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Sooooo Done

So today has been a total shit show. It was supposed to be an easy day for me- two of my classes had a test, which means that I should’ve been able to relax a bit during those classes. However, that is not what happened. 

First of all, my classroom is one of two rooms in the entire school that suffered a black mould infestation underneath a science bench due to repetitive water damage last year. The school board didn’t want to deal with it over the summer, and when I complained they just taped up the area and told me that the mould shouldn’t be problem as long as it stayed dry (not true, but they didn’t seem to take me seriously).

Well today, the sewage backed up again, and water gushed from under the science bench (which also happens to be my teacher desk).

Black mould rehydrated!

So I notified my department head, who notified our vice principal. The health and safety rep at our school also contacted the union because this is an outstanding health and safety issue that the school board has refused to address… And now they have a pregnant lady teaching in a black mould infested room.

Anyway, my classes have been moved to other rooms in the school for now. I went to check out the rooms and one of them they double booked, so when I went down to the office to let them know, they basically sent me on a wild goose chase, out to find myself an empty room equipped with the technology suitable for teaching physics. This is not my job- it’s the vice principal’s. 

So I spent all of my prep time, dealing with a problem that should’ve been dealt with by my vice principal. 

This is after I spent all of my lunch time giving an inappropriately placed student one-on-one help. 

So I hadn’t eaten lunch until last period, walked- no, waddled- about a million routes through the school with my swollen feet and pelvic pain, and had to move my entire classroom’s contents onto a cart, which is so heavy that I can’t push it myself but somehow need to now- through a busy hallway full of teenagers.

Oh, and I had to poop during all of this, but didn’t have time to. The stress scared my poop back in. 

Oh, and there’s a confirmed case of chicken pox in my school…. And while I seem to have immunity to chicken pox, I could still get shingles. 

Due to the day’s shenanigans, I didn’t get any of my own work done, and didn’t leave the school until 3.5 hours after it closed. I was leaving as the custodians left! 

So on my way home, I called my family doctor, and made an appointment for the end of next week, to discuss going on maternity leave a few weeks early. 

Sorry for the rant. It’s just been a really rough day. TGIF!

53 thoughts on “Sooooo Done

  1. Awww 😦 I feel for you. What a horrible, no good day. TGIF is totally appropriate. I would imagine the other teachers are with you on the black mold, under any condition that is unacceptable. Heck, in California they take that very serious. I think your totally okay to take maternity leave a little early. Your body needs all the rest you can get for the busy months ahead. I hope your weekend is better than today.

    • Thank you. Yes, my colleagues think it’s outrageous that they haven’t dealt with the black mould despite having all summer to do so. The bandaid solution clearly isn’t working.

      I think it’s time to focus on preparing our home and my body for Dumplin’.

  2. Aw, I’m so sorry today was so rough! But, I think you are wise, start your mat leave early and get away from the mold – that’s simply not something to take lightly. Oh and really, the whole chicken pox/shingles thing is also not desirable. I say spend your last few weeks getting ready for Dumplin’ and relaxing as much as you can!

      • Yup. I agree. There’s plenty of work to be done at home too! None of Dumplin’s clothes or blankets have been washed, and I need to organize all of his stuff before it drives me insane! Oh, and sleep! Sleep would be nice too.

      • Having spent my day sleeping, I highly recommend sleep. I feel human again. πŸ™‚
        As for laundry, just do one load at a time, and soon enough you’ll have it done. Or you’ll do what I did – wash it all, dump it on the floor and close the door behind you as you exit the room. But, clearly you have a timeline that’s fast approaching so I don’t recommend my approach.

  3. That is all so brutal but the worst part to me was that you had to poop the whole time! Seriously that is my nightmare, I hate not being able to go when I need to! It just makes everything else 100x more hectic!

    – Cade

    • Yes!!!! The poop was so scared of coming out that it took until 10pm for the little nuggets to finally ease their way out into the pool. I also had to pee, but that was easier to coax out because I was going to explode! I’m glad you can appreciate the stress my digestive system was under! Solidarity! Lol

  4. Argh! I would have been soooooo mad about the mold! And the walking, moving etc. sometimes people just don’t get it (or remember) what it’s like to be really pregnant!

    • So true. DW was super pissed about the mould and how unsafe it was for me to be even start the year off in that room. I guess it was a blessing in disguise that things escalated and is now forcing them to do something about it.

    • Thanks. Yeah I’ll stick it out for another week, to prepare my kids for the transition, and then I’m out. It’s unbelievable how uncomfortable I am feeling by the day. You’re almost there though right? About a week left? What are you gonna do once you’re off?

      • So in 13 days or in 6 days? Sleep sounds great. I’m only sleeping 3 hours at night right now thanks to my pregnancy insomnia.

        Cuddle lots with the Chi’s and your cat. Once baby comes they’ll get a little neglected.

        I have so many chores to do around the house and none of Dumplin’s stuff has been washed (blankets, clothes). I also need to organize his stuff so it’s more sleepy-mama-user-friendly.

      • 6 days. I’m fortunate ive been washing stuff as we get it. One of the perks of working from home. It’s easy to throw a load on in between meetings. I sleep longer than 3 hours but it’s a pee break every 2. Mike just installed the car seat this afternoon! That makes it seem real.

      • Oh six more days!!!!!! So I guess we’ll hopefully both be working our last day this Friday! 90% of the gifts that we got from the baby shower were clothes, and I’m hesitant to wash them all in case some don’t fit or we have too much in one size or whatever. Also notable: if when you have your shower, you get anything from Carters/Oshkosh, keep the tags because they will exchange for a store credit if the item is still current (in their stock)- with or without a receipt. I think the same for BRU too- if it scans in their system that it’s from their store. Anyways, we got so much clothing, and we’re kinda minimalists, so I kinda need to whittle down his wardrobe into something more reasonable for us, then we’ll wash them.

        Also- the Walmart here is having an anniversary sale- so diapers and wipes by Pampers and Huggies are on super sale. We got 220 Pampers Swaddlers size 1 for $32 instead of $49, and 1056 Huggies wipes for $19. We weren’t sure if he’d fit the Pampers or Huggies better, but this was such a good deal. I wonder if the Walmarts near you is having the same sale?

        Congrats on installing the car seat!! It definitely got more real! I’m so excited for you. I can’t believe how close you are to term.

      • I’ll take a look for the sale. I bought some of the Kirkland brand wipes when they were on sale last though. Yes I’ve heard that about Carters. I actually returned a few newborn size items after my SIL gave me some. I feel like we have way too many onesies size 3-6 months (from gifts and our own purchases and my SILs hand me downs). Since we are doing the shower after baby comes, I’ve requested size 6 months + but that may be hard since summer clothes won’t be out and he would need them by 9 months. Overall, I’m kinda hoping people will actually look at our registry and get us some of the bigger ticket items we haven’t purchased yet, rather than a ton of little things.

      • Yeah, I had also hoped that people would stick to the registry, but out of 30-something guests, only 6 got us stuff from our registry! We were told it would kinda be that way though, and hadn’t bought any clothes whatsoever for Dumplin’, and spent our money on the bigger ticket essential items- car seat, Halo bassinest, Snap and Go stroller, Glider, etc. and didn’t even register for them. People super close to us simply asked what bigger ticket item they could get us, and so we were honest and assigned each person something around their price range. For example, my sister is getting us a City Select stroller with a second seat for when Mochi gets here, and my MIL and FIL are contributing to Dumplin’s RESP lol.

        I hope your guests realize that you probably have lots of clothes for Baby B, so they’ll stick to the registry.

      • Yeah I’ve told people we don’t really have many toys and we’d love books. There were some stroller accessories I’d like too. We also paid for most of our big ticket items ourself. A few bigger things left would be like an exersaucer or a jolly jumper

  5. Hugs.. Teaching is insanely difficult without all of that other crap. It’s so unfair and it puts so much pressure on you. I’m sorry. Hoping when you go on leave, the stress will all be a thing of the past and you’ll be happy and stress free.

    • Thanks for understanding (I knew you would!). It’s so hard because as you know, there are so many layers to all of this, and I love working with my kids, but just don’t know how I can establish a balance between work and my pregnancy needs. I’m getting anxious again, which worries me, because it can so quickly spiral out of control.

      • I totally get it… there are different things I miss, but those conditions just sound like it’s impossible to do your job effectively, which then probably frustrates you immensely. I also felt so much anxiety when I was teaching. I totally understand, although I have no advice. I just hope it gets better soon.

  6. Eugh!!! Tough day. I hope you’re having a restful weekend. I stopped work at 37 weeks first time and it was too late with hindsight. It’s hard going doing all the usual stuff in the last trimester!

    • I agree! Our house is kind of an organizational disaster right now, and it’s always in the back of my mind as a task on my “To do” list… With work, my “To do” list is enormous, and keeps growing. So I worry that I will never get everything done. People around me keep telling me that I need to prioritize Dumplin’ and preparing my mind, body, and house, for him. I just don’t know how I will be able to do all of that when I’m not sleeping and overworked during the day. I commend those ladies who work right til the end, but my job is so demanding- both physically and emotionally, that I just don’t think I can carry on much longer. Plus, as the nesting tendencies get worse, I’m starting to buzz around the house like an anxious bee!

  7. Ugh this sounds awful and possibly dangerous for a pregnant lady! I’m all for powering through while being pregnant but you need to take care of yourself at this point. I hope your doctors appointment went well and the end is near! Hugs.

    • Thanks! Doctors appt is this Wednesday. I’m so torn about stopping work. On one hand, I love working with my kids and the social aspect with my colleagues. On the other hand, I am feeling so overextended, exhausted, and in pain at the end of the day that I basically have no energy for any life at home with my wife and dogs. It feels really unbalanced.

      I’m not sure if you caught my post on Thursday- my 34 week update. Lots of fun pics on there.

  8. Whew! Frustrating and crazy – how can taping it up have seemed like a fix. Well I’m glad you’ll get moved and in a way, I’m glad it’s gotten you to a point where you’re thinking about the last stages of pregnancy and making sure your taken care of.

  9. I read this a few days ago, but am only getting around to commenting now. HOW can they let this happen? Do you have a union rep at the school? Honestly, I think I’d refuse to go in until the conditions were rectified. It’s bad enough that they’re putting the students in that environment, never mind your unborn child! (And WTH with your VP. They should start doing their job! /Outrage.)

    Hope this week is A LOT better.

    • Thanks, yeah it’s a pretty shitty situation. Our board is full of crappy VP’s. They’re so overwhelmed and overextended that they often pass the buck to someone else or ignore major issues that need to be dealt with. The union person already knows and so I believe the mouldy counter/bench is going to be sprayed and removed sometime next week. Luckily, I’ve been moved to another room, in the meantime, but the rooms are so far apart and I have to lug a big cart of textbooks and physics stuff back and forth ugh.

  10. Black mold, and they didn’t do anything about that?! It’s seriously dangerous and could cause a buttload of infections and diseases, and could ultimately kill you! So, that’s bizarre! And what kind of school system lets a 36 week pregnant woman move her own (heavy) materials and waddle around the school without offering so much as asking a janitor to move it when s/he has a minute?!?! I would have called my union right away and filed a serious complaint!/

    • Yup. It’s outrageous, but I guess they’ve now “dealt” with the issue by putting me in a different room. I’ve started asking the kids to wheel around my cart for me, but it’s certainly an inconvenience, and my rooms are on either ends of the school now. Ugh.

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