23 Weeks and Plans for Baby Number Two

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. We spent last week at the cottage, and have been busy with lots of little things since being back. It’s kinda interesting when you own a cottage- you feel like you should spend all of your free time there, to justify the cost of owning and maintaining it. Of course it’s beautiful and tranquil living lakeside, but it can also be really boring too if you’re there for a long period of time. I find that I miss my regular gym access (it’s really hard to keep up with any kind of fitness program because of it), and I miss the ease of grocery shopping and going out and doing stuff. I am a city girl. I grew up being busy seeing and exploring downtown Vancouver on weekends, checking out the day’s catch at Steveston’s fishing wharf, finding the freshest and plumpest cherries at the Granville Island Public Market, meeting up with friends over coffee or dinner at a new restaurant, and riding my bike on the sea wall… I know, I know. I was spoiled living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But you know what I miss the most about it? Living so close to the ocean. 

Living on a lake just isn’t the same. It smells different. The breeze is different. There is no rhythmic clapping reminding you of its vastness and power. 

Anyway, I’m grateful to have both experiences, even if right now I’m yearning for the ocean. Sometimes it makes me wonder when I will finally call Toronto my “home”, or if I ever will.


So we hit 23 weeks this past Friday. I did a little dance, and then forgot to take a bump photo (sorry! Maybe this Friday!). Things have been great this week. As I mentioned, we spent the week at the cottage, where we basically disconnected (from the world), and ate when our bodies told us to. In the sunroom, my wife does insanely hard puzzles while I read a physics textbook (prepping for September- I am the opposite of a procrastinator). We played a couple rounds of Monopoly Deal, suntanned on the dock, played lake fetch with the dogs, and canoed. I also did some prenatal yoga.  

When we’re at the cottage, I can’t go to the gym, but we left the city a little later in the day, so I had time to sneak in leg workouts on both ends of our trip. Lately I’ve lowered my reps and increased my sets of each exercise, and have seen some huge strength gains. I’m squatting with a plate per side (45lbs x 2 + 45lb bar = 135lbs), dumbell pressing 25lbs per hand, and bicep curling 40’s like it ain’t no thang. I don’t know what my one-rep maxes are for anything because I’m not even getting close to my max with these weights, but also because I just don’t feel safe finding out. I’m kinda feelin the itch to do some cardio again, but I don’t want it to eat away at my calories because that just means I’ll have to shove more food down my throat, and as it is, I’m already consuming about 2400 calories per day on average. Food is expensive, especially when you buy quality and gluten-free stuff like we do. 

Speaking of food, our garden is looking lush! DW has been diligently hand picking pests off of our plants every morning, and making sure everything is happy. We’ve got a ton of veggies that already harvestable: peas, green beans, kale, gailan, chard, zucchini, lettuces, beet greens, and all of our herbs. Our asparagus season has ended as all of the plants have gone to seed now. The tomatoes, potatoes, acorn squash, butternut squash, peppers, eggplants, beets, and carrots have a ways to go still. I’ll take some photos and post this Friday. 

I’m back on the Diclectin. *sigh* But I’m happy to be back on it because I was puking every morning again, and the food aversions were causing me to make poor food choices. A nice side effect is that I’m sleeping a lot better, and my allergies aren’t as severe. I’m only waking once or twice in the night to pee because I’m actually sleeping now. My hips are getting sore from sleeping on my sides all the time, and I sometimes catch myself asleep on my back, which is most comfortable for me right now. I know I’m not “supposed to” sleep on my back, because of the inferior vena cava blah blah blah but I don’t get dizzy or feel any numbness in my legs, so I think it’s fine.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, I got my chest sized, and I went from a small B prepregnancy to a double D! This makes DW jump for joy for some reason lol.

Speaking of my wife………

We had an RE appointment today (yes, on a Sunday), and we will be moving forward with our plan for bebe número dos. Yeah, I know, Dumplin’s not even here yet, but we have always wanted two kids close in age, and since we have a second womb…. We thought we’d give it a shot. Now, before you get all excited for us, I need to remind you that this is a very sensitive issue for us because my wife has miscarried twice. Last year, we transferred our four best embryos from IVF#1 into her, and while there was implantation and a positive urine pregnancy test, things took a quick decline shortly afterwards. She has some kind of implantation dysfunction, and we were weary of repeating the same FET protocol again with her without insisting on some testing (all immune and thrombophilia tests, and hysteroscopy came back normal) and perhaps a more aggressive protocol. Hence the meeting with the RE. So today, we hashed out a plan with him to have her start 4000IU vitamin D and 400IU vitamin E now (and continue after transfer), as well as prednisone, aspirin, and Fragmin right before transfer and throughout the first trimester. We are just waiting for her period to start (probably mid-late July) and then she’ll transfer that cycle. If all goes well, we’ll be looking at May baby, when Dumplin’ is 6 months old. Please keep your fingers crossed and keep us in your prayers and thoughts. This TTC journey has been particularly rough on my wife because of the multiple unexplained pregnancy losses, and because she’s always wanted to be the one to carry and this will likely be her last shot at it. 

With this plan for baby number two at the back of our minds, it’s been really difficult trying to buy stuff for Dumplin’. For example, we are holding off on buying a stroller because if number two IS happening, then we should get a stroller that’s convertible into a double. So right now, we’re thinking of just getting a cheap Snap and Go (which a friend highly recommended as a “stash in your car for quick convenience” stroller) and baby wearing Dumplin’ throughout Nov-May, and then getting a proper double stroller. This way, we don’t have to spend a ton on a single stroller only to have to resell it later on. Experienced mamas: do you think it’s possible to get away with almost exclusively baby wearing from Nov to May? It’s so cold here in the winter that I’m unlikely to take him on many stroller walks, and can baby wear him whenever I do. 

Anyway, thanks in advance for the input! New update to come on Friday 🙂