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Embryo Transfer #6: Cycle Day 1

DW got her period today, making today her cycle day 1 (CD1). She has been suffering from menstrual cramps, and has been enjoying the mama cloth (cloth pads) that I have sewn from scraps of flannel and bamboo fleece left over from making Dumplin’s cloth diapers. 

She called into the nurses line at the fertility clinic this morning, and has to do bloodwork and a full-bladder ultrasound on Wednesday (CD3). 

Here we go again!

In other news, we went into the hospital today for our pre-admission registration. The appointment lasted about 15 minutes, and involved an interview with a nurse. We were hoping for a tour of L&D, but instead were directed to an “online video tour” ugh. We were handed a package of reading material and sent on our way. The hospital is an older one, and is small compared to the newer hospitals. We have the option of paying for a private post-partum room (which we will request when it’s time), for which they only have 7 in total. Not much else to report about it though. I’m just excited to get these little things done.

Pregnancy update to come later this week 🙂 

Happy Monday everyone!

42 thoughts on “Embryo Transfer #6: Cycle Day 1

  1. So exciting, good luck for a smooth FET cycle and may those magic lines appear in approximately three and a half weeks.

    I totally recommend the private room. All three of us stayed in one in the hospital together for 4 days and it was a good experience, not too different from a vacation. Moved the beds together for cosleeping, called the midwives whenever we needed them, had the meals cooked for us but otherwise just snuggled in peace. How much does it cost in Canada?

    • Thank you! It costs about $260 CAD or so per night. It only has one bed and one reclining chair in it though. There’s only 7 rooms that are private, so it’s on a first come first served basis. You can’t reserve them until the day that you are admitted.

  2. Wow, that is super exciting! Hope things go well with the embryo transfer.

    We don’t even get a pre-registration visit at our hospital – we were also directed to an online tour, and given some paperwork to fill out, which is now stuffed in our birth bag. The midwife said we probably won’t need to worry about the private room thing, because we’ll be in a birthing suite and if things go well we’ll be sent home within 2 hours of the birth (doesn’t that seem fast?) She said if we ended up being there for longer, we can ‘upgrade’.

    • Wow- 2hrs? At our hospital (Etobicoke General) there’s a mandatory 24 hour stay for uncomplicated vaginal births and 48-72 hour stay for c-section births. 2 hours seems so fast!

      • I know, eh? I’m a little nervous, it seems sooo fast. When I had surgery a couple years ago, I was ushered out of the hospital within a few hours of waking up, and the drive home was one of the worst experiences of my life – I was so not ready to go home. I think aggressive early discharge policies are more about what saves money than about what’s best for the patient.

        Even more ridiculous is that we need to go back to the hospital the next day for jaundice screening and hearing tests; if they keep us for more than 12 hours they’ll do it then, but otherwise, we go home (20 minutes away), then load our day-old newborn and exhausted selves into the car for our first outdoor adventure. To the hospital. Blegh.

      • I agree. When the midwife explained it to me, the only reason that they keep us so long is for the jaundice test which is done 24 hours after birth and then takes another hour to process (so she said we’d be there a min of 25-26 hours for a vag birth). Interestingly, if we had a home birth, they don’t do any jaundice testing at all. what does this tell you about the importance of jaundice testing? Lol.

      • Hm, I wondered what happened with jaundice testing in the case of home births, but I didn’t ask. Our midwife, who is usually pretty non-interventionist, convinced me that it was important to go back for the checkup because there is a greater risk of jaundice with delayed cord clamping (which we plan to do), and because of the possibility of brain damage (which I didn’t know about and which scared the pants off me). We can skip going back if we want to, but I think we’ll do it, just in case….

      • Oh, I didn’t know the risk with delayed cord clamping. Okay, well I’m glad we’ve decided to give birth at the hospital now (I had been torn until yesterday).

      • I still don’t totally understand the mechanism behind the risk, but it has something to do with more red blood cells entering the bloodstream from the cord and then needing to be cleared by the liver…

      • Hey PS- a bunch of us Toronto bloggers are meeting up this Saturday at High Park if you’re interested in joining. It’s in the morning, and gonna be at one of the kid’s playground. Let me know.

      • Lugging around a brand new Junie (and being two super tired mamas) doesn’t sound very nice. I can’t even imagine how stressed and anxious I’d be on the road for the first month with Dumplin.

      • Yeah, it’s kind of a crappy setup. I think we were more okay with the early release before we found out we’d have to go back.

        Driving with a newborn seems so daunting… I used to think those ‘baby on board’ things were silly, but I saw one at a thrift store in Di’s first trimester and thought “oh, we need one of those!” Oh, how things change…

      • Haha I registered for a Baby on Board sign for the car lol. I read somewhere about the reasoning for the “Baby on Board” things- apparently it’s for if you get in a car accident, that the emergency services know to look for an infant in addition to helping injured adults.

      • That makes sense! I think I thought it was so that if you’re driving 90km down the 401 people know why and don’t sit on your bumper 😉 I suppose it can be dual purpose . And hopefully never needed for the more dire purpose.

      • I balled my eyes out when I attached ours to the car window. It was day 3 after his birth and the first time we were going anywhere alone and it blew me away that we were FINALLY needing to do it! Surprised me as I’d never thought about it or wished I could stick one on my car lol, but when I did – wow it was emotional!

      • I drove my nephew around a lot when he was little and was always sooo nervous. I think I’m on permanent grandma setting – I even have the hunching forward over the wheel tendency 🙂

    • Awesome! Thanks so much! Transfer will probably be in 20 days or so… So that’s when the supercharged positive vibes will be needed! Right now it’s just waiting, doing bloodwork and dildowandings, and drugs. Lots of drugs lol.

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