the hook though, being preggo and all πŸ˜‰

  6. Snap and go for when baby falls asleep in the car seat. And baby wearing when baby is awake is definitely a plus. The snap and go is so inexpensive. I love(d) mine!

  7. It’s a totally different season but we have used our stroller exactly once in 4 months, and that time we did it just.to try it out. I kind of hate strollers though, so my commitment to baby wearing runs deep. So exciting about #2! I’ll be saying lots of prayers that things go beautifully! We are planning to start trying for #2 in January!

    • Thank you! I’m so glad to hear that baby wearing is so doable, and that the stroller really isn’t so necessary in the first little bit. I definitely don’t think we’ll get a stroller for a long while then. How exciting that you’ll be trying for number 2 within a year too! Do you know how you’re gonna do it (I don’t remember if you’ve got some embryos stored)?

      • We are going to try IUIs first for a few rounds to try and be able to use Ls eggs. If that doesn’t work, we’ll go for a FET with our frozen embryos.

  8. You guys are slightly crazy in the best way possible, planning a second baby so shortly after the first. But if someone can do this, it is you two. You’re strong and determined and work as a team. Best wishes to her and you for this.

    Babywearing exclusively in winter, hell yes. You just need proper clothes and perhaps some traction cleats to pull over your shoes. I can’t imagine putting a tiny baby in a stroller far from my warm body when it is freezing outside.

    • Haha yes, so true. We are a little crazy, but I think it’s definitely doable (ask me again in a year haha). I agree- it gets so cold here that I don’t think I would want baby so far away from me, especially when they can’t regulate their heat very well. Sounds like baby wearing is the way to go!

  9. Dylan never even was placed in a stroller until she was 8 or 9 months old. I would say you do not need one BUT if you were going to get one I would second the CitySelect suggestion. BabyJogger is good quality with excellent customer service. While I’m comfortable baby wearing all the time, not everyone is and it’s good to have an option for them if they are watching your kid.

    Also, your baby wearing stash is going to be pretty awesome (although I need my friend to ship up the ring sling).

    • That’s great! I’m so glad to hear that strollers aren’t really so necessary. I’m more suited to baby wearing too I think- just wanting to be close and everything. I’m definitely sold on the City Select now that I keep hearing great recos from all of you experienced mamas! And you are the best! I’m so excited about the stash you’re rounding up for us!!!

  10. Oh my goodness…exciting stuff happening for you! I will keeping you both in my prayers. No advice on the stroller thing. At one point I had a single, double and quad stroller, but I’m a daycare provider, lol. I did sell the double but I’m glad I didn’t get rid of my single because I’m down to one kiddo for most day this summer and that quad is heavy!

  11. I’ll be keeping you and DW in my thoughts and prayers and echoing your wish for her transfer to work out. Please let me know if you’re going to need more prednisone than the RE will prescribe her.

    I agree with the previous comments about you not needing to buy a stroller in the early months. Or just getting a (second hand?) snap and go because those are super handy when picking up stuff at the grocers solo in winter in my opinion.

    • Thanks Spiritbaby! I suspect that he’ll have her on the 10mg of pred, but I’m gonna recommend she go on the 20mg (on the down-low), so we will probably need the extra pred. When we got her Th1/Th2 results, they were on the high end of normal (normal is under 30, and her result was 29). Mine was in the high 30’s so I am wonder if she really even needs the 20mg? Maybe the 10mg will do. Thoughts?

      Also, I’m super stoked, we just bought the car seat (Chicco Keyfit), and I found a used Snap and Go which we’re gonna take a look at tomorrow! Everything is coming together!

      I hope you and baby are doing well. How are you healing up?

  12. First, I’ll start by saying, I missed ya! Second, that is great new about DW carrying Dumplin #2! I know that it’s really scary for you guys, but hopefully this new, more aggressive protocol will help and allow her to carry this newest little full term. I’ll be praying for that for you guys and sending whatever vibes you need your way.

    As far as baby wearing, our boys were born the second week of January, and we hardly left the house, but when we did, we wore them as much as possible to keep them as warm as possible. We put them in their winter coats and tucked them away close to our chests. I think that getting maybe a second hand stroller or carriage (consignment sale, craigslist, etc) wold be a good option too, because when you end up needing a double carriage/stroller, it won’t break your heart to sell it for $40 when you paid $400 for it. And if you get it second hand lets say for less than $100, it wouldn’t even pain you to donate it to a women’s/family shelter to someone who could really use it. So happy for you ladies!

    • Thanks for your support and advice! I agree- it sounds like baby wearing will work out well, and I already have an appointment to see a used Snap and Go stroller (regularly $110 but I might buy for $50) to just stash in the car and use for convenience. Even second hand, the Snap and Go’s sell like hot cakes, so even if we don’t end up using it, as you said, we could either sell it or donate it. We are almost done clearing out Dumplin’s room, and bought our car seat today, so I feel like everything is coming together woohoo!

  13. I’m really excited to hear of other moms taking advantage of the dual uterses (uteri?). We haven’t succeeded with #1 yet, but I’m really hoping we’re able to space them about a year apart using my wife’s uterus for #2. I figure we should get through the diaper phase in one painful burst instead of dragging it out over several years!

  14. Holy progress with weights! I’d be lucky to get that bicep strength not pregnant lol that’s so awesome.
    I’m glad you got some down time at the lake, despite it being out of the norm of your Van days. It was probably a nice change anyways.
    Funny thing, I grew up around lakes and when I spent a short time living in Van (right by coal harbour/ lost lagoon) the ocean seemed so foreign to me and I missed the intimacy of the lakes.
    My fingers are crossed for a successful round with DW. Wishing you guys the best of luck!

    • Thank you. I’ve been super happy with (and surprised by) my strength gains. I find though, that I’m just wiped on my rest days, so it is good that I’m taking lots of them. Funny about both of our experiences with oceans vs. lakes. I guess it totally depends on what you’re used to. We had one really windy day at the cottage, and there were waves with white peaks crashing into the dock, and for a moment, I felt like I was home haha. Thanks for the good wishes, I really hope things work out for us.

  15. I’m late to the game on this one! I’m excited and nervous for you and DW trying again. I know how hard she has taken these losses and imagine her age plays a part in her feelings about it all (societal norms). I cannot remember if you used your own eggs this last go or hers and will you transfer here or yours into her? Cottage living sounds both lovely and boring lol I’m a city gal at heart too and love my down time but not having access to city perks nearby drives me crazy. Your workouts sound awesome and I’m envious as I am the least active person EVER, I live through women like you. Have you talked with your RE about endometrial testing for DW, I had a friend do it and it takes longer to transfer cause they have to find your implantation window but after 3 fails transfers she finally got and stayed pregnant doing the testing.

    • Our RE is pretty limited in what he I willing to test for. We’ve pretty much maxed out the diagnostics with him. But fingers crossed that the immunosuppressant meds make a difference for her. Our second round of IVF (my eggs) have 5 more frozen embryos, so that’s what we are transferring (just one though). Thanks for your support. Yes I’m so happy to have my workouts, as they have always been an important part of my life. I’m starting to feel the ache in my joints now though, so I think I may have to scale down what I’m lifting. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable you must be right now with two babies in there!! Hugs to all four of you πŸ™‚

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