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12DP5DT- Mochi, Did You Make a Friend?

Just to recap, on Monday (10DP5DT), DW’s HCG level was 354.68. Today, at 12DP5DT we’re hoping for some good doubling, you know, something around 700-something. 

So yeah….
I’ll get right to it folks…..

Today’s HCG is 1042!

Now, remember we intentionally transferred a single blastocyst? Lol.

So lately, we’ve been singing the following lyrics, 

Mochi are you in there? Mochi did you make a friend? We transferred only one of you…. But somehow now there might be two…. Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh….

– to the tune of Bob Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier”

Next step: 6 week ultrasound in two weeks.

Thanks for all of the love you guys! 

82 thoughts on “12DP5DT- Mochi, Did You Make a Friend?

    • Thanks friend! We joke about there possibly being two in there, but the chances of that actually happening are super slim. It makes for good laughs though. Having such a great doubling number makes us feel very relieved. Eeek! Her 6 week ultrasound is booked for the day before school starts again. Damn crazy timing!

      • If the blast was damaged at all, identical twinning can happen as a result. That was what happened with that quad case that was in the news.

      • Today’s freezing/thawing techniques are so advanced, it doesn’t lead to damage to the blastocyst. As a result, frozen transfer rates at most clinics are actually higher than that of fresh transfers. The chance of identical twinning is still only about 3% for IVF transfers, which doesn’t appear to be any higher than naturally conceived pregnancies. But it’s totally possible, will be interested in your next update on Mochi!

  1. Holy shit, imagine being known everywhere as “The M triplets mom”. I do know one person who intentionally transfered only one blast for a sibling for her little boy who then got identical twin boys. However our little Viking had similar high hcG betas (320/990) and it was just him. Anyway, it is a great number she’s got, very solidly pregnant. So fingers crossed for some nice, reassuring fatigue, boob growth, cravings in the next days 😜

  2. This is thrilling! I remember a blog years ago called uterusX2 and they ended up with a singleton followed by twins about 5 months later. The kids were all healthy and beautiful and the mamas managed. Whatever Mochi is doing, I’m excited!

  3. Wow! From what I read before, getting identical twins is more common with ivf because it happens when there is a stressful environment, including the medium they use. I know of one blog I used to read that had three kids between two moms really close together but I think the twins were boy/girl. I can’t remember what the blog was called but they called the kids the trio. They password protected the blog when they were about 3.

  4. That’s a solid healthy baby she has growing in there! My nephew had similar massively high numbers, he was just a super strong singleton 😁

  5. Yay!! My betas were nuts with Everly. Super high and I thought it was twins. They are on our about baby page if you’re curious

  6. Congratulations ladies. I had been sending positive vibes out into the universe for you girls. Hope this pregnancy is a smooth ride from here on in.

  7. Mochi! Mochi! Keep growing. You have amazing crafts and a fantastic garden to look forward to once you’re earthside.

  8. Awesome news! Grow, Mochi, grow! I’m so happy to hear that things are going well. Wow, and maybe twins??? Would that make Dumplin’ and the Mochis lesbian Irish triplets?

  9. We had very similar betas with Bingo, and there’s only one of her! (Though she has enough attitude for 2.) I just looked back, and at 15DPO our beta was 536 and by 19DPO it was 2633– so probably similar to Mochi’s!

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