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24 Weeks Pregnant

Just a quickie post today because we are currently driving to the cottage right now. 

First, here is a new bump photo:

Even though my side profile doesn’t seem much bigger than it was last week, I think my belly has had a growth spurt this week. According to Babycenter, my uterus is the size of a soccer ball, and Dumplin’ is 1 and a third pounds and about 1 foot long. 


I haven’t weighed myself lately, but at my last midwife appointment, I had already hit a 30lb weight gain. I feel like I gained a disproportionately high amount this week for some reason. My appetite has also increased, and I think that might have something to do with it. Growth spurt all around perhaps?

This week, I’ve started to notice some additional discomfort. My hands and feet have bee swelling thanks to the hot weather and my keeping busy all day and being on my feet. My feet feel like the bones are walking on pavement, and not being cushioned enough by my soft tissue or shoes. By about late afternoon I feel like my feet are lead weights, and I just want to soak them in a cold bath. Today was particularly bad, as we did a lot of moving of boxes and running around, so I soaked in an Epsom salt bath and massaged my feet with some Antiflamme cream (arnica and peppermint). My pelvis feels loose and heavy too. Despite all of the strengthening that I’m doing at the gym, I’m starting to have problems getting up from deep seats/chairs like the bucket seat in one of our cars. I feel like all of my ligaments are super loose right now, which sucks because I already have super lax ligaments normally.

Sleep has been better this week, but I keep finding myself sleeping on my back, which is by far the most comfortable position for me. I get a little freaked out about it, and often roll on to my right side, which is more comfortable than my left side because of my mild (15 degree double curved) scoliosis. Last night I whipped out the Snoogle again, but I’m still not loving it yet. It takes up half of our queen-sized bed, and makes me so hot that I can’t handle blankets on me. 

In other news, we finally moved everything out of what used to be our office, and is now Dumplin’s room. DW then puttied and sanded any holes in the walls, and painted the ceiling. Together we primed and painted the walls, and just have the closet to paint and convert into a changing nook. We plan to convert it into something like this:

  Or this: 

 DW is super handy, and so we are leaning toward the first design so that there’s a hidden space for a Diaper Genie and a cloth diaper pail. 

Also, we received a wonderful gift in the mail today from a friend of mine in Germany:  

 She sent Dumplin’ a super comfy pair of sheeps wool booties, a kangaroo fleece (for me or DW and Dumplin’), both of which will be super nice for our cold winters and handy for dog walks. She also gave us some lovely Weleda bottom cream, and a beautiful woven Didymos wrap that is super special because it carried her nephews and nieces and her own adorable baby. We are so touched by her thoughtful and unique gifts! Thank you Friederike. 
Overall, it’s been a busy but productive week. Some aches and pains have begun, but I’m still making it to the gym and am moving lots of boxes without issue. Early next week I go in for my glucose tolerance test- the 3 hour fasting version- yuck! Wish me luck, and I’d love some tips for how to survive the nasty sugary experience. Lots of ladies in my due date club complained about how awful they felt for the rest of the day. I’m hoping to avoid that. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Merci beaucoup!

42 thoughts on “24 Weeks Pregnant

  1. You look great! And that wrap is beautiful…

    Our midwife gave us a leaflet about not listening to the advice about not sleeping on your back. Basically, it said that getting sleep is important, and that any issues with reduced blood flow/oxygen would make the pregnant person wake up and/or move long before it would pose a threat to the baby. Di found this to be a huge relief, because we were worried about her sleeping on her back, and having more options in terms of position is great. And yeah, those snoogles are serious bed hogs!

    • Good to know! I should ask my midwife too. I just stopped fighting my body after reading your comment a couple of days ago, and I slept so much better! Thank you!! How’s Di doing in this summer heat?

      • Glad you’re getting better sleep! Hope you’re managing to keep cool, as well.

        Di is okay, but hot and swollen and so so glad that she’s on maternity leave now. When we we inseminated in December, I remember saying “if this works, you’ll be 9 months pregnant in August”. And here we are, almost there. Seems hard to believe.

      • Yeah, the lake at the cottage was nice for dipping into. I’m trying to take some cool baths at night too, because I’m finding I’m burning hot as the day goes on. Congrats on Di being on mat leave! That must be nice to not have to deal with trying to fit someone else’s schedule, and getting last minute things done. And the swollen feet. That sucks so bad with work. I am dreading going back to work in Sept because I’ll be 32 weeks and probably will be super swollen. A couple of previously preggo friends have recommended wearing flip flops or sandals towards the end, but I can’t wear open-toes shoes at work because I’m a science teacher. Oh well. Crazy to think that 9 months has flewn by so quickly! Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

      • Hmm, cool baths sound like a good idea!
        Yeah, the mat leave is great; we both feel pretty lucky that she’s able to stop working now – seems like the right time for her body.

        Di’s been wearing Sanuks – kind of like a close-toed fabric sandal. They’ve been great for the expand-o-feet, though not as much arch support as she’d like. She can still fit them into laced shoes in the morning, but I think those days are numbered. Then again, so are the days of walking without waddling!

        It feels like time is going extra quickly now – the first half went sooo slowly, but now the weeks are flying by. Just over six weeks – yikes! And you’re over 24 weeks now! I remember reading your blog just after you found out you were pregnant – can’t believe that much time has passed.

      • Oh the Sanuks are a great idea! They’re kind of slipper-like correct? I remember helping a preggo colleague of mine into her rain boots last year, and her swollen feet looked so painful.

        6 more weeks! Time is gonna fly. How wonderful though, to enjoy most of the summer before Junie comes, and then to be blissfully in love during the perfect weather of September!

      • Yes, kind of slipper-like, but some of them look more shoe-ish – though definitely not business casual!
        Yeah, it seems like a good time for the baby to be born, if not for Di to be pregnant; autumn is my favourite season, and I’m hoping we’ll get in some walks with Junie in a carrier once we’ve kind of got the hang of baby care.

  2. I think you are looking amazing! I cannot believe you’ve put on 30lbs, it just doesn’t look like it at all in the photos! 🙂
    And I am so excited to see how the closet organization turns out! Our house came with closet organization systems already in place so I’m thankful we don’t have to do a thing! I am confident that no matter what DW does it will look amazing!

    • I’m so jealous of your closet organization systems. Our house was built back in the 60’s when people just didn’t have that much stuff, so the closets in each bedroom are small and pretty non-functional. Yeah, pretty sure I’m up way more than 30lbs now… Especially after all the chips and ice cream bars we ate at the cottage…

  3. Ugh sorry you’re already getting the swelling! I LOVED buckets of ice water when mine were swollen with DD. DW would give me massages too with peppermint lotion. It was as close to glorious as I could get! Great idea for the closet space. I wish we lived in the ‘burbs sometimes, so we could have more space. DD doesn’t even have a closet in her room. Your belly looks so great! I have no idea where the heck your putting all that weight; you look gorgeous!

    • Yeah, living in the suburbs is nice for that. I miss living downtown though too- the liveliness and the walk-everywhere, bike-everywhere lifestyle. Sadly our house doesn’t have a lot of storage in general. Each bedroom has one super small closet. It was built in the 1960’s, when people had one pair of casual shoes and one pair of nice shoes, and likewise for their clothing lol. The ice baths and peppermint foot massages sound glorious! Sadly, I’ve been working DW so hard with all of the nursery and gardening work that she is even more beat up than me, so I feel bad asking for massages right now. Maybe soon though 🙂

  4. Cute idea on the closet! I’m sorry your discomfort is starting in, mine did too around 24 weeks and then I felt better around 26 weeks for a bit. Keep those feet in very supportive shoes and elevated as much as possible. Your looking fantastic to me and I have no clue where your hiding the 30lbs.

    • Thanks Hun. It’s funny, I have good days and then bad days, alternating. I am hoping that the weight lifting helps with keeping my body in check. I have no idea how I’m gonna return to work in Sept at 32 weeks if I’m already swelling like this now!

  5. You have a gorgeous bump!! You look fantastic!
    Yay for 24 weeks! What a fab milestone. I am practically counting the seconds till we’re there…
    I love the closet conversion idea, I bet it will look fabulous and I look forward to the finished photos!

    • Thank you! Yes, 24 weeks feels great- viability! And I’m now so much closer to the 3rd trimester. I will definitely post photos of the closet conversion, though it may take a while to get the project done! How’s Stevie’s nursery coming?

  6. Yay! You’re looking amazing, as usual 🙂 I’m SO jealous you nearly have your room sorted – ours is taking FOREVER! In fact, I’m going to get off the computer now and go and do something productive. Lots of luck for the horrible glucose test – I hope it goes well and you don’t feel too sick or shaky during it.

    • Trust me, it was quite the effort clearing out the office! We basically just moved the mess downstairs into the basement to deal with on another day haha. I can’t wait to see what you do to transform your office to the nursery!

  7. You’re gorgeous pregnant! I know that women who start out thin should gain more weight than those who are average or overweight. I love your changing station ideas!

    Also, I don’t want to pry or freak you out, but I just found out my baby is in the posterior or “sunny side up” position and I have a theory it COULD be because I slept on my back for so long. This is NOT a medical guess, it’s just that I slept that way for a long time because it didn’t bother me, probably until just about 8 months, and my baby, although head down, has pretty much always been in the same position. This could also be from sitting at my desk and in therapy sessions all day every day (actual medical guess). But the positions recommended on spinning babies.com and by my doula and midwife for changing her position are to sleep supported stomach-down (or sideways with top thigh over bottom thigh), and do stretches on all fours with stomach down, so I’m assuming sleeping on my back could have made her comfy face-up, which could now cause issues in labor. Just something I wish I’d known!

    Have a great weekend at the cottage!

    • I hope that Glitter flips for you, and that Dumplin’ doesn’t go/stay sunny side up. Having an anterior placenta increases the likelihood of back labour for me, so I imagine having him posterior would exacerbate that. So interesting the link between back sleeping and the posterior positioning. Keep doing them cat-camels darling… I hope you’re keeping well. Now that I’m back from the cottage, I’ll be checking WP everyday for any new updates on Glitter!! Sending you all so much love ❤️❤️❤️

      • Thank you for the love, right back at you! There are so many factors that go into labor, and now approaching my due date in a few days, I know I have no control over anything. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your birth plan and stuff!

      • Would you mind posting your birth plan? All I know is that I want delayed cord clamping and immediate skin to skin for an hour before they take him away. I need to research more now that I’m approaching the 3rd trimester in a couple of weeks.

  8. Also I agree with sarahofhearts, sleeping on your back isn’t dangerous at all as long as you’re comfortable and can breathe. BUT now I have this occipital position problem!

    • I’m so glad. I’ve been sleeping on my back more and more again. Interesting about the occipital position problem! I kinda feel like Dumpling is also sunny side up, but transverse right now. I’m no expert though. But I feel the strongest kicks from him on my right side, below my ribs, and then lighter punches just below my belly button. It’s been like that for a while now.

      • Most important thing is for him to be head down, and I don’t have any evidence that back sleeping caused sunny side up, but maybe! Glitter has been in the same position for months! I feel her little elbow or foot on my left side every day, except once I think she flipped and I felt it on the right side. Anyway, if I’d known at your point about occipital positioning I would’ve sat back less at work and done more hands-and-knees every day!

  9. You look amazing. Totally glowing! I love your plans for the closet changing nook. What a great idea! I have no solid advice for the glucose test, but between fertility treatments and pregnancy I’ve had to take that damn test 4 times. It’s honestly never been that bad. I didn’t feel fantastic last time, but no worse than an average day of the first trimester.

    • Thanks Molly 🙂 It sucks that you’ve had to take the GT test so many times! Yuck! I’m glad you didn’t find it too bad. I keep reading posts from ladies in my birth club about how they passed out during the test, or had to be admitted to emerg because of their non-stop vomiting lol. I plan to pack a sandwich to eat immediately after my last blood draw, and then burn off the sugar during a workout haha. DW said she’d keep me company for the 3 hours, but I feel bad torturing both of us.

  10. I love that closet idea! I wish we would have thought of that because it would have saved us a huge 5×3 space which we could have used for something else, but actually scratch that because Callie’s hoarding would have found SOMETHING to put in either space! LOL! And you look the bomb girl! That little bump is looking so sweet, and Dumplin is def. have a growth spurt. This is around the same time the boys were doing the same thing, and Callie couldn’t get enough food in her…lol! And that is really sweet of your friend. I love items with a story…it always makes them that much better…

    • Thanks! I am less than 3 weeks away from the third trimester now, and boy do I feel it! I’m kinda sad that the bliss of the 2nd trimester is coming to an end and that the discomfort of the 3rd trimester is coming, but I’m excited that Dumplin’ will be here in 3 short months. Yeah, I am hoping that the closet idea turns out well, since we’ll kinda be winging a design lol. I need the storage, because I am a bit of a hoarder too lol.

  11. 24 weeks! You look awesome, even if you’re getting increasingly uncomfortable. (I remember the swollen hands and feet. No fun! I also gained a lot, but rest assured it came off easily.)

    I love, love, love the closet idea.

    Enjoy your time away. 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m glad to know that the weight won’t be hard to lose. I hear that for some people the weight flies off with breastfeeding, and for others that their bodies held onto the last 10-15lbs as long as they were still breastfeeding, as energy storage. We’ll see what happens.

  12. You have just got the cutest baby bump going on! Love you closet idea. I have the daycare changing table in a closet too. Keeps the kids hands out of things they shouldn’t be in because I still have the doors on it but I don’t have to leave the room to change them. Good luck with the glucose test. No advice but I hope you get great results! 🙂

    • Thank you for the compliment. I love the closet idea, and hope it all works out storage-wise, since it’s not a large closet. It basically fits the change table with a couple of inches of clearance. DW will have to do some creative storage solutions lol.

      Gonna do the glucose test tomorrow, and I am so nervous. If I fail, they basically have to transfer me to an OB, and I can’t be taken care of by the midwives anymore. Fingers crossed.

  13. Sounds like you are slowly entering into the not-so-fun part of pregnancy…best of luck! Don’t worry about waking up on your back, I STILL do it once in a while! What they say is true, your body will wake you up if it needs to.

    And in regards to your last post, best of luck to you and DW for the next transfer. I know what it’s like not having any answers regarding unexplained losses 😦 It sucks! I hope the new medicines do the trick for her. xoxo

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