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Mochi: 8DP5DT

Symptoms this past week:

DW hasn’t really had any cramping like she did after her previous two embryo transfers. She also hasn’t had the nausea or “sick feeling” she has had previously either. She has noticed however, a weird metallic taste in her mouth, that doesn’t go away with brushing her teeth or drinking water. 

We’ve been on pins and needles for the last day or so because DW started having some spotting on our last day at the cottage (6DP5DT). The pink/brown spotting continued (7DP5DT) and increased a bit in volume, so we were worried that it might not be just implantation bleeding. 

Last night, we both cried, as the bleeding became more red, as her two miscarriages started off with spotting that progressed to full-on bleeding despite being on large doses of Endometrin and prometrium. I’ve always found this weird because my body seems to respond differently. For me, the Endometrin and Prometrium have always staved off any uterine shedding until 3 days of withdrawal. Of course, that was with my 4IUI and freezer-burnt embryo transfer BFN’s. But every single time, with every one of her BFP’s, she’s had this kind of bleeding. Having experienced the terror of a subchorionic hematoma, I can sympathize with her feelings of dread and terror going to the bathroom for a pee or a poop. 

Anyways, finally, she testing this morning: 

We are cautiously optimistic since she has always gotten a BFP after a transfer. We just need her body to welcome and nourish little Mochi so that he/she will stick around. Hopefully, the plethora of meds that we’ve got her on makes the difference!

Beta on Monday and second beta on Wednesday!!!
Thanks for your continued love and prayers!

63 thoughts on “Mochi: 8DP5DT

  1. That is a blazing dark test! I know this is just the first hurtle, but I’m so happy for you guys. I hope the spotting is totally benign. They’ll check hormones on Monday too, right? Everything is still crossed for you!

    • Thanks Molly! Actually, they checked her hormones yesterday, and they were fine…. So who knows that the bleeding is from. I swear to goddess, bleeding has been the bane of our TTC existence! You’re right though, one hurdle down, phew!

  2. Wow, wow, wow! I really hope this is it! How fun it would be to have two so close! But you might have a long 10-ish weeks ahead with two pregos at home… 😀

  3. Congrats! So happy this little bean is growing. From what I read, your DW and I are on a similar style of meds for her latest transfer – I’m now 8 weeks + 1 day and I thank the gods, goddesses and universe we were more aggressive this round and took a kitchen sink approach.

    • Yup, you two are on a similar protocol. I’m so glad that it’s working out for you. It gives us hope to know that something is finally working… I know it’s been a lot of heart ache for you as well.

      • No, she’s not doing intralipids. Our RE didn’t think she needed them (questionable). Are you on intralipids as well? Yeah, I did them early on with Dumplin’.

      • Yes, I did this time. Only early in, like you. I’ll never have proof either way, but I was glad I got the chance to do them.

        On a related note, I don’t think I’ve said so, but every time I read your posts, especially re your clinic and DW, I get a twinge of ‘yep, I know that feeling!’ I don’t feel as though my clinic is or was ever doing anything out of maliciousness but I often felt they were inefficient and unfocused, and like you guys, I had to steer things and insist and circle back to past discussions more than I’d have liked. It was and still is a source of frustration for me because as much as I like to do research and be informed and have learned a lot about ART, I am not an expert and I often felt worried that they’re lax and ‘by the numbers approach’ meant I had to be a guinea pig and a pot stirrer at the same to prod things into happening. I’m all about advocating for yourself, but it sure is hard when you don’t have options (same as you, limited by geography to that clinic) and you’re trying to put energy into what should be the patients role of embracing the process, not having to steer it so much…

        Anywhoozle, I had been thinking that based on some of your previous posts and wanted to share that I understood where you were both coming from.

      • Thanks for sharing your similar experience and frustrations. It’s unfortunate and I think, medically incompetent of our clinics to be implementing such a “cookie cutter” approach, especially since we’re the 1% that have experienced multiple losses. But like you mentioned, it’s not out of malice, but rather them trying to balance out the involvement of manpower and profit. I am so glad that you have also been advocating for yourself, even if you feel like you’re stirring the pot (I always feel like I’m “that person” too). Early on in our relationship with our clinic, I found out that a colleague of mine had had 6 miscarriages with our clinic, and they didn’t change a single thing about her protocol. They just kept doing transfer after transfer. Luckily for her, she had 18 blastocysts (unreal!). I knew from that what kind of clinic they were running. I hope that for both you and us, that this is our take home babies.

  4. I had that metallic taste too when pregnant. Didn’t even know it was a symptom until I looked it up;). Sending out great vibes for two pregnant ladies. Should make for some interesting times…haha 😉

  5. Really hoping Mochi sticks around for the long haul and ends up in your arms. I’ve been thinking of you both and hoping you’d see these two lines!

  6. That looks like a good, dark line. Hope that Mochi stays in there, the bleeding stops, and the next betas are amazing! (Also, every time I read the word ‘Mochi’ I want to eat Mochi. The food, of course, not the embryo.)

    • Haha mochi is pretty delicious. We have half a package in the fridge just waiting to be snacked on.

      Thanks! She just went in for bloodwork, so fingers crossed for good news this afternoon.

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