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Dumplin’ and Mochi: 3 Weeks and 16 Weeks

I have not disappeared into the depths of sleep deprivation. I have however, got about two or three draft posts started and never finished. So my lesson is that unless it’s short, I shouldn’t bother writing it. But anyways, hi friends!

We are surviving (but barely at times). DW has been back at work since 4 days after Dumplin’s birth (over 2 weeks ago). My mom left a week ago. It’s just me and the little man (and the dogs) at home everyday now. 

The days are tough. I wish I still had my mom here- both for the extra set of hands, but also for the company. She was awesome when she was here- she made food and cleaned and made grocery runs- all so that I could focus on Dumplin’ and establish a good breastfeeding relationship. Now that she’s gone, it’s been hard trying to get things done myself, as well as trying to stay sane when cooped up at home. While she was here we went out with the baby- we hit up restaurants, stores, even the mall (Yorkdale mall has an awesome family lounge by the way).  It helped me feel normal again to go out and do stuff, with Dumplin’ in tow. But the more I talk to people, and the more that I read online, it seems like I’m putting him at risk by exposing him to the outside world, especially during flu season. I’ve wanted to go to the grocery store for a couple of weeks now, but haven’t because I’m scared he’ll be coughed on or that I’ll handle something and transfer germs onto his face when I’m putting him in his car seat… The fear and guilt never ends.  

Family lounge at Yorkdale mall.

While I’m so grateful to have my take home rainbow baby, I must admit that motherhood has been really hard on me. Each week has brought new challenges for us:

Week 0-1: no colostrum, milk taking a long time to come in, Dumplin’ losing more than 10% of his birthweight, midwife recommending we supplement with formula.

Week 1-2: Milk and weight are great and he surpasses birth weight, stop formula, but he has really painful gas, and cries inconsolably as he tries to pass the gas. We try tummy massage, different feeding positions, BioGaia probiotics, burping after feeds, and most recently Ovol simethicone, and nothing has helped.

Week 2-3: Gas issues persist and get worse- now he’s spitting up a lot after feeds and is even more inconsolable. We aren’t getting much sleep because he cries on and off for more than half of the night.

It’s funny (not funny) because I thought Dumplin’ would be an easy baby. My pregnancy (aside from external stressors) was really wonderful, and part of me still mourns not being pregnant anymore. But the inconsolable crying…. It’s not quite colic, but every day, he seems to cry more than the previous day. I’m reaching my breaking point. Last night, it got so bad that I daydreamed about walking out the front door in just my underwear, just to escape the crying. There’s nothing worse than not being able to soothe your baby. 

It’s sad because I do really love this kid, but with DW at work full-time and 16 weeks pregnant, and with me slowly spiralling into what I worry will be post-partum depression, I feel utterly helpless. Even the dogs (who are low maintenance), have felt overwhelming to care for with Dumplin’ in the picture. DW’s parents would likely come and stay with us if we asked, but as good as their intentions are, they (her mom) create more work and stress for us than they resolve. Her dad is really helpful, but how do you invite one and not the other? 

Anyway, on a positive note, Dumplin’ is getting huge. Everyday, I notice that his hands have gotten bigger, and that his body feels a bit heavier. So at least there’s that. He has a great latch and we feed well together now. 

Our chunky monkey this morning.

Things with Mochi are good. With the arrival of Dumplin’, DW often forgets that she’s pregnant. I feel bad that she isn’t getting more sleep, since she’s growing a tiny human inside her. And did I mention that she’s starting to show? She’s definitely got a baby bump, and she suspects that people at work are starting to notice too. We need to start doing bump photos for her. We haven’t announced her pregnancy yet, but will probably do so today when she gets home from work. As introverts, we have to brace ourselves for the mass of attention that comes with such an announcement. 

DW has also switched midwifery practices too. We were so happy with the practice that I was with, as well as the hospital that I gave birth at, that she’s now with the same midwives I was/am with. The drive is longer for her, but is totally worth it. This past Wednesday she broke up with the other practice in person- right after she heard Mochi’s strong heartbeat of 153bpm, and got a requisition for Mochi’s anatomy ultrasound (2 weeks from now! Exciting!).

Anyways, please pray for us and keep us in your thoughts. We could use some help getting over this hump. We’re so sleep deprived and want to enjoy this newborn phase. Send Dumplin’ some good digestive and happy vibes! 

I’ll leave you with some pictures:


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  1. He’s the prettiest baby I’ve seen in a long time!! Not just saying that. He’s dreamy. Awww I love the one of him and dw sitting together. Looks like love. I hope everything calms down for you. It’s just hormones….trust me:) everything will even out soon. Congrats again!!

  2. I have the EASIEST dog in the entire world and since carter was born, still to this day I get so frustrated with her if she even gives me a certain look. My cat who is mostly anti-social tends to show up when i finally sit down for the day at 10pm and wants attention and I push her away because i’m just done. I have nothing left to give. Having my parents around even just to get the dog out of the house, or bring me a glass of water is helpful. Is your mother-in-law more work because you make it that way or because that’s the only way she can be?
    Reach out to people if you can, keep an eye on your mental health and be honest with the people around you. As cute as he is, newborns are the hardest ever and the primary reason I wouldn’t want another child. I promise it gets better.

    • Thanks. It’s good to hear that I’m not the only one lacking the energy for our wonderful pets. My MIL is more work because she’s used to being waited on- by everyone, and especially at our house. We’ve made numerous comments, indirect and direct, about how our house is “self-serve” now, ie. “Go make your own damn tea”, but she is slow to adapt I suppose. The last time she came, they brought dinner, which was nice, but what I really needed was for her to burp and change the baby while I pumped, instead of gabbing on FaceTime with her friend for 45 minutes about nothing.

      Yeah, I am at risk for PPD, so I’m trying to check in with myself often. During the day I’m not so bad, but the nighttime is the worst. I’ve started to develop some strong anxiety as the evening hits now. Ugh.

  3. Oh my goodness, he IS beautiful!!!

    It sounds like you’re hovering at the door of being overwhelmed so I want to send my love and support and i hope that just by putting out there, some of the stress lessens. I can only imagine how difficult it is not to be able to soothe Dumplin’.

    On a logistical level I have friends who had a baby with really bad GERD. They did two things that helped and I always kept them in mind, just in case I have similar issues. The first thing is that they raised up the top of the baby’s crib, (the head) by putting it on concrete blocks. This way his head was higher than his stomach. The second thing which they think was the difference, was baby chiro. Max went 2x a week for a coup,e of weeks to get a neck and shoulder adjustment. My understanding was that during birth the chiro thought his shoulder got out of whack and somehow that small problem was causing a misalignment that led to gas. I *think* he was about a month old when they started taking him.

    I’m glad to hear Mochi is doing well, too. 16 weeks is awesome 😎

    • Thank you for the vibes and the advice. We also have a wedge for his bassinet, though he is unwilling to sleep there lol, and he has been adjusted by our chiro. Perhaps it we need another visit soon 🙂

      • Ah, I was kind of hoping the chiro would be a new thing for you gals and maybe help. But it sounds like you’re doing everything humanly possible already. I have to say, that’s the worst. When you are doing all ‘the things’ and it’s not helping 😞. Here’s to hoping there’s a quick turnaround for the little guy!

      • Thanks love. Yeah, I guess the next thing we’d try is some meds for acid reflux. PS- I used to be a chiropractor (before I started teaching)- and adjustments do work wonders for babies with colic! So that was some good advice 🙂

  4. My friend, you have the most adorable little boy! And it’s okay to be overwhelmed as you adjust. Honestly, it’s really okay. Are you talking to your doctors and counsellor about your adjustment? There are people who can help, even if it’s not family. Can you ask a close friend? Or can you look at the possibility of hiring a nanny / sitter to help even 2 hours twice a week could make a bid difference to your sanity and be worth the cost.
    I wish I lived near you so I could come over and help (and sneak in some Dumplin’ snuggles too). Sending you love my friend and wishing you more peaceful days ahead.
    And of course, I’m so glad to hear that Mochi is doing well and you are getting great care for DW and Mochi at the new/old clinic!

    • Yeah, I have talked to my counsellor about this, and her response was less than helpful. She basically said that DW needs to help more, and needs to prioritize family over work- which is unhelpful because DW is just as tired as me.

      I’ve thought about the nanny option, but the problem is that Dumplin’ feeds every 2-3 hours, and I’m not making so much milk that I have enough to store yet, so the food source (me) needs to stay closeby. I was thinking of maybe hiring a meal service or something, but even then, the real problem is that he’s so colicky. Basically when he’s not nursing, he’s crying. If only I could make his crying stop…. Then things would be much more manageable.

      Thanks for your kind words and thoughtfulness. I wish you lived closer too- for many reasons!

      • Even though baby and mommy need to stay close for food, I can see see the benefits of a part-time nanny. You could sleep or step outside for a moment when not feeding without worry. Someone else can clean stuff up around the house while Dumplin’ feeds. Or they can prep an evening meal while your feeding Dumplin’. Heck, having someone with you might even make taking Dumplin’ and the dogs for a walk more manageable and help ease your guilt around the dogs.
        All that said, I do like your idea of a meal service. That could really make a difference in the next few weeks/months.
        Also, I’m totally disappointed with your counsellor’s response. She should know if you are at risk for PPD that her suggestion isn’t going to help. And as you say DW is pregnant, clearly she’s tired too!!
        Sending you love my friend. I do believe it will get easier, but of course that’s of no help right now.

      • You’re right- even having someone come by and walk the dogs would be helpful. We’ve been reluctant so far because dog walking has always been something that we’ve enjoyed doing ourselves. DW says she’ll walk them, but I don’t think she realizes how little time she has at home to do that.

      • I feel the need to say that our dog is also sorely neglected the last few weeks and we don’t even have a baby to contend with or another one on the way! You cannot do everything and at the end of the day, your dogs will be okay with less walks then they used to have. Try to be kind to yourselves and not put extra expectations on your shoulders.

      • Thank you for saying that, my friend. You’re right. The dogs have been walked 5 out of the past 7 days…. They’re just so vocal about their routine. They beg incessantly for breakfast, again for dinner, and then beg again for their walk. It’s maddening. I feel like I’m being nagged at by both dogs and the baby! Lol.

        I guess I’ll need to train them to expect less 🙂

  5. I know it seems forever away but for me things really settled around six weeks. I got into a routine and figured out how to soothe bean a bit better. Mind you I was not as lucky as you to be feeding every two hours! Bean ate every single half hour until seven months lol. But it does get easier. Try, I know it’s hard, not to stress about housework. Is there a friend that can come and help you meal prep this weekend? I lived on crock pot and freezer meals in the beginning. I don’t have any advice on the ppd front because I had a surprisingly easy time with it, I think this time I won’t be so lucky I can already feel how much more hormonal I am. Also I pretty much hate the cat since bean was born

    • Haha re: you hating the cat. Yeah, he feeds every 2 or so hours, but in between he’s screaming at the top of his lungs lol. I hope this is over by 6 weeks! I’ve heard this fussiness is fairly normal, which astounds me, because it’s absolute hell! Meal prep won’t be too bad this week because we don’t have any visitors this weekend, so my wife and I will have more time to make stuff. I might just start cutting myself a break and start getting take out if it gets bad. Mostly, my issue is with nighttime and not getting any sleep.

      • Yeah. Cade and I did three hour shifts. One sleeps in another room and the other stays awake with the baby. It was rough sleeping so little but at least that way we cobbled together more than half an hour at a time. About the fussiness I’m pretty sure my midwife hated me by the end because I called her so often about it. It didn’t seem like it could be normal. Babies on tv just kind of lay there but for some reason it always seemed like bean was mad at me? Like I was doing something wrong and she was annoyed all the time. Looking back I see she was just a cranky newborn hehe

      • In fact I once Google when do babies stop crying. I was heartbroken when the first link said never. They whine even as teenagers lol. I don’t find that to be the case

      • I don’t mind the comments 🙂 Yup, I’m side-lying nursing at night. It’s the only thing that soothes him (and only sometimes works). He only falls asleep if my nipple is in his mouth.

      • Okay that was my last suggestion because I found the same to be true. Do you play white noise while nursing? Blast that shit constantly

  6. I had Solo when Evelyn was a baby (he was around for the first year of her life) and I remember just being absolutely exasperated that he even existed some days, much less demanding things from me (food, walks, attention). Pets just get knocked down a peg on the totem pole when baby comes, I guess.

    I found the 6 week mark to be pretty good, too. The “purple” crying does stop at some point, I promise. The exhaustion…well…I don’t know what I can say except that with Evelyn at 2.5, I finally feel like I’m not in a constant state of sleep deprivation. But you know she’s been a crummy sleeper/nurse sleeper and not at all the ‘norm’.

    Would grocery delivery help you right now?

    I found getting outof the house for even just an hour a day did worlds of good for my mental health. Even in the dead of winter, I went out even for just a few minutes. The feelings of isolation and being cooped up are totally normal!

    I’m gonna send you a message on FB later. Too much to say for a comment!

  7. Oh sending you so much love and strength! The newborn phase is very challenging, even without having to deal with possible ppd. Have you gone to see your therapist at all since dumplin was born? The germ paranoia I totally get… As time goes on, the paranoia fades. Germ exposure is very good, and particularly easier to deal with since you’re ebf’ng him. You’ll be exposed to all the same things and your milk will be enriched with antibodies needed to fend off attackers. Once you get out with him a few times on your own, I would imagine you’ll feel more confident about it all. You could start small, like a walk to the nearest café or corner store… My goodness he’s gorgeous! I hope the digestive upsets will improve for you soon. Xx

    • Thanks friend! I love taking him out. I just feel bad people there’s a barrage of people who think it’s unsafe to be taking him out when he’s this young and unvaccinated. How old was DD#1 when you started taking her out?

      • I took bean to superstore at three days old. Breastmilk combined with exposure to germs will do his immune system wonders.

      • Yeah don’t doubt your mommy instinct. Babies aren’t fragile things that have to be hidden away! I cough on bean all the time and when we moved and she was four weeks old three of our friends had nasty colds too. I got them to hold and just breastfed her a ton. I let her lick tables at restaurants and play on public floors. Lol my point is I want her exposed to as much as possible

      • Yeah, people will always judge. Always. You can choose to ignore them or lie & day he is older! I took her out in the first week for walks… Shopping a couple times in the 2nd week, then started regularly going out after 3 weeks when I was all alone & going stir crazy (ie. Out for coffee dates etc).

  8. I know a medicine may not be something you want but I will tell you that our son has acid reflux and now that he is on a prescription it makes a world of difference. We thought it was just fussiness at first but the constant screaming, arching his back and spitting up made us start questioning.
    You little guy is absolutely adorable and I love his pictures. Take care of yourself and be gentle.

    • How many weeks was he when his reflux started, and how old was he when he started the meds? I’m wondering how I go about getting him diagnosed for this- or can I just give him something over the counter?

      • He was about 4 weeks old. We took him to the pediatrician and he asked a bunch of questions and determined that is what it was. He gave us a prescription for what is equivalent to Zantec. He takes it two times per day. He did have to go up in dose once because of his growth but eventually he will most likely grow out of it. He said as he starts eating more food and not just formula or breast milk. It was a serious game changer for us. We could always tell when it was getting close to time for his next dose.

  9. Love the photos friend! I’m sorry you’re struggling. You don’t eat dairy right? MT had the same sounding pains when I was eating dairy and they stopped when I cut it out of my diet. Any chance it could be something you’re eating? I’m assuming it’s not his latch since you’re working with a LC. I hope things get smoother soon. I know so well how lonely and challenging new momdom can be so really empathize.

    • Thanks friend. I’m eating a lot of dairy right now actually (and normally don’t), so I’m thinking it’s time to cut it out soon too. How long after stopping did his pains stop?

      • It was gone within a week and within the first 48 hours I saw an obvious difference. I was living on Greek yogurt at the time so sounds similar to you. I’m making my own coconut milk yogurt right now without any fancy equipment – let me know if you ever want to try that. I should write a post on it. A friend from NL told me how she does it and it’s brilliant. I add some rice or amaranth/quinoa protein powder now and make it thick so it’s almost like Greek yogurt. 😉

        I would suggest stoping dairy for one week and see how he does. Lots of babies don’t have enzymes yet this early to digest the milk protein so it causes painful GI distress. Doesn’t mean he won’t be able to eat it later. Good luck my dear!

  10. That is an absolutely gorgeous baby. So squishy!

    We had a very, very similar first few weeks with Moose. Between my low milk supply, all the pumping/herbs/weight checks, our inconsolable baby, and the fact that I was too anxious to sleep even when I had the opportunity, it’s not surprising that I struggled so much with PPD.

    Things that did marginally help us were many of the things you’re trying. We did the BioGaia and, against my better judgement, gripe water, and they did seem to help a bit. We wore her constantly to keep her head up, especially after feeds, but that’s hard during the day when you have to pump. We ended up hiring a postpartum doula to come a couple of mornings a week – I couldn’t go far because I couldn’t make enough milk to store, but she did general soothing, burping and laundry and it was a relief. The other thing that helped was really tight swaddling, as well as a recording of the sound of a hair dryer. Lauren and I split the night for quite awhile – I’d pump all day to leave a single bottle so I could sleep from 8 to midnight, and then I’d do the rest of the night. I did let Moose sleep on my chest for 6 weeks – we would never have slept at all otherwise. She never did sleep in the bassinet, we went to a cosleeper and then the crib.

    The crying peaked for us at about 6 weeks and was much better by 8. I’m sorry, I know that sounds like forever right now. She’s always been kind of an intense baby, but after that first period she didn’t cry much unless something was up. I would not have believed when I was were you are that the crying would ever stop.

    Email me if you want to talk more about this – I totally get it. I also got really great PPD services, so let me know if you don’t feel supported and want me to toss you some info.

    • Sorry, just to clarify, I meant not supported by doctors/midwives, not the people in your life! PPD is so often not really taken that seriously by the medical community, in my experience.

    • Thank you so much for this awesome comment. I remembered your comment a while back about the Harvey Karp method, and tried swaddling Dumplin’ but he seems to hate it. He bed shares with us right now because he hates his bassinet too. I have been pumping about a bottles worth for him so that we can feed him at night. My supply seems to be lower at night. I will definitely get in touch with you in a week or so if things haven’t improved. Thank you for your support!

      • I remember coming in from somewhere with Moose wailing in the stroller when she was a few weeks old and I left her on the porch for a minute while I dropped my bag inside. I had this brief but incredibly vivid fantasy that I could just leave her out there for awhile. Maybe while I took a nap.

      • We left slack for her legs\hips but made the arms essentially as snug as we could get them. We found the Miracle Blanket really helpful. She had put up such a fuss the first time that I almost gave it away, but out of desperation one night used it along with the pacifier, white noise and the side jiggle and it was miraculous. I think I watched a video of Harvey Karp calming a baby. Amazing stuff.

      • Yeah, I watched his video and read his book. It’s a nice read, actually. I have a couple of velcro swaddlers, which is what we used on Dumplin’, but he seems to like his arms free, and only seems to be able to pass gas by shooting his legs out straight. I’ll give swaddling another try though, maybe during the daytime naps, when he is less fussy.

  11. Oh friend, those first weeks were SO HARD. I wish I could offer advice. It will get easier with time. I promise. As the weeks ticked by, my head got clearer and mothering became easier. The hormones are awful at the stage you’re in right now. Absolutely awful. I’m so sorry you’re feeling so overwhelmed by everything. Nothing really helps Charlotte’s gas either. Cutting out dairy made a huge difference, though. Also, my LC recommended woodward’s gripe water and it actually helps a tiny bit. I get it on amazon. It cones in a black paper wrapper. One thing is for sure… You have a beautiful baby boy. He is just so squishable. Hang in there.

      • It is. In the thcik of it, it seems like it will never end, never get easier. In hindsight it is quick and you will start to feel more human soon….and then #2 will arrive. 😉 You are in a unique situation where you will have two kiddos under 7 months! Once you hit that year mark it will be awesome and you will feel so glad to have siblings that will be more like twins! You will be sipping tea while they play together! (PS, when people use to tell me that the first 3 months goes quickly and I felt like t was DRAGGING by, I secretly wanted to punch them in the face;)

      • Haha. Yes, I hope you’re right. At times, I think we’re clever to have them so close together, and at other times I think we’re crazy. But at least when Mochi comes, we’ll both be off on mat leave 🙂

  12. 61 comments! Ok I apologize if I repeat suggestions because I didn’t read them all. I’m also struggling with the animals even with Wyatt being such a good baby. If you can financially afford it, what about a few post partum doula sessions? I know many doulas will come and give you a break or be that visitor you are longing for. I’m glad the little man is now eating well. He is super adorable. Everytime you post a new pic I show Mike and we coo and caw over him. I don’t have any suggestions for the little guy’s gas pains – except to say I feel his pain. I’ve been dealing with my own ass issues and I’m not quite sure what it is yet.

  13. 72 comments!! What can I say that hasn’t been said. In a nutshell, I want to hug you and bring you tea while you’re nursing. She initial shock of being cooped up at home was very hard for me and as you know I did get depressed. We didn’t want to bring Gia in public so I only went to breastfeeding support group, which is very strict about being safe and healthy moms and babies only. I’m sure Dumplin is safe and healthy but it probably is better to stay inside for another couple of weeks, or at least not in a closed public space. Do you have any new mom groups near you? It truly saved me. And yes, once you start getting out more it is soooo much better! Take care of yourself. I hope his crying gets better. Also, sometimes Dumplin really does look like Gia!

    • Thank you friend 🙂 I’ve been searching for a new mom group around here, but can’t seem to find anything quite suitable. Most are for babies around a year old who are doing classes and activities. We have early years centres here, which are free and for parents and kids, but again, he’s too young to attend apparently (according to other moms that I know that have been to them). I have a couple of friends with babies, so we’re trying to get together once in a while, but it’s a delicate balance of not overextending myself and over stimulating him. I wish the weather wasn’t so cold here, as I’d be happy just taking him on long walks and being out in the sun. Tonight, we’re heading out to a friend’s birthday dinner at a fancy resto downtown… Dumplin’s first dinner in a fancy place. I figure it’ll be a good way for me to feel better about bringing him to more “rigid” places. And yes- A and G look a lot alike from certain angles!

      • Sorry for the late reply (again). I wish I could take you to the support groups here in LA! It’s definitely a balance of protecting him and getting out of the house and enjoying life. And when you do get out, at least for me, I had a lot of anxiety about when and how to feed, change diapers etc. but I ended up getting used to it of course. It sounds like getting together with other new moms is your best bet. I hope dinner was nice and you got to show him off!

      • Thanks C. We are adjusting (slowly) to each other, but it’s getting a bit better. I feel like I learn something new about him (and about myself) everyday. I managed to find a meetup.com mom group in my city, but all their babies are a bit older. Hopefully I’ll gather up the courage to join them anyway.

  14. The first few weeks are soooo hard and they don’t really get “easier” until about 6-8 weeks. Ours had bad gas and cried constantly too until about 8 weeks when they started really seeing the world around them. Just sit outside with him as much as you can even if he is crying, fresh air does wonders! I’m sorry your feeling so overwhelmed and believe me I understand. My cats who are basically self sufficient are too much for me these days. Also as nice as parental help is sometimes it is more stress than help I’m dealing with that too. Dumplin is super cute and healthy looking and I can’t wait to start seeing bump pics of the wifey!

    • Thanks for the reassurance. We’ve been trying to go for walks, which have been lovely but hard too because it’s not always warm enough and I feel guilty not bringing the dogs. I hope this gas and reflux pass soon. He’s otherwise a really happy baby, so it’s really tough seeing him in so much pain. I hope you are able to get some time for yourself too, and that your parental “help” situation improves. Hugs to all of you ❤️

  15. Omg he’s just so squishy and adorable!! No advice, just sending you hugs. Try and remember the old adage “this too shall pass”. It will get better I’m sure xxxx

  16. Thinking of you! It will get better slowly, but the first two months are so isolating and hard at times. Brian would have a witching “hour” from 4pm until sometimes 8 pm where he was almost inconsolable the whole time. Other mom’s in my mom group were dealing with the same thing, so it helped put it in perspective that it wasn’t me doing the wrong thing, or something wrong with my baby. The happiest baby on the block techniques helped some (suck, swaddle, swing, shush, and I always forget the 5th “s”) but not always.7-8 weeks it starts to get a bit better and by 12-13 weeks you are out of the 4th trimester and it really is a huge developmental change. It’s amazing how much sleep makes a difference in your mood, memory formation, and coping resources. You are doing a great job!

  17. Sorry to hear you guys are having a rough time. Inconsolable crying is just awful, and sleep deprivation makes everything so much harder to take.
    10 weeks on, we’re still not getting much sleep – but I’m not trying to scare you! We’re not getting sleep, it sucks, there are low lows where lying down on the floor and moaning seems like the best option, or running away, but as J gets more interactive, there are also high highs to balance out the tough bits. Hang in there, there are good things around the corner for you! Dumplin’ will start looking at you, then eventually smiling, and cooing, and somehow even if it is still unbelievably difficult and you’re feeling subhuman from lack of sleep, it feels more do-able because your newborn suddenly knows you, and thinks you’re cooler than a light fixture, and more than just a food source.
    Dumplin’ is just the sweetest-looking baby – truly gorgeous. Isn’t it funny how we’ll have all of these sweet sleepy baby photos to commemorate a time when they did a whole lot of screaming and crying? 😉

    • Thank you for giving me some insight into what to look forward to. I’m sure that the sleepless nights will be worth it once he starts being even more engaging. I watch him in awe already as he dreams- sometimes he smiles, so I get a little glimpse of what’s coming. I can’t wait until he knows us… And you’re right, it’s funny that they look the sweetest and most peaceful during a time where they’re just little terrors lol. Hope you three are doing great!

  18. Beautiful photos! So much of this reminds me of my newborn days with my first… I wish I could just give you a big hug. It is HARD in the early weeks, but you have done fantastically. I remember the first time I properly laughed was about six weeks post-birth and it was such an odd feeling to ‘remember’ what it felt like to find something funny. Hang in there – it does get easier, I promise x

  19. Dumpling is so sweet! The first 6 weeks is really rough. I feel your pain a bit as neither my husband or I have family living in Vancouver so it felt like there wasn’t ever a break. The crying can make you feel crazy and sleep deprivation will make you go crazy. *yay* But this is such a short period in Dumpling’s life and all this will pass soon. Are there new mommy groups you can join in TO? It might help to get tips and to commiserate with local mothers.

    • Oh I wish I still lived in Vancouver! My family is all there 🙂 Thank you for your reassuring words. Things are improving bit by bit… More of his personality is starting to shine, which makes up for the sleep deprivation. I need to find a new mom group. It’s so hard to find anything for new new moms. Everything I’m finding is for moms of 6 month olds+. I’ll keep looking though, as I agree- it will make a world of difference to have friends going through the same thing.

  20. So sorry you are having such a hard time with little man. Reflux sucks! With River we are doing the biogaia, as well as Klaire Labs ther-biotic infant formula, and their galactomune. It’s worked great. Also, have you done good elimination for you, like dairy? Gluten/dairy/soy are super common culprits, though I’m thinking you already know that. I hope you all find an answer soon! Get some help from whoever you can. 💚💚💚

  21. The first month my wife and I were miserable. I literally remember thinking what the hell have we gotten ourselves into?! We signed up for this. I know it’s not helpful advice in the moment, because the moment feels terrible, but sometimes just knowing that it’s not always going to be this way helps. It’s just survival in the beginning. Several friends had success with cutting out dairy and other food products…hope you find a solution quickly, it’s hard to see them sad 😦 Take care of you!

  22. Friend, so many people have said it already, and honestly, they aren’t lying (as annoying as it is to hear it constantly when shit isn’t changing!) BUT, it’ll change! it’ll get easier. You’re adjusting to this new life, with a baby, and a pregnant wife who is back at work, and dogs who don’t get it, and for now it’s TERRIBLE, but in a few weeks it’ll be ok, and GASP! Dare is say, the new normal!? Why yes, yes I do dare! I STILL haven’t been able to really clean my house since the boys have been born (seriously, there is like an 8inch thick pile of dust that has accumulated for the past almost 12 months!) and honestly, I couldn’t care less about it (most of the time!). Right now, your time with Dumplin this little is so limited that you have to take advantage of it…enjoy every second, and don’t worry about all that other crap! You have the rest of your life to take care of it. And besides! Look at that face! That squishiness would take over EVERYTHING in my life! I hope that this adjustment period goes quickly and that things normalize a bit more in the coming weeks. Sending you all hugs and loads and loads of kisses!

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