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28 Weeks Pregnant

Here’s this week’s bump picture:  

And I made this little collage of my bump progression for your viewing pleasure:

My belly seems to be rounding out a lot this week- my belly button is starting to thin and flatten out, and I suspect that it will turn into an outie at some point, which will be really weird for me.

I finally weighed myself today, and over the course of 3.5 weeks, I have gained 7lbs. So that’s a steady 2lbs per week now, which is interesting because my second trimester gain was about 1lb per week. My total weight gain so far is 35lbs, and I’ve still got at least 12 weeks to go! Yikes!

Emotionally, I’m doing great- still very happy. In fact, I’ve been happier pregnant than non-pregnant. I feel like I’m the version of myself that I should be, if that makes any sense. I’ve been busy and motivated to get things done, as there are only a few weeks left before I head back to work. We’ve scratched the idea of transforming Dumplin’s closet into the ultimate storage heaven, and just moved a dresser from the cottage into the closet and put up some extra shelves above it. We’ve been working on some DIY projects for Dumplin’. One is a lighting system that I kinda dreamed up. We have an old deer antler that a hunting friend of my in-laws gave to them to give to us. I want to mount it to the wall and hang an Edison bulb off of it instead of a sconce or a lamp beside the glider. We bought some of the pieces that we need, and are in the process of experimenting with metallic spray paint etc. I will post a picture of it when we’re done. This is mostly a project that I’ve got DW working on, since she’s handy with drills and stuff.

We also got new shutters installed:

I’ve also been trying to tidy up my incomplete sewing projects. I’ve made two sets of 24 cloth wipes to fit the wipes warmer, sewn Velcro laundry tabs onto the last couple of newborn fitted cloth diapers, and made a couple of pacifier clips with fabric scraps:

Dumplin’s stash of 33 newborn fitted cloth diapers, 7 covers, and 41 disposables (some made by me, some made by Shawni, and some generously gifted from Solomama).

 Pacifier clips made by moi.

I’ve also been chipping away at one of two physics courses that I’ll be teaching in September. Gaah. Homework. But I need to get it done so that things are streamlined (read: less stressful) for when I am back at work and extremely exhausted and uncomfortable. 

Physically, I am still going to the gym every other day and enjoying it. I’ve had to modify some of the exercises due to my pelvic pain (e.g. No more lunges!) and it feels good. I am noticing that I’m sore for a little longer than before though, so I’m not doing any back-to-back workouts like I was in second trimester. I’m not as antsy on rest days as I used to be. I’m loving them. 

My bump is getting more and more in the way. Putting on underpants is a particularly humbling daily task, and DW gets a kick out of having to help me with it. The same with socks and shoes. Any sandals/shoes that I can slip on are my favourite right now. The weather hasn’t been as hot this week, so my feet haven’t been as swollen, thank goodness!

Dumplin’s kicking lots, all high on my right side, sometimes in my ribs. He also does jazz hands on my bottom left side too. He seems to love it when I’m just getting into a meal, and gets really active at bedtime. One of my favourite things is that DW is reading to him/us every night. Right now we’re making our way through the Beatrix Potter books that were DW’s when she was a baby. They are surprisingly violent at times- like Squirrel Nutkin, for example.  

I’m still drinking copious amounts of lactose-free milk. Pretty much one bag a day is what consumption is at. As a non-cow milk drinker my entire life (including childhood), this is super bizarre. I’m also into tacos this week, but DW pointed out that it might be for the cheese and sour cream that I’m slathering on.   

I noticed some nausea creeping back in a few days earlier this week, despite the Diclectin/Diclegis that I’m still taking. It doesn’t last more than an hour or so though. 

I’m getting really excited about our baby shower, which people have finally started RSVPing to. We invited about 40 friends and family, and so far about 20 have responded YES, and about 10 have responded NO (surprisingly/unsurprisingly mostly hockey people), so we’re just waiting for 10 more people to reply. My friend who is hosting has twin boys who just got chicken pox, and she’s worried about exposing me to them even though I’ve had chicken pox already. Anyone know if reexposure poses a risk to me and Sir Dumplin’? I didn’t think so, but when there was a chicken pox outbreak at our school two years ago, the school board made a special point to offer pregnant employees voluntary paid time off… So maybe?

Anyway, pregnancy has been, and continues to be amazing. Dumplin’ has made me happier than I’ve ever been! Tomorrow, another embie comes home, as DW has her transfer. Fingers crossed!

43 thoughts on “28 Weeks Pregnant

      • I hope so too! She offered to leave her kids at home, and unless the second baby gets the chicken pox late, it probably will be find because they won’t be contagious anymore.

      • Yeah, I was going to say I think there may be something to that. I remember when I was pregnant one of my home visit clients thought she was having a Shingles outbreak and I remember she called to cancel b/c I was pregnant and at higher risk. I think I looked it up at the time and agreed with the decision to cancel.

      • Yeah, I keep finding conflicting information, and then finally talked to my BIL, a neurologist who said that we should be fine if we have had chicken pox, but that it could still trigger shingles. Fun. Times.

  1. Sooo exciting and I’m beyond jealous of your sewing skills and motivation. I’ve had little to no motivation this whole pregnancy but I’ve wanted to sew so many items yet am not handy with a machine. 😔 I think you should open and Etsy shop so I can just buy from you 😘

  2. Omg those pacific clips are awesome! And maybe what I should do with the gazillion hair ties I have left post hair cut. Bean obviously doesn’t take a pacifier but we use them to clip toys to her. They are the shit. You’re sewing has gotten so amazing I’m super impressed!

    • Thanks for the compliments! The pacifier clips were really quick to make, and I really love that I got to repurpose the materials that I used to make them. I love your haircut btw! And was it a conscious choice not to give Bean a pacifier, or did she just not take to one?

      • I think both. I never liked when kids were perma attached to pacis plus I was hesitant to use it in the beginning. I didn’t want it affect nursing. We introduced it around 4 weeks and she just chewed on it she’s never known she’s supposed to suck. We tried a few different brands and then just dropped it. The only time I wish she’d take it is in the car seat beavuse she hates driving.

      • I can give them too her now and she’ll still just chew. I think if you want to use it you have to introduce it early. Or beans could just be a boob monster haha she hasn’t ever drank out of a bottle. She just refuses

      • Boob monster for sure! She won’t settle for anything less! Yes, I do plan on giving Dumplin’ a bottle early on so that DW can feed him pumped milk at night for bonding. I’m unsure about pacifiers. I have heard some pros and some cons, and I guess we’ll just see if he likes them.

      • I’m planning on doing the same for the next so cade can help with more feedings. I do recommend getting a couple different styles and brands of Soothers though to see which he prefers

  3. Gorgeous bump (as always!). I’m so glad to hear you so happy! I’d be concerned about the chicken pox, as I’m pretty sure it’s not completely accurate that you become “immune” once you’ve had it (I think those who have had it are even more likely to get variations of it, such as shingles).

    • Yes, you’re totally right- re-exposure can trigger shingles, but mostly in those who are immunocomprised. I’m not sure what to do now though. My friend has offered to keep her kids at home (instead of attending our shower), but I feel bad because she’s hosting the shower.

  4. You look so fantastic. I love that pregnancy has been so good to/for you! Your sewing skills are amazing. I’m so jealous of your diaper stash! And those pacifier clips are adorable!

    • Thanks Molly! I am so happy that this pregnancy has been so wonderful too. I love Dumplin’s diaper stash. I just think they’re so cute! It’s a shame that the little fitteds get covered. I kinda wish I had some more fun looking covers! The sewing has been fun too. I’ve kinda run out of sewing projects now though.

  5. Aww, you seem like your doing amazing. I was always at my best pregnant. I just felt so soo good pregnant.

    • Thanks! I really am loving it too. I’m happy that you also had a wonderful time being pregnant. I feel terrible for people who haven’t had a good time of it.

  6. What a cute little belly! It’s definitely a rounder shape now than in the 26 week picture. Di has also taken up dairy with zeal, though she usually doesn’t like it. Not milk, but cheese – oh, the cheese, there is so much organic cheese in our fridge, and it is SO tempting (I can’t eat it, and it usually isn’t there, mocking me with its cheesiness when I open the fridge.)
    Great that you’re feeling so awesome! Also, your diaper stash looks very cool!

    • Omg- organic cheese. You may have just created a new craving for me lol. Yeah, my belly is so round now. I actually freaked out the other day because it now “folds over” when I sit down- it’s crazy. Are you planning on cloth diapering? What types of diapers do you have in your stash?

      • Yeah, we’re going to cloth diaper as soon as the meconium is over (until then we have some Naty and g-diapers). For cloth, we have mostly Bummis and Thirsties covers, a few Rumparooz, I think about 36 Bummis organic prefolds, a half dozen Motherease bamboo fitteds, and 24 Gdiaper cloth inserts. Hope that we like what we’ve got because it seems like a lot of stuff. We got some of it new or very lightly used on Kijiji. I’m kind of excited about cloth diapering; hope that excitement gets me through the next 2 1/2 years or so!

      • Sounds like you’ve got a pretty good stash going too! I registered for some Bum Genius one-size diapers for when Dumplin’ is out of the newborn fitteds. No one has bought them yet lol. I do have a couple of cheapie brand diapers and Tuck and Go’s that I made bamboo fleece inserts for. I’m also excited to cloth diaper. They just seem so much better for our babies, the environment, and our budgets! My mom worries that I won’t be able to handle all of the cleaning though when I’m sleep deprived and a new mother. She suggested a cloth diaper service lol.

      • Yeah, but our inners aren’t nearly as cute as all of those flannel ones! Mostly just plain old cotton or hemp. I looked at the organic cotton Bumgenius at toys r’ us and then saw the price and died.
        I’m sure it’ll be exhausting and time consuming doing all of the cloth diaper laundry when sleep deprived, but for us, I don’t really see disposables as an option (too expensive, especially for the biodegradable ones, and I just don’t feel good about all of the waste). Hopefully that will make it easier to power on through! That said, I’ve heard that cloth diaper services can be awesome. Someone we know was given a year of cloth diaper service as a baby shower gift from her mother, and was very pleased with how that worked out.

      • Yeah, we would’ve considered a diaper service if we had more disposable income- if only to “try out” different diapers before settling on one kind. But the diaper services are just as expensive as going the disposable route, albeit more environmentally friendly. You’ll be washing cloth diapers very soon, my friend! How are things going over there?

      • Yeah, diaper service was definitely out of our budget, too! Being basically unable to afford disposables is a good incentive to keep it up with cloth diapering 🙂

        I actually got your message as I was setting up our change table! I’m kind of in shock that it will be so soon now. Things are generally good, Di is more uncomfortable all the time but pretty good-natured about it (I would be whining all the time I’m sure), and the fact of almost having an actual real human baby to take care of is feeling both more real and totally unreal. I dreamed that we had a kitten instead. But I’m reasonably sure that Junie will be a human and not a kitten.

        And you must be 29 weeks now! Wow! Is it going quickly for you..? How are you feeling?

  7. Those pacifier clips are so freaking awesome! I gotta get me a little sewing machine and try my hand at making some of this stuff. I’ll probably have some time once the summer is over and I have some time to just chill at home. You look so adorable with that little bump! You sound like Callie when she was pregnant. She was the happiest she had ever been in her whole life. So so glad that pregnancy has been so awesome for you. I hope it’s like that for me!

    • I feel really lucky that I’m loving pregnancy too. Funny that you have more free time once summer is over- it’s the opposite for us haha. But I guess it’s because you’ve got kids to take care of lol. I hope that your pregnancy is as wonderful as it was/has been for me and Callie. And if we’re lucky, DW will join the preggo club soon too.

  8. Sounds like awesomeness is happening for you! I am so so very excited for you guys. You look beautiful and good luck with new baby creating journeys!

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