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Dumplin’s Nursery 

It’s a work in progress, as we still need to hang a couple of adorable hooks that we’ve bought, and some art on the walls. But so far, this is what Dumplin’s room looks like:


51 thoughts on “Dumplin’s Nursery 

      • We’re thinking about the logistics of having 3 cribs, or 2 toddler beds and a crib in the 11×9 space we have the boys in (if it’s another boy) and trying to figure out how to fit a little baby girl in Mary’s 10×8 room! Should be interesting!

      • Oh yes! I can’t wait to hear how you guys figure out how to make that puzzle work. Now- how much longer until you find out if Biscuit is a B or G? Or are you choosing to wait until birth to find out?

      • Oh!!!! Sooo exciting! DW’s NT scan is 10/7. It’s gonna be a fun couple of days next week! I wanted to know if Dumplin’ was a B or G because I feel like birth itself will be such an exhilarating time that having that surprise is like adding a surprise to an astronomically larger surprise, so I wanted to spread out the surprises throughout the pregnancy. Does that make sense? DW wants Mochi’s sex to remain a surprise, but I suspect that she also kinda wants to know in advance, so we’ve even considered finding out, but not telling anyone. It’ll just KILL her mother though lol.

      • Callie tried to convince me to do that, but I know her too well! She’s drop subtle hints that will give it away. It was tough enough getting her to keep the boys gender a secret for the 2 weeks until the Gender Reveal Party, so I don’t see her making it 5 more months! But chances are, we’ll find out. The reveal party is really pulling me in that direction. And also baby shower gifts. That’s definitely a game changer.

      • Yes, so true! Gender reveal parties are soooo much fun, and really get family and friends in on the fun too. We are just so not interested in getting lots of pink stuff if Mochi is a girl.

      • Yup. I love orange and yellow and grey. Ban all the pink! Luckily for me, my parents didn’t force me into girlie outfits as a kid. I got my male cousin’s hand me downs mostly. But poor DW, was forced into bows and frilly dresses and is scarred for life! We definitely don’t want that for Mochi.

      • HAHAH! Poor DW!!! Yeah, my mom did it to us (and matching outfits with my sister who is a little over a year younger than me to add insult to injury!) until I was about 8 when I was allowed to pick my own clothes. The first outfit i picked?! A pair of jean that had the elastic waistband of boxers sewn into it, with a button down shirt with the same design on the waistband as the breast pocket…wore it in my 4th school photos. My mom hated it, but she put me in a maroon headband to make her feel better!

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