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Baby Nursery On a Budget Part 1

After spending muchos dineros trying to get pregnant (4IUI’s, IVF#1 and #2, 5 transfers, 4 rounds of intralipids), and having me off work for almost the entire school year, DW and I have had to be smart with our money. Building a baby nursery and the accoutrements that come with it is an area that we can cut major costs because a) people often sell used items in very good condition, b) if you’re not in a hurry you can look for sales on items that you need, c) you can repurpose old items that are still suitable for baby’s purposes, and d) second hand stores often have a plethora of baby things that are easy to sanitize.

I’m not usually one for details, but I thought I’d share our progress so far with making purchases for Dumplin’s room and needs, while on a budget. Now, we don’t technically have a budget in the literal sense of the word (like a numerical figure), but there are certain areas where you can cut costs, and we’re willing to either wait it out or spend the time and effort seeking things second hand. 

For example, so far we’ve been getting Dumplin’s room ready. We used some no VOC primer and paint that we had left over from painting the basement (free) and then felt free to spend more on the best quality no VOC final paint colour for his room:

 The colour of the room before:  
Priming the walls:

Painted walls and closet:

We then repurposed two dressers that were just storing dog stuff and old university jerseys from both of our varsity field hockey days. These were in our crawl space and used to be DW’s baby furniture.

 We then hit up Craigslist and Kijiji and got some awesome deals on second hand items that we wanted:

We paid $75 for this glider plus a Boppy (would have retailed for $360 brand new):  

We paid $50 for this Snap and Go stroller (retails for $110 not including tax at BRU):

We paid $35 for this Diaper Genie Elite plus 4 refills (retails for $69.99 at BRU):

And our biggest score so far, was this Halo Bassinest with two extra sheets for $180 (retails for 299.99 + 16.99 + 16.99 = $377 including tax):

At Value Village today, we were walking through the electronics section to get to the baby section, and randomly just saw this:

 Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer, paid $5.99 (not including tax), but retails for $36.99 on Amazon.ca (hells ya!):
The last couple of weeks Babies R U has been running their Babyfest sale, so we picked up three items:
The Chicco Keyfit for $220 instead of $289:

And this nursery essentials kit, which includes a change pad, two covers, 2 waterproof changing pad protectors, 1 fitted mattress pad, and 2 terry cloth crib sheet protectors (retails for $80 not including tax, but we got for $45 – $10 coupon = $35 not including tax):

That’s all of our progress so far. More to come in Part 2… Which will probably be after our baby shower. Very little has been bought from our baby registry, so I’m sure there will be much more we will need to buy. 

41 thoughts on “Baby Nursery On a Budget Part 1

  1. Amazing deals! Good call on the snap as go and bassinet. Both of which I would have never survived! Snap and go was so perfect for newborn appts

    • Thanks, that’s what I hear too. I am so grateful to all the moms out there who have given us advice on what to buy and what wasn’t worth the money. The Snap and Go was a tip from a good friend. The Halo Bassinest was kind of a luxury item for us, but we have such a high bed that it’s the only thing that would be appropriately high enough yet safe for the baby.

  2. That’s pretty sweet!!!! We did pretty well with out nursery too. We were lucky that our parents gifted us with the cribs and mattresses (One from Callie’s parents and one from mine), and everything else was donated with the exception of the cool nautical shelves we made for $38! The only thing we splurged on was the 2 dressers that I think came to around $400, but that was basically it! It’s awesome when you can get really great, gently used stuff for a decent price! We paid $65 four our glider too on Craigslist, retailed at $440, so I was hella excited about that. I’m not sure if you know, but Callie is in a ton of Facebook consignment, tag sale, and mom groups. We got mary and myself a bike, the boys a trailer to attach to my bike and a bike rack for under $150! The trailor alone retails at $170! You may want to check that our for some really cool things!

    • Thanks for the tip! Yeah, I forgot to add the mattress that we got too. Oops! I joined a bunch of mom groups too, and scored some free breast milk storage bags and sippy cups. I find though, that since I’m rarely on Facebook, I’m a bit late to the game so someone else has already “called dibbs” on an item. Glad you girls also saved lots! You guys did awesome!

  3. Awesome all around! I love hand-me-down stuff. One tip/investment I would suggest is a nursing stool instead of the footrest that comes with the glider. This was the only thing we left the house to buy in the week following C’s birth. Be on the lookout!

  4. You are doing awesome on the good deals! We are trying to do the same thing. So far the only thing we’ve purchased brand new is our crib and crib mattress and eventually the car seat. Otherwise, second hand or re-purposing for everything. I simply cannot see why we’d buy new for most things. 🙂

    • I agree. The majority of women in my due date club are spending thousands of dollars on a brand-spanking new nursery set-up, and all I’m thinking is that it’s taking away from the baby’s college/university fund! That’s what we keep saying to ourselves anyway- that the money we save can go into his Registered Education Savings Plan (which the government matches 20% up to a max of $500 per year, to a total top up of $7200).

      • That’s exactly how we are looking at it! Heck, since we will be buying almost everything ourselves before baby arrives without a shower, we’ve even talked about if family does want to give us anything once baby arrives of simply asking for university saving funds since in the long run that matters most and we likely wont need a lot. Anyway we can save for college now is great! (P.S. I love how practical and rational you and DW are – so much like us).

  5. I’m still looking for a glider, but you blew my mind with the price of that wipes warmer! Awesome find! Love using what you’ve already got. With the exception of our master bedroom furniture, all our other dressers are second hand in our home. There is so much love that can be added to a good quality used piece of furniture.

    • I agree. I also find that new stuff just isn’t built the same way as older furniture is- to last. I’m amazed that we can still use DW’s baby furniture that’s at least 42 years old (it was first her brother’s baby furniture)! That wipes warmer was such a flute find- we were early for our midwife appt today and DW wanted to hit Value Village (plaza across the street), and I almost convinced her out of it. Glad I didn’t! Now I’m excited to measure a pattern to make some cloth wipes for the warmer! Our mattress just came in this evening too, which we bought brand new, but don’t have a crib yet (we’re getting a hand-me-down from my in-laws). Dumplin’s room is coming together though! When’s your baby shower? Have you found that people are buying much off of your registry?

      • My friend wanted to do my shower 2 weeks before my due date, so I think I’m going to suggest she waits til after after baby comes. I haven’t shared the registry with anyone yet but I will soon. I really should hit up our local value village again soon. I got some maternity pants there earlier.

      • It’s funny because my MIL keeps saying, “don’t buy everything yourselves, let your guests buy stuff for you off of the registry”, but only a few things have been bought off the registry so I’m not counting on it to get us prepared. Our shower will be late-ish too (34/35 weeks), and I’m far too much of an overpreparer to expect essentials to wait until then lol. The only reason I bring it up is because so many people in my due date club are expecting their baby showers to cover all of their baby preparation needs (as does my MIL), and the reality is that it’s not happening like that for most of us.

      • Yeah I am not banking on that. I expect lots of clothes and towels from my shower. We’ve registered for some toys and stuff like that, bath items, clothes, etc. But most major purchase we’ve made ourselves (stroller, car seat, etc). My friend wanted to do my shower at 38 weeks and I think that’s pushing it. Due to farm season, after will probably work better for my husband’s family.

      • 38 weeks is so late! Yep after the baby comes will be nice too, for people to meet him and everything. How do you feel about people and germs and meeting your wee little (unvaccinated) one?

      • Ugh yeah that was the whole reason I wanted to do it before! It makes me nervous. So I would consider waiting til he’s at least a month and then registering for things he may need when he’s a bit older (ie toys, larger sized sleepers, etc).

      • That’s a good idea. People always buy the smaller clothes (newborn-3months) because they’re cuter. You’ll also have a better idea of what things you’ll need when he is here. I’m nervous about groups of people meeting Dumplin’ too. Especially old ladies (my MIL’s friends) who will wanna kiss and handle him lots lol.

  6. Looks awesome! We foolishly bought a lot new when The Bean was born. Most of our purchases were good ones that have lasted us through both kids though and we have been super fortunate to have received many hand-me-downs that have saved us hundreds (or more!). Selling gear on Craigslist/Kijiji/FB has been a good way to make back some money too.

    As far a baby showers go, it’s hard to know what to expect. We were gifted many of the items off our registry, which was awesome. We also got a ton of adorable tiny clothes, which while appreciated, wasn’t needed in the quantity we received. Hope you guys get the things you’re really hoping for and some special unexpected items too.

  7. Wow that’s all so awesome! The Chicco Keyfit is way more expensive in Canada, although I don’t think you can compare the exact amounts. We bought our rocking chair used, too, from Craigslist, and I just washed the cover, and our dressers as you already know are just old ones we painted. It’s more environmentally friendly too! You’re so crafty and the nursery is going to look beautiful 🙂

    • Thank you! Yeah it’s kinda crazy how much more expensive stuff is in Canada, and then our dollar fell even more recently so the exchange rate is ridiculous for us now. Yes, you girls are so good at re-purposing too! I bet you can do a lot of neat things with both of your creative talents 🙂

      • Awe thanks! Yeah, I agree though. All of the costs do add up fast, especially the little things, which seem insignificant so the tendency is to get them. We’re such minimalists though. We definitely debated whether we even needed the wipe warmer despite the incredibly cheap price.

  8. You have been busy! Well done on all the painting – that is a lot of work at any time. And super bargains too. Second-hand things rock – especially baby things which tend to not get much use as they grow so fast.

    • Thank you. Yes, we have been busy, but all of the painting and baby bargain hunting has been pretty fun. I agree that second-hand stuff is awesome. Hopefully we will get to use this stuff with two kids and then be able to sell it afterwards too!

  9. Sweet deals! and I love that the dressers were DW’s baby furniture! Are you planning on recovering your glider? I got ours for 70 bucks off a friend, and recovered it, but it was a PITA! It looks ok if you don’t look too closely at it, lol But you seem much more skilled in the sewing department than I am!

    • Thanks! I love that he gets to use DW’s baby furniture too. I also think that her furniture is better made than anything we could get at IKEA anyway lol. I probably wont recover the glider. The retro-ness totally matches with a couple of other accents in the room- the light cover, the handles on the dressers, as none of his furniture is going to be new lol. How are you doing B? Baby showing any signs of coming soon?

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