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Dumplin’: 30 Weeks Pregnant

  (The origami mobile we made for Dumplin’s room.)

Just a quickie as I wait for our gluten-free oatmeal chocolate chip / raisin cookies to cool….

We’ve made it to 30 weeks pregnant, Dumplin’! 10 or so more weeks until we meet you in real life!

This week’s bump:


Also, today’s our 5 year wedding anniversary. Embarrassingly, I had no idea what day it was until I hopped on Facebook at 3pm. Interestingly, today was also the day that I went into my school board’s HR department to officially change my last name (to DW’s) in their system. It’s bittersweet for me, as all traces of my maiden last name are disappearing…. In class, I’ll be known as Dr. M, instead of the Dr. H that I’m so used to. So whether or not I subconsciously knew it, I officially changed my last name in the most impactful way (my livelihood) on our actual anniversary. Interesting how things work out.

Anyways, we were both completely oblivious to today’s date, and spent the day running errands, and made lunch and dinner out of a leftover Costco rotisserie chicken. I also had a pregnancy meltdown in the express check out at Walmart due to being hangry. Poor DW also slammed the car door closed on her right index finger, and despite poking a smoking needle through her nail, is still in excruciating throbbing pain. Hence the cookies- to make her feel better. Oh- and I just cracked and swallowed about 1/4 of my back molar! Wtf?

As for pregnancy, things are pretty much the same as last week:

– I am having problems emptying my bladder due to Dumplin’s position.

– I am feeling Braxton-Hicks when walking the dogs, crouching, and getting up off the toilet seat.

– My appetite is less than it was in second trimester. In fact, I’ve unintentionally lost 2 pounds over the past 2 weeks. I’m also getting more nauseous than before, despite being on the Diclectin still. It’s like the first trimester all over again… Bring on the pancakes!

– I’m exhausted after a couple hours of errands. Like passed out on the couch in minutes exhausted! 

Anyways, we’re heading to the cottage again tomorrow for one last hurrah before school starts again. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

45 thoughts on “Dumplin’: 30 Weeks Pregnant

    • Lol. Sucks doesn’t it? It feels so weird in my mouth without that little chunk. I can’t believe I swallowed it too! Gross. Did you have to get anaesthesia to have it fixed? That’s what I’m worried about.

      • Yes, I had a local and my awesome tech talked me through it since I couldn’t have anti anxiety meds (I used to have a needle phobia). They gave me a low dose and did fast work.

      • Ugh yes. It is worth getting it fixed sooner rather than later though. My midwife made the good point that increased blood pressure from pushing could make it painful during labor. I hope you’re able to get it sorted as painlessly and with as little stress as possible.

      • Thanks! I’m hoping it’s a root canal tooth so that I don’t need any freezing. If so, it should be a pretty easy fix, though I will have to meet the drill at some point ugh. This is the second molar that I’ve cracked this pregnancy! Thanks for the gentle encouragement to get on this 🙂

  1. Holy shit I can’t believe you’re 30 weeks! And DW pregnant! You’re one exciting family right now. I’m sorry about all the weird things though and glad you had cookies 🙂 Congrats on your anniversary and name change. I was much less hungry third Tri too and had to eat tiny meals. Your bump is gorgeous. Have a Great Lake weekend!

    • Thank you! Yes, it seems like time has been flying by with all of the excitement. Cookies are great- but sadly, that’s how my molar cracked 😦 Friggin’ chewy cookies! Oh well. Yes, our anniversary was kind of an odd-ball day, but despite the now-suspected-broken-finger and cracked molar, we are still super happy 🙂

    • Thanks Molly! I can’t believe it’s already been 5 years! I guess TTC and infertility kept us distracted 😉 With Dumplin’ and hopefully Mochi on the way, I bet time will fly even faster!

  2. 30 WEEKS?!?! Holy smokes!! The time is seriously flying!!! And that baby bump is beyond adorable! The mobile is so dope…i love the color that it adds to Dumplin’s space. Im sure he’ll love staring at it. Have fun at the cottage this weekend! So jealous still!

    • Crazy! I seriously think there must be a pregnancy molar cracking thing going on!

      Yup, I’m hoping that time flies even faster because I can’t wait to meet our little guy!

  3. My first pee after having Wallace was amazing! I hadn’t felt like I had emptied my bladder in months. I did get some help by changing positions on the toilet. Like I would sit up, lean forward, etc. Maybe lift your belly up a little? Be ready though with a peri bottle of water for your first pee. The nurse failed me and I was yelling for help and couldn’t stop the flow.

    • Yup, I kinda got a bit more out last night when I lifted my belly up. Woohoo! I don’t understand about the peri bottle and how it helps stop the flow of urine? Clearly, I need to be educated!

      • No it doesn’t stop the flow, it dilutes it. I had some pinched skin, not quite tears, and boy did it burn like crazy. The nurse was supposed to have the peri bottle ready for me and had to come running when I screamed. I couldn’t stop the flow to stop the burning. Does that make more sense? And herbal baths are amazing the first few weeks. I should have put some of that in the peri bottle. Cloth wipes to dab instead of toilet paper would also feel much better. There is no way to predict if you will tear or not but good to be prepared and the herbal baths help with swelling and general healing.

      • Look up “post partum herbal bath recipe.” Here is one http://wellnessmama.com/8542/after-birth-sitz-bath/ I think I used comfrey, calendula, and lavender. I portioned it into a few pieces of fabric and tied it up like giant tea bags. I would start the bath as hot as it could go steep it and then let it cool down a bit. Brought Wallace in with me too (not too hot of course). I could use each one twice and still get a good strength of herbs.

  4. Definitely fix the tooth now instead of waiting. They can probably just crown it now, but if you wait, the root will get infected (painful) and you need a root canal (expensive). This is coming from experience…

    And you still look great! Can’t even tell you’re pregnant from behind!

  5. Whew, what a day! Funny how significant things happen neatly under the radar sometimes. Congrats on the name change, btw.

    How did you crack your molar? I’ve heard it’s good to get that fixed before delivery because the blood flow/pressure will press on it and it could be really painful. I know you’ve got lots on your mind but it happened with a friend of mine so I figured I’d pass that along.

    • Thanks 🙂 I cracked it somehow while chewing on a soft and super chewy oatmeal cookie. I noticed it when I was picking extra oats out of the pits in my molar lol. Thanks for the encouragement to get it fixed. I have an appt next week to get it fitted for a crown (it’s a root canal tooth- so it’s a cracked crown, and not my real tooth- thank goodness, no need for anaesthesia).

  6. Love, love the mobile. We made a really neat fabric garland for Leo’s nursery. It was one of my favorite pieces. Pshh you look amazing for 30 weeks oh my goodness. I was always so huge, my torso is tiny at 4’11 so I show like a beach whale. Have an amazing time at that beautiful cottage. Get some r&r in for me too:)

  7. I just noticed no new post in my mail box , this is the last one I got…did I lose you somewhere, is everything okay ? I hope you are just relaxing and enjoying some down time.

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