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Dumplin’ and Mochi: 37 Weeks and 11.5 Weeks Gestation 

The past couple of days have been a rollercoaster of emotions and excitement. 90% good, 10% not so good. 

Both DW and I had midwife appointments on Tuesday– at different clinics because I couldn’t get in with the midwives in our municipality. 

– my appointment went well. Dumplin’ was measuring 38 weeks, and the midwife mentioned that if he continues to keep measuring so much ahead, that I may need to be induced, but that we’d wait to see what the ultrasound says.

– DW’s appointment was fantastic!! After the typical long history and information gathering, we got to hear Mochi’s heartbeat on the Doppler!!!! Some of you might not think that this is a big deal, but after all of the miscarriages, it’s such amazing reassurance to know that there’s a wee little fetus in there, with a heart that is thumping away.

On Wednesday, we both had ultrasounds, again, in different cities. Mine was in the morning, and went well. It was a biophysical profile and a growth scan, to estimate how big Dumplin’ was at 36 weeks 5 days… And well folks, he’s huge! He’s already just about 8lbs, putting him at the 93rd percentile for weight, and equivalent to 39w4d. I didn’t get the results of his biophysical profile until today… But more on that later. He’s dropped nice and low, so low that the technologist could barely get his head measurements because of it being so low in my pelvis. His face is facing my right hip, his back is on my left side, and his knees and feet are up near my right ribs. Here’s a shot of Dumplin’s chubby face resting on his chubby fist:

– Mochi’s ultrasound went well too. He/she is measuring almost a week ahead, has all four limbs, and showed off his/her rolling skills and flailing arms. Mochi’s NT measurement was 1.2mm, and CRL was 5.7cm. I only got to see Mochi at the end of the session, but I could tell it was good news because DW was just beaming! Here’s a photo of Mochi, at 11w3d:

And a comparison of Mochi and Dumplin’ at around the same gestational age:

Today, I received a stressful phone call from my midwives about Dumplin’s biophysical profile. Apparently his amniotic fluid is really low. The midwife wanted me to do a repeat ultrasound ASAP, and then called me back because she realized my ultrasound was just yesterday, so asked me to repeat it next Wednesday instead. We are at risk of oligohydramnios, which means a consult (and transfer of care) with an OB and early induction. Since Dumplin’ is already 37 weeks, the midwife says he can safely come out anytime now. So now I wait until Wednesday’s ultrasound, and then Thursday for the results. The normal range for amniotic fluid is from 5-25, and mine is at 8. The midwife says if the level goes down at all, then we have a problem. This makes me wonder- if my level seems to be the cut off, why not just arrange for the consult with the OB now? Anyways, I’ve been feeling really sad and worried about Dumplin’. I also feel guilty that my body doesn’t seem to be providing him with an optimal environment right now. This wait is gonna kill me! I guess this partially explains how I’m hiding an 8lb baby in this bump:

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. While I’m excited that we might meet Dumplin’ as soon as the end of next week, I just want what’s best and most safe for our little boy. And keep cheering for Mochi to continue growing and developing into his/her awesome self!

Thanks friends! Love to you all.

72 thoughts on “Dumplin’ and Mochi: 37 Weeks and 11.5 Weeks Gestation 

  1. I cannot even begin to imagine how anxious you will probably be all week waiting for your next scan! I hope you can find a way to pass the time and not drive yourself too crazy!!
    Also, super happy to hear that both babies are looking great! I’m just so happy for you and DW! 🙂

    • Thank you. Yes, my mother is flying into town on Monday morning, so she’ll be a good distraction for us lol. It’s amazing how strong this maternal guilt thing is though! I mean, I feel bad when we don’t walk the dogs, but I feel REALLY BAD about not making enough amniotic fluid for Dumplin’.

      • hahahaha! Well, I will point out that you can change the dog walking scenario, but you cannot change the amniotic fluid situation. So, well I understand that you are very upset and expect I would be too, there is nothing you can do. So, try to be kind to yourself and just make sure you are watching you health and if you have any reason to be even more concerned get yourself to the hospital asap.
        Also, I hope the family distraction goes well. If nothing else, it will keep your mind occupied.

      • So true. Thank you. I have a strained relationship with my mother, so if nothing else, I’ll be distracted by being mad at her rather than at myself lol.

  2. You could have Dumplin before our little guy shows up! I need to google that term, but I know you must be nervous. When we’ve come so far, I’d be keen to say: induce me and let’s get him here safely! Btw, fantastic news about Mochi. Strong growth is always a positive sign.

    • After reading up on it, I don’t think you fit the causes and diagnosis profile very well. Hopefully that lowers the risk. I reccomend increasing your fluid intake this weekend. If nothing else, it will make you feel like you are doing all you can to contribute to the best outcome.

      • Yup, I agree. When I researched it, the only thing I could figure is that because he’s so big, maybe his metabolism is exhausting my placenta so it’s having trouble keeping up with his needs? I’m drinking so much coconut water after hearing about this lol.

      • No signs of baby B besides pressure and increased Braxton Hicks at night. Always gone in the am. If all of the old wives tales aren’t working, my guess is he’s comfy and not ready quite yet. Yes I think your conclusion makes sense. There’s gotta be a high risk OB who takes clients at any time. I am very happy that your midwives are so proactive though. I truly believe they give better care than what my OB has. I keep telling myself to trust the process, but I’d love some extra hand holding as we get closer to the end.

      • Yeah, I have been happy with the midwives for the most part. My family doc has come through a lot too to fill in some gaps outside of their scope. I really hope that if and when you plan for another baby, you get in with midwives.

      • Sorry- accidentally hit reply! I was gonna say…. because you’re more in tune with your body both physically and emotionally, and I think the midwives accommodate that a lot better than OBs do.

      • Totally. It seems like my OB is used to dealing with people who don’t ask questions because they don’t care or know what to ask. If baby hangs tight, my OB is on call next weekend though.

      • It would be nice to have a familiar person deliver baby B. And you are such a strong, informed woman that even though your OB is a bit hands-off, you’ve got all the gaps filled and have the blogosphere for support too! Omg… Babies are coming soon!!!!

      • Lol. My false labour cramps were from dehydration apparently. I feel like I’m drinking water all day, but like all of these crappy things (the headaches, this low amniotic fluid) is because I’m dehydrated. I just don’t know how to be more hydrated than I already am!

      • I’ve also called the midwives’ emergency pager a couple of times this trimester already- false labour cramps, the itchy hand/foot thing, terrible headaches for three days- and it’s nice to have the instant reassurance because I’m anxious like that 😉

    • Thank you! Yes- any signs of progress with baby B? I don’t know how quickly the midwives can get me transferred to an OB if this gets worse. I might start doing some induction acupuncture on myself soon though, to help things along lol. You’re right- I totally rather have him out and safe now than waiting for things to escalate to a dangerous level.

  3. So much good news, and so much to cause nerves – I’m sorry on that part! It sounds like Dumplin’ is in the *perfect* position (left occiput anterior) to come out though, so that’s great news too! Here’s hoping your next week goes smoothly and either he shows up on the outside, or your amniotic fluid stays at 8!

    • Thank you! Is left occiput anterior good for vaginal deliveries? I didn’t know that! I guess I should start reading more and prepping more for labour and delivery lol. Thanks for your support!

      • Hehehe, yup! It’s the so-called “optimal positioning”, based on the way babies rotate and come out. You’re less likely to have back labor, and less likely to have a prolonged labor with that position (I learned that one after Darwin wedged herself backwards onto the other side 😉 ).

  4. I had the same issue with DD, where they were very concerned about lack of fluid. Did they measure it manually or do they have an ability to accurately get the volume measurement with their machines? I had to go weekly for a few weeks and the 3rd week the tech found an additional little pocket of fluid that was just hard to find because the baby occupied so much more space. I was advised to up my water intake to 3L per day to be sure I could keep as much fluid as possible. I love that everything else is looking so great!!!

    • Ok good to know! What week did they discover this with DD? I’m not sure how they measured it, but I did notice that she spent a disproportionate amount of time measuring flow through the umbilical cord (not sure if it was to rule something out). I’m wondering if with babies as big as ours (DD was around 8lbs even as a 35week premie right?), they just take up more space? I’m gonna prefill water bottles for myself tomorrow to make sure I’m drinking at least 3L. I normally drink a lot of water… I’m just peeing so much of it out at night! Thanks for the reassurance.

  5. I think dd#2 is left occiput anterior too! She’s the opposite from where dd#1 always was, and I had pretty bad back labour with her, plus she came out kinda crooked so I believe the spinning babies theory!

  6. While on the low range, you are still normal! Try to focus on that. Also! Ultrasounds are not accurate. They told me Dylan was 6.5lbs at 35 weeks and she came out at 7lbs 4 weeks later. Try not to stress! Your body is doing great.

    • Thank you. You’re so right. I’m still within the normal range. Hopefully, drinking more water will make a difference too. I think I was just freaked out when the midwife wanted me to get another ultrasound ASAP. It made it seem like it was an emergency.

  7. I think Dumplin’ and Mochi have the same profile!

    I can’t believe how big your Dumplin’ is! I hope for your sake he isn’t *too* big when he decides to make his appearance! And I hope your fluid levels go up some. Is there anything you can do to increase the fluids or is this just something that is out of anyone’s control?

    • I’ve been reading that increasing my hydration can help a bit. I don’t feel dehydrated, and honestly never go anywhere without water on hand. But I think I will premeasure 3L of water every day and make sure I drink all of it!

      And I agree- Dumplin’ and Mochi kinda look alike! Dumplin’s ultrasound isn’t that clear, but I think Mochi is just the cutest little thing!

  8. I hope to offer you some reassurance with my comment:
    In my two pregnancies, once u left the fertility clinic at 8 weeks, I had a total of two ultrasounds: one for nt scan and one at 20 weeks. Then none thereafter. My old school ob I trusted with this hands off, no sonography approach. My first was born induced at almost 43 weeks (yes. No biophysical profile) and the other right at 40 weeks.
    Anyways, who knows what their fluid levels were. But they are healthy and fine.

  9. Aw, love the ultrasound comparison! For some reason I keep thinking that Mochi is a boy too, but I guess it’ll be a while before you find out!

    Junie was over a pound smaller than both of her third-trimester ultrasound estimates – in fact, at almost 6 weeks, she is still smaller than we expected her to be at birth. So they can definitely be off, as I’m sure you’ve heard; even though we read that, we were convinced she would be big.

    Di was induced for low amniotic fluid. It was not what we had envisioned for the birth, but it all turned out fine in the end. Hope that your fluid stays in the acceptable range!

    • How low was her amniotic fluid, and how quickly after discovering it was low did they induce? I’ve been following your story, but my baby brain has me forgetting all of the details! Did they transfer her to an OB, or did the midwives handle her induction?

      • It was a 67, and normal was 75-120 I think…

        We were sent to the hospital as soon as they got the results, our care was switched to an OB, and they began the induction the same day we found out – at exactly 40 weeks. Junie was born 3 1/2 days later.

      • It was scary, but we were also pretty excited to realize that Junie was actually on her way! Even though it wasn’t an easy birth, we both feel good about all of the decisions that were made throughout the induction/birth (and our involvement in making them), and the positive feelings about the whole ordeal outweigh the negative (yep, even for Di!) It resulted in a healthy baby and a healthy Di, and we are truly grateful for that.

        I’m so excited for you both to meet Dumplin’, and wishing you all the best!

      • Thank you. I’m definitely excited to think Dumplin’s on his way possibly sooner than expected. I suspect that whatever happens in getting him out, we will be at peace with it too, provided that he’s out safely and is healthy. I can’t even imagine the love that is filling your home this Thanksgiving!

  10. I’m thinking about all four of you. And the dogs. I’m sorry about Dumplin’s fluid and I know this is really stressful. You have been such a healthy woman throughout pregnancy and this is NOT your fault in any way. You’re already an amazing mom. I can’t wait to see him! Sending you a huge hug. Sorry I’ve been MIA.

    • Thank you. Hugs right back to you three and the cats too! Looks like you’ve been busy for all sorts of good reasons lately. We should catch up some time once you settle back into your home routine 🙂

      • Yes I should catch you before your world changes! I have so much to say about new motherhood and maternity leave. I can’t wait to witness your transition. Hope you’re feeling well. It’s so nerve wracking the last few weeks! Remember, there’s seriously no way to know when you’re going into labor and you can analyze the signs and symptoms for fun, but for me they meant nothing. Just ride the wave!

  11. Wishing you guys so much luck! I can’t believe how fast your (not so) little dude is growing!
    I can understand your concern if they’re thinking your level is the cut-off. Hopefully the next ultrasound comes soon without any hitch.

    • Thank you Kara! I just need to keep drinking water and reminding myself that I’m technically still within the normal range. Yup, Dumplin’ is quite the heffer, which makes me feel much better if we have to induce him in a week and a half or two weeks.

  12. 😦 to pregnancy stress. Fingers crossed that all news comes back good. These measurements can be so inaccurate, but still, it’s probably best to be prudent. I cannot believe you’re going to be meeting your little guy so soon, regardless of the outcome of the next US.

    And yay for Mochi! Arms and legs! Very exciting!!!

    • Thanks Allison! Yes, while it’s stressful, I’m glad that the midwives are on top of things. It really makes me feel well cared for by them. And Mochi! What a cutie! I’m so in love right now! And what a wonderful sight to see my wife smiling like she finally believes in miracles!

  13. I am hoping all is well in there, and knew if he comes early, you’re in good company! Your body has cared for dumplin this long, don’t get down on it now! I’ll be thinking of all of you this week!

    • Thank you, Andie. Yes you’re totally right, I need to have faith in my body. It’s also a bit of if you look hard enough, you’ll find something wrong too. We’ll see what happens next week. In the mean time, I’ll be guzzling water like it’s going out of style!

  14. I’m so happy for you and DW.. But I’ll also send prayers and I’ll be thinking of you until your next US. It’s so scary.. But Dumplin’ has proven to be a little fighter and I truly believe will be here safe soon 😊

    • Thank you, Sondra! You’re right, he is a little fighter. Despite all of the grief we’ve been through during this pregnancy, he’s ended up proving them wrong in the end.

  15. Wow!!!! Congrats on the scan for Mochi – that heartbeat is a wonderful thing. Gosh – your baby really could be out anytime now – I can barely believe it! I’m sorry to hear your fluid is low – getting news like this as you approach the final hurdle is not what you want at all. It’s brilliant that they have picked this up and you are being monitored. I have everyhing crossed that it will all be okay – I know if it was me I’d want the baby out asap (I already do), and I’d find it so hard to deal with. You have a beautiful bump and my boys were both 8lb exactly when they were born (40+3) and that was not small!!! You have grown a big strong baby in there. Hoping everything goes well for all four of you over the next couple of weeks. Big things to come!!!! (Literally, lol!) x

    • Thank you! Yes, there’s nothing quite like seeing your little fetus squirming on a screen after so many losses. It’s unbelievable. We honestly thought this was impossible for DW. And I do feel a lot like I just want Dumplin’ out so that I can hold him and love him. In many ways I’m so much more anxious about this because I’m “this close” to having my take home rainbow baby! Yeah he’s a biggun’ though. If he’s 8lbs at 37 weeks, and they grow about 0.5lb a week, that means that he’ll be about 9.5lbs by his due date. They say that your baby is made to fit your body…. I’m not so sure about that! I’m tall, but I’m not that wide! Thanks for all of your support!

  16. Your body is definitely providing him ultimate growth. He’s just a big boy, possibly ready for the world now. This isn’t a huge concern at all. Just take it easy on your self, he’s going to be so perfect:) your delivery will prob go smoothly! Best wishes

    • Thank you. You’re right- my body has nourished him very well so far. I hope he’s ready to come out soon. I’ve been having some back pain and terrible headaches, which I haven’t had all pregnancy, so I’m guessing these are signs that things are shifting and changing 🙂

  17. Yay for Mochi’s growth. Praying for Dumplin’. The good news is that it sounds like he is plenty big enough of you do need to be induced. Hold onto that thought as you anxiously await for next week. Sending love and hugs your way!

  18. I don’t know much about amniotic fluid, but it sounds like you are still within the “normal” range, even if it is low. Dumplin’ is going to be fit and strong, and your body has done a fantastic job growing him!!

  19. I am so happy to hear that Mochi is doing great, what a relief. And Dumpling is a strong big boy. Hopefully he’ll be here soon, it sounds like he’s ready to come. I am sorry you’re having to go through those cncerns, those last days are filled with enough anxiety as it is, but it seems that your midwife is just extra cautious, which is a good thing. Fingers crossed you’re one of those lucky ladies who deliver before their due date.

    • Thank you! We’re so relieved (and grateful) that Mochi is doing great. It really seems like a miracle given what we’ve been through. I hope you’re right that Dumplin’ comes before his due date! I know ultrasounds can be inaccurate with estimating weight, but I think he’s a good size to handle being born soon!

  20. Friend, If you are really worried, I would just call and schedule an appointment sooner, if that’s even an option! I would be a little freaked out. Hopefully they won’t have to transfer your care to an OB…aside from that, glad to hear that everything else is going well with both Dumpling and Mochi…i can only imagine the excitement that both of you felt listening to little Mochi’s heart beat…and those babies sure do look similar! Hope all goes well with the next scan, and I’ll be thinking about you guys…

  21. I’m excited but also a little worried, I wish they’d just get you in with an Ob now, rather than wait. Having said that, I an a total worry wort and they’re checking lots and I know you’re not the sort to hold off on calling if anything feels wrong (thank goodness!)

    Wow! A full week ahead on Mochi. That’s so cool. Last we saw him Smoochie was measuring 3 days ahead and it gave me such comfort. When we listen to his heart beat we say he’s laying down his techno trax, I’m guessing lil Mochi sounds the same now 😜

    • Thank you. We repeat the ultrasound tomorrow, so we’ll have more information then. Yup, Mochi is a cutie. I’m so in love with our newest fetus. And seeing them dated a bit older is totally reassuring.

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