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Dumplin’: 36 Weeks Gestation

Hurray! It’s October! 
  Well, I must say that I feel a million times better this week than I did last week, energy-wise. This whole “nap three times a day” instead of sleeping a full night’s sleep is working really well for me. Depending on how much sleep I get in my midnight and early morning naps, I am able to get away with two naps a day and still feel great. Clearly, this schedule wasn’t conducive to work, so I’m officially off work now!! In many ways, this is sad for me too, as I was loving my classes, the kids, and my colleagues, and gave me a wonderful outlet to socialize, which I don’t get as much when I’m cooped up at home. However, DW and I have actually been very busy socially recently, and will continue to, right up until Dumplin’s due date. So that helps me to strike a bit of a balance, and gives me things to look forward to, besides our little one’s arrival. 

My pelvis still hurts though, and I’ve kind of come to accept that it’s gonna stay that way, and/or get worse with time. Let’s think of it this way- I’ve gained 42-45lbs now, and I’ve managed to stay pretty lean overall, so my guess is that a lot of that weight is stacked on my chest, and in my belly- all weighing down on my already Ehler-Danlos lax pelvis. This week, I’ve also noticed that my vulva is all swollen, which actually hurts. 

Other than that, the added sleep has made me feel good enough to go back to lifting weights this week. I did a leg/back day, a shoulders/tricep/chest day, and a leg/calves/biceps day, all separated by 1-2 rest days. I cut my weight down to about 75% of what I was lifting 3 weeks ago, and shortened up the number of sets, so I’m only lifting for about 30 minutes each session. I just don’t want to stress out my body, or Sir Dumplin’. I’m also trying to walk the dogs every to every-other day, but some days, my pelvis just can’t handle it. 

At my midwife appointment on Tuesday, my fundal height jumped significantly from last visit to this visit, and my midwife is concerned that Dumplin’ is gonna be really big. She is sending me for a biophysical profile and size ultrasound, which I’ve booked for next week, on the same day as Mochi’s 11.5 week ultrasound, so that DW can also attend. We’ll get to see both babies on the same day!!!

I also talked to my family doctor again, and now have a more comprehensive requisition to test for cholestasis. Luckily, my itchiness has faded a bit from being super intense to moderately itchy. I am however, feeling a lot more right upper quadrant epigastric pain at night, and I’m not sure if it’s my gallbladder/liver or Dumplin’ shoving his little feet under my ribs. I only feel this pain when I’m lying on my right side.

Other than that, all is well. I’ve noticed that Dumplin’ has been much less active the past 3 or 4 days. I have moments of freaking out, but then eat something, lie on my side, and start kick counting, and he passes, but with much smaller movements than before. My guess is that it’s getting really cramped in there, and that he is starting to take longer naps. I have noticed hiccups pretty much everyday though, which is apparently him practicing his breathing.

The dogs have been really annoying lately, I think because I’m home again, and they tend to boss me around when I am. They’re constantly wanting in and out of the side door (into the yard), begging for walks (when they’ve already had a glorious off-leash hike in the woods within the past 24 hours), and right now, they are begging for dinner at 3pm. It’s not such a big deal, except that I’m 36 weeks pregnant, and getting up and down is a struggle for this pelvis of mine.  Today, I have been busy sewing some more drool bandanas, bottling and starting the second fermentation in a batch of kombucha I’ve been brewing, and I played around with modifying my favourite GF oatmeal raisin cookies into lactation cookies. They are just delish! 

Now, my eyelids are drooping…. I think it’s time for a nap!

Before I go, here are this week’s bump photos:


44 thoughts on “Dumplin’: 36 Weeks Gestation

  1. You look fantastic!! I love that the dogs are bossing you around now that you are back home – our dog has been doing the same with me this week! I suspect she really likes her new treats and simply wants more.
    I hope your blood work and ultrasound both go well!! I’m so excited for you to meet your little man! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! I feel so much better with the extra sleep. I can’t even believe the difference. The dogs are naughty. They are very used to being spoiled and the centre of the universe. I wonder how that will change when Dumplin’ and Mochi are here? New treats? Lucky girl!

  2. My dogs and the cat are just being super calm lately. They all want to be as close to me as possible too. Max sometimes snuggles under the blankets and curls up against my belly. I’m glad to hear you are getting more testing done and next week’s scan will be awesome. Our little guy has hiccups quite often too.

    • Awww your pets sound cute. Clem, the chi-pug is all about snuggles anytime I sit down, and follows me around like Velcro. But that’s normal for her. I keep wondering if maybe the dogs have some sense for when we’ll go into labour… Who knows! Yup, glad I’m getting more testing done, and I can’t wait to see both babies on Wednesday! The fetal hiccups are such a weird feeling when they’re engaged. It feels like he’s blowing bubbles against my cervix lol.

  3. Looking good! I’m so impressed with your workouts at this stage, especially considering I’ve never been THAT pregnant before! Does your midwife think he may come early if he’s so big or that they might recommend inducing?

    • Thanks! I’m definitely still enjoying the workouts, as I actually find them less taxing on my pelvis than walking! I hope Olafia cooks longer than DD did- as I’m sure you’ll be keeping active this far along too! The midwife hasn’t said anything about him coming early naturally because of his size, but that we might want to induce earlier… And that if he’s super duper big, that a c-section might be better than trying to induce, then failing and having to have an emergency section anyways. We’ll see, I guess!

  4. You brew kombutcha too! I just started! We clearly need to live closer together and be best friends.

    – Cade

  5. WOW WOW it’s so soon! It’s a strange feeling for me, little outsider that I am, finding your blog when you’re almost due. I read back all your baby-making adventures from the beginning in just over a day. It’s like reading the progression on speed. So, that you’re already due is like. Wait. She just GOT pregnant yesterday, what the what? Anyway, totally exciting!

    By the way, I didn’t think to mention this before, but if you’re still suffering with that itch, try some emu oil. Seeing as you’re quite diet-aware, I’m not sure how you feel about animal products, but if you’re okay using them, emu oil is such a miracle cure. Seriously, i just gobbed some into my eye today as a stye is starting to form under the skin and it hurts like a mofo. If I reapply 2 more times, the stye won’t even appear. The oil is very good at reducing inflammation of any sort – particularly rashes and skin irritations. If it’s not against your personal animal politics, do give it a try, it’s AMAZINGGGG. I’ve converted so many people to this stuff lol.

    • Haha you’re hilarious… And dedicated! Thank you for following our journey. It’s been a difficult but transformative one (for me anyway). What other things do you like emu oil for? And can you get it at any health food store? Thanks for the suggestion!

      • It’s good on blemishes of all sorts. I think back on issues you had during your whole pregnancy and it could have helped in several areas. It’s full of omega 3-6-9 and penetrates deep below the skin’s surface. I’m currently treating a strange knot in my chest (so awkwardly placed as it’s just behind the nipple). Feels like a torn ligament but…there? So strange, but anyway yadda yadda……..
        Emu oil can be used as a *cough* self lubricant, to bring down swelling, to prevent chafing, and it’s a natural antibiotic. You can use it in place of any Polysporin type ointments. After-shave, burn relief etc. but it’s NOT a treatment for something like Poison Ivy, as it would drive the toxins further down into your bloodstream. Ick. So far, that’s the only bad point I’ve found to this miracle cure. You should be able to find it in any GOOD health food store, though I’ve noticed they’ve started selling it here in a few Shopper’s with special nutrition & organic sections. I don’t know if this is a ‘thing’, as here, the Shoppers are franchises – not sure how it is in Ontario.
        MAN, I ramble too much.

  6. Congratulations to making it to the homestretch. You’re looking great! Enjoy the last days off work and have fun at the double baby-TV date.

  7. You could not be any cuter! Acupuncture and physio are the only things that helped my pelvis and even that was really temporary.
    I think it’s so awesome that you are going to see both babies on the same day in-utero. Next year on that date they will both be out and causing a raucous!

    • Thank you! Yeah, I’ve been doing some physio and chiro on the SPD, with some, but not long lasting relief.

      I’m super excited to see Dumplin’ and Mochi on Wednesday! It’ll also be nice to have the day off with my wife, who’s been a workaholic these days!

  8. Aww you still look beautiful for your due date month:) I couldn’t help but notice, do you have dreaded hair ends?? It’s beautiful. You look stunning my darling!!

    • Lol. I’m lucky to be tall 5’7″, so there’s lots of room for things to spread out. My wife is 5’3″, and the heartburn is gonna be the biggest challenge for her in this pregnancy… No room for organs to go! I’m sure you looked lovely at the end too πŸ™‚

  9. You have really & truly rocked this pregnancy thing. Your happiness and peace just emanates from you – in photos & your words.

    I remember Evelyn slowing down a lot towards the end, too. They get squished and save their energy for their big debut, maybe! I just cannot wait to see Dumplin’s face. I think he is going to be adorable! Oh, D. Your life is about to get even more amazing! And I could not be happier/more excited for you!

  10. You look beautiful! We get hiccups every day too – it’s really funny. The baby could come any time now… gosh – I can barely believe it. It seems to have flown by!!!

  11. I hope only to look half as amazing as you do at the end of my pregnancy. I already feel like I look a damn hot mess! My skin is a mess, my clothes makes me look like a cased sausage, and round ligament pain is no joke! The only thing I have going is that my hair looks AMAZING! Hahahah! Glad you’re off work and get to relax some. I’m so excited for this little guy to be here soon! I can’t WAIT to see his face!

  12. You look glorious!! I bought an AMAZING oil blend for my insanely bad pregnancy rash on my belly and it worked instantly. It’s a NZ one but she express ships to the U.S. Often if you want the details. I swear by it!

  13. Yay for itchiness decreasing! I had a fundal height increase around that time. Then the next week he was back to normal. They can be in an odd position and make the measurement wonky.

  14. You look fantastic, look at that beautiful bump! Can’t wait til Dumplin’ is out and I can follow you on the next chapter of your journey through motherhood!

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