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27 Weeks Pregnant

I know that the start date of the Third Trimester is a blurry thing, but I don’t care, and am gonna celebrate entering the Third Tri today at 27 weeks pregnant anyway. So woohoo! Cheers friends! 

Things have shifted a lot this week in terms of my nutrition, comfort, and fitness. 

First of all, I normally find cows milk disgusting on a regular day, and especially during the first trimester I’d gag at the thought of it. But now, I’m consuming almost an entire sleeve of lactose-free milk (about 1 and 1/3 litres) per day, and can’t get enough of it. I wake up, and the first thing I think of is how delicious that cold bowl of Rice Chex and milk will be for breakfast (I normally eat eggs for breakfast- and have, for years. Never cereal! Wtf?). Sometimes I have another bowl in the afternoon or before bed at night. I am also making decaf espresso skinny vanilla lattes, eating cottage cheese, and have recently discovered (and polished off a box of) Skinny Cow Cherry Cheesecake Greek Yogurt (ice-cream) bars. It is bizarre. I guess Dumplin’ needs it?

Secondly, I can’t see my vagina anymore. My view is shielded by my bump, and makes grooming a bit difficult, so I’m just gonna go all wild nature woman and leave things be until it’s L&D time. Though, I also might consider utilizing the services of DW’s body care and spa. 

Thirdly, I think I’m reaching my limit for pelvic stress in terms of lifting weights. Yesterday I did leg/back day, which included weighted sumo squats with a 60lb dumbell, resistance band side-shuffles, 30lb weighted lunges, leg extensions, pull-ups (assisted), rows, and heavy (60kg) cable chin ups. My upper body was fine, but my pelvis felt like it was gonna separate later that day. It was super achey, and I even declined a lovely evening family walk with DW and the dogs last night because I felt like I couldn’t walk comfortably. 

I also noticed some tightness in my abdomen a couple of times during my workout, and when rolling over or getting up from sitting or lying down. My guess is that the tightness is maybe Braxton Hicks? It doesn’t hurt, and just feels like a squeezing sensation. 

Sleep continues to be a bit crappy, but I’ve reunited with my Snoogle aka “Chastity”, and we’re trying to make it work. I’m needing a nap daily in the afternoons now, which help a lot with my exhaustion, but kind of mess me up for sleep at night if I nap too long. The naps are amazing though. Truly rejuvenating.

Anyway, that’s all for now. My in-laws are here and we’re heading downtown to see a Jay’s game.

I’ll post a bump photo next week πŸ™‚

Happy Thursday everyone!

51 thoughts on “27 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Sounds like everything is going swimmingly now, glad to hear it. The squeezy sensation sounds just like bh contractions – can you feel your uterus get hard from the outside? Such an odd sensation when I felt it! My midwife said it’s a good sign that you’re responsive to oxytocin πŸ˜€

    • I’m so happy to hear it’s a good sign! I can definitely feel the tightening from the outside. It also happens when I have orgasms. Yeah I have been really enjoying pregnancy. It’s been super lovely.

  2. Staying fit will help you deliver at term for your first. Good job already mama!!! Sounds like your pregnancy is going well. Kudos, most women don’t have it so easy. My best advice is to start your kegals if you haven’t already. It really does strengthen your pelvic floor and helps with delivering naturally if that’s what you intend on doing.

    • What do you mean staying for will help me deliver at term? I’m fascinated. Do you mean as opposed to being early or as opposed to being late? Yup, I’ve been super lucky during 2nd trimester. It’s seriously been super lovely. I’ve fallen in love with my pregnant body (which is huge because I historically have body image issues), and all the hormones have made me feel really happy all the time. Thanks for reminding me to get back on the Kegels!

      • Typo. I meant staying fit during pregnancy will help facilitate delivering at term. Many moms go way past their due dates. I was an avid walker during my pregnancy, ever day even in my last trimester I was out and active. I didn’t go over my due date with either boys, I really think keeping fit had a lot to do with it.

  3. LOL at the pillow’s name! That just cracks me right up. Congratulations on hitting the 3rd trimester! I hope these next several weeks just fly right by for you. I really hated the last few weeks of pregnancy – so uncomfy!

    Sounds like the tightening is Braxton Hicks. Your body is prepping! The female body never ceases to amaze me.

    • Yeah, we totally call the Snoogle Chastity during our regular conversations at home. Lol. I hope the next several weeks fly by for some reasons too- the discomfort and meeting Dumplin’. I want it to slow down for a couple reasons too- I’m loving pregnancy and want to savour it a little longer (it might be my only pregnancy), I want summer to last longer, and I’m not looking forward to going back to work in September 😦 Crazy about the Braxton Hicks. I totally thought they’d feel different- like period cramps. Neat how my body is prepping! Maybe it means Dumplin’ will be on time and not late!

      • I feel you on not wanting the summer to end. Every once in a while, my thoughts drift to thoughts of what’s to come (“Winter’s Coming”) and I just want to cry a little. I hate winter. I can imagine you’re dreading going back to work. 😦

      • Yeah, we often whisper “Winter is coming….” a la Game of Thrones lol. White walkers and dead walkers aside though, yeah, I hate winter for some things. I do love that the dogs stay clean, and I love winter clothes, but I could do without the bone chilling. I can’t even imagine how much you much dislike winter commuting. Slogging through snow with or without a stroller must make you long for the easy breezy summers. I guess we should revel in it a while.

  4. LOL a Chastity! I hear that girl! It sucks that you are starting to feel so uncomfortable. It’s a good thing you’re so in shape, otherwise, you might have felt more uncomfortable early. And you mentioned having a high tolerance for pain, so that’s probably help quite a bit too. Something funny…I have been eating cereal every day for like a week! I don’t like milk AT ALL, and i’m a bacon and eggs person too, like my whole life, and I can’t get enough cereal! Must need the vitamin C from the milk, and what better way to have it than with some Rais’n Bran for me…so, Biscuit and Dumplin’ are wanting for the same stuff (look at our little food babies growing!)

    • I love that Biscuit and Dumplin’ are liking the same things. Funny that your food preferences are changing too. I found that first trimester was all about pancakes for me, and then 2nd trimester was all about beef, and this trimester has been all about milk. So weird. I feel so lucky that I’ve been able to stay active during this pregnancy (after the SCH). It makes me feel less bad about toning it down soon. Maybe I’ll switch up my exercises or do lighter weights. The pelvis pain at the end of the day yesterday was terrible and kinda scary. I felt like my pelvis was literally going to fall apart.

  5. By the last eight weeks I literally drank a 4L of milk a day. I wish I was kidding. It horrifies me now

    • That’s crazy! I think that might be my fate too. We just had ice cream. I usually hate ice cream. This dairy love is so weird and totally disgusting lol. I am finding that my body is tolerating dairy better too- though I don’t think I’d chance it with skim milk. That could end very badly lol.

      • I don’t even want to tell you what I was drinking then! Straight up homo milk non organic because with seven jugs a week I couldn’t afford the organic! Don’t worry though. I have drank it since and now I’m back to almond milk:)

    • Thank you. I feel like the 2nd trimester flew by! I’m super excited that we are that much closer to meeting him, even if it’s likely 13ish more weeks (seems long when you think of it as 3 months away!).

  6. Yay for the third trimester! Sound like BH contractions to me, they are so weird. Third Tri cravings have been the most intense and strange for me, not to the wise don’t over purchase a craving cause it could pass faster than you think. Also, I’ve taken to getting waxed to keep me “trimmed” down south and it’s totally worth it.

  7. Dairy was my late pregnancy go to as well! I used to wake up in the middle of the night for cereal and milk! You’re in there home stretch!!

    • Isn’t that interesting! I’ve totally gotten up in the middle of the night for cereal and milk. I hope that the home stretch is as wonderful as the last trimester has been!

  8. Yay! I can’t believe you’re in the home stretch!! Sounds like things are going pretty well. I found the BH so strange. I could never feel them, only noticed that my stomach would get super hard.

    • Thanks! It’s very exciting. Yeah the BH is so weird. I honestly thought it would hurt or feel different, but it’s just a random squeezing feeling that I notice only if I’m engaging my abs for something or rubbing my belly.

  9. Happy third trimester!!! How Exciting!

    Oh my gosh, what an appropriate name for the snoogle! That made me laugh so much. I feel like it’s the pregnancy isolation wall – I was the one who thought it was a good idea, and it was, but I hate the damn thing.

    Di’s Braxton-Hicks just feel like squeezing, too – they started around 20 weeks and she’s been getting more and more of them, and they’re tight but never painful. Let’s hope that means good things for labour!

    • Haha “Pregnancy Isolation Wall”. I love it lol. I’m glad to know that Di’s BH are like mine, and I hope too that it means great things for labour! How are you girls doing?

  10. Yeah, here’s hoping that the painless BHs mean an easy labour! Your uteruses (uteri?) are getting lots of practice, so that must be good, right?

    All good here, but soooo hot – neither of us are digging the heat. Off to find out if Junie is breech or not in an hour – so we’re kind of nervous, but looking forward to seeing her on the little screen.

    • So exciting to get to see Junie again! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that she’s not breech. Yeah I don’t enjoy this heat either. I actually moderately dislike Toronto summers because of the extreme heat and need for A/C just to be comfortable. I hope you two are finding a way to stay cool.

      • I also dislike Ontario summer! People often say to us that we’re lucky to get two summers a year (Canada/NZ), but I don’t like heat very much at all. I like every other season better.

      • Vancouver (where I’m from) summers are really nice, and the weather is comfortable enough to be outside all the time. I don’t like summers here because the extreme heat and humidity is limiting on our ability to be active outdoors. I love the fall and winters here though- for playing in.

      • Yeah, it’s so depressing to look outside and see a beautiful day, and then step outside and find that it’s hard to even breathe. I love being outside, too, but the heat really gets to me. Coastal summers are much more pleasant!

    • Thanks Linds! Yeah, the milk thing is so weird. I guess pregnancy food stuff is known for being strange. The Jay’s game was super fun. We try to go once a year, and I’m tempted to watch another game soon because it was so enjoyable!

      • We would love that!!! The first time I took my husband to a game he wore his SK Riders jacket and we got on the jumbotron. I had been to tons of games in my life and never been on the jumbotron! Mike’s only been to one home Jay’s game so far. I used to always travel back when he was farming, but we hope to make lots of trips together after baby arrives.

      • Haha like that guy at the game last night who was shirtless and had the word “Rusty” painted on his chest? Lol. He was taken away by the cops and everyone in his section was yelling “free Rusty”. Okay maybe not like that, but I thought it was a funny story.

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