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29 Weeks Pregnant

Thank you for all of your supportive comments last week. Sorry for the delay in responding, we don’t really get cell signal at the cottage. It’s kind of an exercise in disconnecting, which is good for us, but also is challenging because I love reading all of your posts and comments. 

We’re home from the cottage now, which was a bit less relaxing than we had hoped for. We’re having the deck replaced this summer, and the construction guys picked our week to work everyday, starting at 7am. I’m not an early riser, so it was particularly painful being woken up by drilling, sawing, and hammering. The workers worked all day, so we didn’t get a break from the noise until about 4pm each day. Not quite the peaceful getaway we were hoping for, but look how great the deck looks now:

 In progress:

  Almost done:

 We spent some time on the dock and in the lake, though the temperatures were a bit lower this week. 

We also had a fire in the evening one night, and played a few rounds of Monopoly Deal.  
Pregnancy-wise, things are starting to get really uncomfortable:

– I can’t seem to find a comfortable way to sit anywhere

– I’m getting up 6-8 times a night to pee, I think because Dumplin’s cozying up to my bladder so I can’t fully empty it in any one go

– My sleep sucks because I’m constantly needing to flip sides that I’m lying on (due to sore hips), and rolling over is very difficult. I get tangled up in the Snoogle, so I’m using an old flattened body pillow, which seems to help more right now

– Dumplin’, our sweet boy, is preferentially active at night. He’s giving knees and elbows, having weird super fast (startle reflex?) tap dances, and practicing his strong kicks throughout the night. Lord help us if this is indicative of what his sleep cycles will be like outside of the womb!

– I’m having weird moments of strong nausea again (even though I’m on Diclectin still!), and overall, my caloric intake has reduced because I am not as into food these days

– my body has broken out in pimples, just like during late in my first trimester- on my face, on my back… Seriously deep cystic acne too. *TMI warnjng* One finally came to a head last night, and my dermatologist (aka DW) attempted to “drain” it. The damn thing shot pus past the medicine cabinet and over her shoulder, past the door, and onto the wall. The second round of draining (yes, this was a two-for-one-special), a large noodle-like pus nugget shot up in a perfect parabolic arc and landed higher up on my back. Seriously, it looked like a broken piece of dry ramen noodle. Domo arigato Mister Dumplin’ for the extra androgens. 

– I haven’t been exercising this week (because we’ve been at the cottage), but when I take walks with the dogs, I’m getting a weird stabbing pain through my cervix. My guess is that our little man’s head is grinding up against it? Anyone else have cervix pain like this too? What was it from? I’m planning to hit the weights again tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes. 

I did Dumplin’ a solid today, and got my TDAP vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis). I know that the U.S. is seriously pushing it to combat rising rates of infant mortality due to Whooping Cough, but the practice of immunizing pregnant women during 3rd trimester is not common here in Canada. In any case, my family doctor was willing to administer it. Now my arm hurts, which won’t bode well for the gym tomorrow lol.

Despite my complaining, I’m still loving pregnancy and this little boy growing inside of me. I’ve speed-read through a couple of birth and labour books that I borrowed from the the library, and am forming an idea of what I want our birth plan to be. I’m also starting a  Hypnobirthing book generously gifted to me by a wonderful fellow blogger

As for DW, we haven’t POASed yet, but plan to soon. Fingers and toes and dog paws crossed that we get good news! Her beta is on Monday. Stay tuned!

26 thoughts on “29 Weeks Pregnant

    • Yeah, it was still a good week together. The Snoogle is seriously a pain in my ass! I’m regretting getting one, but some people say it becomes more useful as you reach the end of pregnancy…. Who knows! I know that for me, I move a lot at night, so I need to be supported by something that is easy to flip side to side 🙂

  1. I have a gross obsession with pimples, which I can’t believe I just admitted to! Anyway, I got ready bad cystic acne on my back and shoulders for about 3 months post partum. It was disgusting and I was worried I’d have it till I stopped nursing, but it went away, thank God.

    • DW loves pimples too. Like she was giddy when I gave her “permission” to deal with the volcano on my back. Me, not so much, but I seem to be surrounded by many people who are zit enthusiasts. My sister sends me YouTube links that haunt me in my sleep. If I think too much about those vids, I seriously might vomit lol. The cystic acne sucks! Did you get any during pregnancy, or only post partum? Could it have been your PCOS settling back in with a vengeance? I never get acne like this, so I’m blaming the boy and his hormones lol.

      • never had acne with the PCOS, and since it went away, my best guess is it was hormones readjusting. It’s gone now and I’m zit free like always. I’ve seen and horrific videos. Youtube is like a black hole for that kind of thing.

  2. I was wondering if she had POAS yet. Will keep you both in my thoughts this weekend. I feel you on all the uncomfortableness. Evenings and nighttime are also my worst times. I just keep telling myself we are so close to the end.

    • Lol. I try to tell myself that too- and then I realize I still have 11 more weeks, which seems like an eternity when you can’t get comfortable.

      DW has had spotting that has been getting progressively more red. It’s a delicate emotional place right now for us… Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts. We need as many good vibes as possible.

  3. FYI, the night kicking thing is par for the course. During the day, when you’re active, the baby is constantly rocked about, but when you stop, there’s no contract motion to lull him to sleep. Switching babies to a night sleeping schedule is one of the first challenges post-birth,

    Lots going on–thanks for the post!

  4. Oh gosh, cystic acne is just horrible – and so painful too :-(. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with it. My skin is still yuk and I’ve about given up on seeing it get better before the baby comes. Glad to hear your appetite is dropping off – gives me hope that mine will too. I’ve definitely been feeling a lot more full after meals this last week. I’m so conflicted about the whooping cough jab. The more I read, the more I confuse myself. Sigh. That floating bed looks SO comfy and relaxing though 🙂

    • Yeah the cystic acne prevented me from leaning back in chairs or lying on my back because of how inflamed it was! I’m glad it’s drained and come down now. I’m sorry to hear that your skin is yuck still too. I wonder what hormones are causing our bodies to react this way? Yes, I’m eating less now- so much so that DW noticed it. I’m finding that I’m so uncomfortable if I eat too much, and that a good meal keeps me solidly satisfied for longer. I used to get hungry within 2 hours after eating, but now I’m lasting 3-4 hours before needing to eat again. Im happy that I got the vaccination. There’s no risk to the baby, and gives him protection until he gets his first set of vaccines at 2 months. Whooping cough is still a thing here, and it’s led to quite a few fatalities. Living by the airport and having a wife who is also a teacher (exposed to many people and their germs) means that Dumplin’ will be exposed to a lot more than the bubble I’ll try to keep him in lol. That floating mattress was awesome! And it was so cheap- we found it at the dollar store for $3!

  5. Okay I’m soooo jealous of the cottage. It looks like heaven. I totally could live there! Acne sucks during pregnancy. I was a very lucky one last time it completely cleared during my pregnancy. I finally got to experience that pregnancy glow everyone talks about. I’m sure this time around won’t be so glamorous.

    • We are so lucky to have the cottage. It’s a really lovely getaway from the city and the busyness of Monday to Friday. It’s a lot of effort to keep up though. 50% of our time there is spent on maintenance- mowing the acre of lawn with a regular lawn mower, cleaning out eaves troughs, or fixing something.

      Yeah the acne happens in spurts for me- for two or so weeks during first tri, and then just this week so far. I guess it could be worse. I otherwise have been lucky. I’m so glad that you had a pregnancy glow going on. Pregnancy is such a beautiful journey, it seems appropriate that we should look like goddesses!

  6. I freaking love popping pimples! It’s so damn gross, but so satisfying. Callie HATES when I pick at her, but it’s just so fun?! I love your cottage, and the deck looks amazing! It must be beautiful up there during the winter too. You look hella comfy on that float tho! So jealous! And sorry you’ve been feeling so uncomfortable. I wonder if it’s harder on the body of someone smaller with a smaller frame like you. I know it was tough on Callie about half way through the second trimester, but I just sort of thought it was becasue of twins, but it might have been because she was as small and fit as you are. Hope things get better and that you are finding some relief.

    • Thanks friend. The cottage is beautiful in the winter too. It’s not winterized (we’re on a well, so water is shut off in the winter), but sometimes we go up and do what I call “winter camping”. It’s not camping at all, it’s basically us staying in the cottage, feeding a wood stove for heat, and eating off paper plates that we can burn lol.

      That float was amazing! Too bad the water was a bit chilly still. I was on there so long that my chest burned! And I never burn!

      I’m not sure if my discomfort is because my body isn’t used to accommodating the weight normally. But I think you’re on to something there. I think it might be a combination of things- I already have lax ligaments, so add in the relaxin, and my body feels like a bag of bones trying to stay upright lol. We went to a small carnival yesterday, and I seriously felt like my body was gonna collapse at the end of walking around for 3 hours. I also think my belly is big for our gestational age. Me and my friend were about the same belly size and she is about 8 weeks ahead!

  7. OMG I had those cervix pains. I’d be walking the dogs and feel like Teagan was going to fall out at any minute. Sometimes the pains would get so intense I would just have to stop walking and wait it out. I don’t think it is a sign of anything besides baby being low (or for me it wasn’t!). My girls stayed put until the end when I was forced to evict them…

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